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Chapter 3

“What am I going to say?” he said aloud, pacing back and forth to try and think of an excuse he could give his mother so that she wouldn’t send him to a shrink or something equally bad. He heard the front door close and, lost for a better idea, he jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep.

Marty’s mother didn’t come up immediately, she was probably telling his father about Martin’s actions, he was royally screwed now. After almost ten minutes there was a knock on his bedroom door. Martin pretended not to hear it.

His father swung the door open and switched on the bedroom light.

“Wake up Martin!” he said in a very firm tone of voice.

“What is it?” Martin asked, sitting up in bed and pretending to be sleepy.

“That was our new neighbor, Elizabeth,” his father said. “She told your mother that you have been spying on her while she was getting changed. Is this true?”

Martin blushed, but didn’t reply. Did this mean she hadn’t told them about the blackmail?

“You little pervert!” growled his father, taking Martin’s silence as an admission. He stepped into the room and grabbed Martin’s telescope. “This is going!” he said firmly, “and you are going to write Elizabeth an apology letter tomorrow.”

“But Dad!” complained Martin, the last thing he wanted was to apologize to that bitch next door, even if it was him that started all this.

“No arguments!” his father told him, raising his voice. “You’re also grounded for the next month and no more television. You can’t go peeping through other people’s windows, that’s terrible behavior Martin. Me and your mother brought you up to be better than that.”

“Yes Dad,” agreed Martin glumly. Bethany was going to pay for this. Somehow.

“Just be thankful we’re not revoking your computer privileges. You’d better make that apology convincing son, and I want it hand delivered to Elizabeth tomorrow. Understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. And if I ever hear of this happening again…”

“You won’t,” Martin assured his father quickly.

His father nodded and left, slamming the door behind him. Martin let out a sigh. He wasn’t sure if he felt relieved or angry.

Martin flicked on his computer and went straight to Bethany’s homepage, keen to explore the rest of her site. If his mother noticed the membership fee on her credit card he was assured to be carted off to the loony bin as a sex mad pervert, he might as well get his money’s worth out of it.

After a bit of general surfing through a couple of Bethany’s more explicit galleries, Martin came across a very interesting section in the webcam area of the site.

‘Win a blowjob

How would you like to appear in Bethany’s next webcam show? One lucky member will be drawn at random to join Busty Bethany’s next webcam show this Saturday. Click on the link below to enter, and see some of the fun that previous Monthly Lucky Members have had at Bethany’s shows.’

“Is this for real?” Martin said aloud, clicking on the link. Shaking with excitement he inputted his membership details into the form to enter himself into the contest. How cool would it be if he won? He’d love to see the look on Bethany’s face when he turned up and she had to suck his dick.

Grinning Marty spent the next half hour clicking his way through the highlights of previous Lucky Member shows. Mouse in one hand, his short cock in the other. There were shots of members playing with Bethany’s huge 44DDs, shots of them undressing her, Bethany sucking on the cocks of very happy looking members, hard cocks sliding between Bethany’s massive tits, shots of members splashing Bethany’s pretty face with their cum, squirting on her tits, eating her pussy, sucking on her nipples, even one of a member fucking her doggy style. Although there was only the one fucking shot, it seemed that was not a normal part of the Lucky Member contest.

After Marty finally came into a towel this time, he was prepared. He shut down his computer and hit the sack. Bethany’s club had around five thousand members, so the chances of Marty actually winning were pretty small. But still, it was nice to dream.

Martin Turner awoke, feeling quite dazed and confused. He looked around and saw that he was sleeping, not in his own bed, but in the ornate double bed from his sexy neighbor, Bethany’s office.

“What’s going on?” he wondered, his mind still befuddled, not yet fully awoken from his slumber. He was about to get up and look around when the door to the office opened and Bethany entered.

He expected her to be angry to find him here, and maybe call the cops, but her expression was calm, even welcoming. She was wearing one of the sexy outfits he had seen her in on her website, a tiny white t-shirt that was cut low across her ample tits, her deep cleavage spilling out the top, and a lacy white g-string that left her fantastic ass pretty much bare.

“Oh wow,” breathed Marty as she walked towards him, climbing on the bed beside him. Bethany placed a delicate hand on his chest and pushed him so that he was lying back down on the soft bed. She then peeled off her g-string, revealing the small patch of her trimmed pubic hair and a hint of the pink lips of her pussy between her well-shaped thighs.

