Criminal Intent

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The Gang

The four friends had met three years previously at Durham University in the North East of England. They were all first-year students and Richard and Andrew had met when they played football together every Wednesday afternoon and Hannah and Louise became their girlfriends not long after and they soon became a four, and almost inseparable.

It had all started as a dare after a drunken night out in the city. There had been reports in the local press of a pickpocket who had preyed on the people of the city, especially in the evenings and there had been a big campaign of posters and alerts on the radio warning the revellers to be careful.

It had lasted nearly three months before the culprit was caught, it turned out that he was a middle-aged man who did it for fun. He was quite wealthy and didn’t do it for money. When the Police raided his home they found all of the stolen property in two large suitcases in his bedroom.

As they walked back to their rooms in the city after a long night Andrew, wearing turtleneck and slacks, walked hand-in-hand with Louise who was wearing a purple satin blouse, short black velvet skirt and her faux pearls.

“I bet that we could do it better than he did.” He stated.

Hannah, wearing a long dress with ruffled sleeves and a bohemian skirt, and bright shiny gold jewellery, looked at him.

“Who?” She asked.

Andrew stopped and looked at her.

“The pickpocket. He got sloppy. I bet we could do it and not get caught.”

Richard, dapper in one of his better suits, white shirt and black string tie, moaned. “Fuck off Andrew! We’d get caught, and the last thing I want, or need, is a criminal record.” He said.

They walked home and nothing more was said on the subject.

Later, as Louise rolled onto her side and Andrew’s cum oozed from her pussy she looked up at him as he rested back onto his heels, having just fucked her doggy-style, her favourite position. She looked through half-closed eyes.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?” She panted.

He looked down, she looked gorgeous, her pale-white skin glistened with beads of sweat from their exertions, and his eyes travelled down her body, she was still wearing her pearl necklace, and he followed its string down, pausing at her perfect, firm small breasts with her dark, hard nipples pointing up at him. As his eyes moved further down they settled on her perfect pussy, void of any hair and perfectly smooth.

“What did I say?” He sighed.

“About the pickpocket?” She said, lifting her necklace and dangling it carelessly in front of her lover’s eyes.

He looked up at her eyes.

“Oh, that? I’m not sure, it was just something to say. Why?” He asked.

She smiled. “It turned me on!” She said.

“What having your pocket picked!”

“No she said, I’ve read where they also lift other items of value, she undid her necklace and placed it in his palm. Food for thought my Luv!”

Richard was the shorter of the two guys, he stood at five-eleven and had dark, brown hair cropped short and almost jet-black eyes. He was always clean-shaven and liked to dress smart, at all times, and wore mostly expensive designer-label clothes, a consequence of his family’s money.

He’d been raised with one thing in mind, to take over the family business and continue to expand their empire across the world. He’d had the best education, private schools, private tutors, and not only in academic classes. He played piano and guitar and was very accomplished at both, and he was also a very good watercolour artist, something that he had kept to himself.

He’d had a privileged upbringing and had no appreciation of the struggles of the ordinary person from which he had been screened until he went to university, where his eyes were well and truly opened for him.

One thing he did have experience of was sex. He’d lost his virginity to the daughter of his nanny when he was fifteen. They had grown up together, his nanny used to bring her daughter to work with her in an agreement with his mother. It was meant to get him used to playing and mixing with other children as he was an only child.

Caroline was a couple of years older than him and they had become good friends over the years and on his fifteenth birthday, she had given him the perfect present, herself. It was a clumsy, and quick event, and over all too quickly, but it had opened his eyes to the pleasures of girls, and once he left his private, boys-only school and went to the local sixth-form college to study his A-levels, he was presented with a wide range of young, nubile girls, and he sampled many of them. His background was well-known, as was his family’s wealth and he played them both to his advantage.

Louise came from a working-class background and had worked hard at school to get the necessary A-level grades to be accepted by her first-choice university, Durham.

