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Chapter 2

“Here we go,” she said, opening the first door at the top landing. Bethany’s computer was in boxes over in one corner of the room, and her office consisted of little more than a desk and a large, ornate looking double bed. “Here’s the internet cable,” said Bethany, bending over to pick up a black cord that stuck out of the wall. As she bent forward Marty almost gasped aloud as her ass was fantastically displayed for his viewing pleasure.

“Okay,” said Martin, swallowing nervously as he moved over to the computer, “I should be able to put this all together in fifteen minutes.”

“Cool,” said Bethany with a warm smile, she reached out and touched Martin’s arm in thanks. “I’ve got plenty of unpacking to do so I’ll leave you to it.”

“Okay,” Martin replied, his heartbeat racing at her touch.

Once she had left the office Martin began to unpack the computer and put it together on the small desk. He knew exactly what he was doing and had it assembled in around five minutes.

“I better boot it up to make sure it works,” he muttered to himself, switching on the power. Took a couple minutes for the machine to load up, Beth strangely had a picture of a lacy purple g-string lying on the floor as her desktop picture.

Having confirmed that the computer was working Martin reached for the power button, but froze just before pressing it. He hesitated a moment then looked around to see if Beth was nearby. He then rapidly typed a few commands on the keyboard, bringing up the security settings on the computer. He memorized the machine’s IP address and made a few quick changes to some of the settings before shutting it down and calling out to his neighbor.

“Done!” he yelled.

Bethany came in and looked over his shoulder to see the computer all up and running.

“Fantastic Martin, thank you sooo much!” she breathed, leaning past him to load up her email. Doing this caused her breasts to press against the back of Martin’s shoulders.

“No problem,” he murmured, his voice shaking. He noticed with amazement that Beth’s email address was busty_bethany_44dd@aol.com.

“I’ll show you out,” said Bethany, “Thanks again for the help, I’ll have to repay you one day.”

“Don’t mention it,” Martin waved her off.

“No really, I do appreciate it,” Beth insisted as she led him down to the front door. Beth gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and then waved goodbye.

Martin hurried back to his room, his cheek’s burning where he had been kissed, his cock once against hard as a rock. This had been quite a day.

Marty Turner awoke early the next morning. After leaving Bethany’s house last night he’d gone straight up to his bedroom and whacked off. He’d cum in quarts, all the built up sexual tension from the adventure filled day finally released.

“What a day,” he murmured to himself as he clambered out of bed. He’d told his mother about his trip to the sick bay at school, although not what had happened, so today he’d managed to get the day off school. His parents were already gone to work by the time he woke up.

Martin gave a yawn as he stretched, then got up and switched on his computer. Time to practice his hacking skills.

It took Martin under five minutes to log himself into Bethany’s computer, the security settings he changed yesterday made it very easy.

“I’m the man!” he congratulated himself, clapping his hands together.

For the next ten minutes he nosed curiously around in his busty neighbors computer, not really finding much of interest.

And then it appeared.

He pulled open a bitmap picture file and onto the screen flashed a picture of his lovely neighbor. Naked.

Martin almost choked in surprise and his heart skipped a beat. There right before his very eyes was a picture of his incredibly sexy new next-door neighbor wearing only a smile. She was even more gorgeous than he had imagined. Her breasts were huge, definitely the 44DD that her email address claimed, if not even bigger. The ample orbs were tanned, as was the rest of her trim, fit body, and dark, mouth watering nipples topped them. Her pubic hair was trimmed and well groomed, all in all she looked like the centerfold from a Playboy magazine. The picture showed her lying back on the bed that Martin has seen in her office, her arms raised above her head, leaving her huge breasts jutting invitingly upwards and her lips formed a sexy pout. Her legs were together, unlike the spread eagled porno photo’s Martin had seen in the past, but he could still see her pubic hair.

“Holy shit!” groaned Marty, his cock once again twitching inside his pants, this was all just too much.

Martin closed the picture and immediately searched through the folder where it had been. He found a handful of other photos of Bethany. One other was naked, in two she wore a sexy revealing dress and the last two she was in some sexy black lingerie.

The last photo had her with her back to the camera wearing only a lacy black g-string, the perfect globes of her ass revealed for Marty’s eyes to feast upon.

