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When the garage door opened, I was instantly amazed. I had never seen a car this nice before in person, in my entire life. Cars like this only showed up on the television, or online. I shouldnโ€™t have been surprised considering how amazing his house looked. Of course he could afford something like that. Did professors normally make a lot of money?

I was never one to be desperate for a life of luxury. I made it perfectly fine with what I had, and my car was decent. It got me from Point A to Point B. Although, I couldnโ€™t help but admire his glamorous car. It was a matte, grey Mercedes Benz and it suited him completely.

He walked me to the passenger side of the car, and opened the door for me. He seems like a gentleman for the most part.

โ€œThank you,โ€ I said before sliding in, onto the beige leather seat.

He opened the driverโ€™s side door, and got in without saying anything. He started the engine and backed out of the garage and down the long driveway. Mr. Thomasโ€™s yard was beautiful, and there were flower beds along the edge of the stones lining the driveway. I was a little surprised to see that he had a garden, but I didnโ€™t see any other people here to take care of things for him. Perhaps he enjoyed outdoorsy things. I knew Iโ€™d love to spend some time in the garden. Hopefully he had a porch swing around there, I could sit on and read a book.

We sat in complete silence for about fifteen minutes before I became uneasy. Normally, the silence wouldnโ€™t bother me, as Iโ€™ve become accustomed to my inner monologue keeping me company most of the time. This however, was different. I couldnโ€™t help but dwell on what happened this morning. Maybe thatโ€™s why he wasnโ€™t talking.

I stole a few glances over at him, admiring his masculine profile. His jaw was perfectly chiseled, and his stubble complimented his glowing skin. The navy sweater he was wearing clung to him snugly, displaying every bulge of muscle throughout his arms. I even managed to eye him up and down, without being caught, noticing his bulging package concealed by his dark-washed pants.

Damn, I wondered if he looked as good in person as he did in my dream.

I just wanted to reach over and run my fingers gently across his jawline. I hoped a little that he would rest his hand on my thigh. Having him stroke his thumb against the fabric of my jeans, lingering his touch further up my leg. We could turn around and go home, I didnโ€™t need anything from the store. I just needed him to explore every inch of me.

I could feel moisture pooling in between my legs and my breathing became uneven. Not only was I unmistakably nervous around Mr. Thomas, but my dream left me a hot and lustful mess. I shifted my legs back and forth in the spacious front seat, and adjusted my shoulders. The tension was almost suffocating.

I canโ€™t do this. I canโ€™t do this. I canโ€™t do this, I tried to convince myself. I must have been lost in my own thoughts because an irritable Mr. Thomas snapped at me to get my attention.

โ€œMollie!โ€ he repeated for Iโ€™m not sure how many times.

โ€œYes sir?โ€ I said softly, looking at him from underneath my dark eyelashes.

โ€œAre you alright, sweetheart? Iโ€™ve been calling you for five minutes or so now,โ€ he said with a hint of concern gleaming in his euphoric eyes.

I expected him to lash out or lecture me about โ€œdisrespecting himโ€ from my lack of focus, but I couldnโ€™t help but feel a wash of heat spread across my face from his term of endearment. I assumed everything would be straight down to business; he did his thing and I did mine, while โ€œabiding by his rulesโ€ in the process, yet here he is again, catching me red handed in my dirty thoughts.

He did know my mother before I moved into his home. Did she disclose anything personal to him? Maybe he thought I was upset about my family, but no, that wasnโ€™t the case this time.

I hoped not. Iโ€™ve always kept a strong face to those outside of the circus I once called my family. I didnโ€™t like to burden others with my troubles, knowing that they might have a lot of their own to deal with. I tried to be empathetic towards others and help them whenever I could, but Iโ€™m only human.

โ€œY-yes, I just get caught up in m-my head sometimes, s-sir,โ€ I said maybe a little too quickly once I noticed his knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel.

โ€œHmm,โ€ he nodded, and returned his gaze to the road in front of us. I decided to just keep quiet for the rest of the drive but to be aware if he spoke again.

Since he didnโ€™t live too far out of town, we managed to make it to the mall in no time. I usually window-shopped at the mall to pass time when I would hang out with kids from my high school, but I had never been to this mall before. Thankfully, I brought a little bit of cash with me so I could get a few new things. Itโ€™d be nice to have a new outfit and a couple of things before classes start.

I had just a little money saved up to help me purchase my books for classes, and I planned to save up enough money to get a place of my own and maybe a nicer car once I got a job. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it started to look like things could only go up from here.

