Safety Of His Arms (Brandon)

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“Tell me you want me, Missy…” He sucked and bit my nipple one more time and I lost my mind. That's it... Nothing else matters anymore. “Uhhh… yes… yes I want you…” He slipped his hand into my underwear, brought his lips to my neck, and slowly kissed his way to my jawline and my lips. Biting my lower lip, he slipped his middle finger between my wet dripping labia and moved it up and down as slow as possible. Oh God… l can't take it anymore... “damn it, baby… you’re so wet for me” ********** A story about a young girl, a survivor with a shattered heart and a young lawyer, a gentleman with a golden heart full of secrets. It starts as simple as a stream but takes you to the roaring rivers. You fall with its waterfalls and rise with the waves of the ocean to reach the shore. ********** Warning 🔞🔞🔞 There's going to be a lot of very heavy sexual content and some violence and a little bit of sexual abuse. Do not read if you're under 18 years old. But if you enjoy a passionate story with a few twists, I think you might like the story. Thanks for reading it. And guys...? Help me continue... Comments likes and share🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Chapter 01

{There’s a Spotify link on my wall. it’s the playlist I usually listen to when I’m writing Brandon’s story. I thought maybe you like it...😊now... on with the story}

Chapter 01



I should have said NO!

It sounds easy to say, right? But here is the thing...

When your mother is handing you the bloody wedding invitation and forcing you to accept it while she lectures you about “a man has needs” thing again, and says that this is your last chance to make up for the latest embarrassment you brought to her, simple words like “NO” are the hardest to say.

Even thinking about the whole thing makes me feel dizzy but well... what’s done is done! All I want is to forget everything about my ex-fiancé Jack and his new fiance, Stacy, my dear cousin but, since it’s not going to happen any time soon with all this wedding thing, I better just focus on my college and my lousy job and try avoiding my boss’s son.

My last job was just peachy but, the salary wasn’t enough to pay for a roof over my head and the college fees and all when I moved out of Jack’s place immediately after I saw him between Stacy’s legs in “OUR BED.”

Moving out like that added new problems to my already messy life, but then, hey... who could blame me... right?!

Jack bought a big apartment a few months after we got engaged, I didn’t have to pay rent, so I just worked enough to pay my college fees, but after that mess, I quit my last job to work here as a waitress In late-night shifts, so I can keep attending the classes in the morning.

Then you think You’re finally, finding yourself again and things are getting better, but your mom calls you at midnight to burst your little bubble of comfort and says not only you HAVE TO go to the fucking wedding but you HAVE TO bring a handsome, proper date too so she can rub it to her own sister’s face!

Does she even know how hard it is to find a good-looking successful boyfriend, who’s willing to come to your ex’s wedding to help you get back at him who is Happened to be getting married to your cousin?! It’s just fucked up!

“Earth to Missy?!”

I snapped out of my thoughts as my colleague waved her hands in front of my face.

“Oh sorry! Did you say something?”

“Are you ok, honey? I called you like ten times already but You were zoned out again!”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Great... so just because I’m such a good friend, would you do me a favor?”

She’s a sweet and cheerful girl. Who can say no to her with that goofy, toothy grin?! So I just smiled and nodded.

“would you please, pleeeease take that table’s order for me?”

“The unpunctual ones?!”

“Exactly! Thank you, Missy. I owe you one... they’re so annoying.”

“Don’t worry about it. I got this.”

I didn’t turn down Angela. Although it was a crappy day for me, I decided to help her anyway. As much as cheerful she is, she can easily lose her temper! And I know how much she needs her job, so usually, I take care of everything when she’s in a bad mood and she does the same thing for me.

After some minutes, the four annoying men were finally ready so I got to their table to take their orders but, they start to discuss the appetizer as soon as I get there.

Nobody’s annoyed enough to punch you... it’s a life and death. so take your time, gentlemen!

I thought to myself then averting my eyes from my shoes I looked at their table. Judging by the look on their faces, I could guess that I was thinking out loud again.

Oh shit! They don’t look happy! I’m screwed!

“What did you say yo...”

The angry customer was interrupted by a very very familiar voice before he had the chance to finish his sentence.

“Missy?! You became quite feisty, sweetheart.”

No no no no!!!! It can’t be! Please let me be wrong! Pleeease...

