Valentina Boundless - Book 2

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Monday Mornings

Monday mornings in San Francisco were busy and a bit boring, unlike my Monday mornings here. Back in San Fran, it was catch up from the weekend; answer emails and return phone calls. In San Francisco, we disconnected from work on the weekends. Our weekends were spent in nature and fitness, a perfect weekend combines them both. In Los Angeles, it is even worse.

I love weekends in New York City because we all love to eat, drink, and fuck. It is the secret to how French women stay so skinny. This last weekend Jake and I were true Parisians. I allowed myself to bath in our pleasureful weekend and indulge in all things Jake.

In Manhattan, our office kindly provides us with the tools necessary for us to no longer tell the difference as to what is a weekday vs weekend. However, I hold onto my San Francisco belief of disconnecting from work on the weekend and avoid my iPhone and laptop during my off-hours.

Lucky me, Sylvia is hooked on her iPhone like crack. So we just put my email and voicemail accounts onto her phone and she calls me when it’s a real emergency. Sylvia could easily do my job but chooses not to so she could, “truly enjoy New York City,” as she puts it. And since she is one of my few friends, I love spoiling her outside of work. I am her Sugar Mamma. She is worth every penny I spend on her as she rewards me with “me” time on the weekends.

Monday mornings in this city is all about sharing our weekend fun, New Yorkers are not shy about self-expression. The best parties they attended, the amazing get-a-aways and of course, their not so secret indiscretions. This morning, for instance, Kristie from Advertising jumps into the elevator with me, this is a great sample of the conversations that kicks off a week at the office in New York City versus San Francisco.

“Happy Monday Valentina!” This has, I had sex this weekend written all over it.

“Hello Kristie, how was your weekend?”

“Girl, it was amazing. This is great timing, I am so glad I ran into you this morning. I think I need your help with something.”

I am not sure how it happened but I have become the resident sex therapist. I know way too much about everyone that works here, and not because I ever ask. I would have guessed that they would go to Sylvia, although I think aside from me, Sylvia intimidates everyone else. Which, by-the-way, she has no issue with everyone not getting into her personal space. I am the push-over, so people find it okay to overshare into my personal space all the time.

“I am scared to ask.”

“Well, you know I am Jewish.”

On the west coast, we are much more politically correct than here on the east coast of things. I remember one of my first nights at Annie’s, the bartenders references a young lady as a JAP. Where I grew up that is a very derogatory comment towards a Japanese during WWII. I learned that here it means “Jewish American Princess”. I can not even tell who is Jewish here, although thanks to my Jewish colleagues, I am starting to.

“And what does that have to do with your story?” I ask a bit confused.

“Well, I met this amazing WASP!”

“You met a bee?” Sorry, I can not ever walk away from any snappy banter moments.

“No silly, you know, a white white boy.”

“As opposed to white you?” Again, you open the door? I walk in.

“That’s not the point.”

“Ok, so you met this guy?”

“Yes, and he isn’t circumcised.” As those words leave her mouth, I blush.


“Ok ladies!” Says a man standing next to us. “Looks like you need a little help from Moi on this.”

I look at the very fabulously dressed man that I see in the elevator all the time but have no clue who he is. Too scared to say hello since I have only secretly admired his wardrobe for weeks now.

As if understanding the blank look on our faces,

“I am Angel, Fashion Editor.”

Forget editorial he should be on Fashion Police, he is so on top of the latest trends.

“I am Puerto Rican.”

Somehow I think that was supposed to make us understand his comment better. Still looking at him blankly.

“Latin Americans and Europeans aren’t usually circumcised.” He sighed at our ignorance, waving it away with his hands.

Angel begins to describe in full detail as to how Kristie needs to handle her new man during their next encounter. Wow, a girl learns something new every day in this elevator, or, in my case, glad to be affirmed of my personal knowledge. Ah, Mr. British.

Both Kristie and I still stare at him blankly during our Monday morning education. I quickly go from being embarrassed by Kristie’s comments to being grateful because I’m enlightened. And from now on I will direct ALL fashion AND sex questions to Angel. Note to self: invite Angel out!