She had been a devoted scholar from her early teens when she realised that she had a natural affinity towards the sciences, and in particular, Biology and Chemistry. She was a naturally shy girl who suddenly blossomed when she arrived at university and was surrounded by all of the distractions that a university social life provided.

She’d had a boyfriend before going to university, they’d been together for over a year and he had been the one to take her virginity. She had dreamt about it for so long, but when it happened it was such an anti-climax and afterwards she felt so deflated that she wondered what all the fuss had been about.

They had stayed together until she finished her A-levels and then she’d broke it off. She thought that she’d be upset but soon realised that she wasn’t, and got on with her life and looked forward to university.

She stood at five-four in her bare feet, her short, naturally, blonde hair was cut in a classic bob, and her big, bright blue eyes, were her best feature. She was slim and petite, her thirty-two, B-cup breasts were pert and firm, she could easily go without a bra, and often did. She alternated between a shaved and waxed pubic mound and a natural, soft, fluffy mop of pubic hair, depending on how she felt, at present, she was as smooth as silk.

She was Andrew’s girlfriend of two years, she liked him, a lot, but she didn’t love him, she loved his cock though, it was huge, but she was far too young to be that serious about any guy, even one as gorgeous and as talented and Andrew.

Andrew, he was the brains of the group. He was a math genius and the group geek. He lived and breathed computers and had at one time or the other been called in to fixed an item of technology that they had somehow or other crewed up.

He was destined for a career in software development and had already been head-hunted by several of the major IT companies not only in Britain but around the world. He wasn’t ready to work yet and had planned to go back to university and study for a Masters, and then a PhD.

He didn’t look like a geek. He was just over six-feet tall and looked more like a rock-star than a computer geek. His hair was long, down to the top of his shoulders and he had the kind of smouldering good looks that most guys would give a kidney for.

Getting a girlfriend had never been an issue for Andrew, almost from the age where he first became interested in girls, he had them eating out of the palm of his hand. His teenage years were great for the young Andrew, and he had more girlfriends than most guys had in a life-time.

However, when he was sixteen, he had his heart broken by Erin, one of the most beautiful girls at school, and his girlfriend, broke up with him and went out with one of his best mates. He was surprised at how much it hurt him, he had usually been the one to break a relationship off and it devastated him when she dumped him.

It changed him. He took a break from relationships, despite lots of offers and he threw himself into his studies, and it was this period where he got into programming computers and his passion developed.

At university, he found his calling. He loved the lifestyle, he loved learning and he made huge progress and produced some fantastic work which had alerted the major companies to him.

He also met Louise. She was gorgeous and she swept him off his feet and they had been together ever since they met a couple of months into his studies. He was careful not to let himself get too close to her, but as time passed her could feel himself falling for her, despite his promise that he would never get that close to a girl again, not after Erin.

The last of the group was Hannah she is the swat of the group. Learning didn’t come naturally to her and she has had to work so hard at every level of her education, and the university was no different.

She is a little taller than Louise at five-six. Her stunning wavy long red hair means that she can’t be missed whenever she walks into a room. Her emerald-green eyes are big and beautiful and seem to hypnotise anyone who happens to glance in her direction and her face is finished off by a beautifully full pair of lips, plump and luscious and always so glossy as if they are constantly wet. She had a figure that many women envied, firm, thirty-four C-cup breasts, and a tiny waist and she always kept her pubic hair trimmed neat and tidy.

She is the quiet one of the group, the most reserved and the one who drinks the least. She has designs on being a crown court barrister, and as such, she is an awesome communicator and debater. Be warned anyone who would try to pick an argument with her, or try to correct her, they’d need to know their stuff.

She went to a mixed-sex school and had her share of attention from boys. She’d had a couple of serious relationships and had lost her virginity on her seventeenth birthday in the back of her father’s car at a well-known spot overlooking the sea on the north-west coast.

She met Richard at the end of her first year at university and they had been together ever since. They were good together, but they both knew that it would end as soon as their time at university was over Their futures seemed to be destined to be apart, and that was okay with her. She’d had fun and when it was over, it would be over and she’d move on to the next phase of her life.

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