Valentina Boundless - Book 2

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Take-Out Chinese, Take in Tommy

They say that our college years are our “explorative years”. I did my fair share of exploring my sexuality in college. When I met Benji, he taught me to explore within myself all the hidden fantasies I tucked away down deep.

When Tommy and I met we redefined exploration as a team. We explored the world, ourselves, and each other. With him I truly was uninhibited, there were no boundaries. I had thought that he was the same with me, until our engagement. Then I saw the side of Tommy that is okay with cages and willing to conform. I am not saying that I want to spend the rest of my life a gypsy. I just want the years I need to find out all about Valentina so that I can be true to my future family.

No matter how explorative I was in my youth, I was always monogamous. I may have had “one-night-stand” benders where I just played as I pleased for a while, but whenever I was in a relationship or moving accidentally into one like with Benji, it is with one person.

Staring at the note that Jake left me I could feel myself wanting to tear myself in half. One half wants so badly to fall for Jake, to explore the destinations in which he and I could attain physically and emotionally; worldly and soulfully. Yet the other half already belonged to Tommy, the love of my life as of far. Then the whole of me doesn’t want to lose myself to anyone. Yet here I am, putting the two of them before me.

“I don’t understand the dilemma, to be honest,” states Sylvia during our morning coffee catch-up session.

Iced coffee and a greasy breakfast sandwich is the best cure for a hangover; both a sex and a champagne one. Sylvia is the best cure for my over-thinking brain. She keeps things more simple for me. Staring at her blankly, I am too tired to speak. Plus I like it when she sorts out my life out loud.

“With that being said, I do understand that you need to explore all your options with an open mind as I would. They both technically know they are going to have to fight for you. Enjoy the gladiators at the battle and may the best man win. Because you, Anna Karenina, deserve the best man, without losing your head.”

“Jake looked so destroyed sitting on my stoop, waiting for me. I am not sure if I can continue to do that to him. Plus, didn’t Anna Karenina commit suicide by throwing herself under a carriage?”

“It was a carriage of a train, but that’s not the point. We are all grown-ups here. No one is doing anything to anyone. They both are deciding to fight for you. Let them. And enjoy the luxury so many women never have, two fabulous men pining for her.”

Sylvia has a point. We are all adults here and they are choosing to be here. I warned Jake that I may not be ready for him in my life and I surely did not ask Tommy to come after me. Well, I did, but that was in my dreams, I never said those words to him. It does feel odd to think of having sex with Tommy again, Gods know I wanted to last night, but not after having sex with Jake or visa versa? It is hard to tell if last night with Jake was all me wanting him or he was the lucky recipient of a lust stirring evening.

I mean let’s be real here, one time in college I was dissatisfied with a lover chosen for the night, sent him home, and went out to find another. Thank the Gods the second guy pleased me well enough or I may have had to shamefully “third one is a charm”, night. But there was no feeling involved there. And after being a good girl during the school year, I needed good, shameless sex over the summer months to release the built-up stress. We all know that a girl that ain’t getting dick is a silly kind of bitch. We have all met her, no fun.

I pull my attention from the clouds to the clock. The day has begun and its a busy one. All of that romance will have to wait, we are about to move into the deployment of our App so the only person I will be wining and dining with this week is Sylvia.

I decide to send Jake an email, “thank you for last night and your note, your allowance is greatly appreciated. Honestly, I need to focus on the deployment of our App so I will be mostly dining with Sylvia. I promise to be in touch soon. I do really like you A LOT!”

I push send then try to dive into my work. Sadly I keep checking my inbox for a reply. I can not blame him for not replying. He wants to hear that there is no contest, that he is the one I want and only him. Unfortunately, I would be lying to us both. Seeing Tommy plus the upgrades in effort on his part from him missing me?

Okay, Valentina! Focus on work. Then there is the fact that I started my New York City chapter of my life eager to be single and finding who Valentina is and what makes me happy.

Sylvia and I fill our day with one meeting after the other. If it wasn’t with the technology team it was the legal team. Then the editorial staff and back to the technology team and the cycle starts all over again. The rhythm is soothing. Finite choices are made. Taking me away from the limbo space I am living in. Feeling strong about myself again, empowered by my ability to command this project and make decisive decisions; good choices.

“Shall I order us dinner?” Asks Sylvia. Shocked at the question, I look up to see that it is almost 8 p.m., time flies when you focus.

