Finding her mate

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After years of searching has Alexander found his mate Clair a adventurous ,sassy and intelligent city girl has looked in the lowest of valleys, the highest of mountains and under the deepest seas all in search for the one man who would make her happy. Fate puts Alex on her doorstep ( literally ). And her world stops ...but is the bad boy with grey eyes the one for her. Alex a wolf shifter comes to New York in hopes to find his mate ...he knocks on the wrong door and a beautiful blond stands half naked in front of him he knows instantly that Claire Adams is his Luna. How will he convince her that he is the one without scaring her ...

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Chapter 1 Claire POV

"Claire are you OK..?" Jenny knocked on my door nonstop. She has again succeeded in interrupting my mastubation.

I reached my climax and picked up my black lace thong off the floor putting it on."Claire open up !"yelled from the door. I walked to the door hiding my vibrator in between the armchair cushions.

As soon as I opened the door Jenny came rushing in "what were you doing in here that you wouldn't open for your best friend ?". She gave me a naughty look " are you with a man ?".

Oh lord not this again , Jenny has been trying to get me to go on a blind date since for ever and its annoying how she sets me up with stuck up assholes.

"No Jenny I wasn't with a man ,what do you want ?"


I gave her a questioning look hoping she hasent set me up yet again.

"Well you have a date tonight." She clentched her jaw I could see that she was hoping I would accept. She does this all the time ,she sets me on a blind date and acts all innocent knowing well I hated when she did that. I looked at her wearing a emotionless expression on my face ,waiting for her to convince me.

" His name is Cole ,he's an accountant and he's really hot. Please go. Please just this once and if it doesn't work out I'll never set you up again. "

"Fine. What time...?"

"18:00 pm. Bye now I'll leave you to get ready. "

"What.... 18:00pm ? That's two hours from now."

Jenny smiled and quickly sneaked out leaving me shocked. Back to reality I might as well get ready.

I took a long shower brushed my hair and tied it neatly at the back. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked sexy my c-cupped breasts. My blue eyes and plump lips made me look sexier. I put on a sexy little black dress that sotopped at my mid thigh.

Just as I finished getting ready there was a knock on the door. No let me rephrase that there was a loud bang on the door.

I went on and opened only to see a drunk hottie at my door. This can't be my date I thought to myself. He was wearing a wearing a black suit with a crisp white shirt some buttons undone. He reeked of viniger and garlic. His eyes undressed me, I suddenly regretted my choice in clothing.

"Sheyyy Shexyy, can'tz waitz to getz dzown on you tsunight. "

I can't believe this. If a wrote a book about bad dates this would be my worst yet.

"I'm sorry, to ruin your night. I'm not going anywhere with you. I mean of you haven't noticed you're drunk." For an accountant he sure hasent calculated this properly. He just stood there looking at me dumbfounded. This can't be my date. I decided to close my apartment door leaving the drunked there talking to himself.

I tried dialing Jenny hoping she can confirm that the big ball of stink outside my door wasn't my date. Voicemail.

I need a drink.

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