Criminal Intent

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The following day he was in the office and he had looked at Clive’s account, they were staying in one of the best suites in the resort and it was obvious that money wasn’t a problem to him. After a quick internet search he discovered that Clive Reynolds was a very wealthy man, he had found press reports of his marriage to Juliet. They had met when she was a singer in the chorus in one of his stage productions when she was twenty. She was now twenty-seven, and they had been married for four years.

He read further and found that there had been a pre-nuptial agreement in place which did not surprise him, Clive had three children from a previous marriage and the couple had yet to have kids. Andrew wondered whether Juliet wanted kids with him, he suspected not. He got the impression that the one thing that had attracted Juliet to Clive was his money and not his looks.

He went down for lunch and headed towards the bistro restaurant. As he crossed the main foyer he noticed Juliet walking out of the spa, she looked damn good. It was the first time that he had got a good look at her stood on her feet. She was petite, standing at around five-three, and she wore a brightly coloured sarong, and bikini top, and a short crop style shirt that tied in a bow around her midriff. Her hair was held back by her sunglasses which lay on her head. She noticed him and smiled.

“Andrew!” She called.

He nodded and walked over to her. She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

He asked how she was and she explained that she’d had a wonderful massage and was ready for something to eat. He said that he was going for his lunch and she asked if she could join him. He glanced around.

“Where’s Clive?” He asked.

She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Working! Again.” She said, a lot of frustration evident in her voice. She said that he wouldn’t be back until late again.

He nodded and said that he’d be delighted to have lunch with her and they walked into the bistro together. It was a good choice as the dress code was the most relaxed in there.

He enjoyed lunch, she was good company, and whereas she had to maintain a certain level of decorum and image when she was with Clive, and the more she relaxed, the more he saw the real Juliet.

She drank most of the bottle of wine that he’d ordered and slowly became tipsy. She certainly enjoyed her food too, and she devoured her lunch and even had room for a dessert.

As they chatted he relaxed and he began to notice her more, he found himself staring at her body, in particular her breasts, they looked so pert, and he tried to guess her size, he thought that she was a B-cup.

At the end of lunch, she asked if he was going back to work, and looked disappointed when he said that he was.

“Can’t you skip work? She asked. Pouting and toying with her blonde hair and licking the tip.

‘She’s flirting with you!’ He thought.

He sighed. “I guess I could. But what would we do?” He asked.

She looked coy, and almost innocently at him.

“I’m sure that we could find something to do with ourselves.” She smiled.

“Hmm, I suppose I could.” He said.

She grinned. “I know what we can do!” She said.

He watched as she picked up her mobile. She spoke to her husband and told him that she’d asked Andrew to accompany her on the boat for the day. He was surprised, firstly, he didn’t know that they had a boat, and secondly that she’d tell him about it. Then, to his astonishment, she held her mobile out to him. Clive wanted to speak to him!

Nervously he took her phone and Clive thanked him for keeping his wife company.

“Thank you for this Andrew. I know how bored she gets when I have to come out here and hardly see her. I appreciate it, and it will be reflected in my feedback when I leave here.” He said.

He listened, his heart raced and he glanced at Juliet as he spoke, she was happy, that much was obvious and he started to wonder what she had in store for him. He knew one thing, she had something on her mind.

He returned to his room to change, stopping into the office on the way to tell the manager that he was accompanying Mrs Reynolds for the day. On a whim, he decided to call his father, and after telling him everything that he’d done so far he told him about his plans for the afternoon.

“That’s great son. Clive is a very good client. He spends a lot of money with us, not just in France, but all over the globe.”

Andrew felt pleased, he hadn’t expected it, but the praise from his father mattered to him. His father continued.

“I’m pleased that Louise is joining you later. His wife, Juliet, can be quite a handful. Does she know that Louise is coming out?” He asked.

Andrew lied and said that she did.

“Good.” His father sighed. “That should keep her quiet.”

He met Juliet in the lobby. She had hardly changed, she still wore the same sarong, but he could tell that she had changed her bikini underneath, it was now a bright yellow and she wore sandals on her feet, a sun hat on her head, and a loose pink shirt over her top which was unfastened.

He carried a large towel over his arm and was now wearing beach shorts that were not quite knee-length, flip-flops, a t-shirt that hung down to his thighs and his sunglasses. She smiled as she saw him approach her.

“We have towels on-board, Andrew.” She said.

