Valentina Boundless - Book 2

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Dinner With Friends 2.0

Mr. Bunny no longer entertains me at 3:00 a. m., alternately he tucks me in. As Tommy and I familiarize ourselves with one another we become more intimate. Baring all emotionally only prevail upon the want to bare all physically. When you wake-up drenched you are no longer having wet dreams. You are bathed in lust and desire. I had to fall in love with Tommy to fall in lust for him? Very backward from where we started. But my enchanting foursomes dissipates and the one I am climaxing for is Tommy, with the help of Mr. Bunny, of course.

As promised, Tommy hosts another dinner party. This time Nate and I are playing Chef. Nate’s mom grew up in Cuba but she was born in Barcelona. Her father’s work brought the family to Cuba. We shifted through the treasure box of her recipes and found some gems. It’s a perfect summer night to dine outside. The night air pairs lively with our guests’ fingers, the only utensils needed for tonight’s meal.

Nate prepares oxtail, cooked slow, dressed beautifully, and served with cubes of rich meat jelly, alongside lettuce leaves that you use to wrap and eat the meat. The oxtail sliced in length to accent the cubes and a secret sauce enhances this exotic dish.

I chose a more dramatic recipe. Creating a one-sided open-faced pine nut omelet in a cast-iron skillet. To the sizzling display, I add French parsley, a drizzle of honey, artistically splayed fish sauce, then a scattering of toasted pine nuts. It’s salty and punchy, thanks to the fish sauce, but balanced, theatrical and fun. Crisp slices of toast assists to scoop each bite.

And finally, am amazing pot of steamed langoustines seasoned to sweet perfection, how, was his mom’s secret from us all.

Splayed out along the dining table that the men carried out onto the balcony. The only items missing from this meal are plastic bibs with its seafood insignia and wet-wipes. Shimmering gold bubbles contrast our primitive dining as Tommy hands us each a flute to toast.

“To more amazing dinners with friends!”

“Hear-hear,” we sing as glasses clink.

Angel, Sylvia and I are at one end, teasing at Kristie. The more we get to know her the more of an anomaly she is to us. Immagine this beautiful porcelain face that is framed with perfectly curled strands of true blonde hair. Her innocence vulnerable in her smile, and when she does it’s all teeth, glistening white accented with deep dimples on either side. Silver eyes that are always dancing. You spend more time explaining a story to her than actually telling the story. Until you talk statistics and projections. A mathematical genius from MIT, she wanted to work where she was appreciated for her brains and not her beauty. Even though at INK she is still a 10, but she isn’t the only 10. And she is the person you go to when you want to talk numbers.

“How is New York City working out so far?” Nate, Mr. Switzerland, takes the hight road and opens the door to a friendship with Tommy.

“Socially, there is nothing like New York City, thanks to you all. As for work, I am finding the hours longer than expected because of the time difference between us and the west coast and London. It’s almost easier to deal with Hong Kong or Singapore from here because it’s a twelve hours difference so meetings are easier to coordinate. My push to have a base here in New York City meant that I need to grow our global reach. I am up at 4:00 a.m with Asia and still in the office until 8:00 or 9:00 pm because of San Francisco.”

“I don’t know how you do it when I think of stocks and bonds, you might as well be speaking Mandarin because it’s all foreign to me.”

“It’s like how you grew up with your parents speaking Spanish or Val grew up with her mom speaking Italian. I grew up with my dad speaking acquisitions and IPOs. I am fluent in banking the way you are in Spanish.”

“Val’s Italian I can understand. It’s when she and Sylvia talk tech that loses me. Not that I can understand half of what Sylvia says with that accent,” it’s too cute how Nate and Sylvia tease at each other.

“Watch-it babes! I will get you back for that one when you least expect it.” Sylvia teases back.

“Yeah, and she has the memory of an elephant so you may never know when she will attack. Fiery that one!” I play in.

“That’s a cool way of putting it though.” Nate compliments Tommy.

The nice thing about a gathering of friends with the guy you are dating, they ask all the necessary questions. I have avoided asking Tommy too much about work for fear of him telling me it sucks to be here instead of back at the office with his dad. My biggest worry is that Tommy will be miserable working here and then he is sacrificing his happiness for mine. That’s why I am praying that he loves his surprise. I was able to see how Tommy’s art lives on the pages of our September issue and it’s sophisticated and urbane, as if his soul imprinted through each image.

Tommy’s bohemium energy ignited a burning inside of me. Grateful for the distraction of our friends. All of us more unceremonious than the last dinner we hosted here since we all have shared many animated and dynamic evenings out in some combination or other. Sylvia loves seeing this vibrant and breezy side of me. Singing and dancing to the moonlight as Angel and Tommy clean up. Nate and I trying to teach Sylvia and Kristie how to salsa. Tommy grows more envious than jealous of Nate and mines enchantment. Angel kicks my ass at the tango with Nate as his partner. Nate is like that leading man that has chemistry with everyone. Tommy and I are finally able to show the side that we bring out in one another we once reserved for our stolen private moments in Sausalito.

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