Criminal Intent

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A pampering day

Louise and Juliet had breakfast, and as they chatted Louise asked about her life with Clive and all of the wonderful places that she must have visited. Juliet slowly relaxed and opened up to her and they were soon chatting like two old friends.

They headed to the resort’s spa after breakfast and they were greeted by friendly, and Louise thought, very beautiful staff, and shown to the very luxurious changing rooms.

They changed together and Louise saw Juliet’s body for the first time. Richard had described her perfectly, her breasts were so firm, and she couldn’t help notice that her nipples were hard and erect. When she let her own bra fall Juliet couldn’t help herself.

“Oh wow, Louise. Those breasts! Oh, to be twenty-one again.” She sighed.

Louise smiled at her. “What are you talking about? Your breasts are perfect, so firm, look at them!” She replied. “I wish mine were a little bigger.” She sighed.

Juliet stared at her. “No. I disagree, they are beautiful.”

Louise realised that she was blushing, and as she stepped out of her panties she looked at Juliet who had just stood up, her panties in her hand, and Louise stared at her smooth, bald pussy. Juliet glanced at her.

“Hmm. If you don’t mind me saying? Your pussy looks gorgeous.”

Louise felt her neck warm as she glanced down, she had trimmed her blonde hair the previous evening.

“Oh, thank you. I cant always make up my mind, sometimes I shave other times I let it grow out, Richard likes it however I have it.” She said.

Juliet looked into her eyes. “I like it just as it is.” She sighed.

They emerged from the changing room, in pristine, white robes and flip-flops, both wore only bikini panties under their robes. They entered their own personal hot tub room and slipped off their robes and slid under the water. They stayed there for ten minutes until they were called through for their first treatment.

They had both chosen an aromatherapy massage, to begin with, and they were treated together in a ‘couples’ room. It was a wonderfully relaxing experience, Louise had never had a massage like it before. She had been on spa days with her girlfriends at university, but they were never anything like what she was experiencing at the hands of her masseuse.

Their next treatment was a full body treatment, and it was first for Louise, she had never been wrapped in mud before and it felt so weird as she was slowly encased in the soft, sticky mud. She’d expected it to smell awful, but it didn’t and she was surprisingly relaxed that she fell asleep for a few moments as she lay on the table.

After a long shower to clean off all traces of the mud-wrap, and it seemed to get everywhere, they dried off and moved on to the final part of their morning session, the facial. This was the one treatment that Louise was looking forward to the most. She had done facial treatments at home, but this would be her first, professionally applied treatment.

It was wonderful. It was relaxing and refreshing and when she emerged from the room she felt so good and her skin felt like it hadn’t done for a long, long time. Part of the treatment package was a champagne lunch and they relaxed in the lounge, along with a few of the other guests who had also enjoyed their treatments that morning.

They sat together looking out onto the beautiful gardens at the rear of the complex.

“It is so beautiful here.” Louise sighed.

Juliet nodded. “Yeah, we come here quite a lot. Clive is often working around here, we sometimes use this as a base whenever he has to entertain in Monaco. We stay here and take the boat into the harbour to entertain, then return here.”

She glanced at Louise. “We do stay in Monaco sometimes, but Clive hates to pay the ridiculous hotel prices. He may be rich, but he’s not wasteful.” She smiled.

Louise probed her about her relationship with him, and it was obvious that she did love him, but she sensed that she did miss being around people her age, and she guessed from Andrew’s account of their time together, she was less than happy with the physical aspect of their relationship.

After lunch, they had their final treatment of the day, manicures and pedicures, before a visit to the salon to get their hair done. They changed back into their clothes and left the spa and, not wanting to go back to the hotel they walked along the beach and enjoyed the late afternoon sun, which was still so much warmer than they would usually get in the height of summer at home.

As they walked along the water’s edge a larger wave came in and the surf rushed towards them. Louise squealed and, like a little girl, tried to run out of the way of the rushing water, she tripped and grabbed onto Juliet, who lost her balance and they both fell to the sand. They both cried out as the water swept over them and soaked their clothes.

They lay together, Louise was on her back and Juliet was half laid across her, their faces almost pressed together. They paused and looked into each other’s eyes, then, Louise pulled Juliet down and kissed her. She suddenly pulled back and looked at her.

“Oh god, Juliet! I’m so sorry!” She gasped.

Juliet stared at her for a few seconds then lowered her head and pressed her lips against Louise’s and kissed her, this time more passionately, and she pushed her tongue against her lips. Louise slowly parted her lips and let her tongue into her mouth.

