Criminal Intent

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The arrival of the others

He struggled to sleep that evening, and when he woke in the morning he felt no better. He was worried that Gabby might say something to the manager of the hotel, and whilst it wasn’t within his power to remove him from the hotel if he reported it to his father he would be in big trouble. But, more worrying, was if Gabby contacted the Police. He wasn’t sure that a crime had been committed, and it would be difficult to prove, but the publicity would be terrible for the resort.

He waited in the foyer for the arrival of his friends, and Hannah knew immediately that something was wrong when they hugged. He tried to brush it off, but she was persistent and he said that he’d tell them all later, and after checking them all in, he took them to the rooms, Andrew and Louise were in the room next to his.

He was sat with Hannah in their room, he watched as she unpacked her case and pressed him for more information. He sighed, and relented and sat her down and told her everything, from the beginning.

He knew that she wouldn’t be too angry about Gabby, he had, after all, tried to get a souvenir, but he still felt guilty. When he told her about getting caught she listened and shook her head.

“Do you think that she will say anything?” She asked.

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

He checked his watch. “Her shift starts in a couple of hours, I guess I’ll know then.”

He repeated the story to Andrew and Louise when they joined them in his room, and the group talked about what might happen, and how they’d handle it, and about what to do for the rest of the trip.

“Listen, guys. Given my fuck-up. Why don’t you all just enjoy this week? Relax, enjoy the sun, the facilities, and forget about our fun.” Richard said.

Andrew nodded. “You got that mate. And don’t worry, we’ve got your back.” He said. The others nodded, Hannah squeezed his hand.

They left his room and he showed them around the hotel and all of its facilities. As he’d expected, both of the ladies were taken by the Spa and he spoke to the manager and made appointments for both ladies to spend the following day getting the full treatment.

He left them by the pool and returned to the office for the shift change, he wanted to have a word with Gabby. He waited and watched as everyone logged in, he monitored them using the computer, which recorder everyone as they swiped their I.D. cards when they arrived at the hotel. Two o’clock came and went, she hadn’t arrived. He sat at his desk and stared at the screen, the system that monitored who was in and who wasn’t also had a section where those who hadn’t arrived could tell the company why they weren’t at work, usually it was sickness, or with many of the cleaning staff, childcare issues. He checked Gabby’s record, there was nothing there, just a black section. He asked the woman sat with him if it was unusual that Gabby hadn’t turned up for work, she nodded and said she usually had a good attendance record.

When he told the others they could see that he was worried, Andrew assured him that it would be okay.

“Listen, mate, if she had told the cops, they’d have been at the hotel first thing. She’s probably just feeling a little pissed at you right now, give her time.” Andrew said.

He nodded and left the others to enjoy their day in the sun whilst he returned to the office and tried to do a little work, and keep his mind off Gabby.

The following day, Hannah and Louise went straight to the Spa after breakfast, and Richard had arranged for him and Andrew to take the hotel cruiser out into the Med and cruise around the island for the day. It wasn’t a huge boat but had a couple of bedrooms down below, and a small crew of three, a Captain, and two female stewards who were there to attend to the needs of the guests, in this instance, Andrew and Richard.

As the boat cruised along the south coast of the island and towards the west coast, the two guys relaxed on the upper deck in the sun. But try as he might, Richard could not settle, his mind was fixed on Gabby, and he wondered what she was doing, and whether she would be in work that afternoon.

The boat moored off the coast and they ate a delicious lunch, served by the two beautiful young stewards, but, Richard hardly noticed them at all. His mind was still focussed on Gabby. He checked his watch time and time again until Andrew got frustrated.

“Fuck Richard! Stop worrying about her! She’ll be at work this afternoon, and if she’s not, then get your manager to fire her. Stop worrying about it!” He snapped.

Richard sighed and nodded. “I guess you’re right.”

However, just after two, he called the hotel and asked if all of the staff had turned up for their shifts. He signed as the receptionist told him that three workers hadn’t come in, and one of them was Gabby. He looked at Andrew.

“She hasn’t come in.” He said.

Andrew shrugged. “So fire her!” He said.

Richard lay back and closed his eyes. “Maybe.”

Back at the hotel, the two girls were having a fantastic time. They were pampered and had their bodies massaged and cleansed and as they relaxed by the side of the pool, in the afternoon sun, they were so relaxed that they fell asleep. As they lay on the loungers in their bikini’s they didn’t notice the two burly gentlemen, their eyes covered by dark sunglasses, who were sat at a table on the bar patio, looking at them.

