Valentina Boundless - Book 2

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Dating 101

It’s 3:00 a.m. and an all too familiar buzz in me stirs me awake. The only remedy for this restlessness is release. Preferably more than one. Does no sex with Tommy, Jake, or Nate mean no sex at all? Down girl! My pussy needs to be put in check.

Opening the drawer by my bed where I have a treasury of toys I acquired during my many trips to London and Paris, my hand rummage for the perfect playmate. Battery operated and not considered cheating. The visions in my head elude one’s definition. Ah, my tried and true, the rabbit!

Conceding to my subconscious this fantasy begins in the rooftop garden where Jake fed me Ciopinno. The garden is more luscious and fragrant than I recall. And there is a large bench in the middle that wasn’t there that illustrious day. Next to it an apple tree, how apropos. My white chiffon, flowing, nightgown shifted colors as I walked towards the bench; from white to pink and is now red. Then angel on my shoulder has lost this battle and the devilish Valentina has come out to play.

As I lay onto the bench, the rustling of bodies approaching tingles from my girl up to my hardening nipples. My eyes first lock onto Nate’s as his approximation narrows.

In defiance of space and time, I find my head resting on Jake’s lap as Tommy massages at my feet. His fingers easing in and out of the space between each toe taunts at my kitty, she purrs to the vibration of his satisfaction. Jake’s hands caress along my jawline coaxing my lips to part and beg to acquire his fingers. I moan as Tommy’s lips travel up my inner thighs, taking time at the sweet spot behind my knees. Each man frees themselves of their blessings, truly each family’s treasure.

Instantly my pussy drips at the sight of all three stroking and provoking my apertures to burn. I turn my face to lick and suck at Jake’s balls. Wanting his shaft badly, aching for his tip to push at my throat.

My eyes delight at the sight of Nate, leaning against the apple tree, gliding his hands up and down his extensive rod. Talk about the forbidden fruit, I have longed after his taste for too long. My eyes hold his stare as he witnesses my gratitude that I show Jake and how generously I nourish Tommy’s lips, spilling from my cup.

As Tommy plays from my pussy to my ass, Jake flicks at my nipples. Jake lowers his lips to nibble and bite at my breasts, plunging his cock deeper, initiating my reflex. I lubricate his cock as I gag causing me to spill even more from my cup. Tommy ups the ante with finger play. His lips suck at my clit as two fingers massage my flower as a tumb delve into my ass.

I can no longer keep my eyes on Nate too dizzy from all the cells in my body fighting for air. Breathless as Jake and Tommy demands of me from each half of my being.

The sound of Jake moving in and out of my mouth invigorates Tommy’s devotion to making my pussy gush. Lapping up every drop of every feeding I provide. The rippling throughout my body jolts my spine to arch, opening my throat, spurring Jake to burrow. My hands reach up for his ass, my fingers digging into the firm, and supple cheeks tensing towards his zenith. My fingers linger around his rim, moist from the lubrication his cock stirs from my lips, know exactly how to push beyond this pinnacle.

My right-hand reaches for Tommy’s face, guiding him up so that I can take a hold of his quill. Dipping him into my hot, squelchy ache. In rhythm, we four move up and down and in and out. My fingers in Jake’s ass, Jake’s erection in the depth of hunger, Tommy’s cock in my queen, Nate stroking in my sight.

This divine dance set to the percussion of my heart. Beating explosively for all of us to hear. Lub-dub, in-out, lub-dub, up-down and back to lub-dub, in-out. The louder desire pumps through me the more inseparable the three men are in my vision. Inhale, the sent of Jake as he fills my mouth with his flavor. Inhale the blend of Tommy and me. Exhale the longing for Nate. Oh, the Gods, I want all three, apparently at once.

The buzzing of my rabbit, overworked, and drenched pulls me back to my bed. My clit is swollen and sensitive. Every cell in my body exhausted. Every nerve is non-responsive. No shower. My only option, to dream.

Thursday is a wash, even with Sylvia swimmingly handling my workload for me, I found myself buried in front of the screen. What is the point of taking a day off when it only creates twice the work upon your return?

Friday, I receive a package. Please let it be from Jake. This is what I get for complaining about all those indulging treats from before. The package is from Tommy.

To keep New York in your sight as you travel the world. All my love, T

He made me a memory album of our day together. These prints are amazing. Suddenly I have a thought, a great pitch for September’s printed issue.

Growing up in Northern California all his life, this artist feared New York City. These next several pages show how New York City has changed his mind and captured his heart. They say pictures speak 1000 words, so my words end where his vision begins. I could not say it any better.

I will talk to Jessica about this on Monday morning. The only question is, how will I get my hands on his negatives? I can hear Benji in the back of my mind, “just ask, the worst thing that comes from asking is nothing changes and the best is the result you were hoping for.”

Too bad we are plutonic, otherwise, I could have seduced them from him. MMMM…why did I agree to no sex?

My exposure to Tommy’s photos has always been through his iPhone or digital camera. Which were fabulous. But he was not joking when he said that film tells a different story and who knew he was so talented at developing his visons. From my experience with my photography class in high school, I can attest to the fact that developing film is an art in itself.

“Thank you for the amazing photos.”

“Thank you for being a great muse.”

I want to tell him my plan but I don’t want him to stop me, and I know he will. I am just hoping that once he sees how amazingly this will look in the pages of Wanderlust, he will forgive me. If not, I hope that he still feels like he owes me one enough to not hate me.

“It was fun. You are so much fun when you let your creative side take over.”

“So can my creative side take you out to dinner, tomorrow night?”

“As long as you promise to have me home before midnight. Don’t want my carriage turning into a pumpkin on us.”

“I am not going to lie, it is so hard to be near you and not enjoy every inch of you, but I have to admit, this dating thing is fun.”

“How did we not date?”

“Because since the first night we spent together I have been addicted to your body. Also, we were in our senior year of college, which you took very seriously and wouldn’t give me spare time except in bed.”

“Only at first but then I couldn’t stand to be apart from you.” Okay, change the subject before reminiscence succeeds. “Where are we having dinner?”

“I will make reservations, what time shall I pick you up?”

“How about we meet at 7? Once you decide where just text me and I will be there.”

“Is your apartment off-limits as a part of this arrangement?”

I haven’t officially told Tommy about Jake, and since I haven’t heard from Jake, I have no idea if he is in Paris or Brooklyn. I don’t want to risk running into him, especially while I am on a date with Tommy. If we are dating, is Jake a secret or need to know?

“It’s just that I need to finish a few things at the office and it would be easier to meet up with you in the city versus heading back to Brooklyn first.”

“Got it. I will text you coordinates.”

“Great, see you at 7. Oh and not to fancy please, I will be in work clothes.”

“Got it.”

I guess I am heading into the office tomorrow. It does give me time to work on the pitch and I can leave it on Jessica’s desk. This way I can work from home on Monday and research where I should go first on my trip to Italy. And of course, there is a part of me that hopes I will run into Jake. Look who is the stalker now.

“I am missing great Sushi, how about you?” Tommy emails.

“Always in the mood for Sushi.”


“Only a fool turns that down.”

“Great, see you at 7 tomorrow.”

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