He nodded and stopped a passing porter and handed him the towel and asked him to put it in the office, then he followed her out of the hotel. Almost straight out in front of the main hotel was a small jetty. It stretched out no more than forty metres but it was enough to allow the small motor yacht to dock and moor. She walked a fraction ahead of him as she strode towards the boat that was moored close to the shore.

Andrew stared, it looked fantastic, gleaming in the early afternoon sun as it bobbed up and down with the motion of the water. And it was huge! It had three decks. His father had a boat back in the UK, but this made his look like a dinghy.

Juliet stopped beside the walkway and as she did a man appeared from below and welcomed her.

“Hello Pierre, this is my guest Andrew Ellington, he will be joining me this afternoon.” She said

Pierre nodded and said that her husband had called him and told him to expect them. He extended his hand towards Andrew.

“Welcome, Mr Ellington sir.” He said.

Andrew smiled. “Please, just Andrew.” He said as he followed her onto the boat.

As Pierre made ready to leave, Juliet led him down into the cabin and gave him the tour of the boat.

As they stepped down into the cabins they walked along wood-panelled walls past three bedrooms, each one had a double bed and a small bathroom. The final bedroom was the master bedroom and it was huge. A huge double bed, a white-leather corner sofa, and a bathroom that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the luxury suites in the hotel, complete with marble fittings. He stared in disbelief, we have used to the trappings of wealth, but this was a different level.

He felt the boat jerk as they began to move, she turned and led him out and up to the next deck, where he was blown away by the level of luxury and the sheer scale of everything.

They climbed the steps up to the next deck which contained everything that anyone could need to conduct business meetings, hold dinners, parties even, it was huge. It had a kitchen, dining room with a huge round table in the centre, extra space for more tables, or to hold a party. It was fantastic.

On the top deck there was a sun deck, with loungers and tables, and in the cabin was another area for relaxing, eating, there were tables and sofas, a TV on the wall, and at the front, was where the Captain sat and piloted the craft.

As they slowly made their way out from the beach, the two men sat up front in the leather chairs, guiding the boat whilst he and Juliet sat on the sun deck and drinking in the sun. A shadow crossed his face and he opened his eyes and a tanned woman stood before them, dressed in the same uniform as the two men who were sat up at the front. She asked them what they’d like to drink, they ordered and he looked at her.

“This is beautiful Juliet,” He said.

She nodded. “It is. But not very nice when you’re on your own most of the time.” She sighed, he sensed some regret in her voice.

They cruised for about half-an-hour and when he sat up he saw that they were almost in the middle of nowhere, he looked left and right and all he could see was coastline, no towns or signs of life. They had sailed along the coast to the west and west stopped, about a hundred yards off a small, secluded beach, flanked by tall cliffs.

She sat up. “Fancy a swim?” She said.

He looked over the side into the crystal clear blue water, he could see the bottom of the sea, it was almost clear of any rocks, and he could see the sand on the bottom.

“Here?” he asked.

“No.” She smiled. “There!” She pointed to the beach.

He looked out. He was a strong swimmer, but he hadn’t swum that far for a very long time, she read his mind.

“We’re not swimming there, we’re taking that!” She pointed to the back of the boat where a small inflatable dinghy had been brought from its interior storage and was now bobbing up and down, it’s propellor in the water ready to go.

They walked down to the back of the boat, as they passed the assistant who had brought their drinks she handed them towels and a cooler, which he assumed contained alcohol, and the stepped into the small dinghy.

She took control and started up the engine and guided them away from the boat towards the small beach. As he sat in the boat, he felt quite excited, he was enjoying himself, and he had to remind himself why he was doing it, and also, not to screw it up before they had even begun their adventures.

He helped to pull the dinghy up onto the shore and he carried the cooler onto the beach. Juliet carried the blankets, and towels, and a parasol which she thrust into the sand and opened it to create some shade, under which he placed the cooler.

She reached in and handed him a bottle of beer, he wrapped his hand around it and the cold bottle felt so good against his warm hand. He knelt on the blanket and looked up at her as she slipped the sarong from her waist and revealed a tiny pair of bikini panties. He couldn’t help but stare at her, as she knelt, her panties stretched tighter cross her crotch and moulded perfectly around her pussy lips.

He managed to tear his eyes away from her and up to her eyes, she smiled, she knew where he’d been looking.

“Aren’t you going to take your shorts off?” She asked.

He nodded and slowly slid his shorts down, revealing a pair of ‘budgie smugglers’, as made famous by Daniel Craig in those paparazzi pictures of him at the beach. She smiled when she saw them.

“Cool. They suit you.” She said. Her eyes looking at his bulge and not his eyes.

