Arranged Marriage.

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What do you do when you have been promised to a man since you were 11 years old? I was called to my Dads office on my 11th birthday. When walking in I look around the room to see my Dad sitting behind his large mahogany desk with my mum seated next to him with a sad smile on her beautiful face. Why was mum sad? There was man and women in the room seated to the left. Both looking at me with approving smiles on there faces. I walked in and took a seat to the right when I noticed a boy standing to the left of the women. I didnt see him there before. He has his head down and hand clasped together in the front. I look to my Dad and smile. "Olivia, we need to discuss a few things with you...."

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Chapter One

Hello all,

I have edited my book to the best of my ability. If you do find any spelling mistakes or grammar errors I apologise to you all. I have tried my best.

Olivia's POV

I was called to my dads office on my 11th birthday. There would be a party later today with all my friends and family. The house was busy with the cooks in the kitchen cooking all my favorite foods as well as the maids running around setting up the tents in the back where the tables would go.

I had told my parents that I didnt want a birthday party but dad wouldnt take no for an answer. He wanted to go all out for my birthdays. I am spoiled but I never liked it. Getting what ever I wanted never appealed to me.

When walking in I look around the room to see my dad sitting behind his large mahogany desk, my mum is standing next to him with a sad smile on her beautiful face.

Why was mum sad?

There is a man and women in the room seated to the left. Both looking at me with approving smiles on there faces. I walked in and took a seat when I noticed a boy standing to the left of the women.

He has his head down and hands clasped together in front of him. I couldn't get a good look at his face but he had dark brown wavey hair that was a little long in the front and shorter on the sides. He is tall for his age, standing taller than the women seated next to him.

He was breathing heavily, knuckles white from how tightly his hands were clasped together.

I look to my dad and smile.

"Olivia, we need to discuss a few things with you." He says as he looks down for a moment while shifted in his chair as he cleared his throat.

This made me nervous because he never looked so worried before.

"This is Mr and Mrs Romano and their son Antonio" he gestures to the three other people in the room.

I look towards them and smile "Its nice to meet you, are you here for my party?"

Mr Romano smiles sweetly at me and nods his head "It is very nice to met you too Miss Russo and yes if you will have us?"

"Of course you can come but it might be boring for you adults". I shrug.

They all let out a small laugh except for the boy, who I now know as Antonio. He is looking at me with his dark blue eyes that show no emotion what so ever.

The look on his face starts to make me uncomfortable so I look away.

"Olivia, Mr and Mrs Romano are here today to discuss a merging between our families as well as our businesses. You understand that because you have no brothers that we need a male to take over from me when the times comes?"

I nod my head in understanding. I know that I am unable to take over when my dad steps down but it has never bothered me.

"I understand" I say as I try to think of why we are having this conversation.

"We have come to an agreement that Mr and Mrs Romanos son Antonio will be taking over the businesses once I stand down." He say as he gestures to Antonio.

I look over at him and he looks away from me almost instantly. This boy is going to take over the Russo family business? Why him? Why not one of my cousins?

"I am sorry if I offend you in any way Mr and Mrs Romano" looking back to my dad "but why not Nick or Michael? Why cant they take over from you?" I ask.

Dad smiles and nods. He has always raised me to speak my mind so I have never been afraid to voice my thoughts.

"I understand your way of thinking Olivia. It would be logical to leave the Russo business in the family but with the merging of our families, we would be the most powerful family in America and would secure a permanent hold in our dealings back home in Italy" he said leaning back in his chair.

"So we would become untouchable in the eyes of the law and other families?" I asked. If that was the case then this was everything my dad has been working towards.

"Exactly" he says with a smile.

"You are a very smart girl Mrs Russo and very knowledgeable about the families." Mr Romano said.

"We have never kept her in the dark with anything. To keep someone naive in this family would be a dangerous thing to do." Mum speaks up and tells them.

In the beginning both my parents wanted to keep me in the dark about what my father does but my grandfather was against it.

He never believed in keeping his family hidden away from the truth wether they were a boy or girl.

"We agree, it helps the children be protected a lot easier." Mrs Romano said.

There was one thing that I didnt understand though. How was it possible for a member of another family to run both? The family would never except it.


