Criminal Intent

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The Settlement

Louise and Andrew left to spend some time in their room, leaving Hannah and Richard alone. Richard stood at the window and stared out onto the blue Mediterranean, and at any other time, he would think that it was a beautiful view and one that he would hate leaving. But, he couldn’t wait to see the back of Majorca, and he wished that he had never come here in the first place. Hannah stood behind him and slipped her hands around his waist and hugged him.

“It’ll be okay Richard.” She whispered.

He turned around and held her in his arms, he hugged her tightly.

“I’m so sorry Hannah. I’ll never forgive myself, and I’ll understand if you never want to see me again after this.”

She leaned her head against his chest and sighed.

“Hmmm. No, I think I’ll hang around, in case I need to dig you out of another hole.” She smiled.

He stared at her.

“It’s not funny Hannah. This is serious!” He said.

She lifted herself onto her toes and kissed him.

“Shhh. It will be fine. They aren’t going to hurt us, Richard. Think about it. We are in this hotel, your father’s hotel. They are registered in the room, and there are cameras all over the place. They wouldn’t be so stupid.”

Richard sighed. “I don’t like it, Hannah, I don’t like it at all.”

He tried to relax, but found it difficult, and spent most of the afternoon pacing up and down the floor. As time passed, the afternoon turned into evening and Richard didn’t feel much like going to the dining room to eat so they ordered room service.

There was very little conversation throughout dinner, despite Hannah’s best efforts to take his mind off the whole situation, Richard gradually drifted deeper and deeper into his depression.

After they’d eaten, Hannah started to get herself ready for her evening. She first showered, and after failing to get Richard to join her, she enjoyed a nice long shower, during which she applied some hair-removal cream to her pussy. Despite the evening being one that she hadn’t expected to be having, she wanted to look her best. And as she dried herself off, she stroked her fingers across her pussy and moaned softly, her skin felt smooth and soft.

Richard sat in relative silence and watched his girlfriend dry her hair, apply her make-up, and select a sexy black bra and panty set as if the was going out on a date. She slipped on a pair of black hold-up stockings, and then pulled a short, thin, soft, blue dress over her head and walked over to him. She turned in front of him.

“Can you zip me up?” She whispered.

He stared at the back of her head, her smooth neck and back, the dress sides were parted and he could see the strap of her black bra. His fingers trembled as he slowly pulled the zip up, closing the dress. He sighed.

“You don’t have to do this, Hannah.”

She turned and faced him. She clasped her hands around his neck and smiled.

“Kiss me, and wish me luck.” She whispered.

He stared into her eyes, his eyes filled with tears. She brushed her fingers across his cheek, and as she did he leaned his face against her hand.

“I don’t want you to go, Hannah.” He whispered.

She smiled. “And I don’t want you to go to prison.” She replied.

“I must go, you know that.” She added.

He nodded slowly.

She pulled his face to hers and kissed him.

“So, wish me luck.” She whispered.

He sighed. “Good luck. And remember, you can say stop at any time.”

She nodded. “I know, and I will.”

He stood with his arms wrapped tightly around her as he rocked her slowly when they heard a light tap on the door. She lifted her head and looked at him.

“That’ll be Louise.” She said, and kissed him once more, before letting go of him, and picking up her little black bag and she walked to the door.

When she opened Louise was stood in a dress of similar length to hers, but in green and she looked stunning. The two friends hugged and Louise looked over at Richard and smiled.

“You like just like Andrew.” She said.

Richard nodded. “You should go and see him, go to the bar, get drunk! Anything to take your mind off this evening.” She said.

He stared after them as they walked out and the door closed. He stared at the closed door for a while before walking over to the phone and calling Andrew’s room.

“Meet me in the bar. I need to get drunk.” He said.

Hannah and Louise stood in the elevator as it climbed up to the top floor of the hotel, and the location of all of the suites. Louise sighed.

“Are you okay Hannah?” She said.

Hannah nodded. “Yeah, nervous, a little scared, how about you?”

Louise sighed. “Can I be honest?” She said.

Hannah turned to her and nodded. “Of course. Look, we don’t have to do this. You don’t have to do this. This is Richard’s problem.”

Louise smiled. “Can I be honest?” She repeated.

Hannah nodded.

“I’m nervous, scared.” She paused. “And so turned on!”

Hannah stared at her friend, she was surprised by her frank admission.

“You are?” She said.

Louise nodded. “I am. Ever since the guys told us about it I have been soaked.” She said.

Hannah laughed.

“What is it?” Louise asked.

“Me too! I have been trying to hide it from Richard. My nipples have been like bullets ever since, and my whole body has been tingling ever since.” Hannah replied.

The two friends laughed and hugged each other.

“It’s still scary though,” Louise said.

“Fuck yeah! But Fuck! Imagine? We are going to get fucked all night!” Hannah said.

They walked from the elevator and stood before the door to the suite. They paused and looked at each other.

“Ready?” They said in unison.

Hannah knocked on the door, and they both took a deep breath. The door opened and they stared at a huge black guy, he must have been over six-foot-six tall and built like a tank. He smiled at them both and stepped back.

They linked arms and walked into the brightly-lit room together, and as they stepped into the middle of the room they looked around, as they did, they squeezed together and counted six men in the room, and they were all staring at them.

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