But nope! I was right... Who could ever forget this damn, deep, silky voice! I opened my eyes only to see, the last person I expected to see, Brandon O’Brien is looking at me from the angle of the table that wasn’t in my eyesight before with a mischievous smile on his face.

We used to be friends. Well, technically he was Jack’s best friend and roommate. We practically became friends when I started dating Jack.

He was funny and polite and easy to be friends with, but, he changed after a while like, he was mad at me for an unknown reason! Until he left a couple of months after we got engaged.

Now he appears in one of the worst times in my life to see how miserable I am.

Great! He definitely, is going to make fun of me along with Jack!

“Why hello O’Brien! I didn’t know you came back!”

“Good to see you too, sweetheart!”

“You know her?!”

“Yeah. She’s an old friend.”

Friend?! Define friend...!

“Well, gentlemen... I don’t have all day. So I’m ready to take your orders if you don’t mind.”

They finally decided what they wanted and placed their orders so I can go back to the curious-looking Angie.

“What was all that fuzz about?! Why the delicious one was laughing?!”

“I’m sorry Angie, I took their orders but the rest is on yourself... I can’t go back again!”

“Heeey... Missy! What happened? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to take care of something.”

And the “something” was hiding from his eyes around the restaurant until I made sure they were out of the damn place.


“Heeeeey giiiirl... How are you, sweetie?”

Melody’s cheerful voice burst me out of my little bobble of thoughts as she puts her handbag on my desk. She’s my best and only real friend since I met her in college and she became like the sister I’ve never had.

“Hi, I’m fine, sweetie. How’s it going?”

“No, you’re not! I know that face. Is it your boss’s son again? I warned the son of a bitch I...”

“No honey it’s not him. He didn’t bother me again after you talked to him with your fist! ”

I interrupted her before she decides to go kick my boss’s son, AKA, Andrew’s ass again like, she did once before!

“What is it then?!”

“I’m fine... it’s not even important!”

I did want to talk to her, but the lump in my throat wouldn’t let me!

“You know what! We can talk about it later. Now let’s have some fun. Your choice... Bar or club?”

“I can use some dance, so club I guess?”

“Club it is. We’ll go to my place to change then we can go to the club.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


The dance floor was so crowded, so we decided to get some drinks before another round of dancing.



“My father asked me to fix a couple of problems in one of our branches in Europe, so I’m going to fly to Hamburg after our finals.”

“But you came back just a few weeks ago! For how long? You’re not staying there permanently, are you?”

“No silly! It’s just for a couple of months. Plus, you can go with me if you want to. Peter is not going to go. I mean he wants to, but he can’t! You know my father...”

“Thank you honey but I’m fine, don’t worry about me.”

“As you wish sweetie. Now... are you going to tell me what was bothering you today?! Is it about Jack the jackass again?”


“You shouldn’t go, Missy! Who cares what others think or what your mother says!”

“I can’t Melody! You know I can’t!”

“Nobody’s allowed to make decisions for you or disrespect you. No matter who they are.”

“I know! I’ve changed a lot since I met you. At least I’m not a pushover anymore. But when it comes to my mother... I just... can’t!”

“You should work on it, sweetie. Don’t let her hurt you like this, over and over again!”

I knew she was right, and God knows I tried, but it just doesn’t work. Melody has been a very good friend to me. She always encourages me to stand up for myself.

After what happened between me and Jack she practically saved me from depression and took good care of me. She made me move in with her and her boyfriend for months. But despite all of her objections, I moved out as soon as I found a new job.

I was about to ask her about her when the sound of fighting and screaming from the other end of the bar’s counter caught everyone’s attention.


I turned around and saw a couple of idiots fighting. A couple of guards went to stop and probably throw them out but one of the drunk baboons punched the other in the face right before the guards grabbed them from behind.

“??: uuuh... filthy bastard... I’m going to clean up the world from you, You piece of shit...”

Hearing those familiar words from a very angry masculine voice, was like a trigger in my mind. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably when Melody holds me tight in her arms and took us out of the club just as I was on the verge of a panic attack.


Hey guys. How are you doing?

I had a story in my mind for a while now and decided to finally write it down and share it with you. Thanks for reading this book. I hope you like it. so...

Like it, if you like it and then tell me about it.😁😋

Love you all💝💝

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