Criminal Intent

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The Debrief

The guys returned at around four, they had spent the day enjoying some of the water-sports that were on offer at the resort and returned to the hotel quite exhausted.

They met up with Louise first. They sat beside one of the pools, with cold drinks and listened to her give a brief account of her time with Juliet. She kept her prize hidden, the deal was that she and Hannah would reveal their haul together. Hannah joined them a little later and the four of them had a drink before moving up to Richard and Hannah’s room for the debrief.

They guys explained how they had spent their day without the ladies and as they listened it was clear that both ladies were desperate to get to their accounts of their days. When Richard finished he sat back and looked at the ladies.

“Okay, who’s going first?” He said.

Louise couldn’t wait and began to recount her day with Juliet. They guys listened intently, desperate for her to get to the part where she and Juliet had sex, but she described, in detail, the treatments that they had experienced, and Hannah was desperate to try it out.

The two women chatted about the spa treatments and began to make arrangements to go together before they left the resort. Richard clapped his hands together.

“Ladies! Focus! Business first!” He exclaimed.

Hannah smiled at him.

“Patience my darling. We have all night.” She sighed.

Louise finally got to the part where she accompanied Juliet to her bedroom. The two guys both leaned forward as they listened, hoping to get some juicy details of their lovemaking, but Louise kept the details to the bare minimum and spent most of the time describing her dilemma over choosing the right item to take.

When she finished she looked at Richard.

“Did you know that they were leaving tomorrow?” She asked.

He shook his head. “No. I didn’t. But it has worked out well for us hasn’t it?” He said.

They listened to Hannah’s account of her time on the boat with Clive and she described in a little more detail her time with him.

“He’s a nice guy, I feel a little bad for him. His wife is playing around and he has no ides.” She sighed.

Richard smiled at her. “So was he.” He reminded her.

Hannah nodded. “Yeah, I guess.”

“You don’t think that you are the first woman that he’s taken on board that boat do you?” Andrew chipped in.

She shrugged. “Probably not. Oh well.” She sighed.

Finally, it came time to reveal their items and Hannah handed the chain to her boyfriend, Richard, who smiled as he took it and admired it. As Richard examined the chain, Louise handed the ankle chain to Hannah.

“I thought of you when I picked it.” She said.

Hannah was surprised and they hugged. The two guys glanced at each other and grinned, Louise noticed and hugged Hannah tighter and stroked her fingers across her face. She winked at Hannah who grinned.

“Don’t go getting any ideas guys.” She said.

Their expressions changed to disappointment. Then she kissed Hannah softly, and briefly before glancing at them both.

“Well, not tonight anyway.” She grinned.

Andrew and Louise went to their rooms to change for dinner and the four of them met up later that evening in the cocktail lounge. After a pre-meal drink, they made their way into the restaurant and noticed that Clive and Juliet were already seated, they were with another couple and were engrossed in conversation.

They made their way to their table and sat down to enjoy their dinner. During the evening the ladies went to the bathroom, and as they were coming out they bumped into Juliet, who was heading in with the woman of the couple that they were dining with.

They stopped to say hello and Juliet pulled Louise to one side as Hannah spoke with the other woman.

“If you’d asked, I’d have given you it.” She whispered.

Louise blushed bright red, she knew. She began to tremble, wondering what she was going to say next, and wondering whether she was, going to call the police. She tried to think of something to say, her body trembled, Juliet leaned closer.

“It was worth it.” She whispered into her ear and kissed her cheek.

Hannah noticed her friends red face, and she wondered what had made her blush so much. As Louise and Juliet hugged Juliet pressed her lips to Louise’s ear again.

“And you can tell Richard he was worth it too.”

Louise was visibly shaking as they parted and Juliet walked with her friend into the bathroom whilst Louise stared at her as she left. Hannah slipped her arm under hers.

“What was all that about?” She asked quietly.

Louse stared at the door as it slowly closed.

“She knows!” She whispered.

Hannah led her back to the table where Louise tried to regain her composure and tell the others what Juliet had said to her. Andrew looked worried.

“Do you think that she’ll call the cops?” He asked.

Louise shrugged. “I don’t think so. But I don’t know.”