After parking, we walked up to the mall and made our way inside. There were a lot of people here, of course. Most malls were usually packed, but today was Saturday and classes started on Monday so hoards of people scoured the outlet. I could imagine that many of these people may have some classes with me or maybe some future friends of mine were passing by.

Most of the women had their gaze set on Mr. Thomas. I figured they were stripping him down in their minds as they ogled at him. Some tugged the front of their shirts down, some fluffed their hair before we passed by, and most bit down on their plump lips seductively trying to catch his attention. I could only roll my eyes at how openly desperate they were.

I was surprised to see that he didnโ€™t indulge in their behavior, seeing as though any of them were ready to jump his bones. He just kept a steady walk next to me, not sparing them a glance. He walked with purpose, and the utmost confidence. I could see some of the ladiesโ€™ husbands glowering at him, and tugging their wives along.

I jumped slightly when I felt his strong, warm hand caressing the small of my back as we were getting closer to passing a group of young men.

The one in the front of the group caught my eye as he made jokes and laughed with whom I assumed were his friends, all the while looking desirable and enticing with his โ€œbad boyโ€ style.

He wore a black leather jacket accented with studs, a lot of jewelry, ripped skinny jeans and even had a few piercings. His chiseled jaw only looked sharper as he threw his head back to laugh. It looked nice to be having a good time with such a big group of friends. He seems sweet, I smiled.

Tattoos spread across his hands making their way up his arms, and he had them all around his neck and the sides of his head. He wasnโ€™t as broad or as muscular as Mr. Thomas but that didnโ€™t take away from his good looks. Mr. Thomas was still, by far the best looking man Iโ€™d ever seen, but the young man in front of us was very handsome too.

As we were getting closer to pass by the horde of men, Mr. Thomas strengthened the presence of his palm on my back just as I made eye contact with a pair of bewitching, emerald eyes.

This tattooed man looked at me as if I were his prey and he was ready to ravish my body. The way he traced the outline of his lips with his tongue while looking upon me, made me shudder in anticipation. I could feel my cheeks heat up, and I hid my face with my long hair. All the while, I could still see his perfect smile once he saw I was blushing.

Mr. Thomas must have noticed my reaction because his eyes shot daggers towards the young manโ€™s way and he pulled me closer to him as we passed the group.

As we passed I turned my head, following the young manโ€™s direction without breaking eye contact. The young man gave me a wink accompanied with a dashing smile, displaying his perfect white teeth once more. I couldnโ€™t help but give him a shy smile in return.

We made our way through a few stores and I managed to pick up a new pair of shoes and earrings. Mr. Thomas bought a couple pairs of dress pants, a new wrist watch, and some other items I wasnโ€™t sure of. I tried to mind my own business and keep as much to myself as I could. I didnโ€™t want to bug him too much, and I didnโ€™t imagine shopping for womenโ€™s clothing excited him.

While we were the last store before heading home, I grabbed a couple things. I had a pair of shorts, a white denim skirt, and a plaid black and white dress that rested a couple inches above my knee. As I made my way to the fitting room, I saw a sexy black romper that had sheer lace sleeves, a plunging v neck, and a choker necklace. I stuck the romper under the other items of clothing that piled across my arm and made it to the fitting room without Mr. Thomas noticing.

I tried the clothes on, trying to be quick. I felt pretty in the items I picked out, and I was excited to wear them. Iโ€™ve never worn anything like this romper before. It may have not been as revealing as clothes Iโ€™ve seen other women wear before, but Iโ€™ve definitely never shown this much skin. I just wasnโ€™t sure of what I would wear it for, or to, yet.

If Mr. Thomas was โ€˜approvingโ€™ of the outfit I had on this morning, he definitely wouldnโ€™t like this one, but he obviously isnโ€™t the boss of me.

I changed back into my original outfit, and headed towards the checkout counter. It was easy to hold the romper underneath the rest of the clothes draped over my arm. Mr. Thomas checked out after me so I just waited by the front of the store for him.

Soon enough, we were back in his car and ready to head home. I actually had a decent time at the mall with Mr. Thomas. He definitely bought more than I did, but I was able to convince him that I just needed what I could buy and he wasnโ€™t to spend a penny on me. Although, I wasnโ€™t too sure about him following my request when he wasnโ€™t next to me.

Nonetheless, this seemed like a good way to end a rough week. Now, all I had left to look forward to was the new week, and my first day of classes.


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