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Chapter 4

She suddenly stopped her sexy dancing and sat down in front of the keyboard, still wearing only her bra. Bethany punched at the keyboard for a moment.

“A member has made a request,” Bethany said over her shoulder to Martin. “He wants to see my tits. What do you think of Boobgeek, is that a good idea? Do you want to see my tits?” Bethany spun the chair around to face towards him. She leant seductively back and ran her hands up her sides, stroking her fingers across her heavy breasts through her bra.

“Hell yes!” Martin replied, nodding eagerly and licking his lips. This was what he had dreamt about, a real life pair of boobs.

Bethany smiled and moved towards Martin, spinning around and sitting with her back to him on the bed. “Can you give me a helping hand here?” she asked him.

“Huh?” Martin blurted in confusion.

“Unhook my bra please,” Bethany said with an impatient sigh.

“Oh right, sorry.” Martin shuffled closer and reached up, taking her bra strap in both hands and trying to pull it apart. That didn’t work so he examined it closer and saw four little hooks. He fiddled a little longer and managed to get one free, but he wasn’t having a lot of luck.

“Squeeze it together and unhook it,” Bethany said at last.

Concentrating hard on the tricky catch, Marty carefully squeezed the straps of the bra together and was able to unhook the small metal catches that held Bethany’s bra together. As soon as the material came apart, Bethany’s hands rose up to hold it against her chest, the straps falling to the sides to reveal her bare and now completely naked back, the skin flawless and smooth.

Bethany spun to face Martin, a wickedly sexual expression on her face. She held the bra in her hands over her big boobs, the sides of the straps hanging down and her breasts close to exposure.

“Do you want to see my big titties?” Bethany asked, taunting him.

“Please,” breathed Martin, his cock hard as a rock inside his pants.

Bethany leant forward, her hands still cupping the dangling bra over her massive melons, they almost spilled right out of her hands but somehow remained covered. Martin took in the breathtaking sight of Bethany’s incredible 44DD’s so close to exposure and felt his throat go dry.

“Ask me then,” Bethany ordered, forever the tease. “Beg me.”

“Please show me your tits!” Martin said, his voice crackling up an octave half way through the sentence.

Bethany rolled her eyes heavenward and then turned to face away from Martin, giving him another look at her spectacular ass as she faced the webcam. As much as Martin enjoyed the sight of her ass it wasn’t the part of her anatomy that he ached to see at the moment.

“Do you think Boobgeek deserves these puppies?” Bethany said into her webcam as she tossed her bra back over her shoulder at Marty and cupped her big tits, pushing the huge orbs towards the lens of the camera so that all her fans, except Marty, could feast their eyes on her wondrous knockers.

“Please show me your big titties!” Marty pleaded from his seat on her bed. He could just see the sides of her tits from behind and his cock was close to bursting at the mere thought of his gorgeous neighbors gigantic rack.

Then Bethany spun around, placing her hands on her hips as she turned to face Marty. She arched her back slightly and jutted her already huge tits out at him.

“Oh God!” groaned Marty as he took in the incredible sight. Bethany’s huge breasts were even better in the flesh than they had been in the photos from her computer. They were quite literally massive, probably even bigger than the 44DD size boasted on her website. The lovely blondes breasts showed no sign of sag despite their size and seemed to defy gravity, almost jutting straight out from her chest. The titanic hooters were topped by small hard nipples that Marty ached to press to his lips against and suck on.

Bethany paused like that for almost a full minute, let Marty take in the mind-boggling view, his teenage eyes feasting on the sight of her bare breasts, his tongue almost hanging out the corner of his mouth as he was almost paralyzed with lust. Bethany then moved forward, her huge fun bags jiggling slightly as she moved, causing Marty already rock solid penis to stiffen even further as she sat down on the bed just in front of him.

“Wow,” murmured Marty, he was within reaching distance of a gorgeous naked blonde. Those huge tits he’d fantasized about were less than two feet away from.

“So what do you think Boobgeek?” Bethany asked, fully into her role now, her initial reluctance gone as she did what she did best.

“They’re amazing!” breathed Martin.

“They feel even better than they look,” Bethany told him with a smile.

Marty didn’t move, still rather stunned as the realization he was alone with this incredible naked woman sunk in, and he didn’t pick up on Bethany’s invitation to touch her breasts.

The buxom blonde waited another moment and when Martin still didn’t move she reached out and took both his hands by the wrists, and brought them up to her chest.

“Oh God!” groaned Martin as Bethany laid his hands onto her breasts. The huge round orbs more than filled his palms, his hands actually looking quite small against her big melons. The nervous teenager could feel Bethany’s hard nipples against his palms but he still just froze, his hands resting on her breasts.

“Go ahead,” urged Bethany, somewhat impatiently. “Touch them.”

Martin started to move his hands, rather uncertainty over Bethany’s big tits, stroking and rubbing around their full roundness. He slid his hands to the underside of her lovely boobs and lifted them slightly off her chest, amazed at their weight.

For a full minute Marty gently stroked Bethany’s big tits, “You can squeeze them harder, they won’t break,” she told him.

