Criminal Intent

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Clive and Hannah walked towards the boat moored against the jetty. Pierre, the Captain greeted the, and held out his hand to help Hannah step from the gangplank and onto the deck of the boat.

As she stepped aboard she looked around, it was even more luxurious than Andrew had described, it was beautiful. She followed Clive main part of the boat and she was amazed at the size of the rooms, and layout of the deck. It was perfect for business as well as leisure, and she couldn’t believe how beautiful the rooms were.

They walked through the main dining area and into what she assumed was the lounge area complete with beautiful leather sofas and armchairs, a huge TV screen, and a bar in the corner. She looked around.

“This is bigger than my parents’ house.” She sighed.

He stood beside her and let his hand rest into the small of her back, she felt it and leaned back slightly into it, hoping to give him a sign that it was okay. They continued their tour of the boat and ended up on the open-top deck, with the sun loungers and table which looked like an ideal area for alfresco dining. There was also a small covered area near the front of the deck behind the two seats where the Captain and his assistant sat. Under this cover there was a sofa, some chairs a small table and a TV hung on one wall.

She set her bag down and settled on one of the loungers. She looked up at Clive who had continued his progress and was stood beside Pierre who was sat behind the wheel at the front and as he turned to walk back towards her she felt the boat start to move and head out to sea.

He sat down on a lounger beside her and almost immediately they were joined by Marie, who as another member of the crew and she took their order for drinks and returned minutes later. Clive took the drinks and handed Hannah hers and they sat back into the loungers as the boat made its steady progress out into the open water of the Mediterranean.

She asked where they were headed.

“I thought that we’d go into Monaco, have you ever been?” He asked.

She shook her head, she hadn’t, but she had seen images of it and knew how beautiful and exclusive it was.

“It’s so beautiful Clive.” She sighed.

“This boat is fantastic, it’s so big you could live here.”

He nodded. “Yes. We usually stay on here for a couple of months at a time when we take a holiday. It’s great, I can use it for business and Juliet can enjoy herself whilst I take my meetings.”

It was a beautiful day as they cruised south, along the coast towards Monaco. Hannah gradually relaxed and was soon laid on one of the sun loungers in her bikini, especially chosen for the occasion. The small top only just covered the nipples of her beautiful C-cup breasts, her wavy, long red hair flowed down behind her shoulders. Her bikini panties were tiny and just covered the top of her perfectly manicured red pubic hair, and they were stretched so tight that the outline of her pussy lips was shown in lots of detail.

She lay still, with her eyes open behind her dark sunglasses and watched as first the female who had served their drinks collected the empty glasses and brought Clive another.

“I think she’s asleep.” He whispered to her when she asked if Hannah wanted another. “Just bring the same and leave it here.”

Hannah watched as the woman glanced at her and ran her eyes over her whole body and gave a little smile as she left. Hannah had to stop herself from smiling, the woman fancied her.

She watched Clive as he sat at one of the tables and looked out onto the sea, occasionally he’d glance over to her and she’d see him staring at her. She moaned softly and spread her legs as if she was sleeping and she watched closely as Clive shifted his position so that he could get a good look between her legs. He was checking her out, she was confident that he was interested in her.

She yawned and stretched and sat up.

“I must have dozed off.” She sighed.

She stood and walked over to join him at the table, she took her glasses off and looked at him.

“I’m sorry about that, it was quite rude of me.” She picked up the drink that had been left for her and took a long drink.

“I promise, you will have my undivided attention from now on.” She flashed him a smile.

As they slowly entered the harbour at Monaco she looked around at yachts and boats of all sizes that were moored all around. It looked impossible to find anywhere to moor the boat. He explained that he had a permanent mooring and Pierre guided the boat expertly to it and soon they were walking along the jetty towards the centre of town.

She had slipped her shirt back on and it was tied around her waist and her skirt swayed as she walked. She reached out and slipped her arm under Clive’s and pulled him close to her, she glanced at him.

“I hope you don’t mind.” She whispered.

He shook his head, she smiled, of course, he didn’t.

Everything that she had seen and read about Monaco was true. Evidence of wealth was everywhere, and as she walked off the jetty and past the rows of yachts and boats moored along the front of the town she was in awe of the money that must have been spent getting them all there.

They walked along the front, passing boats similar to Clive’s. They passed one where two very young, and beautiful women were sat on the top deck enjoying the sun in their bikinis whilst on the main deck two men, both in their late fifties or early sixties were washing the deck down. She smiled to herself, she didn’t have to ask herself why the two women were with the two older guys, she understood.

He started to explain where they were in relation to the Grand Prix that was held every year and was the highlight of the Formula One racing season but she wasn’t listening. She pointed to the castle on the hill that overlooked the town and he led her to a taxi and they headed up to take a look.

They spent a lovely day in Monaco exploring the old castle and the streets around it. The walked back and had lunch in a lovely little restaurant situated in a narrow street. As they made their way down the hill she slid her hand from under his arm and linked her fingers around his. He glanced at her, she smiled, she squeezed her fingers gently. No words were spoken, they gazed at each other for a few seconds then he squeezed his fingers gently and they continued walking, hand in hand.

She’d made her move and he had not rejected her, she began to feel excited as she realised that her plan was moving on, and her next move was to get him, them, down into the cabins.

They had a drink when they got back onto the main harbourfront, and as they sat and looked out onto the beautiful scene in front of them she sighed.

“You know Clive, there is one part of the boat that you haven’t shown me yet.” She said.

He glanced at her. “There is?”

She nodded. “Yes. The cabins.” She replied.

She bit her lip seductively and let her fingers trace around the tip of her glass. She held his gaze and they looked into the eyes of each other for a few seconds.

‘He can’t be in any doubt now, surely,’ she thought.

He nodded. “You’re right. I’ll fix that when we get back.” He said.

She smiled. ‘It’s on!’ She thought.

They had another drink when they arrived back at the boat and as it pulled away from the jetty Clive stood and held out his hand.

“I promised to show you the cabins.” He said.

She nodded and stood, and as she followed Clive down the steps to the lower deck she glanced up and noticed Pierre looking at her. Their eyes met and his face broke into a smile, she felt herself blush as she looked away and followed Clive down the steps.

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