Criminal Intent

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Hannah makes her move

She followed Clive onto the lower deck and he led her through the narrow corridor as he opened the cabin doors and showed her the smaller cabins. They arrived at the end of the corridor and he opened the door to the largest cabin, his cabin, and he walked inside. She stepped into the room and looked around. It was exactly as Andrew had described and she glanced to her left and saw the dresser where he had told her the jewellery was kept.

She looked at Clive as he closed the door behind them.

“This is beautiful Clive, it’s so big. It’s bigger than mine at home.” She sighed.

He looked incredibly nervous as he walked towards her, she took a breath and as he drew close she reached out and took his hands in hers.

“I’ve had a wonderful day Clive, thank you.” She whispered.

She felt him tremble as his fingers stroked across the back of her hands, she smiled.

“Listen. I understand if I’m out of order Clive. But I like older guys, and, well I find you attractive, but I apologise if I’ve misread this situation. I know that you are married.” She said softly.

He squeezed her fingers gently.

“It’s okay. And no, you haven’t misread anything. I just wasn’t sure that you would be interested in me. And, well you are with Richard.”

She smiled.

“He’s not here. You are.”

She said and pulled him towards her, and as she pressed against him she pressed her lips against his and kissed him. He was just a little shorter than she was, and as she slid her hands around his neck he wrapped his around her waist and moaned softly as they kissed.

As they parted he sighed.

“Oh god, you taste wonderful, Hannah.” He sighed.

She smiled and lowered her hands and started to unbutton his shirt, he put his hands on hers and stopped her. He looked into her eyes.

“Just tell me one thing. Why me?” He asked.

She smiled. “I’m turned on by wealth and nice things.”

He stared at her,

“And, I have a thing for older guys, maybe I have daddy issues, I don’t know.” She paused, “besides, I’ve never had sex on a boat before.”

She stepped back and unfastened the knot in her shirt and it fell to the floor, it was closely followed by her skirt. She stood before him in her bikini, she lowered the straps and spun it around, unfastened it and let it fall, exposing her perfect, firm, thirty-four-C breasts. Her nipples stood proud and hard, she was aroused.

“Are we going to talk about why I like you? Or are we going to fuck?” She whispered.

He almost tore his shirt off and quickly stepped out of his shorts and he looked up at her as she walked towards him in her bikini panties. She stretched her hand out and placed the palm over his boxers and pressed it against his bulge. He moaned and closed his eyes as her fingers caressed and pressed along his hard shaft.

He may have been in his early sixties, but his cock was solid. She smiled.

He reached up and cupped his hands over her breasts. He let out a soft moan.

“Oh god, they are beautiful. Just perfect.” He sighed.

She smiled as her fingers traced over the outline of his cock.

“Thank you.”

She slid them into the top of his boxers and began to slide them down.

“Now let’s see what you’re hiding under there.” She whispered.

She knelt and lowered his boxers to reveal his hard cock, it was not as big as Richard’s, not by a long way and was five inches at best, but, and it was a big but, it was thick, really thick. She stared at it, he looked down and stroked his fingers through her hair.

“I know, it’s not very big.” He sighed, sounding disappointed.

She looked up at him and smiled as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, she was unable to touch the tips together.

“Size isn’t everything Clive, besides, it’s thicker than anything that I’ve ever seen.”

She licked her lips and opened her mouth wide and lowered it over the head of his cock. He groaned and placed his hands on her head for support as she slid her warm, wet lips over the head and took his cock into her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” He cried as she flicked her tongue across the head of his cock before sliding her mouth down the shaft.

She took it all into her mouth, her tongue licked the length and then licked across the tip as she sucked hard on it. He moaned and pushed his hips against her as she started to move her head along his length. Her jaw ached after a short while, she hadn’t been stretched that much, ever, and she was enjoying the sensation.

She bobbed her head up and down his cock as her hand cupped his balls and her fingers gently teased and caressed them. His moans and groans became louder and more rapid as he began to push into her mouth. She knew that he wouldn’t last long, but she had thought this through and so far it was going exactly to plan.

She knelt at his feet, her head bobbed back and forth as he pushed his cock into her mouth. She sucked hard, her tongue flicked and licked the head and tip as she teased and played with his balls.

His breathing quickened and his fingers gripped her hair tighter.

