In Too Deep

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His animal like magnetism just seemed to pull me to him all the time. "Let me love you Jewels, let me love all of you. Be my treasure, and I will love you like no other man can." I froze. What else do you do when a man says this to you, and then I started to melt all over him. Jewel has a very hot chance meeting in Central Park with a sexy stranger. Your sexy stranger awakens something inside you and makes you feel how you never thought you could. The stranger turns out to be no other then cubicle mate, Matt's twin brother. From day 1 Daryl is a whirlwind in her life. She just can't give up all the things he brings to her life, danger, excitement, and devotion. There is something about this man that drives her to be who she always knew she could be. With all the emotions Daryl awakens though does it blind her too much to the real him. Is she blinded by her own desires. Is Daryl capable of changing himself when he has changed so much about Jewel?

Erotica / Drama
J T Hafter
4.7 6 reviews
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Chapter 1 Meeting in the Park

Jewel’s POV

I was at Central Park with my dog, King, playing fetch after we finished our jog. He is so well behaved I almost never need his leash. I love a good long run to start my weekend off right just as much as he does. It also helps me to put my crazy week at AA Enterprises International behind me. As I pet King and tell him he what a good dog he was, I felt watched.

I turned to see a rather captivating pair of hazel eyes. These eyes had that unique quality where they seem to be smiling even when the face around them is not. As I begin to notice the person attached to this particularly captivating pair of golden flecked eyes, I am taken aback by how familiar they seem. It’s so much so that I don't immediately back away from the closeness of this stranger. I am rolling my eyes over him a bit too slowly enjoying what I am seeing. He is of a medium height, with tousled brown hair, that just seems to fall in and out of his eyes. He has a very masculine face, full of sharp strong features. His tan-colored-skin looks like tasty caramel. He has very broad shoulders and is clearly very well built. There isn't a part of him you can't see rippling through his wife beater and unbutton shirt. There is a hint of tattooed art escaping from the top left side of his shirt. He has a smirk on his face that instantly stirs me. There is something about him that emanates confidence in such a way that I feel a little weakened.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to see an angel on my morning stroll."

The level of familiarity I have towards him is so odd. Why is he reminding me so much of Dante? And who else uses the term angel like that? I suddenly realize that he is oddly close to me, and so I step back, and call King to me. However, King will not leave the stranger alone. He is trying to lick him to death.

"No, down boy! I am so not a dog person!" He said scowling.

"You know my dad always told me you shouldn't trust a man who doesn't like dogs."

"Do you always do what your daddy tells you?" His face turned into a bit of a twisted smile, and I can't help but hear his hidden undertones in it.

"I don't think that is the business of a man whose name I don't even know."

"Well, I don't suppose that you would be willing to call me daddy?" The grin that spread across his face reeked of ulterior motives and gave me the answer I was looking for. "No then? I guess you can just call me Damien then." He is still doing his best to deflect King's affections.

"How about I just call you nothing and say goodbye." I say snidely and turn away from him.

I call King to me again try to begin to walk away, but he is all over Damien like he is a steak. I attempted to pull him back all the while Damien has a deep scowl on his face. King is almost on top of him at this point licking his face. It's almost not funny! Damien is kind of flailing about in an attempt to get King off him, and King will just not stop playfully attacking him with big wet puppy kisses. The only other person King is like this with is Dante or Shari. It is hilarious, and I can't help but laugh behind my hand. Maybe if King likes him this much, he can't be that bad.

I finally manage to pull King away and clip his leash to his collar without him even noticing. As soon as he feels me tug on the leash he backs down. I basically never put King on a leash, and he cowers to my side with his pout look. He is finally being obedient. This outburst is so not like him.

"Now that is a good boy." Damien says as he is getting up and brushing himself off, looking a little disheveled. I already know what the problem is, but he is about to find out. You can't say good boy to King, he gets too excited from when I was a kid and he was a puppy. He thinks it means play time. King leaps up running around me and Damien dragging me along with him. In a matter of seconds King has the leash wrapped around both of our legs. And is still doing circles.

Suddenly the leash pulls tight and pulls me right into Damien's arms as we both topple to the ground, me on top of him. King realizing, he has made his master fall, and is out of leash to go crazy with, sits down excitedly, still wagging his tail.

The fall was so unexpected it completely took my breath away, as I am sure my landing on top of Damien took his away. As I am trying to regain my breath, I can't help but notice the electric charge I feel passing from him to me. It's magnetic. His broad chest and muscular arms have encircled me, in a very protective manner. I raise my eyes only, as the rest of me feels paralyzed against him, not to mention the leash that is still wrapped all the way around us more than once. All I can feel is rippling muscles all over me, and it is borderline intoxicating.

I look up into his golden hazel eyes and feel utterly lost. I am completely mesmerized by this moment, which has me held utterly captivated. My heart is pounding in my chest so hard he must surely feel it against his own. I felt his hand cradle the back of my head and neck drawing me in, and I was powerless to stop it. The world seemed to slow down all around me, as I felt the seconds tick by and our lips came closer and closer.

The instant his lips brushed up against mine it felt like fireworks going off internally, like a series of hot explosions all over. As I started to feel my body melt against his I felt his excitement pressed against me just waiting. I gasped at the very large bulge I fell against me. How could I not, and it just made him deepen his kiss until I felt he was exploring all of me through my mouth.

What has happened to all of my resolve? I have never been so forward with a stranger. What's gotten into me? However, it didn't stop me from opening my mouth to his, as I slowly turned every bit of the situation over to his control. The kiss started off slow and so intimate, but quickly became fevered and a little aggressive, which seemed to call to all my demons locked up deep inside.

