Criminal Intent

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Their next destination was to be on the island of Majorca, off the coast of Spain. Richard’s father considered this to be one of his most important locations due to the number of celebrities that used his resort and when he revealed the destination to the group, both women immediately became excited.

He no longer needed to go ahead of the group for a week, he had by now got to grip with the running of the business, the systems that they had in place were fairly standard across all of the resorts, he just needed a day or two to introduce himself to the management and staff at the resort before the others arrived.

So it was that he left for the airport, having said his farewells to the group, and in particular to Hannah, his girlfriend. As he rode in the taxi to the airport he stared out of the window and sighed.

They had both promised that their relationship wouldn’t be serious, sure they’d have fun, they’d stay committed to each other for as long as they both wanted to. They had promised that should either of them find that they were attracted to someone else they would say so and they would part as friends.

“Look at you!” He sighed. “You let your guard down and she’s got into your heart.”

He shook his head and glanced down at his mobile phone, the screen saver was a selfie of him and Hannah laid in bed after they’d had sex. Their heads touched and they both looked so happy, he stared at her.

“God, she’s beautiful.” He whispered and slowly closed his eyes. “I can’t tell her, that wasn’t the deal.” He sighed.

It was a short flight and he was soon in a taxi once more and heading for the resort. It was smaller than the last resort, situated a couple of miles along the coast from the island’s capital, ‘Palma de Mallorca’, and less than a thirty-minute ride in a taxi. It was a glorious day, not a cloud in the sky and although it was not yet eleven in the morning, he was thankful that the taxi had air-conditioning.

Before he left France, he had read up on the resort and the island. The hotel was a five-minute taxi ride from the vibrant capital which looked out over the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. It is bursting with life, aided by the presence of over half of the island’s population, who live within its boundaries. It can also be intimate, and stylish, with a thriving art scene as well as luxury hotels, trendy restaurants and cafés, lots of designer shops. It also comes alive in the evening, boasting excellent night-life with clubs to suit most tastes, and, some locations are frequented by the celebrities, many of whom have homes on the island.

He already knew the layout of the resort before he arrived, but, as he stepped out of the taxi he realised that it was quite a bit larger than he had expected it to be. Before he walked into the hotel, he turned and looked out over the large pool and onto the private beach that was spread out in front of the hotel. It was a beautiful setting, and as he glanced to his left he could see the city of Palma just along the coast, with its harbour area where the luxury yachts of the celebrities were moored.

As he checked in he was joined at the front desk by the hotel manager who looked a lot younger than his company file had suggested, Manuel was forty-three, but could easily have passed for thirty. He was married, with two children and had been with the company for almost ten years. It was easy to see why he was so popular with his employees and the guests. He was extremely friendly, without being over-bearing, and, he was incredibly good-looking, so much so that during their short chat before he was taken up to his room by a beautiful young female porter, Richard had witnessed a couple of residents sneak glances in the direction of the hotel manager, and their eyes told Richard everything, they lusted after him.

On the short trip to his room, he discovered that the young girl was called Gabriella and that she was nineteen, and had been with the company just over a year. She had come to Mallorca from the mainland after she had finished her senior school and before she was due to go to university. However, during the summer break she got a job at the hotel and found that she enjoyed it so much, and life on the island, that she decided to stay on for another year, and take a gap year.

His room was on the top floor of the complex, he’d specifically asked not to be given a suite, but that was exactly what he found when she opened the door for him. He glanced around the huge room as she removed his bag from the little trolley that she had pulled and placed it on the floor beside the bed.

She turned to leave, he glanced up.

“Wait.” He said and reached into his pocket.

She waved her hand in the air.

“It’s okay sir, there’s no need.” She protested.

He looked at her, she had been told who he was and not to take any tip from him. He smiled.

“Listen, Gabriella, I’m here as a guest, I do not work here, so please, take this.”

He held out a five Euro note. She stared at his hand then lifted her eyes to his, he smiled.

“Please. I’d be offended if you refused.” He said softly.

She reached out and took the note from him, her fingertips brushed against his, he smiled as he noticed her neck redden slightly.

She took hold of the trolley and walked towards the door.

“Hey, when do you finish today?” He asked.

She turned and looked puzzled. “Six, sir.”

He nodded. “Please. The name is Richard. My father is sir.” He smiled

She nodded.

“I need someone to show me around the complex. I don’t want to take up the time of the manager, would you show me around?” He asked.

She was blushing now and she looked unsure of herself as she stammered. He picked up the phone from the side of the bed and dialled reception. She watched and listened as he spoke to the receptionist and told her to tell Manuel that Gabriella was going to show him around the resort and to make sure that her supervisor knew that she was occupied for the next couple of hours or so.

She looked embarrassed as she stood and watched him. When he placed the phone back onto the receiver he smiled at her.

“There! It’s all organised. You are my guide for today.”

She nodded and said that she had to return the trolley. He nodded and told her to return in twenty minutes, which would give him time to freshen up, change and have a shower.

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