Criminal Intent

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The gang arrive

He spent the next few days making up for the afternoon that he’d taken off. Juliet had gone with Clive on the boat to Cannes and he saw them around in the evenings but hadn’t spoken to her at all.

It was finally the day of arrival for his friends, and he had sent a car from the resort to the airport to pick them up, just like he would do for any of his guests. He was in the lobby when they arrived and he heard Louise first, she called out to him.

“Andrew!” He turned and she ran towards him.

They hugged and kissed, she tasted so good, he had missed her and now he had her in his arms he couldn’t wait to get her into bed, and, tell her all about Juliet. He greeted the others and helped to get them registered.

Porters came to collect their bags, and as they were taken to their rooms he took them into the bar and got them their first round of drinks.

Both women enthused about the resort.

“It looks fantastic Andrew!” Hannah gushed.

He agreed and told them that his father had tasked them with checking out as many of the facilities as they could and report back to him with their comments.

“It’s not entirely a free ride guys.” He said.

They looked at each other and shrugged.

“I suppose we could make an effort and try out everything!” Louise said.

He took them to their rooms, Richard and Hannah were a couple of doors along from him and Louise. He and Louise left them to get settled in and they went to his room.

Inside she wrapped her arms around his neck as soon as he closed the door.

“I’ve missed you so much.” She said.

He held her and stroked back.

“I’ve missed you too. But I’ve got something to tell you.”

They sat on the bed as he told her about Juliet and how they met, and, the trip on the boat. She started to worry, wondering whether he was going to break up with her when he pulled something out from his trouser pocket.

“I got this for you.” He said, holding up the gold and Emerald ankle bracelet.

She stared and then smiled as she took it from him.

“Oh Andrew, it’s beautiful.”

He grinned. “I saw an opportunity and took it.” He said.

She fastened it around her slender left ankle and admired it.

“Doesn’t it look pretty!” She remarked.

He nodded. “Yes, it does. But you can’t keep it on, she might notice it if we see her about.”

She pouted. “But can I wear it tonight when we make love?” She whispered.

He grinned. “That’s all you will be wearing.”

They met up and he gave them the full tour of the complex. They were very impressed, and as they walked around, he used his position to make appointments for the ladies to try the massage therapies, and they were excited to get appointments for all of the various spa and beauty therapies and treatments. They would have a full week, and they couldn’t be happier.

Richard also took a massage session, and some of the more unusual spa treatments, so that he could keep up his end of the deal. He wasn’t particularly looking forward to being covered in warm mud for an hour, but for a free holiday, he’d do it.

That evening had a reservation at the best restaurant in the hotel. It was run by Gabrielle Moullion, a French chef with two Michelin Stars to his name. It was the most formal restaurant in the hotel and had a stricter dress code.

Andrew wore a simple black evening suit with a white shirt and a smart, simple pale blue tie, whilst Louise wore a silver lame dress, she was braless and the halter-top was tight around her breasts and seemed to emphasise the firmness of her youthful mounds. Her skirt was also quite tight, almost pencil-like and came down to her knees, her legs were bare and she wore silver shoes.

He helped her with her jewellery, he stood behind her and fastened the silver chain around her slender neck, it nestled against her soft skin, a solitaire diamond rested on her chest. Her earrings were small, tear-drop shaped silver with a single diamond set in the clasp and two in the intricate metalwork that hung down. A thin diamond tennis bracelet was tightly clasped to her wrist, and it was finished off with a diamond cluster cocktail ring on her finger that sparked with a fiery brilliance as it caught the light when she cupped her hand against his cheek.

“Hmm. I do love you, Andrew.” She sighed.

He nodded. “I love you too honey. Enjoy tonight, because in the morning we will have to get to work.”

They met Richard and Hannah in a small lounge which served as a kind of pre-dinner reception where people had a drink and relaxed before going into the dining room part of the restaurant.

Like Andrew, Richard was conservatively dressed, black evening suit and white shirt. Hannah, however, looked gorgeous. She wore a teal coloured thin satin dress that fell just above her knees. It had a ‘wet-look’ as it seemed to follow the contours of her body. With quarter-length sleeves and a plunging neckline that led observer’s eyes down to her cleavage and braless breasts.

As Andrew admired her outfit, his eyes lowered and he noticed that she wore sheer pale blue stockings and a pair of small-heeled, open-toed shoes that were black with aquamarine accented rhinestones around the upper edges.

Louise hugged her friend and commented on her jewellery. She wore a single four-carat square aquamarine stone ring on a black gold band, with two small diamonds at the sides. In her ears, were a matching pair of two-carat aquamarine studs set in black roses, earrings.

On her wrist was a six-bar gate bracelet with rhinestones that sparkled as her hand clung onto Lousie’s arm as they hugged.

They sat down at a table in the lounge area, the ladies had cocktails, the two guys had a beer in front of them. They hadn’t been there long when Clive and Juliet walked in. Andrew noticed and decided not to acknowledge them immediately, but Clive had seen him and led Juliet over to their table.

Andrew introduced his friends to them.

“Can we join you for drinks?” Clive asked.

Louise moved along the bench chair that she sat on and Juliet sat down beside her as more drinks were ordered.

