Lily The Devil´s Flower

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Lily: Have you ever had that feeling that you know that something terrible is going to happen? I had that feeling, and now I wish that I had stayed home that night. Meeting Logan Romano was thrilling. Following him home turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. The sick part is that he nestled his way inside my head, and I find myself wanting him, but I hate everything he is. Not a man, not a human, a devil, and I am his Flower. Logan Romano, the man who will be my death and the one who will kill me. But as long as none but me gets hurt... Logan: Il Mio Fiore, my Lily. She's like the flower Lily of the Valley, innocent, sweet, beautiful, and poisonous. She has poisoned my thoughts. I need an antidote so that I can be satisfied again. I want to see her bleed, covered in red. I want to see her fear. I want to hear her beg, but something is stopping me. And that is no fun, not fun at all!

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Dear Reader

Nothing in this story or my other stories is allowed to be copied without permission from me, the author Lex. If you want to use something that I have published, written, or created on this page, then you will need written approval from me. This is my own creation, and this is an original story with original characters. Copying this without permission will lead to me taking legal actions!/LEX.

This story is a spinoff on the Lash series and written directly after Lash. You don't need to read his one to read Saved By The CEO.

Lash series

1 Lash
2 Lily The Devils Fower (a spinoff)
2 Saved By The CEO

This story is NOT for sensitive readers + 18 only! It contains a lot of graphic violence, abuse, bad language, and sex.


This is not a prologue, but it is a starter and a word to keep in mind from me to you.

I just realized that Lily's story needs something as a starter, and I am writing this one almost 60 chapters into the story after getting one question.

"Lex, You gave the psycho his own story?
"(Logan appears in Lash)

I love that question! (Thank you so much!💙) I wanted it to be asked so that I could give you an answer, and the answer is NO! I wrote it because it's an important story to tell for both me and all the Lily's out there.

Abuse comes in many forms, it can be the smallest of things we don't see, or it can be as twisted as it is in this story. What I want to tell you is emotions, pain, heartbreak, heartache, sorrow, fear, loneliness, emptiness, hope, and love (and more).

I want to tell you that it is okay to feel "weak" because everyone is strong in their own ways. I want you to see what I see. I want you to feel with my Lily. I want you to feel what I felt when I wrote this. This is NOT Logan's story!!

This is LILY'S story. It is a story about her and her life, about her pain and strength.

Usually, I would say that I hope you enjoy the read, but this time I will say I hope that I can make you feel for my Lily. Please remember this

Strong is not the smile we wear or what we say, strength can not be seen in our features, and it has nothing to do with muscles. Tears are not a sign of weakness, and a smile isn't always a sign of happiness. Strength comes in so many forms that I can't mention them all. But in this story, weakness has one name, and that is Logan.

Thank you for reading, lots of love to you. Stay safe/Lex.💙 If you like the read, I would appreciate it if you leave a review and press like/share my story when you feel ready.

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