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A geeky boy tries to blackmail his buxom neighbour...and succeeds.

Erotica / Drama
Ocean Ericson
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Chapter 1

Martin Turner was the boy you picked on in High School, he was the skinny looking kid with freckles that got beat up every day by the local bullies. He was the smartest kid in science class who wore wide rimmed spectacles that were always broken and always stuck back together with grubby looking plasters. He was the ugly duckling, the one with no friends who spent his evenings on his computer or in the back shed with his science kit. Of course he was also the one most likely to go nuts one day and pack a gun instead of his lunch, just to remind you all that he existed. But that’s another story. And this has nothing to do with revenge.

The lunch bell rang and all through Downtown Highschool kids left their classroom and headed on about their business. Some went to eat their lunch, some met up with their girlfriend or boyfriend, others hit the sports grounds and still others went behind the gymnasium to smoke secret cigarettes.

Martin Turner was the last to leave Maths class, wanting to finish the advanced physics equation he was so close to solving before he went on his break. He didn’t much like lunchtimes anyway so he was in no hurry. Mostly he spent his lunch hour eating alone with a good science book, or if it was a bad day someone would stumble across him and tease him or worse, beat him up. Martin finished the problem and packed up his books.

“Come on Marty,” said Mr Steedman, his maths teacher, hurrying him up, “Shouldn’t you be outside in the sun chasing girls or something?”

“Ahh,” stammered Martin, blushing furiously at the mention of girls, “Yes Mr Steedman.” He hurriedly finished packing his bag and hurried out of the classroom, almost dropping all his stuff as he stumbled on the leg of a chair in his way.

“See you tomorrow,” his teacher called after him.

Martin pulled the classroom door closed and hurried out of the room, not looking where he was headed. He spun around to look where he was going and ran smack into someone. Martin and the other person tumbled to the ground, and the young geek found himself on top of a rather curvaceous female figure. Martin had crashed into none other than Kelly Sinclair, the captain of Downtown Highschools cheerleading squad and the post popular girl in school. Time seemed to crawl to a halt.

Kelly was dressed in a super short plaid skirt, displaying her incredible toned, long legs, reminiscent of a kinky catholic schoolgirl skirt. A tight fitting white blouse that was stretched taut across her firm and full C cup breasts, the fuel for more than a few of Martin’s (and probably most boys at Downtown Highschool) wet dreams and jerk off sessions.

Martin found himself face down in Kelly’s sizable bosom, his crotch against one firm thigh, although it took him a few moments to realize his position, and when he did, he froze in terror. Kelly’s large soft breasts felt incredible against his face, it was the closest he’d ever come to a real pair of tits and it was an amazing feeling. The teenager felt himself stiffen slightly against Kelly’s warm thigh, her breathing causing her chest to rise and fall against his cheek. From his very close up point of view Martin could see the lacy white material of Kelly’s bra and this caused further stirrings in his loins.

Time suddenly kicked in again as Kelly screamed loudly and angrily in his ear and shoved him off her chest. Martin fell sideways off her and was quick to grab up his bag to cover the bulge in his lap. He looked over at the furious cheerleader and saw that her already short skirt had been pushed up and he caught a glimpse of the white panties at her crotch.

“You clumsy asshole!” snapped Kelly, getting to her feet. There were a few onlookers around, sniggering at Martins predicament.

“S..Sorry,” stammered Martin, blushing furiously. He absolutely hated being the center of attention.

“That’s okay,” said Kelly, her voice suddenly uncharacteristically softening. Any usual encounter of this kind with Kelly Sinclair would have led to about ten minutes of verbal abuse, plus a possible beating from her boyfriend Tom Foster, captain of the football team. Kelly bent forward and offered her hand to help Martin to his feet.

The front of her blouse hung low as she bent and Martin got an eyeful of her lush, soft breasts and deep cleavage before he tore his gaze up to her face. He tentatively reached out and took her soft hand, fearful she was playing some joke on him. But he safely regained his footing with her help.

Once he was on his feet Kelly pushed him against the lockers behind him, leaning her curvaceous body against his. “You’re Marty Turner right?” she asked him, her voice still soft.

“Ahh…yes..” Marty stammered, he’d never been so nervous in his life. The cheerleader’s soft body felt incredible so close to him, her breasts almost touching his chest and her warm hand on his shoulder.