“Oh god, Hannah! Oh, fuck! I’m going to come!” He cried.

She didn’t falter, she kept sliding her mouth along his shaft, her suction increased and her fingers pressed a little firmer into his balls.

Suddenly he cried out and pulled at her hair then thrust hard, forcing his cock into her mouth, the hairs around the base pressed against her nose as he cried out and the first sticky glob of cum shot from his cock and into her mouth. She moaned as he felt it hit the back of her throat, quickly followed by a second and then another as his cock twitched and jerked inside as he came hard.

He held himself up using her hair as support, his legs shook and trembled as his whole body seemed to react to the orgasm. He panted and gasped for air as he deposited a huge load of creamy cum into her mouth.

He did come a lot, she hadn’t had a load like that in her mouth for a long time. As she swallowed she thought that maybe it had been a long time since he and Juliet had fucked.

Eventually, he finished and jerked for the last time. She lifted her head and licked the last drop from the end of his cock, which had started to soften. She looked up at him, he was panting and his face was red. She pulled herself to her feet and before he could say anything she kissed him and made sure that he tasted some of his cum on her tongue.

He slowly regained his composure.

“That was the best blow-job that I’ve ever had Hannah.” He sighed.

She smiled.

“Thank you. But I’m sure that Juliet has given you just as good.” She replied.

The look on his face suggested to her that maybe he was being honest, she kissed him again.

“I enjoyed it, and boy, if you don’t mind me saying, that was a lot of cum.” She smiled.

He sighed. “It’s been a while.”

She took his hand and led him to the bed. He watched as she slipped out of her panties and stood up, he stared at her perfectly manicured pubic hair.

“Oh god, I love red hair.” He sighed.

She slid up to him and kissed him.

“I hope you like giving oral too.” She whispered.

He grinned. “Oh god, do I!” He replied.

She jumped up onto the bed and lay down on her back, and as he climbed up she slowly opened her legs, inviting him in. He knelt at her feet and stared at her for a few moments.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered.

She smiled. “Thank you.”

He shuffled between her legs and gently pushed them a little further apart, and as she looked down, her breathing increasing, he lowered himself and lay between her outstretched legs and started to kiss and caress her thighs gently.

She moaned and lifted her knees a little and her legs parted even more as he moved up her thighs towards her pussy, which she knew would be wet. She wasn’t faking any of it, she was so aroused, she loved sex, and under these conditions, with the thought of stealing jewellery at the end of it, it only served to turn her on even more.

She gasped and threw her head back, her hands clamped onto the back of his head as his lips pressed onto her clit.

“Oh yes!” She moaned.

He started to flick his tongue around her hard clit, teasing it, and then he pressed his lips against it and nibbled on it. Then he slid his fingers along her lips and parted them before sliding one inside her. She stroked her fingers through his hair as he worked his finger into her tight hole.

“Oh god, Hannah, you are so tight.” He moaned as he worked his finger in and out of her slowly.

As he fingered her he resumed his attention to her clit, tugging it gently between his lips and rolling it around and tugging it gently between his lips. She cried out, rolling her hips against him as her fingers stroked through his hair and then wrapped tufts around her fingers and pulled gently.

He pressed his lips harder against her clit as his fingers worked deeper into her pussy, his tongue circled her clit then pressed onto it and flicked over it. She humped her hips up at him and cried out. She was close and her fingers began to tear at his hair as she clamped her thighs tightly around his head and squeezed as she began to fuck up at him.

“Oh god!” She cried as he worked his lips and tongue over her clit and his finger, trapped inside her pussy stroked the walls of her tunnel as he muscles spasmed around it.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” She cried as she finally succumbed and her body began to tremble and shake as she was consumed by her orgasm. It was so intense that she felt light-headed, and as she jerked and rocked around she thought that she might pass out.

As her orgasms lowly subsided, her movements slowed and she began to settle back onto the bed. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, her mouth gaped open as she sucked in air, trying to fill her lungs and get oxygen back into her body.

Her legs slowly released the pressure on his head and he was once again able to lift it and breathe himself. He slowly removed his finger from her pussy, it was soaked with her juices, his face was also covered in them, along with his saliva.

He lifted his head and looked at her. Her chest heaved as she tried to fill her lungs with air and she still stared up at the ceiling. He pulled himself to his knees and looked at her.