“This is incredible!” he breathed softly. He couldn’t believe he’d actually found naked pictures of his beautiful next-door neighbor.

Martin flicked back to the first picture, the one she was completely naked in and then pulled out his cock. He let out a low moan and began to rapidly rub his cock, jerking off to the glorious sight of Bethany’s body.

“Oh shit!” he grunted, cumming in less than a minute, splattering his load over his own stomach and lap, a couple drops hitting his computer keyboard. Once he was spent he cleaned himself up and wiped down his computer.

“This is a goldmine,” he breathed, flicking through the photos once again. Then an idea came to him. These were Bethany’s private photos! She was naked in them! This was just like those erotic stories he’d read where the man got hold of some embarrassing photo’s of a gorgeous woman and then used them as leverage to get her to have sex with him. Martin was going to blackmail his neighbor. Martin was going to see her naked in the flesh. Martin was going to get laid!

His heart was pounding in excitement and although he hadn’t noticed it, his cock was hard again. This was all too good to be true. He took a deep breath to steady himself and then flicked over to the photo that showed her lovely ass in her revealing g-string.

“God!” he murmured, “Imagine sticking my cock between those perfect cheeks.”

He took another moment to steady his nerves, then it was time for action.

“No point in waiting around,” he said to himself as he closed down his picture viewing program and loaded up his email.

‘To: busty_bethany_44d@aol.com

Subject: photos

Hello Bethany

Attached you will find a series of photographs that have come into my possession. I know where you live and unless you do exactly as I say I will post these photos everywhere on the internet and expose you to all the world’

Martin hesitated a moment and then signed the letter as Mr Pink. He attached copies of the photos to the email and pressed send.

“Done,” he breathed, sitting back in his chair. Then he had immediate second thoughts. What if she knew it was him. What if she called the cops? Before he had time to dwell too much on it he was shocked to see a reply to the email pop up in his inbox. She must be logged onto her computer right this minute.

“Shit!” he said aloud, his heart was racing. “What am I getting myself into?” He opened the email.

‘To: Mr Pink

Subject: photos

You’re kidding right?’

Marty frowned. ‘I’m serious!!’ he typed back.

‘Blackmail? You’re going to reveal my body to the world? I’m scared,’ came the reply.

Marty smiled broadly and clapped his hands together. He had her now. Before he could type a reply another message popped up in his inbox from Bethany.

‘If you really want to go through with this and you know where I live come here now and we can negotiate the release of the photographs.’

Martin stopped himself from shouting aloud with joy and shut down his computer. He dashed out of this room, grabbing his jacket on the way and headed for the door. Better to do this now while he still had the confidence to go through with it, he decided, summoning his courage and hurrying next door to his new neighbors house.

He knocked boldly on the door. His gorgeous neighbor answered, she was wearing the same faded blue jeans from yesterday, this time with a tight fitting red t-shirt that stretched impressively taut across her ample bust. The t-shirt was quite short, leaving a small stretch of her flat stomach bare, and her jeans were slung quite low, the sides of her pink g-string underwear visible on her hips.

“Oh, hello Martin,” Bethany greeted him, looking surprised. “Sorry, I was expecting someone else.”

Martin blushed deeply, his gaze briefly dropping to her expansive chest a moment as he briefly considered pulling out of his plan. The heaving of Bethany’s full bosom convinced him otherwise however.

“I’m Mr Pink,” he told her in a quiet voice, glancing back towards the street, worried someone would see him.

Bethany blinked in surprise, her eyes going wild. “You’re the blackmailer?” she gasped in astonishment, a little too loudly for Marty’s liking.

“That’s right,” Marty replied, calmer than he thought he would be. “And you’d better do exactly as I say if you want me to keep our little secret.” With that Martin pushed her back inside her doorway and closed the door behind him.

Bethany had a slightly bemused expression on her face, which dulled Martin’s confidence a little, but he surged on nonetheless.

“Is anyone else home?” he asked her.

“What do you want?” Bethany asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

“I want you.”

Bethany burst into laughter.

“Shut up!” snapped Martin, he was really angry now, how dare she laugh at him like that? He could ruin her!

Bethany stopped laughing, but there was still a broad grin on her face. “Let me get this straight,” she said, her smile widening. “You want me to let you fuck me, and if I don’t you’re going to post nude pictures of me all over the web?”