“You’re good at maths right?” Kelly asked him, her voice very seductive. Martin gasped as he felt her long leg slip between his, her thigh rubbing the inside of his as she toyed with the hair behind his neck with one hand and stroked his chest with the other.

Martin was sure she was setting him up, but right now he didn’t care. This beautiful cheerleader was coming on to him and his pants felt as though they were about to explode. “Umm, I guess so,” he replied, his voice shaking and his eyes wide.

Kelly’s warm thigh moved up his thigh and pressed into his hard crotch, rubbing back and forth slightly, the pretty cheerleader cooed in appreciation and the hand on Martin’s chest stroked down across his body and slipped up between his legs.

“I need some tutoring,” Kelly breathed, giving his throbbing crotch a squeeze through his pants. She leaned in close, her full breasts pressing against him. “If you teach me maths I can suck your cock as payment.”

At this Martin almost fainted, he barely heard the sound of the zipper on his pants as Kelly opened them and reached inside. “Oh God!” groaned Martin as he felt Kelly’s soft hand on his bare penis, he was so close to cumming it wasn’t funny.

Suddenly Kelly released him and stepped back, her previously warm and seductive expression turning to a look of disgust.

“Oh my God!” she snapped, “Look at your little dick!”

Martin immediately blushed and the sounds of harsh laughter filled his ears. He then realized that he wasn’t alone with Kelly, but in fact in a crowded school corridor. And his small erect penis was dangling out of the front of his pants.

“You don’t really think I was going to put that pencil in my mouth do you?” Kelly asked with a laugh, pointing at his rapidly shriveling member, causing the rapidly gathering crowd of kids to laugh cruelly at Martin’s predicament.

Marty glanced down at his own member and knew Kelly wasn’t kidding. He was not like the geek’s in most of these erotic stories who are socially retarded, but have 8 or 10 or even 12 inch cocks that cause girls to go weak at the knees and wet at the crotch. No, Martin was socially retarded with a four and a half inch pencil-dick.

“Hey pencil dick!” growled a male voice as Martin’s vision blurred with tears. “What the fuck are you doing to my girl?” the voice demanded angrily. It was Tom Foster, captain of the Downtown High football team and boyfriend to Kelly Sinclair.

Martin finally had the sense of mind to cover his exposed genitals with his hands, but Tom Foster picked that exact moment to punch Martin in the face. The young geek went down immediately, his vision fading as he dropped into unconsciousness. Martin wasn’t sure if he should be annoyed that Tom punched him, or thankful that he was knocked out and his nightmare was temporarily over.

Marty Turner awoke sometime later in the school nurse’s office, his penis down thankfully back in his trousers and the side of his face throbbing painfully.

“Hold this against your face,” the nurse said to him, handing him a cold tea towel wrapped around some ice cubes as she saw him awakening.

Martin mumbled something unintelligible in reply, still dazed from the blow to his head, but he took the cold pack from her and held it to the side of his face. He winced as the icy material touched his inflamed cheek, his vision slowly clearing as he sat back on the bed.

The nurse looked at him in concern, “How are you feeling Marty?”

“Ahh, okay I think,” Martin replied, he was just thankful to have escaped the cruel ridicule of the other kids and the look of disgust in Kelly Sinclair’s face. The nurse was quite pretty, Martin had always liked her and more than once faked an injury. She was a kind woman in her mid-thirties by Marty’s estimation. She was quite pretty and had a nice figure, just curvy enough to be interesting, but not exactly a walking wet dream or anything like that. She was a tad overweight, but her matronly bosom always held great interest for Martin, despite the unrevealing uniform she wore.

“Good,” the nurse said warmly, “That was quite a blow you took from the look of you when you arrived here.”

Martin glanced down at his pants and saw that he was all zipped up. He wondered briefly if it was the pretty older nurse who had put his penis away, and the thought brought some life back into his recently shamed organ.

“I’ll just check a few things,” the nurse said, picking up one of her instruments. It was some sort of magnifying instrument with a small light on the end of it. The nurse moved up to the side of the bed Marty lay on and checked his eyes with the object. When she was up close Marty could hardly breathe, it affected him much like Kelly’s presence had, her perfume flooding his nostrils and her full chest so close causing further stirrings in his pants.