As Juliet sat down Andrew noticed that Juliet wore the same cocktail dress that she’d worn the first time that he’d seen her. But this time her legs were bare, she wore black stiletto heels, and a thin, gold ankle chain. He noticed that the rest of her jewellery, her bracelet and earrings, were the same design of emerald and diamond to that which was on the ankle bracelet that he took from the boat. His heart skipped as their eyes met, and for a moment he thought that he saw a flicker of recognition in her eye. As he looked away and squeezed Louise’s hand he wondered,

‘Does she know?’ He thought.

They chatted and when the waiter came over to tell Andrew that their table was ready Hannah glanced at Clive.

“Would you like to join us, Clive?” She asked

He smiled and looked at Juliet, “sure, we’d love to wouldn’t we darling?”

Juliet nodded, no-one saw her eyes dart at Andrew she threw her a quick smile. Well someone did, Andrew and he started to feel a bit nervous. They waited a little longer whilst their table was adjusted to accommodate an extra two places.

They moved into the restaurant and were taken to their table and as they sat they arranged themselves such that Juliet and Louise were sat together, and Hannah sat on Clive’s right, next to her boyfriend Richard.

The meal was a fantastic experience, Louise and Hannah had never eaten at a place like it and were amazed, not only by the taste of their food but the appearance of the dishes. All of the plates looked like works of art, and the two girls took lots of photographs of the various plates that arrive at the table.

They all enjoyed a wonderful evening, and to Andrew’s surprise, Louise and Juliet got along like they’d known each other for years. He excused himself and walked to the bathroom, followed by Richard, as they washed their hands they chatted about their girlfriends, Andrew said how surprised he was by Louis and Juliet. Richard had noticed but was more interested in how well his girlfriend, Hannah, seemed to be doing.

“She’s got him eating out of the palm of her hand.” He smiled.

When they returned to the table Hannah put her hand on Richard’s arm and smiled at him.

“Honey! Clive has invited us out on his yacht tomorrow.” She said excitedly.

He rolled his eyes. “Oh honey, you know how I am on boats.” He sighed.

She nodded. “I know, I told Clive.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder and looked up at him, her big blue eyes wide and pleading. “Would it be okay if I went with him? On my own?”

He felt his cock stir, that was exactly what they had planned and it had gone even better than any of them could have hoped. He glanced at Clive.

“You’ll take good care of her?” He asked.

Clive nodded and smiled. “Of course Richard.”

Hannah kissed his cheek and thanked him before returning to her conversation with Clive. Richard picked up his wine glass and as he sipped he glanced across to Andrew who nodded at him.

As the evening progressed everyone was getting along well and as dessert arrived Louise squeezed Andrew’s arm.

“Juliet has invited me to join her in the spa tomorrow, would you mind if we put off our drive along the coast?” She sighed.

He smiled and nodded and told her that it would be fine, he and Richard would find something to do.

As he slipped into bed and cuddled into Louise’s side he moaned softly into her ear.

“You were awesome this evening honey.” He whispered.

She smiled and looked into his eyes.

“I know we planned to seduce Clive together, me and Hannah, but trust me, Juliet is interested in me.”

He nodded and kissed her lips softly.

“I know, and I think that Hannah has Clive exactly where we want him. It looks like Richard and I are going to have a quiet time tomorrow.” He grinned.

She kissed him and nuzzled into his neck.

“Until we get back, and then I’m going to fuck you until you pass out.”

The next morning everyone was up early and the two women had showered and Andrew had arranged for them all to have breakfast in their rooms.

Richard sat on the end of their bed and watched as Hannah finished her make-up. It wasn’t too intricate as she knew that she would probably be swimming at some point, but it was enough that she felt good, and confident in herself. She wore her tiny pink bikini underneath a think shirt that was tied in a large knot around her waist, and a knee-length skirt made from very light material that swayed and lifted as she walked. She wore small wedge-heeled sandals and finished her outfit with a large floppy sun hat and dark glasses.

She picked up her beach-bag with her towel and change of clothes and walked along the corridor and tapped on Richard and Louise’s door. Inside the two friends hugged and Louise complimented her friend on her choice of outfit.

As the two women chatted Richard and Andrew looked on.

“She’ll be fine. “Richard said softly.

Andrew nodded. “I’m not worried about Hannah. I know she and Louise have had their moments together, but if Louise is right, she’d going to have to throw herself into this with Juliet.”

Richard smiled and put his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry mate, she’s not going to come out of this suddenly gay. It might make for some very interesting evenings, you know, the four of us?”

Andrew smiled. “Now that would be a bonus wouldn’t it?”

All four walked down to reception where Clive was already waiting for them, Juliet on his arm. After greeting everyone Clive asked Hannah if she was ready, she nodded and after a final farewell, Richard, Andrew and Louise watched their friend walk out of the hotel with Clive.

All three were a little worried for her, she would be on her own all day, and if anything went wrong, they would not be around to help her out. Juliet slipped her arm underneath Louise’s and squeezed.

“Have you had breakfast yet Louise?”

Louise shook her head. “No.” She lied.

So with a final kiss on Andrew’s cheek, the two guys watched Juliet and her walk away, arms linked towards the restaurant to have breakfast. They looked at each other.

“Okay, we’ve got the day to ourselves. What shall we do?” Richard asked, clasping his hands together.

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