When the two guys returned to the hotel, they found the girls in the bar with cocktails in front of them and joined them. They chatted about their days, and it was obvious that the two girls had enjoyed the better experience. Andrew told them that Richard had been preoccupied about Gabby.

“She didn’t come in then?” Hannah asked.

Richard shook his head.

Louise shrugged. “You can’t keep worrying about it, Richard. The Police haven’t come here today looking for you, so she hasn’t gone to them, so, if she doesn’t come back to work, then that’s her loss.”

Richard nodded. “I guess.”

They started to make plans for their evening when Richard noticed three guys walk into the bar and look in their direction. They sat at the bar and ordered drinks, but were interested in them, all three glanced over towards them as they talked. Andrew had also noticed them and nudged his friend, they exchanged a glance.

Richard leaned forward.

“Girls. Do me a favour. Go to your rooms.” He whispered.

Hannah stared at him. “What?”

“Please Hannah. Do as I ask.” He said a little more forcefully.

She glanced over her shoulder and noticed the three guys.

“Is it them?” She asked.

Andrew leaned forward.

“Girls. We don’t know what is happening. But please, just go and wait for us upstairs.” He said, trying to keep his voice calm.

Reluctantly, the two girls got up and grabbed their bags and walked away from the table, as they passed the guys at the bar, Hannah stared at them, and looking on, Richard wondered whether she would say anything to them, thankfully, she didn’t. They didn’t have to wait long, they soon got their answer. The three guys got up and walked across to their table.

The shorter of the three, though still around six-foot-tall, stood in the middle and wore a light suit with a shirt, open at the neck. He stood before them and looked at Richard.

“Mr Admason?” he said, in a strong Spanish accent.

Richard nodded. “Yes. Can I help you?”

The guy gestured to the seat recently vacated by Louise. “May I?”

Richard nodded and looked on as he sat and his two friends remained standing.

Andrew stared at the two guys behind the seated man, he was trying to way up the situation. The man leaned forward.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Juan Rodriguez, I believe that you know my younger sister, Gabrielle.”

Richard froze. His heart pounded inside his chest. He glanced at Andrew who also looked shocked.

Andrew stiffened and prepared himself, for what, he didn’t know, and as he looked behind at the two huge guys, he wondered just how much use he’d be if it got physical.

Richard began to protest. “Look, I’m sorry for what happened, it was a mistake.” Juan stopped him

" A mistake? You targetted my young sister, gave her drink, took her to your room, seduced her, then when she rejected you, you raped her. And then, tried to steal her bracelet.”

Richard stared at him, his mouth fell open.

“What? That’s not what happened?” He gasped.

Juan sat back in his chair, his hands clasped together.

“No? Well, it is the story that she will tell the Police,” he said slowly

Richard began to panic, it was getting out of control, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And as he sat there, his breathing increased, his pulse quickened and he began to sweat. Andrew leaned forward.

“Juan. Come on. We all know that is not what happened. What is this all about?” He said, calmly, and quietly.

Juan looked towards him, they stared at each other.

“I’m glad that you asked. You see. My sister is scared to come back to work, because of your friend, and, well, I don’t like it when my little sister is scared. So, I am going to fix it.”

He said slowly. Andrew nodded and looked at Richard, who looked a little pale, and unwell.

“Go on,” Andrew said.

“First. I want a room, free of charge for tonight. And not just a room, a suite.” He looked at Richard. “Can you do that?”

Richard stared at him, not responding. Andrew nudged him.

“Richard! Go and get the man his fucking room!” He snapped.

Richard looked at him and then pulled himself together and nodded. He stood and walked away, his legs shaking so badly that he thought that he might fall over at any time.

When he was gone, Juan looked at Andrew.

“Mister. This is not your problem, you should leave.”

Andrew sat back in his seat and looked into his eyes.

“Richard is my friend. I’m not going anywhere.” He replied.

Juan stared at him. “I admire that in you. But, I promise you, you might regret that,” he said.

Andrew shook his head. “I’m staying.”

At the reception desk, he spoke with the young receptionist as he tried to organise the room for Juan. She looked at him.

“You know who that is, Sir?” She said.

He nodded. “Yes. Juan Rodriguez.”

“Yes, Sir. Juan Rodriguez. He is the man who runs all of the crime on this island. He’s a very dangerous man, are you in trouble?” She asked.

He shook his head. “No. Just make the booking, and put it on my account.” He snapped and grabbed the plastic key-card and inserted it into the machine, where it was coded and he removed it and walked back to the table and handed it to Juan.

“There, are we done?” he said.

Juan took the card and slipped it into his pocket.

“No. Sit down.”

