Criminal Intent

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The reveal

The evening was a success. Both Louise and Richard eventually returned to their partners and they enjoyed the rest of the ball together.

The arrangement was that they would not discuss it until they all met up in Richard and Louise’s room after the party where the two protagonists would reveal their experiences, and hopefully, their ill-gotten gains.

Despite probing and prodding from both Andrew and Hannah, neither of them revealed whether they had been successful or not, and that uncertainty only served to increase the curiosity of both partners.

The group watched for the return of both Angela and Edwin. Edwin was first to return and Louise watched him closely for any signs that he was pissed that he had been robbed, But he headed straight for his wife and kissed her cheek as if nothing had happened and they seemed to pick up where they left off.

Richard was particularly interested in the return of Angela. She looked a little suspicious as she returned but found her husband and slid beside him. He watched as she whispered into his ear, her husband glanced at her and smiled then kissed her cheek as she slid her arm under his and took the drink that he handed her.

Satisfied that they weren’t going to be arrested immediately, they settled down to enjoy the rest of the evening, which they did. All of them had a much better time than they thought that they might, and they all knew that it was mostly because of the little arrangement that they had made, it had certainly spiced up their evening.

Just after midnight all four of them met in Richard and Louis’s room. There was an air of excitement and anticipation as Richard handed out the bottles of beer from the mini-fridge and they settled down, all four of them sat on the bed.

Hannah was too excited, she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh god, I can’t stand it! Who’s first?” She cried.

Louise and Richard exchanged a look and Louise smiled.

“I’ll go.” She said.

She began to explain everything that happened from the moment that they left the ballroom. Part of the deal was to reveal the details of the sex, should they go through with it, to the others. Louise found that part a little embarrassing, but she got through it.

“What was he like?” Hannah asked. “Was it all wrinkly and yew?” She screwed her face up as she said it.

Louise smiled. “No. He wasn’t, he was quite sweet actually. I felt sorry for him.”

Andrew rolled his eyes. “Louise, you weren’t supposed to feel anything.”

She glanced at him. “Andrew. I’m not a robot. I said I felt sorry for him and I did. He is a nice man.”

She continued with her story, she looked at her boyfriend as described the sex between them, riding him until he came. Andrew looked uncomfortable, she glanced at him.

“Andrew? Are you okay? You knew that was what we would have to do.”

He nodded. “I know. I just, well, I hadn’t expected that you’d enjoy it so much.” He sighed.

She put her hand on his. “it was just sex, honey. Nothing like what we do.”

He nodded. “I know.”

Finally, she reached into her purse and with her fist clenched she placed her hand on the bed in the middle of the four of them and slowly opened it up, to reveal the pair of diamond-encrusted cuff-links.

There was a moment’s silence then a cheer as the three of her friends raised their bottles to her.

“They’re beautiful Louise,” Hannah said.

Andrew picked them up and examined them. “And worth a bob or two.” He added.

The attention switched to Richard who looked a little nervous, his girlfriend Hannah slid her hand onto hers.

“It’s okay if you couldn’t do it, honey.” She sighed.

He took a deep breath and looked around.

“Okay. I’ll tell you what happened.” He said.

The three of them listened intently, expecting to hear the tale of a heroic effort, but in the end, an epic fail. When he got to the part where he performed oral on Angela he glanced at Hannah who looked surprised.

“Not what you expected?” He grinned. She shook her head as he continued.

When he finished the three of them stared at him, they were speechless. It was Richard who broke the tension.

“She was as tight as you say?” He asked.

Andrew nodded. “Yes. I couldn’t believe how passionate she was. I tell you, it has changed my view on how I think about the older generation. I thought that I’d be done with sex when I hit fifty. No way! I’ve got so much to look forward to.”

Hannah sat quietly, Richard put his hand on hers.

“You okay honey? You knew that this would happen when we started this.” He said.

She nodded. “I’m fine. Surprised, but fine.”

He nodded and kissed her cheek. “Good.” She looked at him.

“You liked her pussy hair?” She asked.

He nodded. “Yeah, it looked nice.”

She smiled.

“So you won’t mind if I let mine grow then?” She asked.

He smiled. “If that’s what you want then I’d love it.” He said.

Andrew brought things back to earth.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Natural pussy hair, all great! Did you get it?” He asked.

Richard reached into his pocket and pulled out the necklace and placed it onto the bed. Hannah picked it up.

“Oh, that’s beautiful. I want it!” She said.

“Nice diamonds, lovely Emerald. Nice going, Richard. Now, remember what we said? We need to get rid of these until we get out of this hotel.”

They nodded and Louise got up and returned with the padded envelope. Andrew slipped the items into a small cloth bag which he then put into the envelope. He secured it and then he got up and left the room.

He went down to reception and handed it to the receptionist who took it and put it into the bag of mail to be picked up in the morning. He had addressed it to himself, care of his father’s head office in London. He returned to the room where they resumed their conversation about their evening.

They were feeling excited, but tired. Richard hugged Hannah and finished his beer. He looked around at his friends.

“Guys. Tonight has been so much fun. I have been thinking and I have a proposal.” They looked at him as he started to explain.

“I propose that we all take a year out before we go on with our studies or our careers.”

They all glanced at each other, they all had plans, and whatever he was proposing was a major change to them all.

“My father wants me to learn the business. As you know we have hotels and health clubs all over the world which one day I will take over. Why don’t we all, take a year out to travel the world, staying in my father’s hotels?

I’ll do whatever I have to, whilst we case out which of the rich clients we could target and see if we can’t have a year of fun.”

That started a discussion.

“Well. There will certainly be a huge pool of rich people to choose from. And like tonight, if we get it right, there will be little chance of them reporting their losses to the authorities, as it would mean having to admit to their partners how the loss came about.” Andrew added.

Richard sighed.

“Why don’t we think about it? We can talk again in the morning. Besides, I think my girlfriend here is craving some attention.” He smiled at Hannah who smiled.

“As soon as the door is closed!” She replied.

They all stood and hugged each other and then Andrew and Louise left and headed back to their room whilst behind the door Hannah had already pushed Richard down onto the bed and was tearing off his shirt.

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