“How does amazing Chinese and ice-cold imported beers sound?” Tommy’s voice bellows down the hall.

I am shocked back into my reality and manage to just stare at Tommy standing in the doorway of my office.

“See Sylvia, T and I used to brainstorm late nights eating Chinese out of the box and chugging cold beers. We always thought well together when our bellies and liver were happy.”

“How did you get in here?” I manage to pull from the depth of my throat to ask.

“Not to toot my own horn, but I do have to give myself credit for being rather charming. I do recall my charming ways worked on you at one time.” And there it is, that sexy smile and wink that makes me want to drop my panties on the spot.

“Well, while to two of you figure all that out, I am going to dig in and have a pint.” Sylvia walks in with chilled pint glasses we keep in the freezer in the employee lounge.

“You are fucked,” she whispers in my ear. Like I didn’t know!

She pours us three pints while Tommy lays out multiple boxes wafting of delicious aromas. My stomach grumbles and yells at me to dig in. My heart starts to melt as I miss how Tommy and I used to face challenges together; we were dynamite. My rising anxiety reaches for the pint and chugs away all the crazy thoughts swirling in my head. We eat and drink in silence at first, taking pleasure in the flavors and allowing the buzz of the beer to set in. I even sit back and close my eyes to pay homage to my happy belly. The silence is too good to be true.

“So, Tommy!” Sylvia is about to drill Tommy, I can feel it in her voice. “Spill it!”

“Spill what?”

“Stories, I want to know about the Dynamic Duo. How did you guys meet?” Before Sylvia could throw out twenty questions, Tommy shoots me a sad look.

“Valentina didn’t talk about us?”

“No offense Tommy, you might have been a bit of a sore subject matter.” Sylvia stabs at him.

“Look, I know I fucked up, but to learn that Valentina didn’t talk about me at all?” Again with the heartbroken looks.

“If you saw how her face reacted at the sound of your name you would have left it well alone as well.” Sylvia is good, she is going to give Tommy pain for his actions.

I always love it when people speak about you in front of you, as if you are not there. I want to join this conversation but I still have a hard time with anything pertaining to Tommy. My heart was shattered in a million pieces when Tommy gave up so easily. I own that I avoided his texts but he tried half-ass for a few weeks then nothing. And even now, knowing that he was dealing with the news of his dad’s cancer diagnosis, it doesn’t change the dejection. For a year my truth is still what I adapted.

“Well, then I have earned the right to tell my version. Now, imagine standing in the middle of a crowded bar and hearing ‘Valentina in the house’ being echoed throughout the bar. Like any curious human, you look to see who this Valentina could be. With God as my witness, I see a woman body surfing from the front door to the bar with shots being handed to her along the way. The bar is cleared so she could dance for us. And boy can she dance!!”

I love that he left out the fact that he first saw me at the EndUp.

“In my defense, this is the place where I was bartending every spring, summer, and winter break. The first year I started working there two of the other bartenders were dance majors so to get the bar more packed on slower nights we would do a dance routine on the bar. Once they graduated and left I turned it into a one-woman show.” I elaborate to justify my actions.

“When I asked the bouncer what the deal is he says, ’this marks the beginning of winter break, and it’s Valentina like I was supposed to know who Valentina was.”

I was the woman that you came to the bar in search of, was what I wanted to say. My dad likes to say, there are three sides to everything, yours, his and the truth.

“Who? That one?” Sylvia asks, shocked as can be at the thought of me being the girl in that story.

As wild as Sylvia has seen me, it has always been a bit tamer than what I am capable of.

“Where has that Valentina gone?” Sylvia digs.

“Yes Tommy, where HAS that Valentina gone?” I shoot him a sarcastic smile narrowing my eyes for a more dramatic look.

“Yes, I admit. The selfish and jealous me shut that down. I wanted to keep those dance moves all to myself. The fact is, I took away a lot of the best parts of you.”

“And what parts might that be?” Sylvia drills on. After having shot me that, OMG he is so sweet, look.

Tommy did own his charm as he charmed his way past security and into my office. He probably brought food and beers for the guys downstairs too. He loved buying his way into the hearts of my Triple Rock crew. Funny, I used to think it was sweetness, now I see that part of his mother in him. Money buys friends and happiness.

“Well, you are over 18, so…”

“On that note, it’s time to kick you out I still need to get a bit more work done.” I interrupt before things get too XXX. Plus, nostalgia is not on my to-do list tonight.