“Just relax,” Bethany purred, her voice a husky whisper. She straddled his crotch and Marty realized for the first time that he was naked. His cock, hard as a rock, brushed against Bethany’s pubic mound. The lovely blonde reached down between her thighs and took hold of Marty’s cock, her soft hand felt incredible around his hard shaft and he almost came at her breast touch.

“Oh wow!” repeated Martin as Bethany guided his cock towards her warm pussy. The teenager let out a long groan as Bethany slid down his hard pole, taking his entire length inside her. She rocked briefly on his cock a few times and then yanked her t-shirt up over her head, tossing it across the room where it landed on her computer. Bethany’s big tits tumbled free, she wore nothing beneath her shirt. Martin’s hands rose unbidden to touch the ample melons, his finger closing over them and squeezing eagerly.

“Martin!” breathed Bethany as he pinched her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. She began to move up and down on his hard shaft, riding him. He was in heaven, he couldn’t believe he was finally fucking his gorgeous neighbor, without having to blackmail her.

“Martin!” she repeated, a little louder. His hands once again covered her big tits and he squeezed them roughly, moaning softly with pleasure.


Martin awoke with a start to his mother shaking him and calling his name.

“Are you going to school today?” his mother asked, frowning thoughtfully at him as if assessing his health.

“Ah, yeah,” Martin agreed, disappointed she interrupted his dream. But who knows, perhaps he’ll win the competition and maybe get his chance with Bethany after all.

Martin arrived home from a rather uneventful day at school and sat down in front of his computer, preparing to write his apology letter to Bethany. He wanted to get it out of the way before he sat down for a serious jerk off session in front of Bethany’s website. The day had gone quite well so far, he’d managed to avoid Kelly Sinclair at school so he was feeling quite good about himself and didn’t want to ruin it.

He quickly typed up the briefest apology letter he thought he could get away with. Knowing Bethany if he made it too curt she would show it to his parents and get him in even more trouble. Once he was satisfied with his efforts he printed it off, summoned his courage and went next door.

Clutching the letter in one hand knocked loudly on Bethany’s front door.

She took a while to answer, but when the door opened Martin’s breath was taken away. Bethany stood there, with one hand on her hip, dressed in the skimpiest of lingerie. She had a lacy white push up bra that lifted her already massive breasts to gravity defying levels, it was low cut around the cups so that a large expanse of her creamy melons were left bare for the horny teenagers eyes to feast upon. The lower part of her underwear outfit was equally revealing, the tiniest of white lace g-strings, cut so high around the center that Martin could almost see the sides of her pubic mound, and his mind boggled at the mere thought of what she must look like from behind.

“Oh hi Marty,” Bethany greeted him, her red lips curving into a smile. She casually ran her hand up from her hips to gently stroke her fingertips across her full right breast, teasing Martin.

Martin swallowed, but couldn’t find his voice. His eyes were glued to Bethany’s fingertips as they lightly traced around her nipple through the lace of her brassiere.

“Like the outfit?” Bethany asked him, her hand running down her cleavage then across her flat stomach.

Martin nodded dumbly, the letter in his hand almost falling.

“I wore it specially for you,” Bethany purred seductively, her hand stroking across her stomach, her fingers slipping just inside the waistband of her panties and running across her front.

“Wow,” Martin breathed, finally able to speak. This was not the quick exchange he had planned out in his head.

“It’s just to remind you what you’ll never have,” Bethany told him, her eyes twinkling with laughter. “You wouldn’t have been man enough to satisfy me anyway.” Bethany turned and bent over to pick up a robe that was lying on the floor behind her. She bent straight legged, giving Martin quite a show as her delicious ass was displayed for him, her g-string leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Martin felt his cock hardening inside his trousers as Bethany turned back towards him and put the robe on, covering her gorgeous body from his hungry eyes.

“What’s that in your hand?” Bethany asked. “Another blackmail attempt?”

Martin bit his lip to hold back an angry retort and handed her the letter. “It’s an apology.”

“For what?” Bethany asked, taking it from him. “For blackmailing me?”

Martin shook his head, “My parents made me write it.”

