Valentina Boundless - Book 2

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It’s a Small World After All

Tommy continues to nag me about seeing my hood, he wants to get to know the side of me that resides in Brooklyn Heights. I, of course, am not ready for us to run into Jake. Although it seems that Jake must have moved back to Paris, as I have heard neither hide or hair of him. I finally cave and suggest we try a new place that just opened up in Cobble Hill. Not quite my hood so we shouldn’t run into Jake, but it does give him a taste of Brooklyn.

“Okay.” I offer as I am making us lunch. Tommy’s kitchen is amazing so cooking is fun for me again.

“Okay, what?”

“Dinner in Brooklyn tonight?”

“Does this mean I finally get to see your apartment?”

“Maybe. I read about this great new place not far from my apartment, Farm. A Chicago chef that is doing farm to table here in Brooklyn,”

“Sound right up our alley.”

“Great, I will have Sylvia make our reservations. Now, are you ready for lunch?”

“Always ready for your cooking my love.”

Tommy has been taking me out almost every night, often with my friends, so I want to take care of him today. I figure lunch at his place can’t be too dangerous. It’s been weeks of platonic dating for us, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want him right now. But it’s also been weeks of me maintaining control over my life because when he controls me in bed, he manages to control me out of bed as well. Work is going great. The App isn’t perfect which I find fun, I love problem-solving so the glitches excite my mind. Sylvia and I are planning my trip to Italy. I can’t wait to write about the food and culture that I have grown up with in the country where my DNA stems from.

Tommy and I are like a couple of teenagers making out on his couch. Both of deprived of the progression from first to third base since neither of us quite experienced sixteen like other honey teenagers. One would surmise that after all this time, Tommy would tire of first and second base. If it weren’t for Mr. Rabbit, I would lose all sense and patience. I empathize with sixteen years old boys eager for the third-base coach to signal his green light towards third base and hopefully a homerun.

“Mmmm. I can smell you.” Tommy whispers as he nibbles my lobes and flicks my nipples.

Flowing like the river Nile, no desert land here, only lush and shimmering bush. Well, not exactly a bush, more like a delicately groomed lawn. Glistening none the less. Playing dirty, Tommy knows if you pleasure my nipple just right, I will ripple like a synchronized champion cheer squad. Give me an “F-U-C-K” me now!

Battle of the wills, seize fire fully suspended, and all rules off the table. No worries, I have a playbook of my own. Nightly videos, play-by-play course through my vivid fascination for my race towards sated and sweet dreams. I have memorized all his play action and so I counter with my fingers enjoying what his can not. Like the conductor of a symphony my head fills with rhythms to dictate my pleasure pattern; rub, rub, tap, tap, swosh, swosh. My eye challenge Tommy’s barely blinking, as my fingers dance in motions and vary through different rhythms. My lips desperate for a kiss but I hold my ground. Tommy squeezes my nipples to where pain and pleasure blur and intoxication sets in. Intently watching as I edge towards ecstasy, then I distract with using Tommy’s play-action to intensely distract me away from the swell of my clit, preventing my orgasm, prolonging my play, extending my trip.

Tommy shifts his breathing from his nose to his slightly open lips. My fragrance has him gasping for air. Permeating through the lobes of his brain. Prodding at his memory. As my fingers disappear into my pussy, the gush plunges into his core pulling to surface the sensation of his cock soaked of my juices. I smile at his cock pushing at the limits of his trousers. A hound dog sniffing his way home. Devilishly leaning back to resituate my pelvis for better access. Opening up the yard, all my fingers come out to play. And so does Tommy.

Matching my game in every way. Freeing himself as he leans against the opposite end of the sofa. A pillar of strength, marble sheen from his outstretched cock. A will of its own, leaning towards me in an attempt to defy nature and extend beyond his allowance. The more I glisten. The more his rod tunes in. As I add slapping to my eurythmic composition, Tommy shakes his head, motioning for a foul call. Only to be met with a strong penalty, I find my spot and squirt towards his side of the field. Encroachment, 5 yards penalty.

Taking advantage of my loss yardage, Tommy shoots back. I giggle as he missed my pearl necklace. But landed at my fingertips just in time to blend with my climax.

“Only you can make not having intercourse as fulfilling as having intercourse.” Breathless, Tommy’s arms surrender to his side, exhausted and immobile.

“You earned the theatrics. And you know I hate to lose.”

“I was counting on that.”

For the next hour, we laid half-naked relinquished of desire to move except our fingers which caress at each other’s calves. Unable to take our eyes off of one another, allowing our souls to speak silently through their peepholes. Satisfied lips slightly turned up.

The setting sun breaks our trans. I need to get home and change for dinner. Zero to sixty in seconds, I am dressed and ready to rush out the door. Tommy caught me at the waist and pulled me down onto him, passionately kissing me before watching me walk out the door.

“I’ll pick you up at your place at 7:30.” He shouts to me.

SHIT! I was hoping for a nap before dinner. As is, it will be a quick shower and, what to wear? For the first time, I can say that I am having a wardrobe dilemma. As much as I hate FaceTime, I need Angel.

Tommy buzzes at exactly 7:30. “Coming down.” He had the taxi wait since he figured he wasn’t coming up for a pre-funk.

