Hershey Kisses(SAMPLE)

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What feeds your deepest fantasy? Are you a hopeless romantic fueled by passion or are you just sinfully bad, consumed by raw and uncut lust? Have you ever wondered how it would work out if you ever got the chance at the one who got away? Maybe your even thinking about having a hot and steamy love affair with that younger, fine and sexy employee. How about finally deciding to take the plunge into your ultimate wildest fantasy with those brothers you crushed on as a teenager. Who says you can’t kiss and tell? Especially when the tales are tantalizingly intriguing. Satisfy your sweet tooth and melt into this sensually delicious collection of erotic stories.

Erotica / Romance
Lisa Monae
Age Rating:

Birthday Wish: Chapter 1 - Meet The Clarke's (SAMPLE)


Waking up to sweet kisses from a pair of juicy lips. Mmmm was all I could say. Not even sure whose lips they were. My eyes were so damn foggy from the lack of sleep off the night before. What could I do about that? Right at that moment, I didn’t care. I was still coming off my liquid courage and raging fuck high I had this morning.

I tried to move but suddenly realized I can’t. Oh yeah, maybe it was because there was a sexy body to the right of me, a sexy body to the left of me, and one wedged between my legs sleeping soundly and resting his head on my Double D’s.

All these were remnants of my birthday night gone amazingly great! How did a quiet homebody end up wedged between three sexy men? How did a birthday wish turn into one epic night?

Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning when my roommate of two years decided to get married, and I suddenly found myself homeless.

My mother called in a favor from her best friend, Sheila. Ms. Sheila was like a second mom to me. She always watched me when my mom had to work late during the week. She was the sweetest woman, but she gave birth to three hellions that I could only compare to the likes of Bebe’s kids.

The Clarke brothers were what I considered the poster kids for birth control. Trey, Anthony, and Christopher, all three made sure my life was a living hell when I came over. So, of course, you would imagine my disdain when Ms. Shelia suggested I stay with them until I found a new place.

It’s been six years since we’ve been all together under one roof. Trey and Chris both attended the same college as me, but I made it a habit to avoid them as much as humanly possible. Making sure I took early morning classes, I was done before 12 pm and knowing the Clarke brothers, they were just wiping the sleep out of their eyes. I’m just hoping that they’ve matured into nice young gentlemen. Yeah right, these are the Clarke’s we’re talking about, and I’m sure they’ll make all of my stay here more than unbearable.

I stood there looking at the multitude of stairs that led to their apartment. So I just took a deep breath and dragged my duffle bag up the six flights of stairs...out of fucking breath. Why the hell did they have to live on the third, freaking floor? Guess I’ll get a good workout on these love handles going up all these flights of stairs every day.

Oh, by the way, I’m Rosaline, but everybody calls me Roz... I’m 21 years old computer science major and not the most social person I would hope to be. I had always been self-conscious about everything, resulting in me always being a little closed off. Don’t give up on me yet. I’m working on it...really, I am.

Finally, I made my way up the steps to knock on the door, but I get no answer. I knock again but still nothing.

What the hell? I know Ms. Shelia told them I was coming.

I bang on the door harder, and it finally swings open.

I’m suddenly hit by a puff of smoke that fogs my glasses up a bit. It had the strong fragrance of...wait. Is that marijuana?

Anthony Clarke, the middle brother, quiet storm, more of the intimidating rebel badass. He was the type who could kill you with just a glaring stare. Kind of like the one he’s giving me now.

Oh great.

I open my mouth to talk. Then, I see that he’s very shirtless right now. He had two full tattoo sleeves that connected over his neck and chest. Don’t tell anybody, but I got a thing for guys with tattoos, especially, when they have a body as lean and sculpted as Anthony. Definitely, I can say a great canvas to display all of his body art.

OK, Rosaline stop staring at him like a creep right now. And for fuck sakes wipe the drool off of your damn mouth.

“Umm h-hey, Anthony, long time...your mom did tell you guys I’d be here today, right?”

Anthony looks me up and down when I see his lips curve into a small grin. He gives a sinful, short chuckle, taking another hit of the joint he was smoking and puffs the smoke out past his perfect, caramel lips. Then, he walks away from the door.

Well, so much for the warm welcome. I see their manners have really improved over these years.

Walking into the lion’s den, I noticed it wasn’t that bad at all. Leather couches, big screen TV, and it was actually clean. Come on, three guys living together, I’d think I’d be walking over dirty dishes, empty beer bottles, and condom wrappers.

One of the bedroom doors open and a blonde girl with olive skin walks out with Trey Clarke. What can I say about Trey? The oldest of the three brothers and your resident playboy.

The thing about being a quiet wallflower is that you hear a lot of the rumors around college. And Trey happened to be a hot topic with the ladies around campus. Seems he apparently knows his way around the female anatomy. Something about ice, twister tongue, and having a big...well, you know. Let’s just say, God did not overlook him when he was in mid-creation.

