Criminal Intent

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Passion at sea

As he stepped back onto the boat she left him and climbed the stairs to speak to Pierre whilst he went down to the cabin deck and under the pretext of having a shower.
He waited in one of the cabins and heard her call out when she returned. He opened the door and looked out, she was alone and took his hand and led him to the end cabin, the master bedroom.
Once inside she closed the door and he looked around. It was a beautiful room, surprisingly spacious and expensively decorated. He felt the boat moving and looked at her.
“I told Pierre to cruise along the coast and then head back to the resort, we have a couple of hours. She slid up to him and slid her hands around his neck, she was at around a foot shorter than him and she looked up at him. He lowered his head and kissed her. She moaned as she felt his bulge press into her belly.
He reached behind and easily unclipped her bikini top, it fell away and she slid it from her shoulders. He stared at her perfectly firm, pert breasts, she hardly needed a bra, they stood out on their own. Her nipples were dark and hard, he cupped his hands around her mounds and covered them completely.
She sighed and dropped her hand between them and onto his trunks, pressing her fingers into his bulge. She let out a low moan.
“Oh god, that’s big.” She whispered.
She slipped her fingers into the top of his trunks, and with both hands she started to peel them down his legs, kneeling as she did. As his cock sprang free her face was inches from it and she gasped as it almost slapped her face. She looked up at him as she knelt on the floor and slid her fingers around his hard shaft.
He was quite thick and she couldn’t get her fingers around it. She started to stroke it slowly and stared at the tip which glistened with pre-cum. He stroked her fingers through her wet hair and moaned as she lowered her mouth and he felt her wet, warm lips slide around the head and suck the head into her mouth.
“Oh god, Juliet!” He sighed as she moved her mouth back and forth along his shaft and slowly sucked him.
“Fuck, Juliet. If you keep this up I’m going to come.” He gasped.
With his cock in her mouth, she lifted her eyes to him and smiled and continued to suck moving her mouth along his shaft faster and sucking him harder. He looked down and watched as she bobbed her head along his cock and her cheeks sucked in. With his hand on the back of her head, he began to help her move her mouth back and forth, at the same time he rocked his hips to slowly fuck her mouth.
She eagerly sucked and slurped on his cock, and it seemed to him that she hadn’t done it for a long time, and she was good. It was an amazing blow-job, and her mouth was so soft, so warm, and so delicate. And she knew how to use her tongue as she licked his shaft and probed the tiny slit at the head. It was so arousing, so erotic, he groaned and moaned as he increased his movements and pushed his cock deeper into her throat. She gagged, but never missed a beat and kept sucking and licking.
After far to short a time he began to tremble, his legs twitched and shook as he groaned and gripped his fingers around her hair and pulled her head onto his cock. He cried out and thrust into her.
“Oh fuuuuuck!” He cried, as he thrust and his cock erupted inside her mouth.
He held her head as his cock twitched in her mouth and jets of cum spurted out and into her mouth. She gulped and swallowed every drop of cum that he gave her. And as his orgasm subsided and stopped, she licked his cock clean and then, slowly withdrawing, she licked the head and then planted a soft, gentle kiss onto the tip.
As his cock started to soften she looked up at him and he helped her to her feet. He kissed her and tasted his cum in her mouth. She moaned and looked into her eyes.
“That was fantastic Andrew. It’s been so long since I’ve done that. Your cock is the best that I’ve ever had. Such a change from, well from what I’m used to” She sighed.
He stroked her face.
“We’re not done yet, Juliet.” He whispered.
He picked her up, she giggled and he carried her to the bed and placed her on it. He knelt on the bed and stroked his fingers over her legs, she moaned and closed her eyes as she stroked them over her tiny bikini panties and then, he slid them down her body.
He gazed on her perfectly smooth, bald pussy and tossed her panties onto the floor. She had a beautiful pussy, her lips were swollen and puffy and her clit was tiny but hard and out of it protective sheath.
He pulled her to the end of the bed, her legs hung over the side. He pushed her legs apart and knelt between them. She lay back and he leaned over and planted his lips against her soft pussy.
She gasped aloud as she felt his lips on her soft, sensitive skin. She lifted her legs and hooked her feet over his shoulders, crossing her feet behind his back. Then she slid her fingers through his hair as she started to lick and suck on her pussy.
He sucked her clit into his lips and began to nibble and roll it between them as he started to work his fingers along her wet slit. He pushed one into her, forcing a moan to flow from her lips and a soft groan from his, as he felt the tightness of her pussy around his finger.
He licked and nibbled on her clit as he worked his finger in and out of her. He could feel her thighs grip tightly around his neck as she slowly pulled his head tight against her pussy.
She pawed at his head, pulling on his lair as she started to grind her pussy against his mouth, then those motions turned to humping at it as she gasped and cried out.
“Oh fuck!”YES! OH, GOD!”
She began to buck under his mouth as she clawed her fingers through his hair and screamed as her body was consumed with her orgasm. Her cries rang out and he was sure that they couldn’t have gone unnoticed by the crew. He felt her juices flow from her as she squeezed her thighs around his neck and he was forced to lick and suck them from her.
Her cries and moans slowly diminished and the felt the pressure on his neck relax as her legs fell away and he was once again able to move and she released the clumps of his hair that were wrapped around her fingers and slowly stroked them across his head.
“Hmm. That was the best thing ever Andrew. I’ve missed that so much.” She sighed.
He slid up her body and lay on her, he brushed some hairs that had fallen onto her face and stared into her eyes. He kissed her, she moaned softly in response and her hands pressed into his back.
“Fuck me.” She whispered.
He smiled and reached between their bodies and guided his hard cock towards her wet pussy. She lifted her knees to aid him and placed her hands on them, pushing them apart as he rubbed his cock along her wet slit and eventually found her hole. He stopped and looked into her eyes.
“Ready?” He whispered.
She bit her lip and nodded.
He thrust hard and penetrated her. She cried out, her fingers dug into the flesh of his back and she gripped her thighs tightly around his hips.
“Ohhhhh! She cried.
He plunged deep into her, she felt so tight as her pussy gripped around his shaft. He fell on her and her head rested on his shoulder, his face was buried into the side of her neck.
“Oh god, that’s big!” She groaned.
He started to move, slowly at first, but she was soon begging him to fuck her hard, which he was only too happy to oblige as she lifted her knees towards her and he slammed his cock hard into her tight, wet pussy.
At that moment in time, he wasn’t Andrew the schemer, not Andrew the boyfriend, he was simply Andrew, her lover, and all he thought about was the tight pussy that was wrapped around his cock and the pleasure that he knew was coming as he pounded into her tiny pussy.
She clawed her fingers across his back, the pain only spurred him on and he thrust into her harder and harder. And, the harder he fucked her the more the clawed at him, and squealed, and pushed back at him.
It was so intense, so passionate that it wasn’t long before he felt the familiar sensation of his impending orgasm. It began in his legs, always and as they trembled he felt his balls tighten. He quickened his pace and his thrusts became a little erratic, she felt it and seemed to grip him tighter, her fingers pressed into his back.
“Yes, Andrew! Give it to me! Fill me with your cum!” She cried.
And he did. He thrust hard and groaned aloud and pressed his head into her neck as his cock spewed the first spurt of cum deep into her pussy. She moaned as she felt the hot, sticky fluid pour into her and each emission brought another moan of satisfaction from her lips. He lay on her while his cock twitched inside her, emptying the contents of his balls deep into her wet, warm pussy.
As they recovered, both of them panted and gasped in air, he slid from her thighs and lay down beside her. She turned onto her side and slid her leg across his thigh and her hand across his chest. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed.
“Thank you, Andrew. That was fantastic.” She whispered.
He stroked his fingers through her long, still damp hair.
“Oh Juliet, that was special. You are a very sexy woman.” He replied.
She kissed his chest.
“I’ve missed that.” She sighed.
They lay together, and for the first time he noticed the motion of the boat as it moved through the water, it was quite relaxing. He sighed.
“Tell me that its none of my business, but why are you with Clive?” He asked.
She sighed and told him how they met. She sang backing vocals for a few minor stars, and in the chorus in a few stages shows. Clive had seen her and offered her a break.
“I did a few demo’s, but it didn’t work out. He was good to me though, he didn’t try anything on, it was strictly business.” She added.
She continued and said that he sat her down and gave her it straight, she was as good as she was going to get, and that wasn’t a bad thing. She could make decent money doing what she was doing, and he said that she’d always be in demand.
“We went out for dinner, and, well, we hit it off. He was sweet, a real gentleman, something that I had not been used to in the business. That led to a date, and, well the rest is history.”
He nodded as he listened.
“Again, tell me to mind my own business. But, you’re not happy, not really are you?” He said.
“Oh, I am. Most of the time. I do miss the sex, and it gets lonely a lot of the time, but it’s okay.” She sighed, he sensed a lot of regrets.
He looked at her.
“You’re young, beautiful, sexy. You should be with someone who appreciates you for what you are. Why don’t you leave him?”
She looked at him. Her eyes then roamed around the cabin.
“Why? All of this is why! He keeps me safe.”
She lay her head back and looked at the ceiling.
“I could leave him. I signed a prenup, and I would get more money than I had ever seen. But it’s not just the money, it’s all of this, the travel, the hotels. Sure the sex is, well let us say infrequent and short. But he does love me, and I do him, just probably not in the way that I should love my husband.”
She snuggled into his side and looked up at him, and raised her eyebrows as she slid her fingers along the length of his semi-hard cock.
“This is the best thing that I’ve seen in years. I do miss sex like what we just did. You are amazing.” She whispered.
He smiled, turned her onto her back and kissed her. “We’re not done yet, Juliet.”

