The Deal

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Revelations, vengeance, and a love that could change everything. Melody Graves will do anything to get her brother Jonathan back and out of the clutches of their vile father - so making a deal with a demon comes easy. What doesn't come so easy is everything that follows. Lies, deceit, and secrets are discovered at every turn, making Melody question everything she thought she knew about her family, herself, and the demon who may well hold her heart.

Erotica / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Casting the spell was simpler than I’d first imagined.

The ingredients weren’t terribly difficult to come by, and the spell had already been in my grimoire. I lived alone, so privacy was no issue, and the price for this spell didn’t scare me as it probably should have.

I wasn’t 100 percent sure I’d actually expected it to work. I’d achieved simple feats of magic in the past, but something like this? Conjuring?

I’d never even attempted it.

But now, in front of me, stood the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen.

Though, factually speaking, he wasn’t a man at all.

His hair was black as night and fell past his shoulders, eyes the brightest green I’d ever seen - unnatural but beautiful nonetheless. His skin was alabaster and his muscles looked as if they’d been sculpted by the gods - though gods certainly had nothing to do with his creation.

And he was naked. Perfectly naked.

“Why did you call me, human?”

Goddess, even his voice was sinful. Deep and soft like honey, yet carried an air of importance that was impossible to miss.


Suddenly my mouth felt dry.

It was one thing to read about his kind and another entirely to actually be in the presence of one.

Demon. Succubus.

“Do you wish for higher social standing?” he asked, stepping out of the circle I’d conjured him from. “Or perhaps a bigger house?”

I glanced around at my sparsely decorated one bedroom ranch, suddenly curious about where he lived.

Surely not all demons lived in hell?

I shook my head, swallowing around the lump in my throat as I continued to watch him.

“Money, then?” he asked, but quickly shook his head, “No...a boyfriend, perchance?”

I felt my cheeks heat, but I managed to shake my head.

I wouldn’t make a deal with a demon for any of those reasons.

He walked forward until he was directly in front of me, my breath catching in my throat as his warm fingers tilted my chin up to meet his gaze.

He smelled like fire and brimstone and something uniquely masculine that made my stomach clench with want.

I’d read about that too. Succubi were created to be irresistible to humans - and he was certainly no exception.

“Then what do you request of me?”

I was slightly shocked to find a forked tail swaying back and forth behind his head, and though I’d known that all succubi had them, it was still a strange sight to see.

He smirked, seemingly amused as he asked, “Does my tail intrigue you, human?”

“Melody.” I whispered softly, “My name is Melody.”

He nodded slowly, as if surprised that I’d offered the information.

“I am called Raiyneer.”

I felt myself nodding, but I was still staring at his tail. Looking at his face was too difficult, and I was painfully aware of how close his hard cock was to me.

The tail was an oddly welcomed distraction.

Suddenly his tail was between the two of us as he said, “You are very distracted by it.”

Up close it was easy to tell that the points were sharp - lethal even - and it made me wonder why he needed it - how he used it - how many had fallen at the hands of it.

He reached out, his warm fingers encircling my wrist as he brought my fingers up to lightly trail against his tail, and somehow the act was erotic.

His wrist guided my hand for a moment more before he let me go to explore on my own. I gently trailed my fingers up, lightly exploring the sharp, forked end, when suddenly his tail wrapped around my forearm and tugged me forward into him, one hand on my waist and the other under my chin so I was forced to look at him.

“What is it you request, Melody?” he asked, his voice deeper than it had been, pupils blown wide, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was as turned on as I was.

Surely not.

“I need someone...taken care of.”

He arched an eyebrow as he asked, “You would like someone killed?”

“Yes,” I whispered, barely able to force the word out around the lump in my throat.

Even though I’d come to the decision - firmly and truly - actually voicing it was proving more difficult than I’d anticipated.

The demon - Raiyneer - seemed slightly impressed, his fingers sliding from my chin to lightly trail against my cheek.

“You’re very young to have acquired an enemy that requires a demon.”

“It’s not for me.”

“So you offer your soul for someone else?”

He seemed genuinely perplexed by the idea, but I nodded nonetheless.

“For my little brother.”

“Humans are strange creatures.” he murmured, his thumb sliding across my bottom lip. “Who?”

“My father.” I breathed out, trying to keep my heartbeat controlled as his simple touches seemed to light a fire in my belly.

“Interesting.” he murmured. “I assume you know of my terms?”

I nodded, “My soul in exchange for you to do my bidding.”

He made a soft noise in the back of his throat, his eyes studying mine intently as he was silent for a moment.

When I thought he was going to deny my request, laugh in my face, and leave, he finally spoke up.

“And you’re aware of how my deals are signed?”