"I can see you are thinking of how this merger would take place." I look up at my dad and nod. He could see I was trying to work it out but couldn't.

"This is were you and Antonio come in." He said taking a big breath. And thats when I knew. A merging of two families by marriage.

I stood up and looked at my dad "Marriage" was all I said with tears threatening to fall down my face. No! It had to be a mistake! But the look he was giving me told me it was not.


"No Dad! Please!" I begged him. I could hear my mum sniffing but there was no point begging her because this was dads dission and there was nothing she could do to help me.

I felt sick! How could he do this?! I am his daughter!

"The only way both our families will achieve this is for you and Antonio to marry when you are of age..."

"Of age?! 18!" I was shocked and angry. I would become a wife at 18!.

"No" Mr Romano said as I snap my head towards him. I stared at him with tears falling down my face.

"It will not be at 18 Miss Russo" he said standing up from his seat and walking towards me. I have heard about Mr Romano, that he is a horrifying man but only to thoughs who would do him, his families or businesses harm.

The truth was the man petrified me.

"We have agreed that the marriage will take place when you are 21. I understand that this age isnt any different and that it is still young but this gives you a chance to finish your schooling and have a normal teenage life.

My son is a decent young man and I would never put a young women in any sort of situation where she was not kept safe and loved." He says smiling at me.

"All of that is well and good Mr Romano but I dont want to marry someone I dont know and love." I looked at Antonio. He was still not looking at me but at his father and still not showing any kind of emotion what so ever.

My future husband.


"Love can be found over time." Mrs Romano said standing up and coming to her husbands side. They looked at eachother with so much love.

"You will learn to love Antonio just as he will learn to love you. Believe us when we say it can work with patience and trust." She spoke softly.

I looked at them then back to my parents. They both looked drained with small smiles on their faces. I have no choice in this what so ever. I can stomp my feet and scream but it still wont matter.

Becoming more powerful than he already is, is obviously more important than his only daughters happiness.

He wants me to marry a boy he doesn't know and taking the word of a man he considers a "friend".

I will never forgive them for this. They are selling me just to become untouchable. If I were born a boy then this would all be different. I have never felt being born a girl into this family was a bad thing until this very moment.

I nod my head because it is the only thing I can do. I cant speak or I will scream. I step back and walk towards the office door.

"Olivia" dad calls my name and I cringe. There is sadness in his voice but I dont care.

He is ment to be my father! How can he do this to me!

"Friends and family will be arriving soon for the party. I have to go." I say without turning around. I close the door behind me and begin walking to my room as I let the tears fall from my eyes.

Lucky I know were I am going because my vision is a blur. My head is pounding as my mind wont stop going over what just happened.

Happy birthday to me....


Antonio's POV

When I was told I would be marrying the only daughter of the Russo family I was beyond pissed. What was a 16 year old suppose to do? Be happy about this bullshit?! Fuck no! But there was no way out.

Dad explained to me what it all ment, that I would one day be the head of the most powerful family in America and Italy.

I just had to marry Olivia Russo. I wasn't going to fall in love with her. She was probably some spoilt brat that got what she asked for every time by screaming and stomping her feet.

I could bed other women and keep her there when the time came to have an heir. That was fine if I got to be the head of the families. She was just another business deal to me, nothing more.

Of couse I didn't tell my parents any of this. My dad would kicked my ass for disrespecting a women the way I just did. I had respect for women but not when it came to this.

Dont get me wrong, I will respect her. She is the daughter of Nikolas Russo and that demanded nothing but respect. But when it would come to my "needs" there would be no room for it.

As I got out of the shower and walked into my room, Ashley was still in my bed, wrapped in my silk sheets with her swollen pink lips and matted hair.

She looked so fucking good that if I didn't have to go meet my "future wife" I would fuck her again in a heart beat.

"Babe you need to get dressed and leave, my parents are expecting me down stairs in 20."

She looked up at me with annoyance "Can't this meeting or whatever wait? Its Saturday and I wont be seeing you till Monday at school." She said sitting up and crossing her arms over her chest.

I havnt told her what this meeting is really about because I had no idea how to tell her. How do you tell your girlfriend that you are to marry another?

Walking towards her I let out a breath.

"I have no choice in this. I have to go." I say walking towards my wardrobe as she heads to the bathroom.