“That’s right!” Martin said irately, a small shadow of doubt creeping across his consciousness, why was she so calm about this, the idea didn’t seem to scare her.

Bethany burst out laughing again. “You stupid little shithead, follow me.”

A little taken aback by her attitude Martin dumbly followed his lovely neighbor up the stairs of her house to her office. The computer was on and Bethany ordered Martin to sit down in front of it, the geeky teen noticed a lacy black bra hooked over the edge of the bed beside the computer, and gasped at the size of the bra’s cups. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on Bethany’s tits.

“Go to that webpage,” Bethany ordered, pointing to a hyperlink on her desktop.

Marty was really starting to get worried now, what was she up to? This wasn’t going at all the way he had it planned out in his head. By now he imagined she would be naked and sucking his cock. He moved the mouse and clicked on the link and the webpage sprung up onto the screen.

A picture of Bethany appeared on a pink background, she was topless, dressed only in a micro-mini skirt and a pair of stiletto heels. The skirt left her long, slender legs bare. Her big tits were covered only by her arms cradled across her chest, her deep cleavage spilling over the top of her arms and the barest hint of one dark areola visible. In red writing, splashed across the page was ‘Busty Bethany’. It had two buttons and at the bottom, one was marked ‘Members Only’ the other said ‘Guests – See More Of Me And My 44DD’s’. Was his sexy neighbor really a sexy web girl?

Unconsciously Martin moved the mouse pointer to the Guest button and clicked it. A new photo of Bethany popped onto the screen. In this one she was lying back on a bed, the very bed in the room beside him. She was wearing a lacy black bra and panties, could it be the bra hanging a few feet from him?

“You’re a webgirl?” Marty asked, his voice cracking slightly. It would explain the naked pictures he found on her computer after all.

“That’s right,” Bethany confirmed. She reached past him and switched off the computer monitor and spun Marty around in his chair to face her.

She leaned in very close to him, a dark, angry look on her face. Marty couldn’t help but notice the intoxicating perfume she was wearing that flared at his nostrils.

“Now listen up you little fuck!” Bethany swore. “Obviously you posting pictures of me on the web isn’t going to get you very far.”

“No,” Martin agreed quietly, his voice failing him.

“If you ever try and blackmail me again I’ll make it so that your life is not worth living,” she said, the serious tone of her voice leaving no doubt in Martin’s mind that her word was good. “There is no way in hell you are getting into my pants, especially after a stunt like this.”

“Sorry,” Martin said, he was scared shitless, and close to tears.

“Now get the fuck out of my house you dickless little cunt!” Bethany swore, stepping back so that Martin could get past her.

The young teenager stood up and immediately made a beeline for the door.

“And don’t think you’ve got away with this scot-free!” warned Bethany. “I will make you regret this.”

Martin ran down the stairs and out the front door, tears rolling unbidden down his cheeks as he hurried home.

Martin spent the next two hours alternately sobbing in his bed and also wracking his brain with excuses for when Bethany approached the police, or worse yet his parents. He couldn’t believe he had actually thought his plan would work and that he would lose his cherry with the buxom blonde. Every ten minutes he would head to his window and look across at Bethany’s front door, worried he would see a policeman there with her, but fortunately none came.

At about lunchtime he sat down at his computer and booted it up. He moved his mouse pointer to the folder containing the pictures of Bethany that had caused all the trouble in the first place. He clicked and dragged it to his recycle bin and deleted it.

“There!” he said, relieved to be done with it. Then he emptied the recycle bin so he couldn’t recover the pictures.

Feeling a little better now he headed downstairs and made himself a sandwich for lunch, he took it back upstairs to eat in his bedroom. Munching on it at his desk he happened to glance out the window and see movement in his neighbor’s backyard.

Martin put down his sandwich and stood to peer out the window. Bethany was outside on her back deck, lying on a deckchair in her bikini, sunbathing.

“Holy shit!” swore Martin, hurrying to grab his telescope and get a better look at her.

Gazing through the scope at the gorgeous buxom blonde caused an instant stirring in his loins. The red bikini she was wearing was quite revealing. Her ample tits rested on her chest, barely concealed by the small triangles of the bikini top and when he zoomed in with the telescope he could clearly make out her hard nipples jutting against the material.

