Valentina Boundless - Book 2

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Temptress It Is Then

I am in my twenties, I have the rest of my life to be serious. My twenties are all about self-exploration. I have played and explore every millimeter of myself inside and out. Time to Lewis and Clarke the world before me. Wathc out world, here I come!

I agree to see Tommy again if he agrees to not bring up the incident. If I am to survive that loss, I need to burry the pieces that shattered inside of me. Those pieces belong to Jake and they are lost forever. In Italy, I will mourn them.

“So, I think to assure an amazing last night before your trip together, let’s cook dinner at my place.” Tommy is trying to be humorous as well as test if I will hold him to his promise of not bringing up the incident.

“Bummer, I am thinking of ordering Dominos and staying in bed for the next 24 hours.” Sex and pizza solve everything.

“Well, who am I to argue with the smarter of the two of us then.” Come on over, the door is always open.

“I just need to finish packing a few items then I will be right over.”

True to my Gemini, I am duplicitous. I have this other side of me that can turn off my emotions and turn on my reckless. I need her right now, the side of me that can look forward and never backward. I want to enjoy Tommy the way I enjoyed him when we first met. Before all the complications of life got between our sheets. A time when the worse part of our day was when we had to get out of bed and the best part of our weeks was the days we choose not to get out of bed for days. Pillow talk and pillow fights through the days and into the nights. I want that for the next 24 hours, to know that it can still exist in us, in any couple. That if you allow the daily grind to get between you, with great effort you can get the passion back. Take the 24 hours to break up the daily and bring back the sexy fun.

I rummage through my closet for my sexiest lingerie and an overcoat, so cliché, which is why it’s so perfect. With this kind of play, you sometimes need to be a bit cheeky. I throw a few toys in my handbag and off I go. My body is buzzing with excitement, it’s been weeks since I have allowed myself to sleep with anyone, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to run downstairs as soon as I hear my parents wake. As I hail a cab, I test Tommy to say I am on my way. I am too hot to speak, barely able to give the cab driver Tommy’s address.

The doorman holds the door to the cab open for me. I hold tight to my overcoat as I get out of the cab, aware that it’s blistering hot in New York City this first day of August. I smile and wave at the team in the lobby as I hurry to the elevator. The knowing that I have a dirty little secret under my coat is driving me wild. Just my luck, another couple gets on the elevator too. I stand in the far corner, trying not to draw attending to myself. Yet I am so wet, I am sure the pheromones fill the air in the elevator. Grateful when they got off on the sixth floor. This may be the only time I regret Tommy living in the Penthouse, the minutes it is taking seem like hours. I play in my mind what I will do when the doors open into his apartment.

When the doors open, any attempt at sexy and sultry is gone. Tommy is standing in front of me as I walk out of the elevator and instantly I am in his arms. Exploring his mouth as if I am searching for the answer to it all. The taste of scotch intoxicates me, looks like I am not the only one nervous about today.

“Mmmm. Wait, I want to see.”

“See what?”

“The surprise you have for me under your coat.”

Tommy releases me and steps back. I wait until he is far enough away from me to seductively disrobe without losing my cool. I catwalk towards him, holding his stare as I slowly open up my overcoat. Allowing the coat to slowly slides down my shoulders, stroking my spine, showing piece by piece the outfit I picked out for us.

“I do wish I had my camera right now, my God you are a sight.” This is the first time Tommy has seen my seductress side and costume.

Tommy sweeps me into his arms and takes me out onto his balcony. I see a new daybed under the wood-framed cabana, there is nothing more erotic then making love in the open air. To feel the power of the elements around your naked body. The awareness that anyone can be watching. We may be in the penthouse of this building but many buildings around us are much higher up and with the right angel, someone will be enjoying quite a show. As he lies me onto the bed, he unties the curtains, allowing them to bluster in the breeze. Then with the ties, he restrains me to the bed.

Tommy starts at my ankles, his hands feathering circles ups and down my calves as his lips and tongue work gently up from my ankles. Waring slowly up my calves, covering every inch with torturous tickling motion. I know if I fight this, he will draw out this scene, and I am too eager to have his face between my thighs, so I close my eyes and still myself. It takes all my strength to endure knowing more strapping pleasure will be coming soon.

Just as I am about to exhale, the feel of Tommy’s fingers delving inside of me catches my breath. Usually, he likes to tickle and tease, this is pleasingly unexpected. He removes his finger and delves back in immediately with two fingers. I can feel his eyes on me, awaiting my reaction, I know better than to show him anything. I catch my breath deep in my ribs, holding them and moving as still as possible in my breathing. Before I could brace myself he is out and back in with three fingers. I come. Just as quickly as I come his lips are drinking me up. The sound of him feasting makes me come again. This only encourages his lips and tongue to work at me deep and faster, knowing that once I start coming, I can keep coming rapidly. Adding his fingers to assist in his pursuit. Each time I come the more sensitive my clit becomes, the more his fingers play at it, the deeper his tongue moves into me, the more I come. I know what he wants, he wants me to call out his name. But I won’t. He doesn’t understand that I need this right now, this feeling of needing to keep control. The fight to hold on strong. I need to win this fight today. So I keep coming and no matter how sensitive my pussy gets, how she pulses in exhaustion and swells in lust, I bite down on my lips and hold onto control.

Realizing my insistence, Tommy moves up my hips. Kissing, licking, nibbling his way up to my nipples. The one thing that I find most erotic is when he suckles my nipples and I play at my clit. But instead of releasing one of my hands to allow me to play, he turns on a vibrator. As he sucks at my nipples with variable speed and pressure, his vibrator plays between my legs at variable speed, depth, and pressure. Instantly I am coming again. Trying hard to control my chest which wants to reach for his lips any time he pulls away. Or my hips that want to reach towards his vibrator and control its usefulness. Yet I manage to control mine. Allowing all my ache to lose control and escape my cells with each orgasm. Externally I am as still as I can be.

Tommy leans his body against mine. I can feel that he still has his clothes on. I can also feel how much all of this is taking him between the lines of masochism and sadism, where the master slowly becomes the servant as he finds enjoyment in feeling his painful need to get relief. As his desire grows, the contraction of his enclosure only strains harder. But for him to disrobe and free himself to enjoy this equal to me responding to his torment of my need to have him inside of me now. The game is about who can hold out longer. He who needs badly to be inside of me and me desperate to feel him fill me. As much as it hurts him to stay caged in his jeans, he lies along my body and allows his bulge to impress me. Making me my hands want to reach for his pants to free him, to free me. But I don’t. I will win this.

“My Queen, I can’t take this anymore. I need you too badly.”

Tommy pulls away from me. Suddenly my awareness of being naked in the breeze is pleasure-filled. A secondary rush of desire tickles at every fiber of my being. Distracted by this sensation, I am not prepared for the next. Suddenly Tommy is deep inside of me. His cock at its full capacity, which is an extremely impressive state. I scream in delight.

“Please Tommy, tame me!”

And the servant is now the master. As the master follows my commands. Tommy obediently rides me harder and faster, moving deep and deeper into me. Together we come, filling the sky with orgasmic cries. Not a care in the world who is witnessing, only that we are both together as one.

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