My Brother's Bestfriend

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Things never happen the way you think they will.

Erotica / Drama
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I sighed as I ran my hands through my hair in frustration. I couldn't believe the things that were being said to me. How long had they been planning this? Were they ever going to tell me? Why wait until I found it out courtesy of a voice message on the landline to tell me? I groaned as I stared at the two culprits in front of me. My roommate Angel and my fraternal twin brother Ryan. The two wouldn't even be together if it hadn't been for me, she hated him at first, and this is the thanks I get.

"Rain, I truly am sorry. I asked her not to say anything until I could figure this out." He sighed.

"Oh cut the bullshit!" I yelled annoyed. "Ry you do realize there's no fucking way I can find another roommate who will be willing to pay rent for the next month IN TWO FUCKING DAYS! Way to give me a fucking heads up."

"Rain! I said I'm sorry. Look I can fix this." he sighed as he pulled out his phone and walked back to Angel's room. I sighed as we sat there in silence. Angel looked like she wanted to say something, but either way it went I was still going to be left homeless. I only had two days to get the other half of the rent and that was impossible. Despite the added stress I was happy for them. Ryan had always dreamed of being an editor and since Angel was an aspiring author the two complimented each other perfectly.

Luckily Ryan was being hired at the same place that was interest in Angel's book and his first assignment was said book. Luck was completely on their side and it was kicking my ass without a care in the world.

"Rain, I really am sorry. This opportunity is just too big a chance to pass up." spoke Angel suddenly cutting through the silence. Now I felt bad.

"I'm happy for you Ang, really I am. Having your work published is a huge thing and I can't wait to read it. Besides you can persuade the editor to keep everything as is in a way no one else can. If that doesn't work I'll kick his ass." I shrugged as she threw her head back in laughter before coming to sit beside me, tears brimming the corners of her eyes.

"I'm really going to miss you Rain. You've been the best roommate and best-friend a girl could have." she cried hugging me tightly.

"You were doing okay until Ryan came along." I teased hugging her back just as tight. We emerged into another fit of silence and a few minutes later Ryan came back out to join us a huge grin on his face.

"What's up?" I asked him both creeped out and suspicious.

"Did you know that when you pay for six months rent in advance you can't get it back?" he asked and it took me a second to realize that he was legitimately asking a question. I shook my head laughing at my brother. If only he could think things through that didn't involve a vagina being attached he'd be okay.

"I think everyone knows that Ry."

"Well obviously I didn't. So problem solve. I'll help you move in tomorrow. For six months your off the hook. After that you're on your own. Oh and I have a new roommate moving in a few days after you." he grabbed Angel and they went to finish packing her stuff. I sighed. I might as well do the same seeing as I don't have a choice anymore. At least I was getting six months rent free out of this whole thing. I can finally get cable for a few months.

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