“Wow,” he breathed, admiring her fantastic form. He moved the scope down across Bethany’s perfectly flat stomach to the small bikini bottoms that covered her mound, then down across her long, tanned legs. She was quite a beauty. Martin’s cock was hard as a rock inside his pants and he cursed himself for so hastily deleting those naked pictures of Bethany, they’d make great jack-off material now.

Marty looked back down at Bethany and to his horror she was waving at him.

“Shit!” he swore, ducking back down onto his bed, out of view of the window. She’d seen him looking at her! Martin’s mind raced, what was she going to do? He peeked back up to see if she was still looking, but the deck chair was now empty and his neighbor was nowhere to be seen. Martin scratched at his uncomfortably hard crotch, was she just teasing him?

“Damn!” he swore aloud, sitting back down at his computer. His cock was still painfully hard, maybe he should hack back into Bethany’s computer and get those photo’s back.

Suddenly an email appeared in his inbox. He frowned and opened it up, it was from Bethany.

‘Like what you see? You’ll never have me you horny little creep,’ she taunted him.

Martin sighed and sank back in his chair. Then an idea abruptly came to him. He opened up his internet and went to Bethany’s webpage, his busty neighbor’s main pain filling the screen, looking even sexier than he remembered in the short skirt. Martin flicked through the four pages of previews, hoping to find some pictures as good as the one’s he’d stolen previously, but he was out of luck. There were plenty of teasing shots, with Bethany in short dresses, bikinis and sexy lingerie, but the front page was the closest thing to nude on the free pages.

Slumping back in defeat he switched the computer off in disgust and went downstairs to watch television for the rest of the afternoon, possible repercussions from his earlier actions constantly nagging at the back of his mind.

Martin’s mother arrived home a few hours later and was pleased to see Martin looking a little healthier. After greeting Marty and checking his temperature, she put her purse down on the coffee table and went next door into the kitchen to start making dinner.

Unable to resist the temptation, Marty waited until his mother was out of sight, then grabbed her purse and opened it up, his heart thumping nervously. He shook his head, what was he coming to? Up until yesterday he’d been a nice boy, now he was somehow getting involved in extortion and theft and who knows what next. Nevertheless, Marty reached into his mother’s purse and grabbed her credit card.

He hurried upstairs, trying to walk past his mother as casually as possible and then switched on his computer. He loaded up Bethany’s web page and clicked on the ‘Join’ button. Quickly as possible he typed in all his details, using the handle ‘Boobgeek’ and his mother’s credit card to get in. Once he was joined up he rushed back downstairs and returned his mother's card. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice the $19.95 monthly bill on her statements.

Martin then went back upstairs and entered the Members area of the Bethany website, trembling nervously in excitement.

For the next hour he browsed the members sections, viewing picture galleries, Bethany’s sexy diary, webcam highlights and full video sections. Martin had his cock out in hand for the entire time as he scanned through the countless sexy photos of his neighbor. All in all it was a lot more explicit than he had expected. The photo’s ranged from shots of Bethany in her underwear and swim suits, much like the guest preview shots, to nude photo’s of her with her legs spread wide, to some girl-girl lesbian action, even some blowjob and titty fucking photo’s.

Martin blew his load when he came across a video showing Bethany’s most recent webcam footage. When the male actor in the scene shot his load over Bethany’s tits and face, Marty shot his load over his keyboard.

“Dinners ready!” came his mother's shout from downstairs, suddenly snapping Martin’s attention back to reality.

“Shit!” he swore, hurriedly stuffing his sticky cock back into his pants and grabbing some tissues to wipe his keyboard clean. He then logged off Bethany’s website and hurried downstairs for dinner.

As much as he wanted to race back upstairs and check out more of Bethany’s website after dinner, Marty found himself stuck downstairs in the lounge watching television with his parents. He didn’t normally spend a lot of time in his room so he didn’t want them getting suspicious.

At around 8 o’clock he was about to feign sickness and head up to get back on his computer when there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” his mother offered, leaving to answer it.

Martin took the chance and headed upstairs, as he passed the hallway he saw his mother talking to Bethany at the door. Shit! Now he was doomed! Scared shitless, the nervous eighteen year old hurried up to his room, not bothering to turn on his computer.

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