Bethany laughed and slammed the door shut in his face. Martin sighed and stood there for a moment, facing the closed door. He then shook his head and went back home, heading for his room. Bethany would pay for the hell she was putting him through, he promised that to himself. But God! She was so sexy and so beautiful, he’d never seen anyone in real life that turned him on so much.

“I’ll teach her,” Marty said to himself as he switched on his computer. “I’ll hack into her site and plant a virus.”

For the next hour Martin Turner tapped away at the keyboard, working his way right into Bethany’s website so he had complete control.

He briefly considered which virus he would use, then he clicked his fingers, “I’ve got a better idea,” he said aloud and began tapping on his keyboard.

“Hi everyone, thanks for joining me tonight for my Luck Member webcam broadcast,” Bethany said, speaking into a wireless webcam that was positioned on the top of her computer monitor. Bethany was dressed in black mesh tank top that was pretty much transparent and her lacy black push up bra could be clearly seen beneath, doing little to conceal her mind boggling cleavage from the hungry eyes of her many members around the world. She also wore a pair of skintight black trousers, low slung on her shapely hips with the top of her black g-string visible for the camera. The outfit was completely with a pair of 3inch black high-heeled shoes.

Bethany ran her hands up her sides and then cupped and squeezed her big tits through her clothing, playing up for the camera as she spoke in her sexy purr. “I’m so horny tonight and can’t wait to please tonight’s lucky member,” Bethany said as she sucked on one finger, twirling her tongue around the tip and then sucking it deep, as if it was a cock.

The sound of Bethany’s doorbell ringing stopped her speech, “Oh, he’s early,” she said. “Let’s go downstairs and meet the lucky member.”

The busty web girl picked up the webcam and headed downstairs, making sure she got a good shot of her expansive bosom as it jiggled with each step she descended.

Bethany paused at the door, “Here we go, and tonight’s lucky member is Boobgeek!” Bethany swung open the door and her face froze in shock as she got her first look at Boobgeek. It was that little prick Martin Turner from next door!

“Hi Busty Bethany,” Martin greeted her, a very satisfied grin on his face at her look of alarm. “I’m Boobgeek.”

The corner of Bethany’s mouth turned into a slight scowl, and she quickly aimed the webcam down at her tits so her audience would not see it.

“I don’t know how the fuck you got here, but you’ll pay,” Bethany whispered at you, putting her hand over the camera’s microphone as she spoke in hushed tones.

“You don’t want to disappoint your audience,” Marty replied, having planned his responses well. “They’d hate to think the contest was rigged, even someone like me has to have a chance to win.”

Bethany gave him the blackest look, she hesitated for a moment before a false friendly smile spread across her face and she raised the camera back up. “Welcome Boobgeek, come on up to my boudoir,” she said, taking Marty by the hand and leading him upstairs.

Marty grinned broadly at her defeat and followed her upstairs, reaching out to pinch her ass on the way up.

Wow, Marty thought to himself as he reached out and grabbed another handful of her incredibly firm ass and all Bethany did was point the webcam at her behind to capture the action. It was finally happening, he was about to have his way with this sensationally sexy older woman.

Bethany led him into her office and had him sit on the bed as she set up the webcam on top of her computer monitor once again.

For the next fifteen minutes Martin was ordered to stay put as Bethany put on a sexy show for her viewers, touching herself, squeezing her breasts and answering their questions as they emailed them to her. She took off her mesh top, revealing a lacy black pushup bra that gave her a mind-boggling cleavage. Bethany threw the discarded top at Martin as she rubbed her nipples through the bra for the camera.

“How are you doing their Boobgeek?” Bethany said over her shoulder.

“Great,” Martin replied, his voice shaking slightly. He had to admit that she was very professional when she came to her job, none of her personal animosity towards him was showing through apart from that initial scowl when she had answered the door.

Bethany then turned back towards the webcam. “Do you guys want to see Book Geek take my pants off, I’m sure you wanna see my ass right?” Bethany gave the camera a seductive grin and then walked around the side of the bed to stand beside where Marty was sitting.

She then unbuttoned the catch of her pants and zipped down the fly, she turned away from Marty, bending over slightly to present her wonderful ass towards him. Martin couldn’t help himself, he reached up and ran his palm across the firm expanse of her buttocks, rubbing through the material of her pants.