Martin groaned and gave her tits a firm squeeze, emboldened by Bethany’s encouragement. It felt so good to sink his fingers into those delicious melons, they felt firm and resilient, yet soft and silky under his hands. The horny teenager continued to moan softly as he started to grope and knead Bethany’s big tits, with each squeeze he got more and more confident, until he was mauling her huge boobs for all he was worth. Bethany winced slightly as Marty gave her tits an extra hard squeeze, watching the way the firm flesh welled up between his fingers as he sunk them deep into her melons.

“Wow,” murmured Marty, Bethany’s big tits filling his hands seemed to have restricted his vocabulary.

“Pinch my nipples,” said Bethany, “That’s it pull on them.”

Martin’s seized her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and gave them a hard pinch. He then pulled on her nipples slightly, watching her breasts move and jiggle as he did so. He gave Bethany’s nipples a twist and then used them to shake her whole tits, his eyes widening as the flesh shook and quivered in front of him. Martin then once again cupped as much of her round tits into his hands as he could and resumed squeezing and massaging the firm orbs.

For close to fifteen minutes Bethany let the young prize winner fondle and grope her big breasts, every one of her members watching this over her webcam no doubt wishing it was their hands doing the exploring.

“I think it’s time I got to see a bit of you now Boobgeek,” Bethany said at last, reaching up and prying his groping hands away from her tits.

Marty was in a slight daze as Bethany pulled him to his feet in front of the webcam and yanked his shirt up over his head, revealing his pasty white chest, spotted with a few zits. Bethany ran her soft hands across Martin’s chest, stroking across it and then lightly toying with his nipples. The buxom blonde web girl then leaned over and licked a nipple with her hot tongue, causing Martin to moan, the cock in his pants so hard it hurt, Marty couldn’t believe he hadn’t blown his load yet.

Smiling wickedly Bethany went to her knees in front of Marty and unbuckled his belt.

“Let’s see what kind of equipment you're packing in here Boobgeek,” Bethany said as she unzipped his pants and yanked them down to his ankles. “Do you have a big surprise for me?” she asked as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his underwear.

Bethany didn’t wait for a reply, she pulled Marty’s underwear down over his slim hips, his trembling, rock hard penis popped up in front of her pace, the end smeared with precum and the entire length almost bright red in color he was so aroused.

“It’s tiny!” Bethany blurted out. Not something she would normally say to one of her fans, but she was so surprised to see Marty’s little 4-inch wiener she couldn’t help herself. Plus if she could embarrass the little prick it would be a bonus.

Marty blushed as Bethany actually laughed at the size of his cock.

She turned to the camera, “Well boys I don’t know if your representative is up to the job,” she said to her fans. “It won't even be a mouthful.” Bethany turned back to Martin and reached up, grabbing his cock in her soft hand and stroking it. Martin groaned loudly, he was sure he felt his cum shooting up the length of his shaft, but when he looked down to see his cock in Bethany’s hand he hadn’t burst yet. He briefly remembered how good Kelly Sinclair’s hand had felt on his bare cock. He had now been touched there by two women!

“Take a seat stud,” said Bethany, pushing him back onto the bed. The busty blonde shuffled between his legs and leant in towards him, he could feel her heavy tits resting on his thighs as Bethany whispered to him, “I’ll get you back for making me do this Marty. This is your last chance to back out.”

Marty swallowed as he felt his hard cock rest against the front of Bethany’s big tits. He was so close, there was no way he was going to quit now. The horny geek gave Bethany a grin as he reached down and grabbed her big tits, giving them a hard squeeze.

Bethany gasped in surprise and pulled back, shooting him a livid glare. “How about I show you a good time then Boobgeek?” suggested Bethany, slipping back into her webcam roll, a fake smile plastered on her face. She leant in again, taking hold of Marty’s hard cock as she guided it between her huge tits. Marty gave a moan as Bethany reached up and pressed her big breasts together around Marty’s cock. “A little titfuck?”

“Oh God!” groaned Marty as Bethany started to move her tits up and down the sides of his shaft, stroking them in the tight, soft sheath formed by her cleavage. The ample melons felt incredible pressed around his rock hard cock, they squished together and formed an incredible valley for him to fuck. Bethany moved her big tits up and down rapidly over the length of Marty’s small cock. Often when she did this she would bend her head down and lick the tip of her lucky member's cock as it poked through the top of her cleavage. Only this time Martin’s cock was too short so there was nothing to lick.

After a couple minutes Bethany stopped her titfuck and sat back on her heels. She rubbed her hands seductively over the generous slopes of her breasts as she looked up at Marty.

“Are you ready Boobgeek?” Bethany asked, her pink tongue running across a circuit of her lips in a most seductive manner.

Marty swallowed nervously, wondering what she intended. “I think so,” he breathed in reply.

Bethany slid her soft hands up the length of Marty’s thighs and encircled the base of his hard cock with both hands, her thumbs gently brushing his testicles. The lovely buxom webgirl then leant in close and swiped her tongue up the underside of the teenager's cock. When her licking tongue reached the tip she swirled it around the head, tasting his sticky precum.

