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I am an erotic bdsm writer and i share my true life experience of bdsm with my dominant. This was my first meet with my dominant blindfolded, where i climaxed in fingering before i actually even saw him. I pinched my nipples while i wrote this story down. Thinking of my first meet makes me drip again and again.

Erotica / Romance
- The Lusty One
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It was 6:00 pm evening, I was watching the beautiful sunset. Listening to the ocean sounds when my phone beeped. It was a text from my dominant whom I have never met . It had a Hotel address & Time. My heart skipped a beat , I had to pause to realize this was the day when I will meet him before I could think any further my phone beeped again . The second text said ” Plain white dress , no lipstick , and silk satin ribbon ” . I stared at the ribbon part for a while thinking what it could be for ? To tie me obviously?

It was time . I started thinking soo much would I do good? What if this is my last ? What if he doesn’t like me? Are we gonna do it? Are we gonna just talk & introduce ? I couldn’t focus on anything I was doing. I was extremely excited at the same time scared to meet somebody unknown . I stood by the mirror with my hair puffed & French plated neatly. Small stud earrings, French nails, and I kept looking at myself being super nervous. I took my car and left to the hotel a little before time.

My third text from him ” Room no. 901 , I want my love to stand right in front of the door and tie your eyes with the red satin ribbon tight enough. Once you here the door open count to five and then take exact four steps forward. You are not allowed to use your hands for any support. Take the four steps very slowly”

I was going to be blindfolded right before I enter , this made me super scared about going there itself at the same time my body was craving for something like this. The suspense , the thrill everything was just so intense. I walked into the lobby and straight to the lift and pressed 9 , even my fingers where hesitant , there was so much of fear and craving together. I waked towards the room with mind filled with curiosity , my body craving to be touched by him , and my lips to be kissed. I stood right in front of 901, a neatly placed note was kept on the floor mat which said ” FOUR STEPS. KNEEL AND SIT. HANDS BEHIND” . Every single time I see his text I felt my dominant is one step closer to me as a person. I quickly stood right in front and Blindfolded myself . Blindfold and me , I don’t believe I would do this with anyone.

The time has come. I couldn’t see a thing, pitch dark , I took a deep breath- felt confident and I opened the door. As I walked in, My footsteps echoed across the walls . I knew the room was quiet empty . I knew somewhere there he was watching me walk in , I knew he is watching me from top to bottom , my walk , the dress , my feet . He is observing it all. And I was super nervous, There is something scary about empty rooms. The silence in the room was killing me, making me even more scared. Silence is a scary sound in itself but even more scarier would be my Dom’s. I haven’t heard a single word from his mouth, an object moving nor any clock ticking. My body was just rushing in fear and love. I walked in really slow so that I don’t hurt myself or trip , very slow without using my hands for any support . Slowly and slowly . I knew he was enjoying me being this scared yet brave to submit to him. I stood still after my own footsteps. My hands gently fisted and relaxed itself to gather some courage.

I took a deep breath and slowly bent my knees & Kneeled. My Knees were on the floor, I rest myself on my knees and placed my hands behind. Silence again. I didn’t know what to do next , I just waited. My thoughts were running wild. I was hoping he was there in the room . I just wanted him to come close to me.

I heard the wheels moving , coming towards me , my heart suddenly rose in curiousness to what’s gonna happen next . Sound got louder and louder , He went behind me . I felt a satin cloth , he was tying my hands. He tied my hands so perfectly without even touching me . None of those fingers or skin touched me. I craved so much for his touch at that point . I was just taking gentle breaths to calm my thoughts .

He went back to where he was, somewhere in the front where he could just watch me. I patiently waited.

" My sub. Only the word Yes & moans should come from you."

That was his exact first words. I heard his voice for real my entire body shook. My skin had goosebumps. I didn’t wanna be in that room at the same time I just wanted him to come hold me. Fuck. My mind went blank. I just bit my lips and bowed my head down in respect.

I heard some noises , he was searching or taking something out , my eyebrows lifted in confusion. He made a sound a whipping sound. So loud , like he whipped somebody , *whip cracking* It created a mini shock wave in head and I gasped . I knew it was gonna be used on me , but I did not scared to utter a word . He came closer to me and said ” OPEN YOUR PALMS" hands were tied and placed behind I felt so helpless .

" Do you like pain? ”

" Yes. ”

And he whipped my palms, The sound was so loud , I closed my fist repeatedly in pain, and said ahh so loudly. I felt all my ego attitude everything came down to earth , giving myself a reminder who I belong to .

" Do you like to be tied down? ”

I gasped and said " Yes. ”

He whipped again . I felt my palms going numb in pain.

" Do you like bondage? ”

I love it but I could only say one word. My hands were hurting so bad. I took a deep breath and said ” Yes. ”

And he WHIPPED so hard on my hands . At this point I knew my hands very red. And I wouldn’t be able to feel a thing when I touch him.

" Do you like this dominance from me? ”

I closed my fist repeatedly again , gasped and said ” YES. ”

I was waiting for the next whip , but surprisingly he didn’t . Instead I felt a hand on my left shoulder gently holding my neck , choking me . The min he touched my skin I felt my pussy twitching . He gently tilted my head and came closer to my neck from the right side from behind. I was feeling so weak , I could feel my nipples erect . He came closer to my skin , he was about to kiss my neck ..He just kept moving and I could feel his breathing the cold air on my skin . With all that excitement I would just climax right there at that moment. I kept losing control. I want him to kiss my neck , but he just kept teasing me. He gently kissed my neck , just one peck. It was hardly a peck and I could feel goosebumps in my entire body. Craving to make love to him. To give all to him . I kept moaning softly , I was biting my lips as he was reaching my ear.

Slowly he came to my ears and said " You like daddy doing all this to you ? If yes the place your head on the floor ” as he said this he gently pushed my head forward. I placed my right cheek on the floor, with my hands still behind tied up and waited for the next command.

I kept waiting, the wait was running my thoughts even more wild. I so wished I could see him. Being blindfolded awoke all the senses in me. Even his breath or sighs would give me goosebumps on my skin. I wanted to see him . I wanted to see how my master looked. How handsome or sexy he is in person. I just wanted to admire each and every part of him. I kept waiting and waiting for the next command .

Wait what ? Did he just pull my skirt up ? I wasn’t prepared for that . He just pulled my white dress up , pulled my panties down , I could actually feel how wet the panties were. His hands were just on my ass rubbing the cheeks . Before I even thought of him spanking me , He said " My sub , you arent allowed to say anything except moan. Daddy is going to finger you from behind alright ? Let me get my fingers wet ”..

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