Teacher’s Pet

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β€œFuck, Mollie, you’re pussy is so tight baby,” Xander said as he pushed his middle finger in and out of my core.

I tried to muffle my moans when he added a second, feeling guilty but wanting to soak up every second of this pleasure.

β€œLet it out, let me hear you,” he commanded, whispering in my ear, making his hot minty breath fan my neck. Goosebumps spread across my skin once more, from his full lips nibbling on my ear.

He began to leave a trail of sweet, but hungry, kisses across my jaw, inching down towards my chest. When he reached my breasts, he started to tease my erect nub with the tip of his tongue.

My body was trembling underneath his touch, warm shots of electricity were sent to my core as he sucked my breast into his mouth. Each bite and suck was filled with heated passion, surely to leave his mark behind. His large palm kneaded my heaving breast, while the other was pumping his thick fingers in and out of me.

β€œPlease,” I managed to squeak out hoping he knew exactly what I wanted. I didn’t even know myself, but my body craved more of him.

His ocean eyes became dark and full of desire, and met mine before he licked down my abdomen, stopping at my dripping center.

Suddenly, he dipped down and began to devour my heat while speeding up the pace of his working fingers. The pad of his tongue licked my slit up and down before teasing my aching clit. He sucked it into his mouth and bit down gently on it. This new sensation sent fire coursing through my body.

I instinctively attempted to push my thighs together, unfamiliar to this foreign sensation. He let out a low growl while grabbing onto each of my thighs, and pinning them to the bed. His thumbs dug into my skin, surely to leave bruises, but my focus was elsewhere. This man could ravish and own my body, and I wouldn’t utter a single protest.

My hands latched onto his thick chocolate locks and I rocked my hips back and forth embracing his long, dominating tongue. A groan left his throat as he ate me up like he was starving, like he needed more. Not an ounce of doubt was in me.

β€œPlease don’t stop,” I whimpered out.

He chuckled in response, sending vibrations through my desperate center, bound to release that wonderful high at any time.

My legs began to quiver as my muscles tightened under his grip. The amazing knot of pleasure sent shots of adrenaline throughout my entire body and Xander could tell. My pussy clenched once, twice…

β€œNo,” he said abruptly, releasing my soaking mound, leaving me cold and confused. I instantly felt empty, yearning for his touch. That greedy feeling was still in my abdomen, nagging at me to get off. I didn’t know why he stopped, and I was painfully horny, so I did the only thing I knew to do.

I snaked my hand in between my legs, and drew tight circles on my pearl. My nerves were tingling and I felt the warmth build up again. My eyebrows furrowed as my juices seeped onto my hand. I kept eye contact, even though mine grew heavy, while he looked hungry, and pissed?

He looked betrayed, and lunged for my wrist. His grip was tight as he pinned it above my head, and sucked roughly on my neck. I yelped when one of his hands connected with my tit. It made a loud smacking sound, and I squirmed. I could feel Xander smile against my skin.

β€œYou can’t cum until I say you can,” he commanded.

Xander sat up and unbuckled his belt, before dropping his pants and tight boxers onto the floor all in one motion. I brought my bottom lip in between my teeth, watching this delicious specimen in front of me. His cock was already throbbing hard.

He stroked his manhood as he positioned himself at my entrance, gliding up and down teasing my throbbing slit. My wetness coated him, mixing with his precum. I need it.

He grabbed onto my throat, forcing me to look into his burning eyes as he began to-

I quickly jolted up when a loud banging sound echoed into my room. Quickly, I removed my hand from my pajama bottoms and rushed out of bed. To my misfortune, my legs were tangled around the silky sheets and the soft, fluffy white comforter of my bed, resulting in me face planting onto the floor. Normally, this wouldn’t have hurt as bad, because at my previous home, my mattress was just on the floor of my bedroom. Here, however I had a proper bed, so it was elevated, leaving room for rougher impact.

I glanced over at the clock and it read 9:30 A.M. Oh no, I was supposed to be up and ready by 8:00 A.M. I jumped back up, rushed to the door, and was met with an angry Mr. Thomas. My face was flushed with excitement from the dream I had just had, and then embarrassment when I followed his gaze down to my erect nipples and naked abdomen.

My pajamas were a silky pink crop top and shorts, leaving me cool and comfortable when I fell asleep. The hems were scrunched and the fabric was very thin, not leaving much for his imagination.

I crossed my arms over my chest to try and regain the modesty I had always been taught to have by my mother. I couldn’t have slept in that late… oh god, how long has he been there?! Did he hear me?!

β€œWhat the fuck are you doing? You should’ve been up over an hour ago. I’ve been waiting for you, downstairs. I told you we were going out to get things for you, for school today,” he said aggressively.

β€œN-nothing sir, I must have overslept. I-I’m s-sorry,” I replied with a trembling voice.

β€œIt didn’t sound like nothing, young lady,” he said with a cocked eyebrow and a devious smirk forming from his plump, kissable lips.

He knew. My eyes grew to the size of saucers as I stood there with my mouth gaped open.

β€œYou have forty-five minutes. I expect you to be downstairs by then,” and with that he went back down the hallway.

I gently shut my door and hustled to the bathroom. Seeing as though I had to rush, I stripped my clothes off and hopped in the shower. I lathered rose scented shampoo into my hair, rinsed it out, and then quickly washed my face and body. I put conditioner in my hair, leaving it to soak in until the end of my shower, and shaved my legs.

Once I got out of the shower, I dried off and got dressed, allowing my hair to air dry seeing that I wouldn’t have enough time to blow dry and fix it. My hair was naturally wavy, and didn’t get too tangled, so I didn’t mind having it natural sometimes. I did, however, prefer to straighten it.

I brushed my teeth before applying a light amount of makeup to my face.

It was colder than most days today, so I threw on a jean jacket that belonged to my mom, along with her wedding band that I wore around my neck on a delicate silver chain, and a pair of black skinny jeans.

Checking my phone, I saw that I had ten minutes to spare, so I quickly walked out of my room, heading towards the first floor. When I reached the bottom of the staircase, Mr. Thomas was standing by the front door checking his watch. He seemed to be very punctual when it came to his schedule or plans.

He was wearing a navy blue woven sweater and dark jeans that complimented his tan skin perfectly. Even in casual clothes, he managed to look delicious without even trying. My mouth watered at the sight, and I felt my cheeks heat up.

He looked up from his watch and looked me up and down before giving a slight nod in approval? That’s the message I got from his small gesture.

What was it to him, what I wore, or how I looked? My outfit wasn’t revealing in any way. If he was offended by our encounter this morning, he surely didn’t show it, but I don’t normally wear things like that when in the company of others.

β€œLet’s go,” he said and we went outside towards the garage.


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