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The Princess soldier (book 1)

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Chapter 2

Cassies POV

I got off the phone with Arlo 20 mins ago letting him know I landed. I let him know I am on my way to my dorm. He offered to pick me up and take me but I just need to be alone with my thoughts.

Arlo is my best friend and my dads 2nd if you will, he was the son to addicts that my dad took in when he was 8 I was only 2. His parents were drug addict who offered to sell their son for drugs. My dad has a big heart and felt a connection to him, so he brought him home and gave him the life his shitty parents couldn't.

When he went off to college my dad had him start a gang here because he knew this was the plan for me when I graduated. So my dad wanted Arlo to set up shop here, so when I come I'd be able to help him, keep my training up and continue to help shut down sex trafficking rings out here.

Walking in to my dorm I notice it's like a little apartment and it's fully furnished with the best. "Daddy" I mumble under my breath that man spoils me but who am I to complain. The minute you walk in theres an open space which is the living room it has a nice black sectional couch and '55 flatscreen tv I see a wii and a Xbox on the entertainment center that's infront of the couch. To my left there's an island that separates the the living room and kitchen it's small but I don't need much. I walk farther in to notice the couch is a pull out nice one dad I say to myself.

There's a small hall with 3 doors one on the left and 2 on the right I open the first door to see a black queen sized canopy bed, a vanity just like my one at home, and a black dresser in the corner. Not bad.

Opening the first door on my left and see a white queen sized canopy bed, with a vanity and a white dresser, only my dad to do something like this. I then peak in to the last door and see a bathroom it's nothing big just a bathtub toilet and sink with red and black shower carpet and toilet carpet and towels. Sighing I take the room on the right and lay down I can unpack tomorrow. For now I'll cry my eyes out and try to nurse this broken heart with dreams of a better tomorrow.

I wake up and automatically love how amazingly quiet it is. No screaming and bickering men, no one jumping on my bed at 7am to go run, just peace and quiet. Getting up I go to the kitchen to see it has little food in it already so I grab some cereal and eat so I can start unpacking. Sticking in my AirPods in I blast my "Spanish cleaning mix" ranging from bachata to raegetton while I dance my ass off and unpack.

Music is my escape from reality sometimes I let the music carry me away and move my body to the beat. Julian and stell have been blowing up my phone, but I put them on the block list. Dancing and grinding on my last suitcase in the living room.I fail to notice the pretty blonde standing at the door with her luggage and a tall dark hair guy. Noticing movement I jump and pull my AirPods out. Welp! if catching me backing my ass up on a suitcase doesn't scream embarrassment I don't know what does. The girl smiles at me while I shift from foot to foot. The guy look at me like im science experiment how grreeeaaatttt yay me.

"Hi I'm Kathy I'm your roommate this ass is my twin brother Kaden don't mind him" she says. Kaden looks around.

"This came furnished like this?" He ask looking all around. "Ummm no my dad furnished it for us" I say looking at my feet.

"The fuck does your dad do that he can furnish a whole dorm for you and my sister? He some kind of drug lord?" he scoffs. This fucking ass I mean he's not wrong but who the fuck does he think he is I look him in the eyes fuck fuck fuck abort mission abort mission.

He has green eyes and fuck if I ain't a sucker for green and blue eyes. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" I ask. "My dad was nice enough to do this for us and you have the audacity to call him a drug lord" even if you ain't wrong! I glare at his sexy face he has to be well over 6 ft and to me that giant compared to my 5'0 height.

He has semi long black hair that looks like he used his fingers to brush. He's not bulky but he's not too skinny either. And fuck he has dimples. Swoon. " cut it out Kaden" Kathy seethes. She has long blonde hair is tall as well. They look identical except for the hair color and the gender. "Tell your dad I say thank you I really appreciate this. I'm sorry bout my brother" she says.

Rolling my eyes I tell her "it's ok I have one like him" she laughs and drags him to her room. Going back to finish my unpacking I hear a knock at the door. I peak my head out to see kathy's room door still close so I walk out to answer. Standing there in a wife beater and baggy jeans blonde hair a mess is Julian. "What the fuck are you doing here" I whisper yell.

Pushing his way in he starts "oh I don't know when my girlfriend takes off with out so little as a text, what the fuck you expect from me" he seethes.

"Oh I don't know have Stella come over and ride you like she was yesterday" i respond in a bored tone. Shock takes over his features as he looks at me like I spilled secrets of the earth.

"Why would you say that baby you know I can't stand her" he says trying to cover his tracks. He walks up to me trying to touch my face.

"You can stop lying I saw you yesterday you've been cheating on me with my best friend" I say almost on the verge of tears I straighten my back and lift my head "you did me a favor at least I won't have to go on unsatisfied I mean I alway thought you would be small but fuck! She must have fak—-" he slaps me when I'm mid sentence and I could feel the blood falling down my lip. I just looked at him.

Is he stupid did he realize what he just did. "What the fuck you expect you weren't putting out and she been so patiently waiting. I figure I throw her a bone" he smirks. I throw a punch and land him right in the jaw then I bring his face down and knee his nose. A sound from behind me distracts me, allowing him to yank my hair and kick me in my stomach. crouching over trying to catch my breath he slaps me again.

I go to shove him, but he was pulled back and I see the back of the tall dickhead boy. His back muscles flexing with each blow, Kaden grabs Julian to throw him out.

"You were nothing but a challenge and away in to your dad, you were boring you really thought I gave a fuck about you?" he yells.

"Leave" Kaden says as he slams the door in jujus face. Turning to look at me this ass give me a disapproving look. "So drug lord daddy and abusive guys. I think you should ask for another dorm, my sister is obviously not safe around you" he says.

"Shut up and go ill be at the party later, now leave and stop being an ass to my roommate Kay" Kathy tells her brother. He give me one last glare before walking out the door.

Tears roll down my face as I send her an appreciative smile and head to the bathroom to clean my face "hey wanna go to a party" she ask. Fuck it my days already been shitty maybe getting drunk for the first time will help.


So here's chapter 2 hope y'all like thanks for the read ❤️❤️

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