Criminal Intent

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Pleasure and Pain

Chapter - Pleasure and pain

They emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later, as they did she stopped and stared at the sight which greeted her.

Louise was on the bed, her legs hung over the side, and the big, black guy, Xavier, who had greeted them, was pounding away at her pussy. Whilst at the other end, she had Miguel’s cock deep in her mouth, Hannah could see her throat bulge, and in her hands, she held a cock, as she stroked Rafael and Alejandro, it was like a scene from a porn movie, and she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

She was brought out of her trance by a call from Juan. Sebastian led her over to him. The two brothers spoke in Spanish, then Juan looked at her.

“Sebastian tell me that you were fantastic.” He said.

She smiled. “Thank you.”

“Ah, we’ll see. Get on your knees and give me a blow-job.” He said casually as if it was the normal thing to say.

She hesitated slightly, glanced over at the bed, where Xavier continued to pound into Louise, making her muted cries even louder. She looked back to Juan and slowly knelt at his feet. She knew what she had to do, and if truth be told, she wanted to.

She peeled down his boxers to reveal a much bigger cock than his younger brother, it was at least seven inches long and very hard. She stared at it, then slipped her fingers around the shaft and stroked it a few times, Juan moaned and leaned back into his chair.

She stared at the head of his cock, then, she opened her mouth, and slid her lips over the head, closing them around the shaft. She moaned, and he ran his hands over her head, stroking his fingers through her hair as she flicked her tongue across the tip of his cock.

“Ohmmm.” He groaned, and pushed up, pulling her head down onto his cock.

She started to move her head up and down as she sucked hard and as she slid her mouth down his cock she let her tongue slide over the shaft.

Juan held her head in both hands, and unseen to her, he nodded towards, Rafael, who left Louise’s side and walked across to Hannah and knelt behind her. As she continued to suck on Juan’s cock, Rafael, took her hips and pulled her up until she was kneeling with her bum in the air. She tried to look behind to see who it was, but Juan held her head still and told her to look at him, which she did.

As Rafael positioned himself, he guided his hard, thick cock between her thighs and pushed it into her pussy. Hannah’s eyes bulged and she squealed, muffled by Juans’s cock as her pussy was stretched as Rafael thrust deep into her, hard and fast, aided by the lubrication provided by Sebastian’s cum inside her.

She cried out as he thrust into her, she felt a mix of pain as she was stretched as never before, and pleasure as he bottomed out in her and filled her. She placed her hands on Juan’s thighs to support herself as Rafael started to fuck her head, each thrust pushed her onto Juan’s cock, forcing it further into her mouth, the tip nudging at her throat.

Over on the bed, Louise was experiencing sensory overload. Her pussy ached, the thick cock inside had been so painful when he first slammed into her, but now, she was soaked, and her juices eased the progress of his cock as he pounded into her. The initial pan and discomfort had given way to unbelievable pleasure as he pounded into her, the head of his cock slammed against her cervix as if trying to penetrate it. Each thrust sent a shockwave through her body, and she cried out and squealed, all the sounds were muffled by the presence of Miguel’s cock deep in her throat.

Xavier lifted her feet and raised them, he increased his tempo and began to grunt and groan as he slammed into her.

“Oh, fuck!” He groaned, followed by a loud moan from Louise as she felt the first huge spurt of cum shoot out from Xavier and into her pussy. It was hot, and it burned her so badly causing her to moan and cry out even more. He held her legs high as his cock jerked inside her, and filled her with more cum than she had ever had before.

When he was finished, he gently lowered her legs and stepped back, his huge cock slipped out of her, rapidly followed by a stream of creamy cum which flowed down between her bum cheeks.

She groaned and continued to suck hard on Miguel’s cock deep which soon began to twitch and she prepared herself for another load of cum. When it came, it was too much for her, and try as she might, she couldn’t swallow quick enough and cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin.

Miguel held her head she emptied himself into her mouth and when he was done, he moaned and slowly withdrew his softening cock and looked down at her face. Her mouth gaped open as she gasped and gulped in air trying to control her breathing. Cum was smeared on her chin, and he could see traces of it inside her mouth and on her tongue.

She turned her head to the side to see Raphael slamming his cock into Hannah as she was bent over Juan’s cock, sucking as hard as she could. Louise watched Raphael’s bum as he thrust hard, like a piston, thrusting in and out of Hannah. She could hear her friend moan and cry out, as she was forced down onto Juan’s cock. Hannah was so aroused, so elated, she had never felt anything like it before, and despite the situation, she was loving every second of it.

Juan was first to cum, and as she did her very best to swallow all of his warm creamy deposit she felt Miguel’ explode inside her and his cum splashed into her and over the walls of her pussy. It was all too much for her and she began to shudder and shake as she was consumed by the more unexpected, and enormous orgasm and started to scream out in ecstasy as she came hard.

When Juan and Raphael had finished, they stood, leaving Hannah crouched over and face down on the chair as she panted and gasped for air, her body slowly coming down after her massive orgasm.