“Then please let me cook dinner for you again on Saturday,” Tommy begs as we escort him out. I didn’t trust myself alone with him.

Tommy is a magnificent cook. Cooking, another thing Tommy took from me. Just now I realize that Tommy was correct, he has taken a lot away from me, and I passively allowed him to. The way I used to love to cook and write, even down to some of the music I used to love to enjoy. I guess you never realize how much of yourself you lose when you are in a relationship. I do know that I’m not ready to lose those parts again.

“I have a better idea, how about I cook dinner on Saturday for you?” My attempt at reclaiming a part of myself back from Tommy.

“You cook?”

“Yes Sylvia, Val does, very well actually. And I’m afraid it’s probably my fault that she no longer cooks. See I used to be very competitive and I had to be better than everyone at everything. Lord knows she is better than me in most everything else so when it came to things such as cooking, I may have taken advantage of her insecurities to excel myself.”

“Actually why don’t I show you what a great cook I am Sylvia, why don’t you join us for dinner on Saturday as well. I always do better when I’m cooking for a larger group. It’s the Italian in me. Maybe we can even invite Angel and Kristie.”

As I just owned, I don’t trust myself to be with Tommy alone.

“A dinner party! I will bring Pimms! My mum has the best recipe, she mixes her Pimms with lemony soda, fruit, cucumbers, and mint.”

“Then it is settled ladies, I will gladly host you all at my place for dinner on Saturday. Val, please let me know our menu so I can shop and what time you all shall arrive.”

Kisses on the cheeks all around and off he went.

“You are going to head home and shag Jake now aren’t you?”

“I wish, he hasn’t returned my email.”

“Call him!”

“He is showing me respect so I need to respect his space as well.”

“Don’t be a sappy love story gone wrong, where the two characters mean to tell the other how they feel but keep missing the chance out of fear and they end up with all the wrong people, missing the one they truly loved the whole time.”

“You have been binge-watching Notting Hill haven’t you?”

“Yes, it’s such a great film.”

“You are filled with romantic advice for a single woman.”

“By choice, remember?”

“Two weeks ago that was my choice as well. And once again, my choice has been taken from me. I need a Nate night! Maybe he and I can pop popcorn and watch a great comedy and drink lots of wine. Care to join?”

“As much as I would like to feast my eyes on yummy Nate, no thanks, unlike you, I don’t mind juggling a few men so I am going out with Charlie tonight.”

Just then I decided that I will invite Nate to dinner Saturday. Nate will keep me in line.

“Which one is Charlie again?”

“A member of that Wall Street bunch we met at Bungalow 8. The conversations are dull but the wining and dining is magnificent. I figure I can string him along a bit longer. Maybe even shag him if he doesn’t talk during it.” Ah, those summers in Berkeley come floating back into my mind.

“Alright, let’s both head home then.”

Nate always makes for a perfect night. He doesn’t ask anything of me and with him, I don’t have to think, I can just be.

“Hello, Nate? It’s Val.”

“Uh-o. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, why do you ask?”

“Because you know I know your voice, you have never said who is calling.”

“Sorry, it’s been a bit weird these last few days.”

“Men trouble again already? Sweetheart you work fast.”

“Why do you assume that? I happen to be getting ready to launch the most important project of my life. It could be I am just overwhelmed with work.”

“Nice try, work may stress you out at times, but it’s never weird or it never throws you off. Boy problems, however, do.”

“It’s not my fault, I just fall into these problems.”

“Okay, I will grab some champagne and meet you at your place. Food?”

“No, Sylvia and I already ate, but I can bring you leftover Chinese if you are still hungry.” I didn’t have the balls to tell him that Tommy brought dinner over.

“Deal! See you in 30.”

We choose Friday, a classic comedy, and Nate brought amazing special brownies to go with. Great late night! I slept like a baby, ready to take on my week until I can enjoy my Friday.

The rest of the week goes off without any random surprise visits or deliveries. Jake is still MIA, again, I don’t blame him Naturally I want to reach out but what would I even say?

“Hey stranger, still haven’t made any decisions. Are you still in the running?”

How do I know if he is even still interested? There are so many fabulous women in this town. Oh and let’s not forget Paris. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t take long for a wounded peacock to find and seduce a bird of paradise. It’s a bit presumptuous of me to think I even have a decision to make.

Again, I am bewildered at how I manage to lose control of my desire to be single.