“I’m gonna suck your cock now Boobgeek,” she told him, giving the slit at the head a soft kiss. “But you’ll have to ask me nicely.”

“Oh shit!” moaned Marty, writhing in pleasure as Bethany’s tongue teased the tip of his cock. He could feel her heavy breasts pressed against his thighs and his cock was trembling in anticipation, so hard it almost hurt. “Put it in your mouth!” he gasped, his hips bucking up off the bed as he tried to push his cock into Bethany’s mouth in desperation. The head of his penis pushed against her closed lips but was deflected off to the side to rub across her cheek, leaving a smear of precum.

“Nicely I said!” snapped Bethany, tilting her head to the side as her tongue stretched down to lick briefly across Martin’s balls.

“Ah!” he gasped as she tongue his sensitive testicles. “Please suck my cock Bethany!” he asked, almost begging.

Bethany grinned up at him, her mouth closing around the side of his cockshaft, almost as though it was a harmonica. Bethany licked her way up the side of his dick and once again her tongue swirled maddeningly around the head. “You can do better than that.”

“Pretty please!” pleaded Martin desperately. “I’m begging you to suck me off!”

Bethany glanced over her shoulder back at the webcam, shot it a wink, then turned back to Marty’s cock, opening her mouth wide and impaling her mouth on the teenager's small cock. Marty arched his back and fell back on the bed as Bethany sucked the full length of his penis into her mouth, taking him all the way to the base of his cock on the first suck, his short organ pushing right into the back of her mouth.

“Ahhh!” groaned Marty with a mix of pleasure and relief as Bethany immediately began to bob her head up and down on his cock, her lips forming a tight seal around his shaft and dragging him up each time she moved, almost jerking him off with her lips. As she sucked Bethany’s tongue swirled around the underside of his cock, sending wonderful sensations through his shaft as it was enveloped in the wet warmth of Bethany’s glorious mouth.

For Marty the experience was mind-blowing. Not only did it feel incredible, it was also a wonderful sight to look down at his beautiful, bitchy neighbor and to see his hard cock impaled in her mouth as she was on her knees in front of him, sucking him off. It was Martin’s first ever blowjob, so of course it was the best he’d ever had, but Bethany’s had a phenomenal technique and even if he’d been sucked off by a goddess like Kelly Sinclair this would still have topped it.

“Oh God that feels so good!” groaned Martin, writhing with pleasure on the bed. He reached down and ran his fingers through Bethany’s long blonde hair, feeling her head moving rapidly up and down as she worked his cock over with her mouth, using all of her extensive cock sucking talents.

Bethany pulled her mouth up off the teenagers cock a moment, “Tell me when you’re ready to cum,” she told him. “I want you to cum on my face.” It was not that Bethany wanted him to squirt it over her or that she hated swallowing, it was more than a facial made better internet footage for her viewers.

With his arousal increasing Martin started to push down on Bethany’s head each time she moved, urging her to take more and more of his short cock into her mouth, despite the fact she was taking him to hilt every time anyway. Marty hunched his hips up off the bed, shoving his cock harder into Bethany’s mouth, grabbing fistfuls of her blonde hair as he really started to fuck her face. The lovely blonde moaned slightly around his cock and Martin increased the speed and force of his humping, his balls slapping into her chin with each surge of his hips.

“Oh man this is great!” gasped Martin, the friction of the tight seal of Bethany’s lips around his hard shaft was intense and he knew he wouldn’t last too much longer, in fact he was surprised he hadn’t already blown his load.

The young teenager was groaning in absolutely bliss, completely oblivious to the web-camera recording the action as he held Bethany’s face down into his loins and humped his cock into her mouth. Marty let out a sudden groan as he felt his balls starting to churn, “Now!” he managed to gasp, letting go of Bethany’s hair. The busty web model pulled off Martin’s cock, gripping it around the base as he started to cum. Her lips had barely cleared the tip of his short penis as it pulsed and Martin’s thick white cum burst from the slit at the end.

“Oh fuck!” grunted Martin, his whole body spasming as he arched his back onto the bed and his cock throbbed, his come shooting up the length and roping out, splattering into Bethany’s face. The lovely blonde closed her eyes and Martin unloaded onto her perfect features, his load thick and plentiful. “Oh God!” gasped the teenager as he came again and again, covering Bethany’s face with his semen.

For almost a full minute Marty writhed in pleasure on the bed, Bethany’s soft hand milking out his incredibly heavy load. The busty blonde leant down and licked the final few drops of cum from the end of his cock before she straightened and then sat down in front of the computer.

“Well that’s it friends,” Bethany said, smiling sweetly for the camera, despite her face full of cum. The sticky white goo dripped down from her chin and onto her breasts. Bethany licked a droplet from her lower lip. “Perhaps I’ll see one of you guys next month,” she suggested with a seductive smirk. “Until then goodbye.”

Bethany blew her fans a kiss goodbye and then shut off the webcam. She snatched up a towel from her desk and wiped her cum covered face as she turned towards her fan of the month. The expression on Bethany’s face was livid.

“You little..”

Martin didn’t care, he had just cum all over her beautiful face

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