Juliet lifted her head, she was breathing faster, she stroked her finger across Louise’s cheek and smiled.

“I’ve wanted to do that all day.” She sighed.

Louise feigned surprise. “You have?” She whispered.

Juliet nodded and bit her lip. “Yes. I hope you don’t mind?” She sighed.

Louise smiled. “Not at all.” Her eyes darted left and right.

“Though, it’s a little public here.” She smiled.

Juliet nodded and rolled from her and knelt up.

“We could go somewhere more private if you want?” She said.

Louise nodded, Juliet helped her to her feet and they walked, arm in arm back to the hotel and up to Juliet’s room.

As soon as the door closed Juliet threw her arms around Louise and kissed her. Louise pulled her new friend against her and their bodies pressed together as their tongues danced inside her mouth. They broke for air and Juliet panted.

“Oh god, I’ve wanted you since I first saw you, Louise.” She gasped.

Louise smiled. “So you’ve been with a woman before?” She asked.

Juliet nodded. “Yes, but not often. I don’t get many opportunities with Clive around most of the time.” She sighed.

They quickly undressed each other and were soon stood in the middle of the room, naked, their arms around each other as their bodies pressed together and they looked into each other’s eyes.

“You’re so beautiful Louise.” Juliet sighed.

Louise responded by kissing her and cupping her breast in her hand, and as her fingers rolled her nipple gently between them, Juliet moaned softly into her mouth.

They lay down on the bed and Louise rolled her onto her back and as she kissed her she let her fingers slide softly across the soft flesh of her breasts and tease her nipples. Juliet moaned and sighed as Louise worked her fingers around her hard nipples and pinched it gently.

She moved her mouth from her lips to her breast and slipped the hard nipple between them as she started to suck and nibble on it. At the same time, her fingers teased and squeezed her other nipple and she gently caressed and massaged her fingers into her breast.

Juliet moaned and sighed as she stroked her fingers through Louise’s hair and she gasped aloud when Louise slid her hand down between her legs and cupped it over her smooth pussy. Juliet cried out and clamped her thighs around the hand that covered her pussy.

“Ahhhmmmm.” She cried, then moaned softly as Louise moved her fingers along her wet list and pushed a finger inside her.

“Oh god!” Juliet sighed.

Louise slowly slid her finger in and out of Juliet whilst Juliet gripped her hand tightly between her thighs and pressed her own hands hard against the back of her head, and forced her mouth hard against her breast. Louise sucked and nibbled on her nipple as she worked her finger slowly inside Juliet’s pussy.

“Oh god, yes! Please don’t stop!” Juliet begged.

Louise released the nipple from her lips and began to slide down Juliet’s soft, smooth body until she knelt at her feet. Then, she slowly slid her hands up her legs and pushed them apart, Juliet relaxed and allowed her legs to be spread and looked down and watched Louise kneel and lay down between her outstretched legs and start to kiss and lick along the insides of her thighs.

Juliet cried out and grabbed at Louise’s head as her lips made contact with her wet, sensitive pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She sighed and ground her pussy up against Louise’s lips.

Louise found her clit and tugged it gently in her lips and sucked on it. Juliet responded by crossing her feet behind Louise’s back and squeezing on her head. As Louise licked, sucked and nibbled on her clit, Juliet stroked her fingers through Louise’s short blonde hair.

The room filled with the soft moans and sighs of Juliet as Louise worked her lips and tongue over her wet pussy. Juliet grabbed her hair and tugged.

“Oh god! Louise! I need to taste you. Please!” She cried.

Louise looked up from between her thighs and smiled. She knelt up and crawled up the bed and then turned around, and as she faced her feet she slid her leg across her head so that she was crouched over her head and slowly lowered her pussy down onto Juliet’s mouth. At the same time, she lay down on her and pushed her thighs apart and pressed her lips down onto her friend’s wet pussy and resumed her attention to her clit.

Juliet moaned as she felt the wonderful sensation of her clit being stimulated as Louise teased and licked around it. As she did Juliet pushed her tongue along Louise’s wet slit, the soft, blonde hairs brushed against her nose as she moved her lips along until she found Louise’s clit.

Louise moaned aloud when she felt Juliet’s lips contact her clit and she responded by grinding her pussy down onto her mouth, as she did, she pressed her lips down firmly onto Juliet’s clit and the two women were locked together in a beautiful embrace. Both had their thighs clamped around the other’s head as they worked their magic on each other.