Sylvia says, “not everyone is meant for the single life.”

Although I was single most of my college years, it was because I was so focused on school. I can focus on my job now, I love what I am doing and can’t wait for the travel and editorial portion of my job to begin. Who wants to be tied down when there are amazing exotic men all over the world to enjoy? Yet here I am, checking my email for Jake to respond. Every flower delivery that enters the hallway has me holding my breath.

Even Sylvia who talks a good talk manages to quote every romantic comedy ever made, I am sure if a truly fantastic man shows up she would hang up her bar stool. By-the-way he would have to be beyond amazing. After waging war on the opposite sex we still seem to pine for their attention. I know there is a huge difference between a chauvinist and what is chivalrous, we want the sweep us off our feet romance. Are we then the chauvinist? We did fight for the right to think as men do when it comes to relationships. To own ourselves and to do as we please.

“What’s the menu plan for Saturday?”

Tommy’s email snaps me out of the borderline obsessive conversation in my head. I have too much work to get done to give so much distraction to these men.

“Since I am Italian, let’s do a few classics. Burrata cheese with heirloom tomatoes, Mushroom Risotto and Veal Milanese.”

“Sounds amazing! I will head down to Little Italy to shop Saturday morning, care to join?”

Although cooking together is rather domesticated. Grocery shopping is even more so. I can not get into a domesticated rhythm with Tommy. It would be too easy to fall back in line with all the things we did well together. Cooking was not one of them so I feel okay about that part of Saturday. If I am to challenge his claim to the new and improved Tommy, I need us to be in uncomfortable scenarios, not the Dynamic Duo ones.

“Sorry, too much work still. I will be working at the office until 4. Then I will head to you after work with Sylvia. She is dying to learn how to make Risotto. Along with Angel and Kristie, I have added Nate to the guest list, I hope you don’t mind. I figure the more the merrier.”

“Of course not. I will shop for 10 in case you decide to add a few more along the way. Okay then, see you Saturday sometime after 4.”

I could hear the disappointment in his virtual voice but I don’t care. I need good boundaries here. Nate said if I make it too easy for either man I will not get to know the true version of either of them. Having a male best friend is so helpful when it comes to any advice I need on men.

Thinking about Nate meeting Tommy made me realize that only Sylvia has met Nate. Nate and I have such a sacred and pure friendship; I keep him in my safe space away from my messy space. He is my private island I escape to as needed.

Team Dynamic Duo plus the female Union Jack pluralized our awesomeness! What a threesome we are in the kitchen. If I didn’t love them both so much I would have suggested such chemistry move to the bedroom.

Angel steps in as our bartender. Kristie, our food and spirits critic, insisting on tasting everything and giving us all thumbs up.

“Angel mi amore, you may be the specialist with all things sex and fashion, but Valentina may be all things foodie.” Kristie’s review.

“Do I even want to know?” Tommy teases as we toast our first round of mixology treats.

“Thanks to my need for man advice from Valentina one Monday morning, we discovered Angel and his wealth of information on all things fashion and sex.”

“What can I say, we Puerto Ricans are sexy and suave.”

“Cheers to that!” I toast, wanting the change the subject before Kristie starts to share a little too much.

This is so much fun. Most of us don’t have a kitchen let alone any space in New York City to entertain like this. I love getting to know the other side of everyone and to see how everyone gets along. Nate texted that he was in his way and apologized for being so late. In New York City you tell everyone that dinner is served or the reservation is booked for 30 minutes earlier than planned. Traffic even via public transportation is unreliable.

The doorman calls up to announce Nate. I hand over the stirring of the risotto to Sylvia so I can answer the door. I open the door to find a sharply dressed Nate double fisting several bottles of Gaja Barbaresco.

“Your favorite.”

“You shouldn’t have, it’s too much.”

“Not at all, I...”

“Got a guy.” I finish his sentence for him.

Nate says that growing up poor with rich taste requires him to develop relationships that would allow him to enjoy the finer things in life without paying the price. Many dinners we had were always “taken cared of” by the owner or the chef. He takes care of people and people take care of him. I did not dare dig deeper.

“You know it, sweetheart. Who’s better than me?”

“Nobody!” I give him a smile, a quick kiss, and free his grip of a few bottles.

Leading him into the lion’s den.

“Everyone Nate, Nate, everyone.”

“THAT’s Nate?” Exclaims Angel and Kristie in unison.

