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One guy, a boss of one of the strongest mafia gangs in town takes an interest in you. Lust consumes him and rape consumes your life... •This story covers the subject of rape, if you are uncomfortable with that click away now, you have been warned •

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

There has always been this rumor that there was a guy living on the outskirts of our small town and he would always look for girls to kidnap to please him. But I had never believed it. Apparently he has a strict schedule on which girl on which day, fucked them till dawn arose, according to legend he had hoped to find “the one” you know when guys fantasize about having a girl who is just for them, theirs for life, that’s who he is looking for but so far he hasn’t felt any connection between his hookups and still looks for her till’ this day.

To me this was just another old wives tale.

“I mean what guy randomly rapes girls and has never been caught, all the girls have been left alive and just mentally scarred after what 5 years of living with this dude”

“He is part of the mafia gang, the strongest one around”

“So you do believe this stupid little fairytale?”

“It would be stupid not to take precautions... just be careful”

I was talking to my mum she was over exaggerating, as always, I was supposed to be taking a hike around the outskirts of our miniature town and my mum was warning me about the ‘kidnapper’ who supposedly lived there.

I rolled my eyes, “I’ll make sure to keep my eyes out for any random dude who tries to hit me over the head with a frying pan” I chuckled

“Just be safe for god’s sake, I don’t want you coming home half bruised and stole away from your innocence”

“Eww gross I really didn’t need to hear that out loud and what guy would kidnap a 17 year old even so an annoying one”

“It’s better to be safe than sorry”

I giggled again “yeah yeah I guess your right I’ll be with Jake, anyway I’m going to grab my bags”

Jake is my boyfriend we have been dating for about 2 months now he was the one who invited me to the cottage as he didn’t believe the rumors either

I hurled my backpack over my left shoulder and buckled on my boots

“If I’m not back in 7 days then I’m dead, don’t come looking for me” I said sarcastically

As I reached for the door handle my mum grabbed my wrist and gave me a kiss on the forehead

“I’m serious stay safe”

I nodded in agreement, reassuring my mum I would be fine and home In a couple of days.

I headed out of the door, the breeze hitting me like a tornado, the forest looked denser than normal but it made no difference as I trudged through it


I weaved my length in and out of her, this girl I picked up from the bar was no different form any of my other normal hookups. The same 12 hour sex, she screamed as I fucked her senseless and I sat there probably came twice in the whole night just about made it a third time before the sun came up.

“ENZO......I ca....can’t I.......I’m gonna......cum” she squealed just before she came again and before I physically threw her out of the room. I stared out of my window before stumbling onto my balcony, butt naked with my dick swinging around. I looked down to see a girl stumbling through the bushes and towards a cottage a couple miles east from my house.

She was beautiful. I decided in that instant that she was my next victim. I would make her scream my name and if she were to be the one I would make her feel pleasure every night in so many ways, fuck her for weeks straight. Make her beg me to stop... and even if she wasn’t she would be locked here with my whores and I could fuck her whenever I felt the need to.

She had golden locks that drew to the small of her back and had ocean blue eyes. From far away you could see those eyes glisten in the sun.

I saw her rush over to a guy and dive into his arms “Jake” she screamed sounding somewhat excited to see the boy...

The only thought that came to mind was~~

That’s not the name you will be screaming when your in my bed!

Sounding like a petty little 5 year old

I wanted her

I needed her

I will have her

I took the lift to the bottom floor of my 3 story mansion, made a couple of calls and decided that we would take the girl and the guy will be buried in his grave soon enough...
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