“Damn! That is not playing fair.” Tommy’s eyes whistled as it gazed from my shoulder down to the hem of my blue Herve Leger dress and back up to the brightest blue my eyes can be.

“Down boy! We will lose our table if we are late.” I skip past Tommy and stop at the door of the cab. Huge pet-peeve, the gentleman must always open the door for the lady.

As we walk into the Farm, I freeze. Walking out is Jake. And Jake is not alone.

“Valentina, of course, you would be one of the first to enjoy this place,” Jake says casually.

“Jake, nice to see you.”

“Valentina, this is Francesca. Francesca, this is Valentina.” I don’t know if my jaw is open because our how stunning she is, or if it’s because of the noticeable bump that her belly is showing? Either way, I am dumbfounded and fail to respond.

“Hello Jake and Francesca, I am Tommy. I am not sure if the cat has Valentina’s tongue but to her defense, she has been working rather long hours.”

“Well, I know the two of you will enjoy this meal,” Francesca says as she is walking out pass Jake. I stare at him in disbelief. The most horrific pain is stabbing at my heart, and I can feel my heart beating into my throat.

Tommy and the hostess lead me to our seats. I am shell shocked. There are so many thoughts and emotions circling my mind; moving from heartbreak to anger to vulnerability to feeling like a fool. I can hear Tommy ordering for us and trying to be patient with my inability to pull it together. But I can hear his frustration rising.

“Who and what was that all about? And can you please stop chugging the wine and talk to me? I haven’t seen you like this since the night you met Brittney. Jealousy doesn’t look good on you.”

“I can’t do this right now.” Is all I can muster as I get up to leave. If I stay all the anger will be targeted at Tommy.

I walk out of the restaurant and breath in deeply the night’s air. Taking several deep breaths as I feel anxiety wanting to take over. She is clearly over four months along, has he been hiding her this whole time? And how can he be so unaffected? He acted as if I was just someone he knows.

After paying the bill, Tommy finds me outside. “What the fuck was that?”

“Tommy, not now. Just let me go home.”

“No! You just walked out of dinner without an explanation. You need to talk to me.”

“I don’t need to do anything. Just let me go home. I didn’t ask for any of this and this is exactly why I wanted to be left alone here in New York City. All of this is too much!”

“All of what? I don’t understand. We have been doing great and up until we ran into that couple, you were quite happy with things between us.”

Hearing the word couple just broke me. Jake and Francesca are not just a couple, they are soon to be a family. How could have I been so stupid? Jake isn’t a sexy and mysterious James Bond, he is a duplicitous scoundrel.

“Please Tommy, I need to be alone right now.” I jump in a taxi before Tommy can stop me.

On the way home I text Sylvia, “911, heading home.”

“On my way with Mr. Patron.”

I am on my couch hysterically crying, waiting for Sylvia to come and make it all better. I know she can help me make sense of it all. Oh the Gods, I am such a fool. Sylvia arrives just in time to keep me from completely beating myself up over all of this.

“Hey babes, what happened?” She asks as she hands me a chilled glass of Patron.

“It’s Jake.” I cry.

“Wait, I thought you were out with Tommy tonight.” I manage to nod my head between bouts of hysterical crying. “Ok, but you are crying because of Jake?”

I nod again.

“Did he call you?”

I shake my head.

“Did you call him?”

I shake my head.

“Did you guys run into him?”

I nod my head.

“Okay, so you and Tommy ran into Jake tonight. Was Jake mean?”

I shake my head.

“Babes, I love you but you need to use your words. Take a deep breath, and again, and again. Now, try and see if you can tell me what happened.”

“Tommy and I were walking into the restaurant as Jake and his girlfriend were walking out.” And again the hysteria.

Sylvia walks over to the bathroom to get me a box of tissue and then to the kitchen to refresh my Patron. Once I calmed down I was able to continue. “His very pregnant girlfriend.” Saying it aloud makes me lose it completely.

Sylvia doesn’t say anything. Instead, she holds me and lets me cry. Only letting go of me when she needs to refill our glasses. Aside from that, we both drink quietly and she holds me as I cry in her arms. In moments like this, there is nothing that anyone can say that will make it better. If she calls him an asshole, I will only speak up to defend him, as I am doing in my head. If she tells me it’s going to be okay it will make me feel even worse, even if I do know it’s going to be okay. So Sylvia sits and drinks with me quietly, well, she is quite, I am wailing.

“Is she okay?” Sylvia gets a text from Tommy.

“Nothing that alone time with a girlfriend can’t fix.”

“Anything I can do?”

“Somethings require a feminine touch.”

“Okay, I am here if you ladies need anything.”

“The best thing you can do right now is giving her a little space. When she is ready, she will reach out.”


I know it’s killing Tommy to not know what’s going on. But at this moment I really can’t think of him. When you open your heart to truly trust someone and that person shatters your trust to pieces, your heart shatters too. All I can ask over and over again in my head is, why? He chased, I ran, he chased harder and I ran farther. He had the opportunity for the perfect one-night-stand. He didn’t need to win me over the way he did, and for what reason when he not only had another girl but a pregnant other girl. It’s can’t be because he didn’t know, she was too far along. She would have been two or three months along when Jake and I met. Sure, she could have kept it from him and just told him now. But from the way, he acted tonight. Oh the cruel Gods, I am such a fool!

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