“Why don’t you help me off with these?” Bethany suggested. Martin swallowed nervously and reached up, hooking his fingers into the sides of her pants and then peeling them down off her buttocks and thighs. Bethany’s beautifully firm and rounded ass came into view, only her skimpy g-string covering her privates as Marty pulled her pants down to her knees. As Bethany stepped out of them Martin leaned in and kissed one smooth ass cheek.

The lovely blonde, now wearing only bra and panties, and making Martin very nervous, turned to face him, leaning in close as she kissed him on his cheek. He’d never seen a real life woman in her underwear, let alone one as beautiful as Bethany.

She stepped back up to the webcam and spent a moment seductively stroking her hands over her now near naked body.

“Boobgeek’s done a good job hasn’t he guys?” Bethany asked her viewers. “I think he deserves a reward, don’t you?”

Without waiting for a reply, Bethany told Martin to sit on the edge of the bed, right in front of the camera although side on so the viewers could see the action. Bethany then began a seductive dance in front of him, teasing him with her incredible body.

“Ever had a lap dance?” she asked, running her hands up her sides and cupping and squeezing her ample tits through her bra.

“No,” Martin whispered, his voice failing him as Bethany dances in a circle, her g-string clad ass pointed in his direction. Marty’s cock was rock hard in his pants as Bethany bends forward and looks back between her legs, unseen by the camera she shot him an evil scowl, but her reluctance just turned him on even more.

The beautiful blonde older woman moved backward towards Marty and sat in his lap, her gorgeous and practically naked ass pressing into his crotch. Bethany wiggled her hips delightfully, grinding into Martin’s hard groin as she leant her whole body back against him, her arms reaching over her head to wrap around his neck, the position causing her breasts to jut out impressively for the camera. Martin tentatively raised his hands to Bethany’s hips as she rubbed her firm buttocks into his crotch.

“Enjoying yourself pervert?” Bethany whispered into his air. Martin merely groaned in reply, running his hands up from her hips, cupping his palms over Bethany’s massive breasts. He let out a moan of pleasure, he finally had Bethany’s huge breasts in his hands. They felt warm through the material of her brassiere and more than overflowed his eager hands, he gave the firm melons a gentle squeeze, very unsure of himself as Bethany’s ass moved in circles on his lap.

Bethany brought her hands up to cover Martin’s urging him to squeeze her tits tighter for the camera. She then pried off his hands and rose back up to her feet, leaving a noticeable bulge in his trousers as she resumed her sexy dance in front of him.

She worked her way back in front of the webcam and bent forward at the waist, pointing her incredible ass straight at the lens. The view from the camera was shown on the computer screen and Marty’s eyes widened as he saw Bethany reach up and hook her thumbs into the sides of her g-string. Ever so slowly she peeled the piece of skimpy lingerie down off her firm buttocks. She slid the tiny lacy garment down over her creamy thighs and let it fall to her ankles. Bethany bent over even further, the lips of pussy peeking out between the smooth cheeks of her ass for her viewers to feast their eyes upon.

“Oh wow,” breathed Marty as Bethany straightened, her pubic mound appearing. She kicked out with one foot and her g-string flew across the room, straight into Martin’s face. The nervous teenager was not given a chance to enjoy the material as she moved forward and immediately straddled Martin’s lap, sitting face on towards him, wearing only her bra now.

“Oh God!” groaned Martin as she slid up his lap, her now naked crotch pressing against the bulge in his pants, only his clothing now between them.

Martin’s hands nervously slid up to Bethany’s ever so smooth hips as the sexy blonde began to grind into his crotch. Bethany’s hips rolled as she rode the nervous teen, his cock throbbing in his pants as she pushed her pussy against him through his pants.

“You like that?” Bethany asked him, her voice breathless and husky. She lifted herself up slightly and then rolled her ass back down onto his hard cock, undulating onto him. Bethany’s heavy, bra-clad chest pressed tight into Martin’s chest.

“Oh God yes!” Martin groaned, rubbing his hands in small circles on Bethany’s hips as she continued the incredible lap dance. He looked down at his lap and could see her pussy rubbing against his crotch, the lips actually parting slightly as they ground against him.

Bethany leant in close and flicked her tongue out, gently toying with Martin’s earlobe. She smiled as he squirmed slightly beneath her, then she lifted herself off his lap and stepped back in front of him, dancing seductively for the camera.

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