“You seem okay,” the nurse said, quickly examining his other eye. “I don’t think there was any concussion, but you should rest for the remainder of the day. Want me to call your mother?”

“Ah thanks,” Martin replied with a nod.

The nurse left the room and went to call his mother, Marty let out a deep sigh. He adjusted the cold pack on his face slightly, and used his other hand to adjust his swollen crotch as he considered his situation. On the downside he was even more socially rejected than he had ever been before. Not only was he going to be constantly ridiculed, every girl in school would know for sure he had a small dick so he wasn’t going to be getting any action for the rest of his high school days, not even a sympathy fuck. On the plus side of things, he’d actually had his penis in Kelly Sinclair’s hand, not many guys in the school could say that. It would give him plenty of fuel for masturbatory fantasies in the days to come.

The nurse returned a few minutes later, “There was no answer at your house. I guess your parents are at work?”

Martin kicked himself mentally. Of course they were, it was the close proximity of the sexy older woman that had befuddled him. “Oh sorry, I forgot,” he said dumbly.

“No problem,” the nurse replied brightly, “I’ll drive you home.”

“Thank you,” said Martin, his mind immediately running away with him, imagining taking the curvaceous nurse back to his house and having sex with her.

The nurse leant forward and helped Martin to her feet, as she did so, the side of one full breast brushed against Martin’s upper arm, sending shockwaves directly to his loins. The nurse then led Martin to her car, a small red hatchback and helped him into the passenger seat, this time Martin made sure to rub himself against the side of her breast as she helped him inside.

They drove to his house in silence, Martin occasionally stealing quick glances in her direction during the twenty minute trip. Once there the nurse helped Martin inside and then bid him farewell, not one of the wild fantasies in the young man’s imagination coming true.

Martin made his way up to his bedroom, the cold, and now wet from melted ice tea towel still clutched against the side of his face which was feeling pretty numb by now. Martin decided he’d use concussion as an excuse to take a few days off school and therefore put off facing the other kids after his complete humiliation. He made it to his room and kicked the door closed, making sure to take a quick look at the naked poster of Pamela Anderson pinned on the back. He went over to the window to shut the curtains so that he could pass out for a few hours before his parents arrived back home. As he reached the window however some movement outside the house next door caught his eye and he stopped.

There were two large moving trucks parked outside the neighbor’s house and some men were unloading furniture. What caught Martin’s eye most of all however, was the pretty blonde who was directing their efforts. Was she his new next-door neighbor? Marty scooted his knees beside his bed, straining to reach underneath and pull out a rather dusty looking box. He yanked off the lid and pulled out a telescope. Seven years ago he’d gotten it for Christmas when he’d been dreaming of becoming an astronaut. He’d spent a few months stargazing before the telescope was stuffed under his bed, never to be seen again, until today anyway.

Marty hurriedly set it up on the desk beside his window. It wasn’t like he really needed a telescope to see what was going on next door, but he was eager to get a better look at the blonde. If she was as attractive as she looked from his window then he wanted a closer look at her.

He got the scope on it’s tripod finally and aimed it across towards his neighbors front yard. Martin must have got the zoom a bit high, because when he looked into the lens he found himself looking straight at a deep, tanned cleavage. Martin almost fell back off his chair as he looked at the deep valley between a pair of perfect, large breasts. He hadn’t intended to zoom in quite that much, but man, what a pair of tits she had. Marty zoomed out a little, taking in the sight of her entire torso. Her breasts looked massive from the close up point of view, far bigger Kelly Sinclair’s, or even the school nurses. His new neighbor was wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt that had a low plunging v-neckline on it, that, as Marty had seen, displayed an impressive cleavage.

With his cock already starting to swell inside his trousers, Marty zoomed out further to get a better look at his new neighbor in her entirety. She looked to be around thirty years old, she wasn’t some pretty high school girl like Kelly Sinclair, and she was a woman, with womanly curves to match. The older blonde was absolutely drop dead gorgeous, she had a finely sculptured face like a model, a slim yet curvaceous figure and perfectly groomed lush blonde hair. As well as the v-necked white t-shirt, Martin’s new neighbor wore a pair of tight, clinging blue jeans that hugged her long legs and gorgeously toned ass.