The only sounds in the room were the breathing of the two women and the moans and soft cries that came from their lips as they brought each other towards the inevitable, their climaxes.

Juliet was the first to come. Louise sensed her orgasm and felt her thighs start to tighten and the pressure on her head increased as she continued to lick and nibble on her clit. She slid a finger inside her pussy and felt the muscles tighten around it as she clenched and unclenched them and ground herself against Louise’s mouth. AS she licked and lapped at her wet pussy, her finger slid in and out, gripped by her tight muscles. Then, suddenly, Juliet gasped and held her breath, her body stiffened for a second or two and then she screamed, the sound muffled by the presence of Louise’s pussy pressed against her mouth.

Juliet began to shake and tremble as her body as consumed by a huge orgasm. Louise licked and lapped at her pussy as her juices began to flow and she swallowed them all as Juliet dug her fingers hard into Louise’s soft bum cheeks. Louise kept her mouth pressed against her pussy, she had little choice as Juliet kept her thighs tightly clamped around her head until she started to relax and her orgasm began to subside.

As she relaxed and her orgasm passed Louise lifted her head and realised that Juliet hadn’t stopped licking and sucking on her clit and she too began to feel the familiar sensation that she knew accompanied her orgasm. She lowered her head and rested it on Juliet’s soft thighs and gently stroked her fingers across them as Juliet licked and sucked on her clit.

Soon, Louise was panting and breathing hard as her orgasm approached. Then, she was suddenly consumed by a wave of pleasure as her orgasm swept through her body and she pressed her face into Juliet’s thighs as her pussy tingled and then she clamped her thighs around Juliet’s head and rocked her hips from side to side as her orgasm hit. She cried out and pressed her lips into the soft flesh of Juliet’s thighs as her orgasm swept through her whole body and her muscles went into spasm and her thighs, legs and pussy twitched and jerked as she came. Juliet kept her lips pressed onto her pussy as she came and her face was smeared with the juices that flowed from Louise as her orgasm passed through her.

They lay together as Louise let her orgasm flow over her and as it started to pass she began to breathe normally once more and she lifted her face from Juliet’s thighs and panted.

“Oh fuck, Juliet! That was wonderful.” She panted.

Juliet mumbled a response s she stroked her fingers across Louise’s soft flesh.

After a minute or so, Louise gently rolled from Juliet and spun around. She lay beside her and rested her head on Juliet’s shoulder. Her fingers stroked gently across the warm, moist flesh as Juliet caressed the tips over her soft mounds which rose and fell as she tried to get her breathing under control.

Louise lifted her face and looked at Juliet, they looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. Both women moaned softly as they kissed, then Louise slid her leg across Juliet’s thigh and she nuzzled into her side and sighed.

“Hmmm. That was special, thank you.” She whispered.

Juliet stroked her fingers through her soft hair.

“I loved it, Louise. It’s a shame that we are leaving tomorrow, I would have loved to do that again.” She sighed.

Louise lifted her head and looked at her. “You’re leaving?” She asked.

Juliet explained that they were taking the boat along the coast to Cannes and mooring it there, where they would be entertaining all week. Louise lowered her head and planted a soft kiss onto Juliet’s breast.

“We had better make the most of this afternoon then.” She sighed.

An hour later, after they had made love again, Juliet was in the shower and as soon as she heard the water run, Louise jumped out of bed and walked over to the dresser where Richard had told her the jewellery was stored.

Her heart raced as she opened the drawer and looked inside. She wanted something nice, but not so valuable that she would have to report it. As she rummaged around she could hear Juliet singing softly to herself in the shower.

Her fingers fell onto a slim, black box. She opened it and saw that it contained a beautiful, delicate ankle chain. It was gold, she guessed twenty-four-carat, she didn’t think Juliet wore anything else. It was a chain-design and the links were attached to what looked like Rubies. She picked up the box and as she did she noticed a beautiful Rolex watch, she lifted it and looked at it. It would look great on her boyfriend, Andrew, but she remembered what he’d told her, “No Rolexes! They have serial numbers, easily traced.” She placed the watch back into the drawer and removed the ankle chain from the box and closed the drawer. With the chain stored in her bag, she slipped into the bathroom and joined Juliet in the shower.

When she left the room she felt a mix of elation and sadness. She had enjoyed her time with Juliet, she had not faked any of it, and she felt guilty for having taken the chain, but, that was the whole purpose of the trip. As she walked back to her room she started to look forward to recalling the events of her day to her friends, and, to the evening of fun that she knew would be in store for her when she and Andrew were alone later that night.

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