“Should I be scared for that kind of first impression?”

“Not at all dah-ling!” Angel spoke for us all. “We just never knew you were so fine! Lo que se ve bien, Dios mío!”

“Gracias guano!” Nate responds to Angel with a wink.

Nate is a 6′4" Cuban that makes Ricky Martin look like a troll. Maybe that’s why we aren’t dating, he is too beautiful to belong to just anyone. That kind of beauty should be shared and cherished by all.

“Nice to see you again, Nate, and I will gladly take those.” Sylvia frees Nate of the remaining bottles of wine in his hands while Kristie and Angel whisk him off onto the balcony. “Be gentle with him.”

Of course, Sylvia is the only one that has met Nate, so her lack of awe isn’t fair to the others. I am sure they can’t wait to admire him as the sun sets behind him. It’s rather a beautiful sight. A few times Nate took me to Jones beach where we would enjoy the sunset and our flasks of tequila. I do enjoy the way the crimson sky illuminates his skin.

“I will plate dinner, you better make sure they don’t rape the poor guy.” We both laugh and part for our missions.

Back at the kitchen, Tommy is pouring himself a generous portion of scotch.

“That’s Nate?”

“I think we just established this with the others.”

“And you two have never...”


“Is he gay?”


“Are you gay?”


“I am just saying, the man gives me a hard-on.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at Tommy’s honesty. I have always noticed both women and men gawking over Nate when we are out. I see the “piece of meat” feeling it gives him so I always play it off as if I didn’t find him that hot. I let him be inside Nate versus outside Nate. He likes that.

“It’s not funny. There is nothing worse for a man to realize than the love of his life’s best friend is a Cuban man that looks like a Greek God.”

“And he’s got a great personality too,” I add salt to the wound sarcastically, as I finish the final touches on our plates. “Now be a good boy and help me place these on the table. Dinner is ready and I am starving.”

Seeing me at ease and happy with my friends, Tommy is humbled. His conversational tone shifts to fluffy and airy. This is the Tommy I fell in love with.

“Mmmmm.” Echoed from all my friends.

“This might be even better than sex!” Kristie commented.

“Oh, dah-lung we need to find you better playmates,” Angel responds. “Although this meal does rank up there as orgasmic. You have been holding out on us!”

“Oh, this is nothing.” Adds Nate.

“She’s cooked for you?” The other four at the table say in unison. Wow, this group thinks a lot alike, great minds I guess.

“Oh yes wait until she makes you seafood paella and tamales. My aunt taught her and now she makes it better than my aunt does. The benefit of living in Brighton Beach, the apartments aren’t fancy but they have great kitchens. It’s amazing how Valentina makes even my kitchen look fancy.”

“Looks like we have a menu option for next week’s dinner,” Tommy adds trying to hide his jealousy.

“Carpe Diem! While you are all planning next week I will seize the moment to get a second serving of this amazing meal. Anyone care to join me?” Sylvia can always change the subject so perfectly.

“Valentina knows I will always take seconds and thirds of her cooking.” Nate takes one more cut into Tommy’s ego.

I may not have spoken much about Tommy to my other guests but apparently, Nate knows a lot more than I remember telling; or more likely complained. I am just impressed that Tommy is taking it all so well.

“It’s so nice to see you again,” Nate manages once he and Sylvia have a moment alone.

“Right? It’s a bit crazy that we have hung out since Christmas, considering we are Valentina’s only friends.” They both laugh at my expense.

“So what do you think of our Tommy?” Nate pries protectively.

“Oh, I do not have any opinions there. I have learned one thing growing up in Liverpool, leave your bitches to their love lives. Be there for the Hen Do or the be the shoulder to cry on.”

“Sorry, unfair question.”

“What question?” Sylvia winks at Nate and walks back to the table with seconds.

After round one of food, well two for a few of us, and lots of wine the thickness in the room dissipates and the conversations eases. Tipsy Nate is just funny and instead of interrogating Tommy, all just share all their best New York City stories. The night shifts to movie classics, dinner with friends.

Tommy passes the test with my friends. Although it also might be because they were so engrossed in Nate that Tommy and I often had conversations to ourselves, enjoyably. The energy in the room turns magical.

The crew heads to the balcony for a nightcap and a final viewing of the city skyline. Tommy and I clear the table and do the dishes.

“I am such a shit!” Tommy says as we are finishing the dishes.