They lay in the sun for a while, and after she finished her beer she sat up and looked at him.

“Let’s go for a swim.” She said.

She stood, he followed her into the water. They waded out until it was deep enough to swim and he pushed off and enjoyed the feeling of weightlessness that being in the water gave. She followed a little behind him as they traversed the beach, heading towards the cliffs to the left. He didn’t want to go too far out, he wasn’t sure how good a swimmer she was.

As they neared the cliffs he could see that there were a couple of small openings, caves which looked quite inviting. He stopped when he heard a splash behind him. He heard her cough and splutter and her turned to see her splashing around, she had taken in water and was starting to panic.

A few strong strokes and he had her in his arms as he treaded water to keep them both afloat. She wrapped her arms around his neck and clung onto him, and as he kicked his feet she wrapped her legs around his waist and he felt her crotch press onto his bulge.

She coughed and eventually got control of herself, he looked at her.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

She nodded. “Yes, thanks. I don’t know what happened. I’m so glad that you were here.” She said. Panting as she breathed hard, her legs seemed to get tighter around his waist. As they floated in the water he could feel her legs squeeze around him, and he was sure that he felt her grind her crotch against his hardness. He glanced to the boat, anchored about a hundred yards away, he knew that they could be seen, and were probably being watched. He sighed.

“Come on, let’s get you back to the beach.” He said.

She clung on even tighter.

“The cave is closer, we can sit on the rocks there for a while.” She said.

As she looked into his eyes he felt the urge to kiss her, and he thought that he felt her rub her crotch along his bulge. He hesitated and then sighed.


She let go of him and kicked away, as he watched she looked to be swimming incredibly easily, and confidently, and she followed he wondered whether her ‘panic’ had been all a ruse.

As they neared the cave she saw a ledge just inside and headed for it. Reaching it she pulled herself up and sat on the edge, her legs in the water. He swam up to her and as he did she stuck her leg out and forced him to swim between them and stand on a rock that was submerged. He got his footing as she closed her legs around his and he stood, their eyes were at the same level, she smiled.

“You saved my life.” She whispered.

He smiled and protested that he didn’t really, he just held her up until she got her breath back.

“Either way, you deserve a reward.” She sighed.

He glanced to his left, the boat was hidden from view, he felt her legs tighten around his waist and she pulled him closer to her. He reached his hands out to steady himself and he supported himself against the rocks behind her. Before he knew it she had her arms around his neck and kissed him.

For a few seconds, he was lost in the taste of her lips, salty but then, after the salt, he could taste her lipstick, it was quite fruity. She moaned as her hands stroked his back and she pulled him hard against her. He came to his senses and pulled back, she panted as she looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, her pupils dilated.

He looked to his left again, she kept her legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

“Relax. They can’t see us.” She said.

He looked at her, she looked aroused, she was turned on.

“But your husb…” She stopped him.

“Never mind him! Do you know how long it is since I’ve felt a real man inside me? Or kissed someone who doesn’t make me feel like I’m kissing my granddad?”

He stared, He couldn’t believe what she was telling him and he wondered whether she’d done this before.

“But what about the staff?” He asked.

“Don’t worry about them. I’ve got stuff on them, they won’t say anything.”

He was intrigued. “Stuff?”

She smiled. “Yeah. I fucked Pierre on my honeymoon.” She smiled.

He was shocked.

“Your honeymoon?” He gasped.

She explained that during their month-long honeymoon cruising around the Mediterranean, her husband left her for three days to do some business, and she got bored.

He sighed. “Still. You are the wife of a very important client to us.”

She frowned.

“I am. And you wouldn’t want to disappoint me would you?” She pouted.

She had him, and he started to feel like instead of him playing her, she had played him. As his mind raced she pulled him to her again and kissed him, her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands clawed at his back.

“Oh god, Andrew. You’re so fucking hot.” She sighed. He slipped his hands behind her back and cupped them under her bum and lifted her and pulled her into the water. She squealed and clung onto his neck as he stood with her hanging with her legs around his waist.

“Oh fuck, I want you!” She gasped.

He looked at her. “What, here?” He said.

She nodded and clawed at his neck. “Please! Fuck me!” She pleaded.

He sighed.

“No, not here.” He said.

She looked so disappointed. Then stared at him.

“Okay, but when we get back on-board I want you to fuck my brains out.” She said.

He nodded and she slid from his waist and into the water.

“Come on!” She yelled and swam off.

He followed behind, his cock straining at his trunks.

They swam back tot he beach and packed up their gear and jumped into the dinghy and rushed back to the boat.

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