Lily The Devil´s Flower

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Lily: Have you ever had that feeling that you know that something terrible is going to happen? I had that feeling, and now I wish that I had stayed home that night. Meeting Logan Romano was thrilling. Following him home turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. The sick part is that he nestled his way inside my head, and I find myself wanting him, but I hate everything he is. Not a man, not a human, a devil, and I'm his Flower. Logan Romano, the man who will be my death and the one who will kill me. But as long as none but me gets hurt... Logan: Il Mio Fiore, my Lily. She's like the flower Lily of the Valley, innocent, sweet, beautiful, and poisonous. She has poisoned my thoughts. I need an antidote so that I can be satisfied again. I want to see her bleed, covered in red. I want to see her fear. I want to hear her beg, but something is stopping me, and that is no fun, not fun at all!

Erotica / Romance
Sandra Johansson
4.7 110 reviews
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Copyright © 2020 Sandra Johansson. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2020 Sandra Johansson. All Rights Reserved.

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