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The Hybrid Mate

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Born of a warlock father and a werewolf mother, Raven was an old soul stuck in a 23 year old's body prepared to live off the rest of her days keeping her pack safe. Up until Alpha Luca pays her an unexpected visit. The seductive Alpha with honey colored eyes is her mate. After 500 years, this is what she wanted...but will he be able to handle her demon side, and will they be able to get along enough to defeat the unseen dangers that is creeping on them.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I drummed my fingers impatiently on the small wooden table."I don't have an eternity to waste here old man." I narrowed my eyes at the hunched old man who was trying his best to go as fast as he could, rummaging through his collection of coloured vials.
I knew I was being a bitch to him, knowing full well he wasn't able to move faster. That's how humans were, their bodies always growing frailer by each passing year. Technically I was centuries older than this man before me, and the only proof I had for it was the morbid memories of the world changing.
"I'm s-so sorry for making you wait, your highness." He stammered, and rushed to me as fast as his old chubby legs could. He bowed down and held out a vial with a golden coloured liquid. I rolled my eyes. How many times have I told this old crone not to call me that...I decided not to waste any more time with and grabbed the bottle from his hands. "Thank you." I said and headed back outside.
I looked around the town. People were going about in their day. Unaware of who I was. That wasn't a problem for me. Only few humans knew of my true nature and I liked it that way. About 500 years ago I struck a deal with the mayor of the town, after we had saved them from an attack from rogue witches, for them to let me me and my pack of werewolves stay in the town. We would offer them protection against any supernatural beasts that would threaten the town, and they would leave us in peace in our part of town. We would not bother them and they would not bother us. This arrangement had worked well up to this day.
I always came to town unaccompanied by guards, as I didn't want to draw attention to myself, but i could scent them when I had reached the edge of the town and made my way into the forest.
Anything to report? I mind linked to my head guard, Tristan.
Everything normal as usual. He linked back. I nodded and shifted into my wolf form, a massive wolf, dark as night with silver eyes. I picked up the bottle in my mouth, careful not to press down hard for it not to break. Running with my wolf was always therapeutic for me.
Take us home Shadow I linked to my wolf. She grunted and took off. We reached the pack house in no time at all. I changed back to human form, still fully dressed (one of the perks of being me). I sighed and headed into the main hallway of the house, already gearing up for the next problem that my right hand maiden, Sarah, would bring to my attention. Sarah was a majestic red head who had been serving by my side for about a century. She was loyal as a subject and as a friend.
"Looking tired..getting old?" She teased me.
"This is your fault." I threw the bottle to her. She caught it without any effort, opened it and took a big sniff.
"Don't you just love the smell of human perfume?" she smiled.
I wrinkled my nose at her. "How much the mighty wolf has evolved."
"You're just grumpy because you need to get laid." Sarah laughed. Shadow whimpered at me She's right.
Don't start with me. I said to Shadow, then to Sarah, "Is there a reason as to why you are still standing here?"
"So rude." she rolled her eyes at me. Any other wolf who would have done that to me I would have snapped their neck for the disrespect, but this was Sarah. "There is actually one matter at hand. A messenger from the Silver Moon Pack arrived when you had gone."
I raised my eyebrow. The Silver Moon Pack was not one to be reckoned with. They could easily wipe out our pack if they decided to attack. Their Alpha, Alpha Luca, was said to be as handsome as he was dangerous. I had never heard talk about his Luna, but rather about the string of women he had, humans as well as werewolves alike.
Apart from their land bordering ours, we had had no contact within the years that we had been here. They had never contacted us and we were fine with that. For 500 years. So why the fuck start now??
"What did he have to say?" I asked, annoyed that I had been away during such an important event.
"Alpha Luca and 3 beta's would like a sitting with you tomorrow. They will arrive early morning tomorrow." Sarah said. I could see that she was a terrified of what this meant for us. This could be either really good, or really bad news.
