Lily The Devil´s Flower

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Her fear is feeding my soul, making me harder than I have ever been before. I close my eyes and imagine all the painful things I want to do to her before she dies by my hands. "Lily.... Il Mio Fiore, my flower, you are mine" He says and I shiver. The sick part is that I want him, I want that charming man I first meet. Logan Romano, but that man is gone, he was never really there the only thing left is the Devil and he has dug his claws into me

Erotica / Romance
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Dear Reader

Nothing in this story or my other stories is allowed to be copied without permission from me, the author Lex If you want to use something that I have published, written, or created on this page, then you will be needing a written approval from me personally. This is my own creation and this is an original story with original characters. Copying this without permission will lead to me taking legal actions!/LEX

This is not a prologue, but it is a starter and a word to keep in mind from me to you.

I just realized that Lily´s story needs something as a starter and I am writing it almost 60 chapters into the story after getting one question.

“Lex, You gave the psycho his own story?
“(Logan appears in Lash)

I love that question! (Thank you so much!💙) I wanted it to be asked so I could give an answer to it and the answer is NO! I wrote this because this story is important for me to tell and for all the Lily´s out there.

Abuse comes in many forms, it can be the smallest of things we don’t see, or it can be as twisted as it is in this story. What I want to tell you is emotions, pain, heartbreak, heartache, sorrow, fear, loneliness, emptiness, hope, and love (and more). I want to tell you that it is okay to feel “weak” because everyone is strong in their own ways.

I want you to see what I see, I want you to feel with my Lily, I want you to feel what I felt when I wrote this. This is NOT Logan´s story!!

This is LILY`S story, this is about her and her life. This is NOT a story for sensitive people, but it is a very important one to tell. I don’t during any circumstances encourage to any type of violence or this kind of behavior! This story is +18 and not for sensitive readers. It contains a lot of violence, abuse, bad language, and sex.


Usually, I would say I hope that you enjoy the read, but this time I will say I hope I can make you feel for my Lily. Remember this…

Strong isn’t the smile we wear or what we say, strength can’t be seen in our features and it has nothing to do with muscles. Tears aren’t a sign of weakness and a smile isn’t always a sign of happiness. Strength comes in so many forms that I can’t mention them all. But in this story weakness has one name and that is Logan.

Thank you for reading. Lots of love to you. Stay safe/Lex💙

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