Out of seemingly nowhere I heard a very familiar voice, but it isn't calling to me. "Damien!!! How do I manage to lose you everywhere?" My whole body stiffened instantly. Oh boy did I know that voice, but why was he looking for this stranger that I currently felt like I was a part of. "Oh, there you are!" I heard as the voice came closer, we both broke contact. Dante starts to chuckle, "How is it that you always seem to find compa.... King?" Oh shit! There is no way he saw us kissing right?

I blushed furiously. I could feel it spread all over, or maybe it was just the leftover heat from the intensity of my closeness to Damien, and his infinitely deep kiss. I struggled to get up but still had King's leash wrapped all around Damien and I, which only pressed me against him more. "Jewel," Dante said, clearly shocked, "what are you doing here? And with him!"

"I would love to explain, but King has me in quite the predicament. Could you help me first?"

"Gladly, there is nothing I would like to see more than you off of my brother."

"Brother?!?" I said. "Dante you never told me you had a brother."

"I feel like everyone owes everyone else an explanation right about now," I hear from underneath me, "but we can continue this conversation as long as it keeps this fallen angel on me!" he starts to chuckle, and I can just feel all of that muscle vibrate with his laughter against me, and I gasped again.

A very angry frowning Dante unhooks King from his leash, which gives Damien and I the slack we need to escape our bindings. Both of us stand up and attempt to straighten ourselves out. I can't tell whether Damien has an amused smirk or a disgruntled scowl on his face. However, there is no mistaking Dante's look. He is clearly pissed.

Dante starts first, "What the hell is going on."

"King liked your brother a little too much, probably because he thought he was you. Then he said (I mouthed without actually saying) "good boy" to him once I finally had him calmed down. Next thing I know we are both on the ground with his leash all around us."

"I think I have a new-found appreciation for dogs." Damien chimes in with a rather cheeky smile.

Dante totally ignores him and says, "Okay, but why are you here, and with him?"

"I am not! I was running with King."

"Dante," Damien pipes up, "why did you not tell me you kept such delicious company." Damien said with a very dark smile while licking his bottom lip. Why do I instantly feel fire spreading across my belly?

"Can it Damien! I am not to you yet." He says without even looking at him.

"Hey now brother, I think I am the one who has the right to be mad. Where have you been keeping this treasure? Jewel, huh? So fitting." His eyes which are locked on me almost drip with desires waiting to be unlocked and explored. My blush instantly deepens. Since when do guys make me blush? Okay well maybe Dante has once or twice, but have you seen his body? Good god that man could make a nun blush. Although Damien is almost equally muscled, he is not quite as burly as Dante.

Seeing the two of them standing side by side it is impossible not to see all the similarities. Dante's frame is slightly larger than Damien's, but Damien has about an inch of height on him. Damien's features seem slightly more angelic then Dante's. Dante is all man for sure, there is something slightly softer in Damien's features. I would like to say it's almost as if he seems slightly more innocent but looking into his eyes there is not a drop of innocence to be seen. They both have the same tousled brown locks, and hazel eyes.

Dante scowls hard at his brother, seeming to deter him temporarily. "Okay my turn," I interrupt the unspoken exchange they seem to be locked in, "Dante you have a brother!"

"Jewel, this is my twin brother, Damien."

"Twins! You have a twin brother and never mentioned it once." He silences me with the same look he threw at Damien.

"Damien, this is Jewel. She is the other half of the team I am on at AA Enterprise International."

"You've been side by side with this exotic beauty for months without a word. I am so disappointed in you brother."

Dante is clearly pissed, and I figure I should take the opportunity to escape. I gather up the leash and attach it back to King. "Well, I guess I will be leaving now. I am supposed to be meeting with Shari today."

I normally greet Dante with hello and goodbye hug, but this time it just seems wrong with how stirred I am by someone who looks so much like him. He also still looks very angry. So I just side step him. I kind of want to say something to Damien but considering Dante's anger I let it go.

I hear Dante sigh, and turn to me as I walk away. "Angel, are we still on for Xavier's concert later?"

"That's why I am meeting with Shari we are going shopping for tonight."

"Alright meet you at our usual spot."

I just smile and nod, but I don't think he noticed as his attention is on Damien, who is frowning now. He looks very much like a little boy who is about to be yelled at. I give one last glance at Damien before turning to walk away. Even amongst his frown I see a bit of light jump into his eyes as our eyes lock for that half a second. I spin back around and make my way home with King in tow, a little dazed from the whole ordeal. Although I can't help but to bring my fingers to my lips, which are still tingling a little from the electricity of the kiss I shared with Dante's brother.

I took one last peek over my shoulder in the direction of the two. Dante had his back to me clearly giving Damien a piece of his mind, although why I cannot imagine. Why wouldn't Dante tell me he has a brother? When I look at Damien though I see his gaze is still locked onto me as I walk away. Oh, there is that heat spreading all over. On that note I pick up my pace a bit and head to my apartment to shower and start the rest of my day. I cannot wait to talk to Shari!

I pull out my phone and shoot her a quick message. ‘Found out the most interesting thing about someone we both know well..... and it's juicy! Tell you all about it later.’

My phone goes off almost immediately. ‘You can't possibly make me wait.’ I can't help but laugh. God, I love Shari. My hands would cramp trying to text her all that has happened.

‘You'll just have to wait!’ she sends me a bunch of not very nice emojis and I laugh, and continue home. After my morning I want to feel extra sexy at the concert tonight. I just feel like I am in that kind of mood. Shopping with Shari today is going to be so much fun!

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