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The Billionaire Beach boy

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Moving from Texas to Miami was harsh. My Dad got a new 'JOB' and since I am still under 18 I can't move out. Hi my name is Skye, short for Skyelar, I am 5'3 with long wavy strawberry blond hair, big bright blue eyes, a goddessly tight body with sexy curves. I am short temperd, sarcastic and loud mouthed that always gets me in trouble... Untill I met HIM It was just another day in my glorious life as THE BEST. I had it all. Money, looks, charm and enough girls to keep me busy. Untill I meet this tiny spitfire that changed my world, surprising me around every corner and making my body go crazy for her...... but will she accept my dark side

Erotica / Mystery
Mandie Steyl
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The first day at the new school and it was already pouring rain and I was already 10 minutes late. My mood was the same as the weather and I didn't want to be here. My back was aching, my head was throbbing and my leg was still feeling pins and needles from last night.

I look down to my class schedule trying to figure out where I needed to go, and actually considering skipping the first few classes and just chill out, giving my body time to relax and heal but deciding against it as my Dad will find out and that will just add to my already broken and beaten up body. Looking up again at the notice board with the classrooms and directions when I heard a loud shrieking laugh making me jump out of my skin.

I look around and locked eyes with the most gorgeous specimen I have ever seen walking straight towards me with five other people, three guys, and two girls. The one girl practically jumping at him from his side trying to get his attention

I mean look at him!! He is sex on legs, his entire look screams sex appeal, making my mouth dry and drooling at the same time

He has pitch black hair styled back, captivating eyes, even though I can't see the color from this far I can tell they are crystals that can look directly into your soul. He has the most stunning chiseled face with sharp cheekbones, n straight nose and the sexy kiss me lips that are begging for some of my attention.

I can even see the tattoos peeking from his black shirt from his arms all the way up to his neck. He has n broad chest and huge hulk-like arms that looks like he can break a tree stump with his bare hands. His black shirt is straining against his body and hiding very little to my dirty imagination

He has a tight muscular body and judging by the way his muscles flex while he walks it looks like he has a mouth-watering six-pack underneath that is making me clench my thighs together

'Down girl' I scold my awaken Vagina. Good lord what is wrong with you?? It's the first day of school and you are already drooling over a guy'.

Looking back to the board I managed to find my first class and the directions to it so switching my bag to my other shoulder I turn around only to bump into a solid wall of muscle.

I step back rubbing my nose and craning my head up to look at the person I walked into and I think my soul just died

"Watch it," He says with a scowl, looking down at me like I was the most pathetic little ant he ever saw yet I could have sworn his eyes flashed with something other than an irritation but that must just be my imagination

"Well ex-fucking-scuze you princess" I say glaring back at him still rubbing my nose that feels like it broke in two. His nostrils are flaring at me and his face hardens more at my comment and was I any other person I would have moved to another country at the sight of this scowl he's giving me but I am just me so I laugh at him

"What?" He growls out at me laughing at him. He is getting more and more irritated by me and his face is turning red.

"Nothing Princess you already wasted enough of my time" I say and turn around and walked away from them but didn't get far as the jumping chihuahua grabbed my arm and yanked me back. Her face was so close to mine I could feel her eyeball against mine

"Excuse you BITCH who the hell do you think you are talking to my man like that!" She says trying to sound like the biggest Bitch alive. My mouth talked before my brain could stop it... again...

"Good God you need a tic tac" waving my hand in front of my nose trying to get rid of the smoke/death smell of her breath. She is stunning I will give her that but just being the typical blond barbie with huge tits and a tiny waist doesn't make you 'the best' and is such a cliché with these types of men.

Her shocked face and the three guys chuckling behind him told me she wasn't used to being talked to like this so I just rolled my eyes and looked to him again, he had a faint smirk and his eyes were studying me intently making me blush. I turned around and went to my class, now being 20 minutes late already gave me my first detention slip, warning, and extra homework.

I met this crazy looking curly-haired woman named Mona in the 3rd class and boy was she loud and didn't have a filter. She just said the first thing that popped into her head and she went with it. I loved her immediately and we just clicked. Lunchtime came and she showed me to the cafeteria where we got food before we went outside to the courtyard.

"MONA!" A tall cute guy called her over and she dragged me along to the table.

All eyes were on me and I hated it, I prefer to blend in.

"WhatsApp bitches, this is Skye, Skye this is the gang, Elsie, Evan, Nathan and this Sexy thing here is my girl Liza," she says before bending down and kissing Liza and sitting on her lap. I blushed looking at them and said Hi to all of them. It usually takes me a day or two to get comfy with people than they usually wish I would shut up.

The guys kept asking me questions. Where am I from, what is my favorite color, where do I live, what is my number, am I single, etc? I just laughed and answered some of the questions. I notice Elsie and Nathan are looking lovingly at each other but they don't speak a lot to each other

"Are you guys together?" I ask, wanting to puzzle everyone and everything together as fast as possible to make my life easier. Elsie chocked on her juice and Nathan's face turned redder than any red I have ever seen.

"We all know it, they just don't.... yet," Liza says winking at Elsie and getting a wet serviette tossed into her face making her laugh louder then she already is.

"N.....n..no we are just friends" Elsie says looking at Nathan and blushing down to her food. Nathan just smiles at her and takes a sip of his juice before he went on talking to Evan about his weekend game.

The bell rings and Mona shows me to my next class and tells me where to go to get to my last 3 classes. I open the door and the only seat available is right next to Mr. Asshat himself. I square my shoulders and walk to the seat next to him.

"What do you think you're doing," he says between clenched teeth.

"Sitting down so be a peach be quiet" I say looking him straight in the eyes. A gasp involuntarily leaves my lips and he just rolls his eyes at me, I actually managed to see the most beautiful color eyes I have ever seen and yet can't find myself to look away

"Just like all of them," he says under his breath shaking his head at me

"Not interested Princess" I whisper back at him and turning all my attention to the teacher ignoring his burning eyes staring a hole into my head. By the time the class was over I was so relieved to get away from him, I just grabbed all my stuff and headed out before he could say anything to me.

The next class was my favorite, Gym, I know all the other people hate the gym, but I loved it. It was my way to work off all the stress and shit from home and the more I shit I got going on the harder I would push myself at the gym. I was busy changing in the locker room when the teacher came in.

"Dodge ball today ladies" she yells out at the door, everyone whined and complained but I couldn't wait for it. I needed a release of all this pent up anger inside of me before I went home. The last time I went home with shit from school I was beaten up so bad I had to do home school for two weeks so no one could see my bruises.

I was the last one to exit the changing room and saw all the ladies stretch like they are ready to do some stripper moves on a pole. I looked to my right and locked eyes with the one and only Asshat all the girls were dripping over, his three amigo's standing next to him smirking at me while his eyes just roll down my body and back up again before his face hardens into a deeper scowl. I was just wearing plain black shorts with a white t-shirt that reads 'Eat my dust'

Well, Mr. Asshat, game on I said to myself before I went to stretch out and get my game plan ready to take this douche out

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