They fucked again and afterwards, she got up and headed into the bathroom to shower, they would be back at the resort in half-an-hour. He watched her close the bathroom door and he immediately focussed his mind on the task ahead. He got up and looked around the cabin as she showered. He opened a few drawers and eventually found what he was looking for, her jewellery.
He could hear the water running as he rummaged through the various items of jewellery. It had to be something pretty, but not so expensive that she’d notice and want to report it, not that he thought she would, bearing in mind the circumstances. He soon found it, a thin, delicate gold chain, it looked like an ankle bracelet, it had three clear stones which he assumed were diamonds, inter-spaced with two deep green stones, which he thought were emeralds. He picked it up and quickly dressed and slipped it into the pocket of his shorts.
He was dressed in his t-shirt and shorts when she emerged from the bathroom. She looked radiant, her hair wrapped in a towel perched on her head, another wrapped around her body. She asked him if he wanted to shower, he declined, saying that he didn’t feel that it would look good if they both left the boat with wet hair.
He watched her dress. She had a fantastic figure and he couldn’t help think that she could be a lot happier if she met someone more her age, even if he was not as wealthy as Clive.
Once she had dressed, she slid her arms around him and kissed him.
“Thank you for a wonderful day, Andrew. It would be nice to do it again, but I know that your girlfriend is coming so I guess it won’t happen.” She sighed.
He brushed his finger across her lips.
“She’s my girlfriend, not my wife.” He whispered and kissed her softly.
They stared at each other and her lips curled into a smile.

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