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Stranded with a monster

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Claire is a strong independent woman who catches the eye of a very dominating man. Will she survive his need to dominate and control her. Or will she escape his grasp. This is a dark erotic story made up from my imagination. I own the rights to this story. Do not copywriter.

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Chapter 1

I tugged at the chains that bound me to this god awful dungeon wall. The breeze that blew through this room from somewhere I wish I could see, made my bare nipples go rock hard. I squirmed in the darkness trying to ignore the sensation of lust growing inside my core. As bad as the situation I somehow got myself into is I couldn’t ignore the feeling growing through my body. I could hear the sound of a heavy door slam and a lock being put into place. My heart pounded as foot steps got louder as he got closer, I gulped knowing my captor was about to finish what he started. I tried harder to escape once I felt his fingers graze my breast.

“Relax Claire” he whispered in my ear. “You are going to enjoy this.”

I whimpered as I felt my pussy flip just by his words.

“Open your mouth” his words were firm and cold. No question to his demand so I listened and opened. He place a ball inside my mouth which was not what I was expecting. I pulled my head back and moved it side to side trying to get him to stop. He grabbed my hair yanking my head down his words sharp as razors he spoke “you will listen to what you are told.” He let go of my hair “am I clear?”

I nodded closing my eyes a tear running down my cheek I couldn’t see him I was surprised he could see me. I felt him fasted the gag to my head and move away. So much for enjoying this was all I could think. I tried yanking my hands free again but still no use. He grabbed my feet and pulled them apart binding one with a rope onto something on the floor. I kicked as hard as I could with my free leg and felt the contact with part of him. He grunted and I heard it before I felt his hand swatting my ass very hard. I screamed and he bound the other so he had full access to all of me. I could feel my juices flowing already I felt so shameful. Even though I couldn’t see him I could sure feel his eyes on me.

He slid his hand across my thigh to my pussy and I squirmed. It was hard to breathe with the ball gag in so I had to calm myself so I could breathe better through my nose. “Relax baby, your going to enjoy this” suddenly I felt his tongue on my clit and I cried out so much pleasure filled my body and I felt like I could cum right then. His tongue stroked me over and over bringing me close and when I thought I couldn’t take anymore he shoved his fingers into me and I cried behind the gag. He was relentless. His tongue was my undoing. I could feel my orgasm building his fingers working my insides quite roughly. My walls tightened around his fingers as I could tell I wouldn’t last much longer. I tried to scream for him to stop but all that came out was muffled moans. I tried my hardest to fight my orgasm off, but I knew he knew I was close. I squirmed as my body tensed up and a very strong orgasm ripped through me. My body convulsing around him and he kept going working me through my orgasm until my body went weak. He stopped and untied the blindfold from my eyes. I looked at who my captor was only to be shocked by the face I saw. It was the man from last night at the club. The one that got my drunk self a cab I thought he was so kind. But the question was how did I get here. This obviously wasn’t a dream but I remember going home to bed.

He could see the confusion on my face and he smiled. I slumped my head down exhausted and also not wanting to look at the man I could not talk to. I had to figure out how to get out of here. He unhooked my legs then unhooked my arms applying hand cuffs and slumped my body over his shoulder. He carried me to a very nice king bed which looked out of place in this scary dungeon but I was thankful to be able to lay down if I couldn’t escape yet. He flopped me onto the bed I could still feel the alcohol in my head I was so thirsty.

“mmmm” I tried to speak to him when he looked at me.

“if I take this off you have to promise not to scream.” He watched me and I nodded quickly begging for it to be off. He unhooked it and the moment it came out of my mouth I sighed with relief.

“Water please” I begged looking at him scared of what was going to happen next but I knew I was stuck in here so I had to try and hide my fear. He nodded and stood up going up the stairs in the far corner to the door that he had locked. Once he got half way there and wasn’t looking I made a run for it. As quietly as I could I waited for him to unlock the door and once he was through I ran up the stairs and right passed him. I didn’t think that through when I realized I couldn’t actually get out because my hands were still cuffed behind my back and he tackled me to the floor. I whimpered knowing I was going to regret this.

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