“No, honestly. I stifled you; your charm, your cooking, your brilliance, your beauty...Nate.”


“Let me finish. You, chose me, over HIM? What an idiot I am. How did I not appreciate you and listen to you? Nate, though, I see how he looks at you.”

“Thomas please don’t ruin our night with silly jealousy.”

“It’s not jealousy, it’s admiration. He sees you the way I see life through my lens. And just as I stopped looking at life through those lenses, I stopped seeing you. Nate however, is seeing you freely. He doesn’t care about what people think. He finds pleasure in you and shows it; bares it, for all to see.”

Before Tommy could continue, I walk up to taste the new Tommy. Or the revival of my Tommy, sweet like sugar and salty like Sausalito air. He smells of wine and satin blush. I inhale all of the senses he offers me. His taste, his touch, his scent, and staring into his steel grey eyes, his beauty. The guests, witnessing our kiss sneaks out like only good New Yorkers would do.

Tommy lifts me into his arms; wow, new and improved is also much stronger physically. He carries me to his bedroom. Beautiful and masculine like him. We stand upon a plush rug in front of a decorative floor to ceiling mirror. He faces me to the mirror, stands behind me, and slowly enjoys undressing me.

He releases my hair from its bun, I prefer cooking without my hair falling into my face. Running his fingers through my hair, combing out its sheen. The feel of his greatness press behind me, making me shiver. Tommy moves my hair to one side, allowing it to cascade over my right shoulder. His lips and tongue carefully appreciate every inch of me from my ears, down my nape, and along my shoulders. His hands freeing me of the bondage of my attire. Stopping to take in my breasts and tease at my nipples.

As his lips pleasure that triangle between my neck and shoulder and back, causing my nipples to perk and my pussy to moisten. His hands reclaim every inch of me. All I can do is watch; a voyeur of my being pleasured. Watching from afar; if I were in the audience, my fingers would be taking my girl into full orgasm over this display. The meticulous way he explores. The way my body follows every lead. Limp yet luscious; wanting and needing to please and be pleased. I am stuck in space of voyeur and willing participant.

Tommy commands my body without worlds. The nudge of a knee spreads my legs apart. The trace of my hips takes my fingers to my clit. The trace of his hands down my spine folds me in half. The tug of my hair brings me back up. Enjoying his growth pressing against me. When he releases one hand to undress I whimper. Each half of my body jealous over the attention the other half is receiving.

The feel of his nakedness behind me takes me to my knees. My mind playing scenes of all the ways we’ve made love flashing before my eyes. My body remembering every touch, every kiss, every stroke, every orgasm. Tommy eases me into the floor, allowing my back to lie on his chest. His ankles hook mine as he spreads my legs into a lying squat. Bearing ALL of me into the mirror. With a pillow strategically placed behind him, I am at a perfect angle to watch.

I love to watch. To see his fingers exploring in and out of my pussy and my ass. Moving back and forth with great rhythm and grace. Utilizing my wetness to access every inch of me with ease of delight and comfort. I could feel my body completely give into and trust the pleasure. Just a viewer of this pleasureful play. Aching for each stroke of a finger or two or even three. Enjoying his placements; first here, there and everywhere. Sliding his hands under my ass he maneuvers his cock inside of my pussy. As his fingers delve into my ass. Lifting my body up and down along his.

As I watch him fuck me in the most primal and taking way. All I want is for him to take more. I will give it all to him at this moment. Allowing him to move me through such ecstasy. Such intense pleasure. Such organic and raw enjoyment. How can anyone not want this, all day every day? I am in heaven. Oh, the Gods, this man pleases me so. We go for what feels like hours. Each stroke just like the first. Taking ourselves as close to orgasms as we can without coming. This is too good to end too swiftly. Moving faster and harder. Softer and sweeter. It’s amazing how he knows I am on the brink and pulls back just enough.

“Not yet, love, this is too good.” He whispers into my ears.

Sending me further into the depth of rapturous delight. Until we both finally give in to one another. Coming together in pure exaltation. Perfection.

“Gods woman I have missed you!”

“I have missed you too.”

After round two I excuse myself and dress to leave. Staying the night will send the wrong message. To both of us, Tommy knows better than to ask otherwise.

On my way home I noticed a text from Nate.

“Thank You for dinner. I always enjoy your cooking. Just remember, a gilded bird is still a caged bird. Sweet dreams sweetheart.”

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