“Jeez Hannah, that was some orgasm.” He sighed.

She glanced at him and smiled.

“Amazing. You were amazing Clive. Juliet is one lucky woman.” She sighed.

He sunk onto his heels and sighed.

“Not that she knows. We hardly have sex any more.”

She rolled her head to the side and looked at him.

“Why not? It doesn’t make sense, I’d have you doing that every night!” She smiled.

He shrugged. She lifted herself onto her elbow and looked at his crotch.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” She whispered.

He glanced down and nodded. “Surprisingly, it looks like I am.”

He looked at her. “That is unusual Hannah. I can’t remember the last time I got hard this quickly after coming.” He said.

She smiled and lay back down. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” She whispered.

He knelt between her legs and looked at her, she lay back, her legs spread and her eyes locked onto his. He stroked his cock a few times as he leaned over her, he rubbed the head along her wet slit and she moaned as the thick head pressed between her lips.

“Ohmmm Clive that feels so good.” She moaned.

He held himself on one arm and watched as the thick head spread her lips as he sought her entrance. He started to push, and as his fat cock stretched her tight pussy she moaned aloud and her hands gripped his arms and her fingers dug into his flesh.

“Oh god! That’s thick!” She cried as she pushed harder and he forced his way inside her.

He groaned as he continued to push as his cock slowly disappeared into her.

“Oh fuck Hannah! Shit, you’re tight!” He grunted.

She panted as he buried himself deep inside her, stretching her like she hadn’t been stretched before. He started to fuck her, slowly at first, thrusting deep into her, and causing her to moan and cry out as he thrust in and out.

She held onto his arms as he gradually increased his speed. She lifted her feet and wrapped them around his thighs and gripped him as she started to move with him, grinding herself against him as she slammed into her and their bodies pressed together.

“Yes! Oh god, yes! Faster Clive! Fuck me harder!” She begged.

Urged on by her cries he started to pound into her, slamming hard and grunting with the effort of each thrust. She pulled him down onto her and kissed him, she ground her lips against his as he probed the inside of her mouth with his tongue.

It was hard and fast, their sweaty bodies slid against each other as he pummelled into her and she dug her fingers into his back, scraping them down his flesh. She writhed underneath him, grinding her pussy against him as he felt his orgasm rise from deep within. He quickened and gasped for air.

“Oh fuck! I’m coming!” He cried.

He thrust hard into her and threw his head back and groaned as his cock jerked inside her and he felt a jet of cum shoot from his cock and splash into her. She felt him come and wrapped her arms around his neck as she gripped him between her thighs and she squealed.

“Aieeeeeeee! Oh god!”

He fell onto her and pressed his face into her neck as his cock jerked and twitched inside her as cum spurted out and spilled into her.

They lay together, panting and breathing heavily as his cock continued to spurt until he had spilled his last drop and he sighed. She stroked her fingers across his neck as she felt his cock jerk for the last time and she let her thighs relax around him as she felt his cock swimming around inside her. He may have been her oldest lover, but he was a good fuck, she had not had to fake any of it and had enjoyed it immensely.

As his cock started to soften he sighed and as he regained control over his breathing he lifted his head and they kissed. He stroked his fingers across her face and looked into her eyes.

“That was amazing Hannah, thank you.” He whispered.

She smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you. That was lovely.” She sighed.

He rolled from her and lay beside her. She rolled onto her side and stretched her arm across his chest and laid on his shoulder.

“Hmmm. That was special.” She whispered.

They lay together for a while, then she got up and slipped into the shower. When she emerged, wrapped in a towel he passed her and she kissed his cheek, and as he closed the bathroom door she walked to the drawers and opened the top one and looked inside.

As she heard the water flow inside the bathroom she ran her fingers through the various items in the drawer, eventually settling on a delicate Cartier chain. It was a man’s chain and it was a twisted rope design and looked like a mix of yellow and rose gold. It was in a slim, dark blue case and she picked it up and wrapped it inside her towel and slipped it into her beach bag.

She was dressed and sat on the end of the bed when he emerged from the bathroom. She stood and kissed him once more.

“Thank you, Clive. I had a fantastic time.” She whispered.

He smiled and looked into her eyes.

“Richard is a lucky man Hannah. I hope he realises that.” He replied.

She nodded. “He does, I tell him all of the time.” They laughed.

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