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The Beautiful guide

Half-an-hour later, he opened the door to her. She smiled and still looked a little nervous, he smiled and invited her in. As she walked past him he caught the scent of freshly applied perfume, she had also prepared herself for her afternoon. She still wore her uniform, a crisp, white blouse, but she had removed the neck ruffle that she would normally wear on duty and undone the top two buttons of her blouse. She wore a plain, black, straight skirt that ended a few inches above her knees. He watched as she walked into the room and glanced around, he had left a couple of towels on the bed after his shower and she moved, instinctively, to pick them up. He stopped her.

“No. You’re off duty now. Come, let us start in the bar, I need a drink.” He smiled.

She nodded and walked towards the door, he followed.

In the bar, she looked uncomfortable as he led her to the bar and slipped onto a stool and held his hand out over the one beside him. She smiled and slid onto the stool, having to climb up a little, as she did her skirt rode up and exposed a little more of her perfectly smooth legs.

He ordered a beer and noticed that the barman glanced at her.

“And a beer for Gabby.” He turned to her. “Can I call you Gabby?” He asked.

She nodded and lowered her head, clearly embarrassed. He looked back at the barman.

“Gabby is giving me the tour of the complex.” He said, then introduced himself to the man.

They chatted as they drank and he learned more about her. She grew up in a small town about fifteen kilometres from Barcelona and is the oldest of three girls, and the first to leave home. She was also the first of her family to get into university, something which her parents and family were very proud of. As she talked he stared at her and took in her beauty.

She was about five foot five and had beautiful flowing brunette hair which, although in a pony-tail, hung between her shoulders. She had the most amazing, captivating blue eyes. He had always assumed that Spanish women were all dark and sultry, but Gabby had almost perfect, flawless, pale-olive skin and beautiful, naturally plump lips with only the slightest hint of lips colour applied. He also couldn’t help notice her breasts, they looked to be small, but perfectly proportioned for her body. As time passed she began to relax and as they finished their beer she was laughing as he recalled some of his exploits at university.

They began their tour with a visit around the entertainment area, the two bars, two restaurants, and small function room before they moved on to the spa area, a place where he knew that Hannah and Louise would be heading for as soon as they could. He had avoided mentioning his girlfriend, and he wasn’t sure why.

She gave him a full tour of the hotel and the complex, and as they made their way around he sensed, that if he made a move, then she would accept it. But, she was a member of staff, and also, he hadn’t told her about Hannah, and the potential for things to go wrong for him was huge. But, Gabby, had other ideas, she was attracted to him, and as the tour came to an end she stood in front of him, so close that he could smell her scent, and it was having an effect on him. He coughed and shuffled, he felt uncomfortable.

“Well, thank you, Gabby. I’ve had a wonderful time, and the tour was fantastic.” He said.

She smiled, her big blue eyes drew him in. He managed to pull himself together just in time, stopping him from kissing her. She grinned.

“I left my bag in your room, can I get it?” She whispered.

He nodded and stepped back a little, putting some space between them, then, he turned and headed for the elevator.

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