As for this Monday morning, after such a romantic weekend I figure it best if I went back to working too much and avoiding Jake as much as possible. I can feel myself falling for him and do not want this distraction right now. For a woman who has spent most of her life avoiding falling in love, since Tommy, I seem to be cursed with lovers.

I want to get as much done as possible this week as I will be in Los Angeles this next weekend for a college girlfriend’s wedding. So between the multitudes of deadlines involved in the launch of our App and an escape from the humidity of New York City, my goal to be Jake free will be easy to reach. Now if I can only get him out of my head. Maybe a wedding fling will push Jake to the far reaches of my mind.

“So?” Sylvia asks as I walk into my office.

“Oh sweetie, I am in so much trouble!!”

“That fabulous, huh?”


Sylvia arranged our table at Gramercy Tavern. Not that I would not have called her asking her advice, to begin with. She keeps my head straight. “I need to make sure that I try my hardest this weekend to get him out of my head. He is truly the sweep me off my feet type and I can not fall in love right now.”

“Woman, you need to check your heart. Learn to just enjoy these men, you don’t have to fall in love so easily.”

“I wish!”

We are all created the same, however, our brains are not equal. Both Sylvia and my baby sister always tell me to enjoy life at play, don’t always move to such serious spaces unnecessarily.

“I am trying my wise friend. Letting go and letting fun is easier for you than me.”

“You are lucky that I am a patient teacher.” She gives a look that a big sister gives her little sister.

How am I the most responsible, yet Sylvia and my baby sister seem to be the ones looking after me?

“I am lucky to have you, period. You are not my teacher, you are my savior.”

“Speaking of this weekend, do you need anything for this wedding? I know you California girls love your bare legs but I do suggest we get you some black fishnets for your dress, it rounds off that sexy look so well.”

“Yes, Boss!” I teasingly respond.

In California we do loose our “lady”, we forget that a true lady is a full package. We are too casual there, especially in Los Angeles, the sun makes it easy to be lazy about the way we look when we are out. Some of my friends go straight from the beach to dinner, exchanging their bikini for shorts and a nice top or a cute sundress and sandals.

“So he is that amazing huh?”

“He is practically perfect. Even what I don’t know about him plays out as James Bond sexy and mysterious versus creepy."

Swirling in my chair as Jake ripples through my cells.

"Let’s start with the fact that he is so hot, but that aside, he is great fun. He listens to me. We laugh and hours move without us having any sense of time. The sex, oh Gods, the sex is like intoxicating. It’s like the pot from Oregon, the best in the land. Once you have had pot from Oregon, you don’t bother with any other sex.”

“He is observant, those flowers the first time and tracking you down like that.” Sylvia is teasing my teenage dream moment.

“Right? What woman runs from that?”

“You! Darling, I am not the best to advise on love. I have never been in love and my parents aren’t the best example of a loving couple."

Which is why she can use them and abuse them and lose them without losing herself. Which I used to be able to do until that nasty lovebug bit me!

"But I am an expert on happiness, and it looks like this guy makes you happy, the rest is just icing on the cake. Just try to enjoy it a bit, will you?”

“I am enjoying him a lot! That’s the problem. Hopefully, this weekend will prove as a distraction from him. Maybe some Malibu Rum can take my attention away from my Oregon pot.”

“Good luck with that! And you have some really weird references sometimes.”

“Says the girl from Liverpool that we can’t understand half the time.”

“Yes, but it’s sexy, accents are sexy, random references are just that.”

“Okay, I will refrain from my funny references. Just don’t ask me to lose my cliches, that’s a Perotti thing.”

“Deal! Now, operation ‘forget Jake’ is in effect. Let’s get you Malibu ready.”

Not sure if Jake is busy or respectful, either way, he is radio silence. Sylvia and I spend more time working than playing, which feels weird but satisfying as we manage to accomplish a lot, leading me into a weekend free of guilt and stress.

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