“Oh my God!” breathed Martin in amazement, his new neighbor was incredible! Marty reached down and rubbed the insistent throb in his crotch as he gazed at the pretty woman through his telescope. This was every boy’s dream. Would his sexy neighbor leave her blinds open when she got changed at night? Would she invite him over to help her around the house? The possibilities were endless.

For the ensuing twenty minutes Martin was entranced as he watched his new neighbor direct the movers as her furniture was brought into her house. Martin’s cock hardened as he watched her massive bust jiggle and sway enticingly inside her tight fitting t-shirt and he alternated between gazing at her entire perfect form and zooming in on her vast bosom. The eighteen year olds hand unconsciously strayed down between his legs, to rub the growing bulge of his cock through his suddenly tight pants. A couple times the woman bent over and almost hand Martin cumming in his trousers. Once, she was facing towards him and as she bent to check on a box Martin’s telescope zoomed in on the neckline of her shirt, which hung open as she leant forward providing him with a mind boggling view of her creamy tits. The second time she faced away from him and bent down at the waist to pick up something she had dropped. Her ass was incredible, often a woman with such an over developed chest would be overweight and chunky around the hips and thighs, but this one was perfect in every respect.

When she finally signed off with the movers and went inside Martin’s cock was more swollen than it had ever been, he had to be close to 5 inches of rock hard manly meat. He noticed for the first time that his balls were aching, the woman had driven him wild and he hadn’t even got his cock out of his pants. It was no wonder really, what with Kelly’s hand actually touching his cock, then the school nurse being so close to him, and finally this goddess from next door.

Martin let out a groan and dashed for the bathroom. He was breathing heavily as he yanked his cock out of his pants and began to fiercely tug on it, closing his eyes and conjuring the image of his new neighbor bending over. His aching balls started to throb and Martin increased the pace of his strokes. He was just nearing the edge when there was a sudden knock at the door.

“Shit!” swore Martin, unconsciously starting to blush in embarrassment as he hurriedly stuffed his pain-filled cock back into his underwear.

“Shit!” he swore again, zipping up his pants and untucking his shirt to cover the swelling still evident in his pants as he rushed to answer the door.

In a complete fluster he swung the door open and was greeted by the shocking sight of his sexy new next-door neighbor. Martin stood there frozen and speechless. The curvaceous woman beamed a wide smile at him and raised one eyebrow as she waited for the dumbstruck teenager to greet her.

“Ah hello?” stammered Martin, his voice shaking. The woman was even more beautiful up close. Not only did she have a killer body, she also had a stunning face. Her eyes were a deep smoldering blue and her lips were full and red, made to kiss, or perhaps made to do something else, much more wicked.

“Hi,” she replied with a small wave, “I’ve just moved in next door, I’m your new neighbor.”

“Oh hi,” replied Martin, still very nervous and unsure what to do. He was also uncomfortably aware of the fact he still had a raging erection.

“Bethany’s the name,” she said, extending a hand.

It took Martin a moment to realize she wanted to shake his hand. He reached out and took her soft hand in his, it felt so smooth and lovely, and he couldn’t help but imagine that perfect hand wrapped around his hard cock, just as Kelly Sinclair’s had been. Marty couldn’t help but glance down at her chest, his eye’s widening as he gazed at the way her shirt was filled out.

“And you’re name is?” asked Bethany, trying to prod the teenager into speaking.

“Oh right, I’m Martin,” he replied after a moment’s hesitation.

“Very nice to meet you Martin,” said the lovely blonde warmly. “You don’t know anything about computers do you by chance?”

“Yeah I’m a hacker!” Martin replied with sudden enthusiasm, he then blushed a little as he realized how childish that sounded.

“Okay,” Bethany said with a smile, “Would you do me a huge favor?”

“Sure, anything.”

“The cable guy has just been in and installed my internet. I just need you to come over and set up my computer. Even though I work with them in my business I’m a bit of a dummy when it comes to technical things like that.”

“Okay sure,” agreed Marty. “I’d be glad to help.”

“Great, let’s go.”

Marty followed the gorgeous blonde over to her house, walking behind her so he could leisurely admire the spectacular roll of her buttocks inside her tight jeans. Beth unlocked her front door and led Martin inside. The house was filled with furniture and boxes, as you would expect in a newly inhabited home.

“The computer’s upstairs in my office,” Bethany told him, leading him up the flight of stairs by the front door. Martin followed her up, getting another good look of her ass right in front of him.

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