The heat that was racing across my skin seemed to burn twice as hot at his words.

Of course I knew how he signed his deals.

“Sex.” I said, my voice more confident than I truly was - but I’m sure he knew that already.

The lazy smile that stretched across his face was sinful, and the sight of two sharp fangs only made me want him more.

“I see the little witch has done her research.” he murmured approvingly, softly pressing his thumb between my lips.

It was all the prompting I needed to swirl my tongue around the digit, my teeth lightly grazing the pad of his thumb as his eyes darkened.

“Say the words, Melody.” he growled, the hand on my hip tightening.

“I, Melody Graves, request the services of the demon Raiyneer.” I whispered, breath hitching as his fingers trailed down my neck and between the valley of my breasts. “In return for the murder of my father, I offer my soul to him, to do with as he pleases.”

I watched in slight awe as a rune appeared on his chest, a matching one burned into the exact spot on my chest as well, though it felt incomplete.

“The rune will solidify after the deal is signed.” he said, answering my unspoken question.

I simply nodded, my eyes flicking between his eyes and lips.

I’d read countless stories of what to expect - deals this big always required more than a kiss to be sealed - and all of them spoke of the rough nature of succubi.

Though they also spoke of carnal pleasure.

“You are a very beautiful human.” he mused, seemingly speaking more to himself than to me.

I cleared my throat and shook my head, “I assure you there are prettier.”

“Perhaps,” he said with a shrug, “Though in all my centuries I’ve yet to encounter one.”

His words wrapped around me like silk, and in the back of my mind I knew that he had to say these things to everyone - though I certainly didn’t understand why.

“Nobody bids me to do anything.” he said with a growl, the hand not on my waist sliding into my hair, “I am far too old to have to do anything.”

Was he reading my mind? How? Surely he hadn’t been able to the entire time.

“I am able to read the thoughts of all the souls in my possession.” he answered easily, his lips brushing against my ear with each heated, damning word he spoke.

His lips trailed a series of kisses along my neck, moving down one side and up the other, gentle breaths against my skin before his lips hovered above my own. I couldn’t control the racing of my heart at this point, the effort entirely futile with his proximity.

My body craved him. Ached for his touch and wanted nothing more than to be claimed by him - thoroughly owned.

And my brother finally safe.

“This is your last chance, little witch.” he murmured, “There’s no going back after this.”

In a burst of boldness I hand’t experienced before, I laced my fingers into his hair and pulled him forward to close the gap between our lips.

And goddess he felt divine - and when his tongue effortlessly invaded my mouth his taste wasn’t of this earth.

He was made of smoke and darkness and sin.

And I wanted more.

His growl was animalistic as he controlled the pace of our kiss, his hands seemingly everywhere - my ass, my hips, my hair - and then suddenly his hands were unbuttoning the oversized shirt I was wearing - a remnant from an old boyfriend - and though my heart was in my throat, I was powerless to tell him to stop.

I wanted this.

Once the thin fabric was pushed to the floor I was left in nothing but my underwear, and the thought was exhilarating.

His lips broke away to press heated kisses to my neck, his tail coiling around my wrist much like his hand had previously, only this time he was guiding me to his cock.

I couldn’t help the choked gasp that left my throat at the feeling of him - hot and hard and smooth under my hand - and the groan that left him at the contact made me delirious with power.

I had pulled that pleasured sound from this powerful demon.


And I wanted to hear it again and again.

I gripped him firmer, his tail uncoiling to let me continue on my own as I brushed my thumb over the head, spreading precum along his shaft as I pumped faster.

His hands had tangled themselves in my hair as he pulled me in for a rough, dominating kiss that had my knees shaking once he’d finally pulled away, his lips and teeth and tongue turning their torture upon my breasts.

Surely this was heaven.

The dark chuckle that left him at my thoughts had my thighs clenching as he said, “I assure you this is not heaven.”

“It’s surely as close as I’ll get.” I whispered, my free hand tangling into my hair as he focused all his attention on my nipples.

His hips were bucking forward into my hand, his grunts against my skin more frequent as he nipped my breast, fangs scraping across the delicate skin just hard enough to sting - just hard enough to add fuel to the fire already raging inside me.

“Where do you sleep?” he asked, easily lifting me into his arms.

I pointed to the door at the end of the hall, and in seconds he was kicking the door closed with his foot and depositing me on the bed.

I knew that the flush that covered my skin was fierce, and as his calculating eyes took me in, I couldn’t help but wonder what he really thought of me.

As a demon - a succubus - he had slept with countless women when making deals like these, and I was sure they were only a foggy memory in his mind.