Trey gives the girl a peck on the cheek and tells her he’ll see her around. She gives him the googly eyes as she giggles and tells him thanks for a great time while she runs her fingers down his rippled chest. She also didn’t have any shame tugging on the towel he had wrapped around his waist, suggesting of what kind of a good time they just had together, before walking out of the door.

What the hell is it with these guys and clothes?

Just like his brother, Trey had a nice chest but not as many tattoos as him, though. But I could see why the girls go a little crazy over him. He had an incredible sex appeal with that smooth pecan brown skin. His confidence was borderline arrogant, and his aura radiated copulation expert. I had to admit as he looked up and his eyes met mine, I instantly wet my panties.

Trey raised his eyebrow like I was a puzzle his brain was trying to figure out, right before he licked his lips. Damn, it should be a sin to emit so much sexiness from one person.

OK, snap out of it, Roz... they’re still the annoying assholes they were as kids. Just... just a whole damn lot more attractive.

“Hey Trey, it’s been a while,” I blurt out finally breaking his deep stare.

“M&M is that you? Damn, you’ve changed,” he says with a smirk.

Ugh, I hated it when they'd called me that. One of those unwanted nicknames I thought they would forget about but apparently not. Like I needed to be reminded of that awkward time period when I had braces. Metal Mouth they always called me, but I guess that got too long to say, so they settled for M&M.

“So, I see you’re into snow bunnies now?”

He walks over close to me, our bodies almost pressing dangerously close together reaching his finger under my chin. Drawing my face close to his, he lifts my chin up to meet his crippling gaze again.

Why am I breathing so damn hard? Damn, he smells so freaking good.

“Oh, don’t worry M&M, I still love me some chocolate,” he says heavily, his mouth so close I could feel his minty breath kiss my lips.

“Ummm, ugghh, ummm.”

Trey gives me his devilish smirk, then walks away to the kitchen as quickly as he came. What the hell was that? I swear I think I might have cum on myself a bit. Well, if I knew how it actually felt.

Don’t take it wrong. I’m definitely not a virgin, but my experience with men have been limited to two guys. The first was Jason, and we were 17 years old and both virgins. We both didn’t know what the hell we were doing. By the time he figured out how to get it in there, he was already orgasming after three strokes. Then, at 19, I started it up with one of my professors, one who shall remain nameless. We would meet after class for extra tutoring lessons at least twice a week. Our little affair was a brief three months. Mostly due to him having a wife he neglected to tell me about. The sex was OK, but it was more to satisfy his needs, not mine. I came to the conclusion he was going through a midlife crisis and what better way to boost your ego than to fuck off with a young, college chick. I guess I was gullible enough to take him up on his offer. Not one of my finest moments but you know what, you live and you learn as they say.

I found a corner to throw my duffle bag down when I hear the front door open. The door slams shut while I’m digging through my things, and I’m startled by a loud voice.

“METAL MOUTH!” I hear a raspy scream come across the living room.

OK, can they seriously stop calling me that? I haven’t worn braces in like seven years.

I turn to see the last of the Clarke brothers, Christopher. The baby boy, spoiled brat, and prankster of the bunch. While Anthony and Trey were a total pain, Christopher was like the bane of my existence. He was the ringleader of practical jokes and went way out of his way to make my day a living hell.

He has grown up though and just as equally sexy as his big brothers, don’t tell him I said that shit, though. I noticed the growth spurt. He used to pale in comparison to Trey and Anthony, but he has come into his own in the looks department. Broad shoulders, with his toned arms showing from his tank top and just like his big brothers, he dabbled in the art of tattoos as well. Plus, with that sweet baby face of his, you’d think he was a fucking saint, but I knew the truth.

Christopher notices the frown on my face and gives me the sweetest look of innocence. He walks over and tries to embrace me in a hug, but I keep my hands by my side, my face still looking highly perturbed.

He squeezes me snuggly and proceeds to lift me off the ground. “Aww, didn’t you miss me, M&M?”

“Hell no, Chris, put me the hell down you ass!”

“Damn, M&M, you’ve gotten mean over the years,” he says with a grin lowering me back down to the floor but not releasing me from his grasp.

“No, I’m just not that little girl you used to torment, Chris!” I rolled my eyes.

“You know how boys are. It was all in fun, Honey Bunny. Besides, I just wanted some attention.”

“Didn’t Ms. Shelia give you a whole lot of attention by whipping your butt every time you wanted to act...well, like you?”

“Maybe I wanted somebody else to give the whippings.” He wiggled his eyebrows while he reached behind me to spank my ass.

“Get the hell away from me, Chris,” I yelled pushing him hard, but he barely moved.

He gives a hearty laugh before letting me go. While I turn away from him, he takes the opportunity to pull my bra from the back snapping it into my skin.

“Oww… fuck! Chris, I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

“Just like old times!” I heard him laugh back at me high tailing it to his room.

OK, now I definitely need to find me a place. I’m not going to survive long in all this testosterone, or I might have to murder somebody!

Christopher especially!

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