As the door closes I run my fingers through my hair and let out a frustrated sigh.

Getting dressed in my black Armani pants suit and white button up dress shirt, I grab my jacket and wait for Ashley to finish getting ready.

I can hear her moving around behind my bathroom door as I start to think of a way to bring this whole marriage thing up.

I cant do it in a public place cause I know she will flip out and cause a scene. Maybe we could take a walk? Or have her come over and break it to her here?

It doesn't matter where we are, its not going to end well at all.

My thoughts are interrupted when the bathroom door opens and Ashley walks out in her skinny blue jeans and pink tank top with her hair up in a messy bun.

She gives me a smile as she sits on the edge of my bed fiddling with the straps on her sandals.

Ashley is hot as hell. Tall slim frame, bright red hair and blue eyes. Any man would be over the moon to have her but I know her feelings for me are stronger than my feelings for her. I like her a lot but I know I'm not in love with her.

Once she is finished we walk down stairs and are greeted by my parents. To say they liked Ashley would be a lie. My father really didnt care cause it would all be over soon but my mother was a different story.

"Hello Mrs Romano" Ashley said as we made our way to the front door.

My mother looks at her with a passive look. "Are you ready to go Antonio? We cant keep Mr and Mrs Russo waiting any longer" she says as she walks out the door to the car where my father is.

Ashley just rolls her eyes as she continues to walk out with me. "She still hates me" she mumbles while looking down.

"Dont worry about my mother ok. All that matters is what I think" I say kissing her cheek as I signal Mick over to drive Ashley home.

Once in the car, we make our way to the Russo residents. It was my future wifes 11th birthday today so there would be a lot of people in and out of the house. Not that we will be attending the birthday party of course.

"Im guessing you havent told Ashley about Miss Russo yet?" My mum says raising her eyebrows at me.

I shake my head "No I have not. Not quite sure how to tell my girlfriend that I am being forced to marry a girl I don't know." I spit back and get a heated look from my dad.

I quickly apologise to my mum before my dad can say anything.

"You should do it sooner rather than later son. You dont want the young lady to think she has a future with you when she does not." He says as mum just rolls her eyes at the "lady" part of the sentence.

Just because Ashley was 16 and not a virgin she dissaproves of her. Ashley wasnt a virgin when we started dating and that was a very big no no in our family.

Young girls should not act like men. A womens virginity was a special and sacred thing that all the women and men in the family took serious when it came to their daughters or future daughter-in-laws.

We are old school Italians after all.

Ashley was not a virgin when we started dating and it didnt really matter to me. She was my first so I liked the idea that at least one of us knew what we were doing.

I hate to admit it but dad was right. I could keep Ashley around but she would never be my wife. She would be my mistress and nothing more and I didnt want that for her.

She is kind and funny, dispite what my mother thinks.

"I will talk to her soon. I just need to find the right time and the right words to say" I tell them both and look out the window as we arrive at the Russo residents.

Driving up to the front gate you couldnt see the house at all. It is surrounded by large trees to keep people from getting a closer look at the place. As the black iron gates opened we drove up the drive way.

The house came into view after about 2 minutes of driving. There stood a very large Italian style villa. The three story white stone house was covered in green vines with blue and pink flowers falling from the walls of the house.

The front yard was very modest with not a lot happening. Just a large house with green shrubs off to the sides where the side gates were. It didn't scream rich and arrogant.

You would never know that a billionaire lived here nor one of the most powerful families in the italian mafia.

It was actually quite beautiful.

It felt like you were in Italy. You could smell the sweet smell of flowers in the air along with freshly mowed grass. If her father and mother were this modest then maybe their daughter was the same?

As the car came to a stop, we all started to climb out. You could hear soft music playing in the distance as well as soft chatting coming from one side of the house.

We made our way to the door and rang the bell. Within seconds a young man opened up with a smile on his face. "Good morning Mr and Mrs Romano do come in." He said as he stepped to the side to let us in.

We walked into a large living room. There were people running all around smiling and laughing carrying white chairs and trays of glasses through the area.

The atmosphere was a happy one. Due to the birthday party that was about to take place later on that day.

"I will let Mr and Mrs Russo know you are here. Please take a seat. Would you like anything to drink while you wait?" The young man said.