She felt hands under her arms, gently lifting her and she found herself in the arms of Raphael, who carried her over to the bed and laid her down, on her back, beside her friend.

They both let there panting, Hannah reached out and slid her hand along the bed and found Louise’s and they interlocked their fingers and turned their heads to look at each other. Both women had cum smeared across their faces, they smiled at each other, they didn’t speak, just stared at each other. Hannah looked up and noticed that all of the guys were stood around the bed looking at them.

Juan smiled. “How about a drink guys? Before the next round?” He said.

After a break where everyone had a drink, the two women were given a glass of wine and sat on the bed taking in what had happened to them the guys finished their drinks and once again stood around the bed. This time, both women were laid down across the bed, and the guys split into two groups of three and over then next hour, each of the guys, took their turn with the women.

The two women were manhandled into various positions, they were fucked on their backs, with a cock in their mouth, they were held up, bounced on a cock whilst bent double and had another cock thrust into their mouths. It was the wildest hour of their lives and as the last guy pulled out of Louise, and his cum dribbled out onto the bed she fell back, exhausted onto the bed.

Both women were laid out on the bed, panting, and breathing hard. Their bodies glowed and glistened with sweat, and cum, as they both turned onto their sides and faced each other. They stared at each other, Hannah smiled.

“You okay Lou?” She whispered.

Louise nodded. “Yeah. Sore, but okay.” She replied.

Hannah smiled. “That was amazing.” She added.

Louise broke into a smile. “Definitely.”

Juan knelt on the bed and looked at the couple.

“Ladies. Before you go, we have one more request. And, you are free to refuse it, you have paid your men’s debt. But, we would love it if you agreed.”

They looked at him.

“We want you to make love to each other.” He said softly.

They glanced at each other, they didn’t say anything for a few seconds, then Louise smiled. “We can do that.” She said.

The guys gathered around the bed and watched as the two women shuffled close and embraced. Louise pushed Hannah onto her back and stroked her fingers through her hair.

“I’ve fantasised about this for a long time Hannah.” She whispered.

Hannah sighed and stroked her fingers across Louise’s breasts.

“I know that Richard will be mad that he’s missed this.” She replied.

Louise grinned. “Well, maybe we’ll have to do a repeat for them..”

Then they kissed and Hannah pulled her friend over and onto her as they pressed their lips together and Louise pushed her tongue into Hannah’s mouth. The guys watched the action unfold as the two women kissed, and caressed each other’s bodies.

“Get into a sixty-nine ladies!” Juan yelled out.

Louise lifted herself and smiled at Hannah. Then she turned and faced Hannah’s feet and slipped her leg across her head, at the same time, pushing Hannah’s legs apart and as she lowered her pussy down onto Hannah’s mouth, she pressed her head between Hannah’s thighs and parted her pussy lips with her fingers.

Louise stared at her friend’s pussy. Her lips were red and swollen, she had been well used, as she had, and as she parted her lips, she saw sum oozing from her inside. She smiled and lowered her mouth and pressed it onto the pussy and pushed her tongue inside her, tasting the cum that oozed from her.

At the same time, Hannah was doing the same, her tongue pushed into Louise and licked around the inside before she clamped her lips onto her clit and started to nibble on it, toying with it and tugging at it.

The guys looked on as the two friends put on an erotic and arousing display, as they lost themselves in each other as they worked their mouths, lips, and tongues over and inside their pussies.

Their show climaxed with a pair of orgasms for the young women, first to come was Hannah. Her body shook and trembled as she felt her orgasm rip through her body and she clamped her thighs tightly around her friend’s head as she ground her pussy hard against her mouth.

As Hannah’s orgasm started to subside, her friend lifted her legs and locked them around her head. She thrust her pussy up against her mouth, and dug her fingers into Hannah’s bum, as she cried out and squealed as she was overtaken by a huge orgasm and her whole body jerked as she rode her orgasm through to the end.

After their two orgasms, the two women lay together, Louise on top of Hannah, as the guys stared at them. They started to recover, and Louise rolled from Hannah and spun around and lay beside her. The two women embraced and kissed. They looked deep into each other’s eyes and sighed, Louise, stroked her fingers across Hannah’s face and smiled.

“That was awesome, Hannah. I hope that isn’t the last time that we do that.” She whispered.

Hannah nodded and kissed her softly.

“It won’t be,” Hannah replied

As they dressed in the other bedroom, they chatted about their evening and debated on how much they told the guys about it.

“We can’t lie to them, but I don’t think that they need to know too much about the details of the guys, Andrew can get a little jealous, especially when it comes to the size of guys cocks.” Louise said.

Hannah nodded. “What about you and I?”

Louise smiled. “They would like to hear about that, I am sure.”

Hannah smiled. “I agree.”

When they walked out into the main room the guys were all dressed and stared at them, this time, it didn’t feel uncomfortable, as it had a few hours previously. They hugged each of the guys before they finally left, and as they walked towards the elevator they linked arms and pressed against each other.

