The Lone White Rogue

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Shawna was exiled out of her Pack for injuring the Beta of her clan. She was protecting a group of unmated females during the Haze and she injured the Beta by shifting too close to him. Now she is a rogue wolf with only one goal in her life: Stop all rogues from hurting other Packs. One fateful night she comes across an unprecedented situation that throws her into a fight for survival and for her way of life before she became a rogue. Can she trust anyone again?

Erotica / Fantasy
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Shawna sat on the floor of her cell awaiting her punishment. She had been protecting a small group of unmated females when Lucas, the Beta of the Dark Shadow Moon Pack had found the group and he was hazed. During the Hazing season, unmated females stayed in groups to protect themselves from unmated male werewolves.

When Lucas had come too close Shawna had tried everything to stop him. She was becoming a warrior for her Pack but now that wasn't possible. He attacked her and she shifted when he got too close. He had been injured and now she was facing something even worse than a Hazed unmated male. The Alpha had told her that because of her actions, she had only one option. Die by the hands of the Beta.

Shawna looked to the moon and it gave her comfort and renewed strength. She had been beaten by the cruel Alpha and she was still healing. She new she only had one choice and that was to escape and run. If the Pack caught her before she could get off of Pack territory she would immediately be killed. That was a risk she was going to have to take if she wanted to live.

Shawna pulled at the steel bars of the small window until they started coming off. She then slipped through the small window and took off into the forest. She shifted into her wolf form and ran as fast as she could to the Eastern border of the Pack territory. She passed through the border just as the Alpha and his warriors caught up to her.

She stopped and watched them as they paced back and forth along the border. "You will pay for everything that you have done Shawna" the Alpha said in her mind. "I did nothing but the job you said to do!" Shawna snarled back.

As Shawna ran deeper into the woods, she swore that she would never trust another person for the rest of her life. She was now a rogue and would never be allowed into another Pack again.

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