Richard was the calmest of them all.

“Relax guys. She won’t call the police. She can’t afford to. She’d lose everything.” He said calmly.

“Besides, if she was going to she would have already, and we would have been arrested. So relax, she was just letting you know, us know, that she knows what we did.”

Louise couldn’t look at Juliet when she and her friend walked back into the restaurant and was desperate to get out of the restaurant as soon as she could. As they rode the elevator to their floor she squeezed into Andrew’s side and hugged him. He slipped his arm around her and cuddled her.

“It’s okay honey. Nothing is going to happen.” He whispered.

She nodded and lifted herself onto her toes and whispered in his ear.

“Is it weird that I am turned on?”

He glanced at her and smiled. “Not at all. You’re aroused by the fact that she knows, I find that exciting.” He replied.

They said goodnight to the others and as soon as their bedroom door had closed behind them they almost tore each other’s clothes off in the rush to get into bed.

As soon as they were naked she climbed onto the bed and he followed her and stroked his hands over her legs as he moved towards her feet. She grabbed at his arms.

“No! I need you inside me, Andrew, I need you to fuck me, and hard” She begged.

He looked up at her and grinned.

“Anything for my lady.”

He pushed her legs apart and knelt between them. His hard cock stuck out and dripped pre-cum as he stroked his fingers along the seven-inch shaft.

“Pull your knees up!” He barked.

Her eyes widened, she loved it when he took control. She slipped her hands under her knees and pulled them towards her and as she did she spread them wide. She stared into his eyes as he leaned forward and stroked the fingers of his free hand along her wet slit and parted her lips. She moaned as he pushed the tip of his finger between them and into her wet hole.

“Oh fuck! Don’t tease me! Fuck me!” She gasped.

He smiled.

“All in good time.” He said.

She gasped. “Please! I need it now!”

He leaned forward and pressed the tip against her lips. They parted and he rested it against her opening. She panted and let go of her legs.

“Hold them up!” He barked.

She grabbed them once again and pulled them towards her chest as he pushed and the head of his cock disappeared into her wet, willing hole.

“Oh god! Yes!” She cried.

He plunged deep into her as he fell on her. She let go of her knees and wrapped her hands around his neck as he thrust his cock into her.

“Ahhhhhh!” She cried as he fell on her, his cock deep inside her and she lifted her feet and wrapped them around his back.

He started to fuck her, plunging deep into her and then pulling until his cock was almost out and them thrusting hard into her once again. Each thrust was accompanied by a grunt from him and a cry of pleasure from her. Her fingers gripped the back of his neck tightly and the tips dug into the soft flesh as he started to pound into her.

“This is better than pussy isn’t it!”

He wasn’t asking her, he was telling her.

She groaned and nodded.

“Oh fuck, yes! Fuck me harder love!” She cried.

He obliged and began to slam hard into her as her cries and moans filled the room. She was so loud he knew that anyone in the neighbouring room would surely be able to hear her. That only turned him on more and he increased his pace. He was almost frantic now as he slammed into her, pounding his cock deep, their bodies, wet with sweat, slapped together and added another set of sounds to the mix.

She gripped her thighs tight and squeezed her muscles inside her pussy. He could feel it and he knew that he would be coming soon, and so it proved. His stroked became shorter and more erratic, then, he thrust hard and cried out aloud as he threw his head back and the first jet of cum spurted from his cock and splashed deep inside her.

She moaned and sighed when she felt the hot, sticky cum splash against the wall of her pussy, closely followed by another. He fell on her as his cock twitched and jerked inside her as he deposited his cum into her. She relaxed her thighs and her legs fell open as he lay on her, his cock pumping his cum into her and her fingers stroked across his back as they both breathed heavily.

When he was spent, he rolled from her and lay beside her. Both of them were still breathless and she rolled onto her side and rested her head on his arm as he held her. She ran her fingers over his chest and stroked the tips across his breast.

“That was fantastic Andrew.” She whispered.

He moaned in response as his fingers stroked gently over her arm.

“I wonder where we’re going next?” She sighed.

He squeezed her gently.

“Hmmm, me too. This is fun!” He said.

She nodded and cuddled into him.

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