"Shit." I said. "Call the council." I walked away to a room occupied by a great oak wood table. I took my seat at the head of the table, a few seconds later my council members entered the room. Sarah, followed by Tristan, who was also Sarah's mate. They took their rightful seats each one side of me. Stan and Ellie followed them and sat at the table. They were the eldest in the pack. Ellie was a healer. Stan on the other hand was an old dick who got his place on the council only by the sheer fact that he was one of my father's oldest friends before he was murdered.
"I called this meeting of the council because we have received word that Alpha Luca will be gracing us with his presence tomorrow." I said getting straight to the point.
Ellie's eyes opened in shock. "Did he say what about?"
I shook my head. "No, but we must be prepared for whatever he will throw at us." I looked pointedly at Tristan.
"We still have the best trained warriors and they are at their best form" Tristan nodded confidently.
"Good." I said. "I'm not expecting a fight, as the arrival was announced beforehand, but we must also remember that we have a town to protect. I need everything prepared for his arrival tomorrow." I said and with that the wolves dismissed themselves, all except for Stan. Now what?
"My Queen, if I may." He said in that croaky voice that always annoyed me,he knew I hated that title, the ass. I had never seen him change into wolf form, I always imagined his wolf as old, dried and ugly. Just like him.
"Of course you may." I said, readying my mind for the bullshit that he was going to throw at me.
"Don't you think its time you stop waiting for a mate that will never come and look for a suitable wolf to be Alpha of this pack," he said. "It is very uncommon to have a woman leading a wolf pack, and though I do commend you for the wonderful job you have done for the past 5 centuries to keep us safe and strong, there is only so much that you can do. Our pack will be so much stronger with an Alpha as the leader."
Let me rip this fucking man apart. Shadow hissed.
How I wish I could let you do that. I said to her.
"Thank you for your concern Stan." I replied, very proud of my calm voice. "But like you said, for 5 centuries I have been keeping this pack safe and that's what I keep intending to do. I am the Alpha of this pack. That's the title that I was given by my mother and father. Whatever we will run into I will take care of this pack. Understood?"
"Of course Raven." he said eyeing me with those beady eyes, I always knew that when he called me by first name that he wasn't happy with me. Goddess did I despise this man. He then got up and exited the room. I laid my head on the table briefly and let out a breath.
Though the old fart was annoying, he was right. I was lonely. Shadow whimpered. And fucking horny. The last time I had a man was....was it 59 years ago? I shook my head in disbelief.
Steve was fun wasn't he? Why can't we get another one like him? Shadow whispered.
You know why! I said to her getting up and heading to my room. She kept quiet. She knew exactly why. Steve had been a warrior wolf from Autumn Pack. A few of them had come from their pack to train with our warriors. This was not uncommon amongst wolf packs. This only meant that the two packs would form an unspoken alliance. Steve was a very attractive young man, years younger than I was, and the sex was always hot. But as many don't know, I am a half wolf, half demon.
The demon side had overtaken me one night whilst we were fucking and I had killed Steve, without meaning to. After that the Autumn Pack Alpha, Alpha Cyrus, had never said a word to me. Our Alliance broken. I believe that is why I am never to find a mate, this demon side of me.
Once I was behind the locked doors of my bedroom, I removed my clothes and stepped in front of my full length mirror and looked at myself, straight black hair, and silver eyes stared back at me. I let my hands rove over my breasts, pinching my nipples.
We can control it next time. Shadow said to me. I knew she wanted to have some fun. I was forever horny.
Maybe. I said.
At precisely 9am the following day I watched the black, tinted Ford Mustang, followed by 2 equally black and tinted Aston Martin drive up to the house. Two men came out of each of the Aston Martins. I stood inside the doorway of the house whilst Sarah and Tristan went to greet the four men, as was customary. Shadow was pacing.
Calm down. I told her.
What do you think he will be like? she wondered.
Hopefully peaceful. I said, thinking about the boys I had ordered to do a sweep of the woods to make sure this Alpha hadn't planned a surprise attack on us.
I watched as the car door of the Ford Mustang opened. A strong scent of chocolate, blueberries and fresh forest air drifted to me. I lifted my eyes to see honey colored eyes looking at me.
Mate. Shadow said in disbelief.
Mate. I said to her.
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