“That was amazing,” Hannah said.

“Yes, it was,” Louise replied.

Hannah walked into her room, Richard was laid on the bed, his hands behind his head, he looked over to her and sat up. He jumped off the bed and walked over to her and grabbed her, hugging her tightly against him.

“Oh, god. I’ve missed you.” He squeezed her.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” He babbled.

She smiled and stepped away, holding his hands. She looked into his eyes.

“I’m fine. They didn’t hurt me. We are both okay.” She said.

He was flustered as he scanned his eyes over her body.

“What happened? What did they do? Did they force you?” he continued to babble.

“Richard!” She snapped.

“Calm down! I told you. I am fine. We did what they wanted, and everyone was happy, it’s over.”

He stared at her. “They?” He asked.

She sighed. “Yes. They. There were six of them.”

He looked shocked. “SIX?” He gasped.

She nodded. “Yes.”

He ran his hands through his hair. “Oh, god! And did you?”

She stroked her fingers across his face.

“Honey. Calm down. You know what we went there to do. They had demanded, of course, they did, but they didn’t force anything on either of us.”

He shook his head, he was struggling to take it all in. She held him close and stroked her fingers through his hair.

“Richard. It is over. And tomorrow, we go home and you can forget all about this and we can move on.”

He lifted his head and had tears in his eyes, he looked at her.

“I’m so sorry. So sorry.”

She smiled and kissed him. “There is nothing to apologise for.”

The scene was repeated in Andrew and Louise’s room. He was less stressed than Richard, but still uncomfortable the Louise had to do what she had to, for Richard. But he believed everything that Louise told him, and he could see that Louise was not upset he sensed that she was pleased. They chatted a little more about what they did and as she told him, he realised that he was right, she was pleased, she had enjoyed it all.

Back in Richard’s room, Hannah emerged from the bathroom, a towel around her body and her wet hair hung down her back. She sat at the dresser and dried her hair, then stood and walked over to the bed, where Richard waited for her, she was already under the covers. His face still showed that he was upset. She smiled as she lowered the towel and revealed her naked body. He stared’

“What’s that?” He said. Nodding down at her thigh.

She looked down, she had a couple of red marks on her inner thighs, developing into light bruises. She smiled.

“It’s nothing. There were a couple of really big guys there, it’s just where they knocked against me, it doesn’t hurt.”

As she slipped into bed, he also noticed how red and swollen her pussy lips were. He looked at her, she realised what he had seen. She lay down and covered herself up.

“Honey. I promise you, everything is fine. It is normal for me to look like that, and be a little tender after everything that I did. But I promise you, it was okay.” She sighed.

She leaned her head against him, and he slipped his arm behind her and pulled her against him.

“Well, at least it’s over, and after we get home tomorrow, we can forget all about this stupid thieving thing, once and for all.” He said.

She pressed her head against his neck and snuggled into his side.

The four friends met up in the morning over breakfast and chatted about going home. Richard had risen early, and had made arrangements for them to go home, and they had flights later that afternoon. The atmosphere was a little subdued, Richard was still struggling, despite everything that Hannah had said to him, and he couldn’t wait to get away from the island and back home to England.

“I think we will all agree that this episode brings an end to our little fun,” Richard stated, looking around the table.

He stared, expecting each of them to agree, but was met with a wall of silence. He looked at Andrew.

“You agree don’t you Andrew? We can’t go through that again.” He said.

Andrew glanced to hie left at Louise. Richard followed his gaze, Louise smiled.

“Richard. I respectfully disagree. Hannah and I had a great time last night. Yes, it was scary, but it was also incredibly arousing.”

Richard stared at Andrew, who just shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows. Louise continued.

“Of course, we’ll have to be more careful in future, and be more selective in our targets, but to stop this? I don’t think so, and I am sure that Hannah would agree with me.”

Richard couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he turned to Hannah. And looked at her, waiting for her to disagree with Louise. She averted his eyes.


She slowly raised her eyes and looked at him. She didn’t need to say anything to him, he could see it in her eyes, she agreed with Louise.

Hannah sighed. “Lousie is right. It was scary, but I never felt in danger, and Louise is right, it was fun. I have never felt anything like it before, having so many men at the same time touching me and more, it was amazing.”

She lowered her voice, and her head dropped, she stared at the table.

He couldn’t believe it, he looked at each of them in turn.

“Are you bloody serious?” He said.

Each of them nodded in turn. He stared and then sighed.

Hannah slipped her hand onto his.

“Richard. I know that you are finding this hard, but trust me. We weren’t hurt, and what we did, we both did willingly, and, yes, we enjoyed it. And, some of the things we did, we would like to do again, all of us, you, me, Andrew and Louise.”

He stared at her.

Andrew put his hand on his shoulder.

“Mate. We got lucky this time, so as long as we are careful, and you can keep your hands off the help. We can continue this.” He said.

Richard sighed and slumped into his chair, looked around the table and nodded.


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