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β€œI know that you’re legally an adult, but I still have expectations that you will have to meet,” Mr. Thomas continued.

β€œW-what kind of rules, exactly?” I replied. My hands trembled, no matter how white my knuckles got.

β€œWell, I teach at the university you will be attending, so I will need a copy of your schedule. After your classes have finished for the day, you may spend some time in the library to study if you wish, if not, you will come straight home,” he finished before taking a drink of what looked like bourbon. Clearly, there was no room for negotiations.

My father was a heavy drinker so I knew what the different types of alcohol were, but I never had the desire to drink any of it. I remembered that when my father drank, he always ended up drunk, and he was a violent drunk. Heck, sometimes guns were even involved in his drunken state, and the thought just made me shudder. I had no desire in finding out what kind of drunk I am.

Mr. Thomas didn’t look like an alcoholic, like my father, but from what I could tell, he definitely needed something to take the edge off. His entire demeanor screamed nothing but seriousness. Maybe this just added to just how sexy he was. His attitude seemed to play well with his looks, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a softer side to him.

Who am I kidding? I’d like to see many sides of him. While sitting this close to him, I was able to get a better look at him, than before. His maroon button down shirt was tight fitted and displayed every muscle underneath, perfectly. I could only imagine what his chiseled abs looked like. I wondered if his skin was a blank canvas, or if he had any tattoos or scars. I just wanted to run my fingers down every crevice, and across every inch of his skin.

I needed to mess up his perfectly styled hair and run my fingers through it. Heat was radiating off of him and I was curious as to how warm I would feel pressed against him, and underneath his naked, god-like body, glistening from each other’s sweat. I was now desperate to feel the stubble on his face tickle my skin. My veins were pumping with lust for this man, and I couldn’t do anything to ease the aching feeling between my legs. I bet his stubble would feel good there, feeling his hot breath against my-

No. Stop. I can’t be thinking about those kinds of things. My cheeks were crimson from embarrassment. I’m just an eighteen-year-old girl who’s living here for a year, a virgin, and I’m a student at the school he teaches at! He could never think of me like that, right? I bet he had women swooning from his charm and good looks. He could get any woman he wanted, who had experience to say the least, and I wouldn’t doubt that he had them in his bed often.

Pay attention Mollie, or you’ll just anger him again, I thought to myself.

β€œHome”, it was weird hearing him refer to this house as my home. This didn’t feel like home, or look like it either. The walls weren’t stained yellow from cigarette smoke, and the furniture didn’t have the lingering scent of smoke that I’ve become so used to either. All the kitchen cabinets had their handles still attached and there weren’t any broken windows. There weren’t any holes in the walls from flying fists or bodies after a fight broke out. I could only assume that the rest of Mr. Thomas’s house looked as perfect as what I’ve seen already.

β€œAlso, considering that you’re only eighteen, drug and alcohol use shouldn’t be an issue. Especially since drugs are illegal, and the legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one. Karimine University is a very large campus, and is rather popular for the parties that take place around it. You should do your best to avoid attending those.”

β€œI’m aware that you received a small portion of financial aid to pay for your tuition. I can help pay for your schooling and bo-β€œ he started before I interjected.

β€œT-that won’t be necessary. I p-plan on ge-getting a job,” I said timidly.

β€œDo not interrupt me.” he scolded me, gripping his class tightly. I could notice a little blue vein bulging on the side of his forehead.

β€œI don’t tolerate disrespect, Mollie. I don’t mind helping you, money is not a problem. If you would like to apply for a job, that is something we can discuss later.”

β€œYou’re new here, so you don’t know the people in this community like I do. If you decide to make plans with friends you make on campus, I need to know who they are and where you plan on going.”

β€œI’m pretty adamant about having a clean house, as you can see. I just ask that you clean up after yourself and I can take care of the rest.”

β€œWe can work things out over time, and if something needs to be discussed in regards to my expectations, or new rules arise, we can cover that when it’s appropriate,” he finally finished.

I didn’t know what he thought I planned to do with my free time, but I already made it known to myself that I wouldn’t be reckless. I barely knew this man, and even though he seemed to get what he wanted most of the time, he’s absolutely crazy if he thinks he’s going to control everything I do.

β€œOkay,” I said before sitting my fork down.

β€œOh, and one more thing, you will address me as β€˜sir’ from now on,” he replied with his stern, yet sensual, voice.

Mr. Thomas intimidated me tremendously, but for some reason I found his dominating behavior quite alluring. Even though he startled me, I felt jolts of electricity shoot through my body that left a tingling sensation between my legs. It left the fabric between my legs wet, and my core was throbbing.

β€œY-yes sir,” I said and when I made eye contact with him I swear I saw something flash behind his freezing eyes.

β€œYou should get ready for bed. We have an early day tomorrow. We are going to get the rest of the things you need for school,” he said after clearing his throat. With that, he gathered our dishes and moseyed towards the kitchen.

As I made my way up to my room, I wondered what he had in mind for tomorrow. I had plenty of clothes, I brought bathroom essentials with me from home, and I had my backpack with leftover school supplies from high school that I could reuse. I didn’t really need anything else.

When I got to my room I changed into a pair of pajamas, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. It only took a few minutes for me to fall asleep. Hopefully my nerves would go away after a good night’s rest, and a full stomach.


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