"Thank you so much but we will wait" dad said while we took a seat on the large white sofa.

The young man walked off down a small hallway that lead to a set of stairs. Looking around the living room I couldnt help be notice there was no fancy decor to it.

It was grand but not over done. There was a large stone fireplace in the center with black candle holders on either side with a giant gold mirror hanging above. The area was quite open with a few plants around the place and a black wodden coffee table in the center with three white sofas gathered around it.

The whole side of the living room was a giant glass door. You could see outside that people were setting up for the party. There were three large white tents side by side where you had people running in and out of.

Before I could take any more in my father was called. "Vincent! Stella! its great that you have come!" I turned to see a large built man coming towards us.

He was a huge man that towered over my father. Any other man would be scared or intimidated by the site of him but what my father lacked in size he made up for in his power to be a very ruthless man.

"Nikolas it is good to see you again!" My father said embracing him. "Stella hope you have been well?" He said giving my mother a small head nod and smile.

"We are well my friend. This is our son Antonio Romano." My father said proudly.

"It is nice to met you Mr Russo" I said shaking his hand. His hand enveloped mine and I almost had to send a search party to look for it.

"It is nice to met you too young man. Come, we will do this in my office. My wife is sending for Olivia as we speak"

I almost forgot that this was all about me marrying his daughter. I followed behind my parents as we came to a large wooden door. Walking in I took my place next to my mother and waiting for Olivia to arrive.

Mr Russo sat behind his desk as his wife walked into his office and stood next to her husband.

"Olivia will be here shortly" she said smiling at us.

Mrs Russo was a stunning women with long black hair that was curled at the ends with bright green eyes and porcelain skin. She stood tall and elegant beside her husband.

There was a knock at the door and my hands instantly became clammy. I put them in front of me and looked up when my breath cought in my throat.

Oh my god.

I couldn't take my eyes off the impossible creature that just walked through the door. She looked like a goddess! She was a younger version of her mother but Mrs Russo didnt hold a candle to the way her daughter held herself as she walked further into the room.

She had thick black hair that had a natural wave to it that fell to the middle of her back. She had the same green eyes as her mother but they were an emerald green that shined brighter with a perfectly staright nose and plump pink lips.

How is she was only fucking 11 years old! She looked at least 15!

She wore a white summer dress that stopped at her knees that looked amazing against her tanned skin. I suddenly felt my pants get a little too tight. Shit! I had to put my head down so I was looking at the floor other than her.

She was to be my wife one day but as of right now, she was an 11 year old girl and the way I was reacting to her was not right.

She then spoke and her voice sent a shiver down my spine, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

She spoke with intelligence and grace and was very much aware of what was happening within the families. I wasnt expecting that at all.

What I was expecting was for her not to be ok with this whole arrangement. She made her feelings on the matter clear and I couldn't help but feel a bit rejected.

She wanted nothing to do with this marriage and neither did I. So why was I feeling this way?

I was cought up in my own turmoil when I heared her leave the room. I looked to the office door and then back to Mr and Mrs Russo.

"She is quite an extraordinary young lady, you must both be quite proud of her" my mother said with admiration in her eyes.

I had to agree. She took my breath away.

"We are very proud of her and the young women she is becoming. Thank you Stella." Mrs Russo said.

"Are you ok Nikolas?" My father spoke as I turned to see sadness fall onto Mr Russos face.

"She is disappointed in me. Im not use to seeing her looking at me like that. But she knows I would have never considered this unless it wasn't a must. My wife and I love our daughter more than anything and I hope that you will look after her and keep her safe young man. I don't want this to end up hurting her in the long run. If you are anything like your father than we will have no problems"

He looked at me and I can tell you now I almost pissed my pants.

"I understand your concerns Mr and Mrs Russo. I will not do anything to cause harm or pain to your daughter. My parents taught and raised me better than that. I might only be 16 but I will grow to become a better man and prove to you that I will be the man my father raised me to be."

Both my parents smiled at me and both Mr and Mrs Russo gave there approval. Now all I had to do was wait till she was 21.

This would be the first and only time that I would see her till our wedding day. She must remain "untouched" and even though we were to be married, I was not aloud anywere near her till that day.

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