Richard sat down, his legs still shaking and looked at Juan.

“I’ve told your friend here that he should leave, but he has chosen to stay. I think that maybe after this next part, he might change his mind.”

The two friends exchanged glances, Andrew shook his head and put his hand on his friend’s arm as Juan continued.

“The second part of your punishment involves your young woman, or, as your friend says he is fully behind you, both your young women.” He said.

The two friends glanced at each other then back at Juan.

“Leave them out of this!” Richard snapped.

Juan shrugged and started to stand.

“As you wish. You should expect a visit from the local Police later this afternoon. And, as I’m sure that your young receptionist has told you, I should tell you that the Chief of Police on this island, is one of my best friends.” He looked at Richard. “Good day to you,” he said.

“STOP!” Andrew said.

Richard stared at him. “What are you doing? We cant involve them!”

Andrew stared at him. “Let’s hear him out.”

Juan sat down and explained that, for the problem to go away, two things had to happen. He, Richard had to leave the island as soon as possible, but it was the second part of the solution that shocked both of the guys.

“But first. You, Richard, must send your woman to my room tonight, and we will send her back to you when we are done.”

Richard threw his hands up and gasped.

“No way! No fucking way! Call the cops now!” He said.

Andrew put his hands on his friend’s arms and tried to calm him. And Juan watched on as Andrew held his friend and they argued about what had been proposed. As they argued, Juan chipped in.

“And by the way, if you are standing by your friend, I expect to see your young lady with her as well.”

Andrew stared at him, as Richard fumed, sat in his chair. Andrew thought for a second.

“If we agree. And it is only if. We would need to talk to the ladies first. We would not send them if they didn’t want to go.”

Juan nodded. “I understand. They should know that they must come willingly if they don’t want to do it, then they don’t have to, but, you and they should know the consequences. But so you know, they will not be forced to do anything that they aren’t happy with.” He said.

Andrew looked at his friend. “Let’s talk about this with the girls.” He said.

Richard was furious. “You can’t be serious?”

Andrew hugged him. “Richard, calm down. Let’s go and talk to the girls.”

He looked at Juan. “You will wait here?”

Juan shook his head. “We will wait in the room.”

Richard and Andrew got up and left, heading for the elevator with Andrew holding onto Richard, he could feel his whole body shaking.

The met the girls in Richard’s room, and as they sat on the bed and listened, Andrew explained what had just been said in the bar. Richard paced about, he couldn’t listen as Andrew spoke calmly and explained the situation.

“But Richard didn’t rape her, I believe him, it didn’t happen like that!” Hannah said.

“I know Hannah, and Juan knows too. This is payback, pure and simple. He is using the situation to get back at Richard, and, in a way that he knows will hurt him most.” Andrew replied.

The three of them began to discuss it, as they did Richard stopped and turned to them,

“What the fuck are you doing? You can’t be thinking of agreeing to this madness?” He yelled.

They looked at him. He stared back. “Have you all gone mad?”

Andrew sighed.

“Richard. When we started all of this, we all knew the risks. Think about it. We have all stolen items of value, from people that we had seduced and duped by using sex. We knew that we could have been caught at any point, well, you got caught.”

Richard looked at his girlfriend.

“You can’t be seriously thinking about this Hannah?”

She tilted her head to the side.

“Why not. For one, it keeps you out of prison, and two, its just sex, it’s no different to picking out a target and fucking them to get some jewellery. This time the prize is your freedom.”

He groaned and turned away and walked to the window and looked out onto the sea. He turned around.

“And you Louise? This is not your problem.” He said.

Louise looked at Andrew, then at Richard.

“This is our problem, Richard. And I know that if it was the other way around, Hannah would do the same for me.” She said.

Hannah nodded. “I would, and so would you Richard.”

Richard threw his hands up and turned away, looking out onto the sea once more. A few moments later he felt the soft hands of his girlfriend slide around his waist and hug him.

“Richard. You know that we have no choice.” She whispered.

He turned around, tears in his eyes.

“I know. But Hannah? They can have you, and Louise, all night. And they can do whatever they want to you, and I won’t be there to stop them.” He sighed.

She lifted herself onto her tiptoes and kissed him.

“I know. But after that. We can leave this place and forget it ever happened.” She said.

So, it was agreed, and Richard picked up the phone and dialled the room number of the suite. Juan answered.

“They agreed.” He said.

“Excellent,” Juan replied. “Have them come to my room at ten.” He said and hung up.

Richard put the phone back in its cradle and looked at his three friends.

“He said be there at ten.” He said softly and slumped onto the chair.

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