“I’ve already said what I think of you.” he said, easily crawling his way onto the bed, his tail swaying between his shoulder blades, “You are very beautiful.”

“Do you make deals with women you don’t find attractive?” I asked, the question past my lips before I could stop myself.

His chuckle was amused as he hovered over me, “Attraction is not often something I’m aware of when making deals. It is not in my nature.”

His words only brought up more questions, but after tonight none of them would matter anyway. I’d live out the remainder of my life - however long that ended up being - and when I died my soul would forever be bound to Raiyneer.

My questions weren’t important.

I threaded one hand into his hair, lightly tugging him into another kiss as his delicious bodyweight settled over me fully.

Too soon for my liking he pulled away, tracing a path with his mouth over my neck, across my breasts, and down my stomach, coming to settle between my thighs.

Without preamble, he slipped my panties from my legs, pushing my thighs open as he pressed soft kisses to my skin.

“You smell divine.” he murmured, his eyes closed as his fingers dug into my inner thighs.

I had no idea what to say, though it was obvious a response wasn’t required as his tongue snaked out to brush against my clit.

He smirked at my gasp of pleasure, sliding his tongue to my already dripping slit to slowly fuck me with it before returning to my clit. I had no idea how long he alternated this maddening pattern, but sooner than later I was a writhing, moaning, panting mess above him, my hands tangled in the sheets at my head.

“You’re very responsive.” he murmured, first one, then two fingers sliding into my cunt and arching - come here - before his tongue found my clit again.

The constant pressure that had been building, building, building finally broke and I shattered, thighs shaking as my orgasm raced through my body.

He growled, his tongue hungrily lapping at my essence as I continued shaking above him, body wracked with pleasure as he refused to let me come down.

"Fuck," I gasped, one hand shooting to his hair and pulling - probably harder than I should have - though it didn’t seem to bother him at all.

He was relentless, claiming another orgasm as his before finally kissing his way back up my body and claiming my lips.

Without warning he slid into me, capturing my strangled gasp with his lips as his hips were flush with mine.

And goddess, I was so full.

He pulled back slowly, rocking his hips forward again, and the hiss that fell past his lips made my walls flutter around him.

Never had a man sounded so sexy.

He easily hooked my legs over his arms, opening me further and changing the angle so that he slid even deeper - impossibly deeper.

I knew that my nails were digging into his back, but the pressure felt so good that I couldn’t help it. I was clawing onto him for dear life as he began to pick up his pace.

“This is perhaps close to heaven.” he murmured, a light smirk on his face before he began peppering my breasts with kisses, his hips rocking steadily, pushing me closer and closer to the edge yet again.

On a particularly harsh thrust I came undone again, my arms and legs tightly wrapped around him as white light exploded behind my eyelids and stole my breath. His deep moan was the only thing that anchored me to the moment.

Before I realized it, he’d flipped our positions, his hands on my waist as he guided my movements.

“Ride me, Melody.”

How could I deny him anything when he spoke like that?

I rocked my hips back and forth before slowly beginning to bounce up and down. He was so deep in this position, and it took my breath away.

His eyes were intense as he watched me, his hands sliding to my ass to squeeze and slap as my pace sped up.

He just felt so perfect.

“Please,” I begged, not quite sure what it was I was asking for.

He knew, though.

Raiyneer’s fingers slid to my clit, rubbing in tight circles that quickly had me clenching around his cock again.

He growled, sitting up to wrap his arms around me as he began thrusting up into me, his fangs scraping against my neck.

I couldn’t breathe.

I wasn’t necessarily experienced, but I’d definitely never felt anything like this in my life.

My arms were thrown around his shoulders, fingers tangled in his inky hair as he continued hitting that perfect spot that already had my legs shaking around him.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, biting into the corded muscle of his shoulder, “Fuck, I’m going to come again. Fuck - Raiyneer!"

At my near-shriek of his name, beautiful black wings exploded from his back, a guttural groan leaving his throat as his fangs sunk into my neck - and goddess, the pleasure just wouldn’t stop.

He pulled away from my neck, flipping our positions so he hovered above me again, and began pounding into me without restraint.

His wings were spread out behind him, blanketing us in a cocoon of darkness as his mouth and fingers explored my body.

My breathing was coming in gasps as I clung to whatever bit of his skin was in reach, his thrusts becoming more erratic.

“Come with me, little witch.” he growled, fingers pinching and teasing my clit.

And of course it didn’t take long - only this time he came with me. His entire body went rigid as he pressed himself as deep as he could go, his growl shaking the walls as I shattered around him.

I felt him press a kiss to my chest - directly over the rune - and I knew that the deal was done.

I managed to force my eyes open, noticing the slight difference in the mark on his chest.

My fate was effectively sealed.

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