Valentina Boundless - Book 2

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Like A Good Neighbor...Jake Dubois is There

The reason a one-night stand is so perfect is that it’s hard to replicate that, “I can’t wait to get you naked and explore every inch of you” sensation. Mainly because eventually, life outside the bed interferes with life between the sheets. Maybe my little sis is correct.

“Enjoy the moment, don’t look back, don’t focus beyond.” Like a record payer playing over and over again in my head, she repeated it to me, drilling it in.

Jake pays the tab and follows me out of Annie’s. We walk hand-in-hand up Montague Street until we reach my place just before the promenade.

“This is nuts!“, Jake exclaims as we stand in front of my building. “I am the next building over.”

“Let’s not put too much thought into that right now,” I suggest as I hold the door open for him to follow.

I have always thought more like a man so I understand that it’s non va bene to know your one-night stand might be someone you could run into beyond this moment.

“Never in your hood!” My assistant, Sylvia, preached.

Again Jake gets a pass because I am too horny and he is too hot for me to let my head ruin this moment. Plus, he lives in Paris, I remind myself as I know that I am about to make my greatest mistake.

Jake walks into the foyer of the building, takes me into his arms and passionately kisses me. His lips are delicious; soft, full, and sweet. Enjoying the exploration of each other’s mouths, we walk in synchronized motion towards the stairs.

Despite this being public staircase, our hands inspect beneath each other’s shirts; trying to disrobe one another as we climb each step. If a neighbor walks by, they will enjoy my bra and Jake’s exposed chest. At least I am sober enough to hold onto the shirts we pull them off one another. Grateful that I reside on the second floor or else we would be carrying our jeans as well. And to think, hours earlier I was complaining that I didn’t live high up enough to have a fabulous view. If I continue to have nights like this, I will have to move to an apartment on the first floor. No, this is a one time only I remind myself as we reach my door.

“Never take them to your place because it’s harder to get them out of your place versus you leaving theirs,” Mikey’s voice rings in my head. Sorry, Mikey, I am hungry and I have already placed my order so I am all in.

I fumbled with my keys. It’s not easy to maneuver fine motor skills when a hot man is covering the back of my neck with hot steamy kisses. Then there is the amazing growth between his hips that push against my ass. Jake impressively passes the pat test. My friends and I have managed to develop a pat test using our asses to measure the prospect of our nights. Jake measured in the, “need him naked and in my mouth” length.

Thank the Gods my Brooklyn apartment is so small that we can stumble through the door and onto my couch as we step in. We are both far too eager and we don’t want to be nursing splinters from my hardwood floor later. My couch might be oversized for my tiny living room but perfect for play.

The best part of a one-night stand is you have only one goal, pure pleasure. So, as I stare down at this beauty in front of me, my only question is whether to give or receive. It has been so long since I have tasted a man.

I crawl over Jake and straddle his hips as my mouth savors his. My tongue grazes Jake’s sleek teeth, I take pleasure in feeling him shiver. Jake moans as I move from his lips down to his chin, noticing the dimple there. Yummy. Nibbling, kissing and licking along his collarbone and down the center of his pecs towards his abs, smiling with satisfaction for the trail of goosebumps of his body along the way. I am grateful for the universal fitness craze of the 21st century. My Gods, I have died and gone to Mount Olympus.

“I don’t know what I am enjoying more, your lips on mine or along my body,” as he spoke, my hands freed his treasure from the pressure building against his jeans. Commando! I think I am in love.

My right-hand stroke and play at his shaft as my lips tickle and lick the sweet space at his hips. Crawling back up to punish his mouth more before I devour his offering.

“It’s a tie! Dear God woman you are gifted!”

“As are you!” I offer with a wink. “Now lie back and allow me to show you a bit of west coast hospitality.”

As he grows in my hand, my ache to take him deep into my throat overpowers me. Sliding back down his body so my lips can kiss the tip of his cock. My tongue licks as my hand stroke. As my mouth slowly takes him in, his entire body yields. His hands fall into my hair and eyes roll back in ecstasy.

Tugging at my hair whenever his tip pushes at my throat. Pushing my head onto him slightly and eagerly. Tensing his hips so the pleasure could last. It’s been so long since my mouth has feasted on such a prize. I tease his tip with my tongue causing Jake to arch his hips into my mouth, begging me to take all of him in. Eyes on his, I gladly oblige. His shivers with pleasure as every inch of him moves into my mouth makes my girl instantly wet. I can feel her pulsing in jealousy. Every muscular reaction of his cock gets a reaction from my pussy.

No words necessary, my body listening to his. I try to keep control but my hands and mouth betray me. A wildness takes over and I cannot help but allow my primal self to win. A starving beast feasting. Both of us panting as my feverish efforts pushes at his limit. Both of us want to hold on further to this escalation. Both of us wanting an explosive orgasm. My taste for him wins as my hands swiftly execute a stroke that sends his gratitude into my mouth, exploding liquid truffle. Just as delicious as he looks.

Then comes my favorite part, the feel of all his worries draining from his body. My eyes take in the bliss on his face. Enjoy his body collapse in surrender. Satisfaction sets on my face as I move off of him. When a man knows how you can please him, he is eager to return the favor. As Jake moves between panting and giggling, I walk to the refrigerator and pop open a bottle of champagne. The taste of cum and the feel of bubbles is so perfect.

“Dear Lord! I have been living on the wrong coast all my life!” His sated smile stirs me to the core.

Walking over I pour champagne into his mouth and kiss him while we drink. The movement of the liquid from his lips to mine makes him instantly hard. “How is that possible?” He exclaims in shock.

“I am a generous lover, but I also always get mine.”

Jake finishes undressing me as I lay my body next to his on the couch. “Where did you come from?”

“Your deepest fantasies.”

“Baby what you just did to me wasn’t even on my radar. I wish my fantasies were that amazing.”

Still tasting the mix of his cum and champagne in my mouth, I enjoy sharing with my curious and courageous friend. Allowing him the sense of newness and excitement, feeling him give into the trust and pleasure of the night. My desires have always pushed many boundaries, finding lovers to play with is a cautious game.

“, whose fantasy is it that we conquer next?” Jake teases breathlessly in between our tongues at play and sips of champagne.

I move underneath Jake. Tilting the bottle to allow the champagne to flow down the front of my body. On cue, Jake moves his lips to drink, following the glistening stream along the midline of my body. Then he does the one thing that drives me wild, his tongue teases and drinks from my belly button. I am in trouble. Such a simple act but done correctly it’s like a drug. He catches the stream as it flows to my hips. Another hot spot, that beautiful triangle just between the belly button, hip bone, and pelvis. This is a man who will thank me righteously.

My hot, wet pussy is begging for his lips, so I pour more champagne, down my belly, enjoying as he follows the champagne river to my valley. My pussy purrs as he kisses her. She shivers as his fingers massage her. She drools with every contact, excited for all the ways he enjoys her. Pussies love to be pampered and played with. With a skilled tongue, he brings my first orgasm easily and fills his mouth.

“ are delicious. I must do that again.” His tongue continues to be gracious to me. Thank the Gods that I am the queen of multiple orgasms. I can feed this man for hours, as I cum again. “You are truly an anomaly. How long can you keep coming for?”

“Until you are exhausted and have lost count.”

“I love a good challenge.”

“Then I challenge you to exhaust my pussy. She has great endurance and burns wilder with every orgasm.”

“Lucky me!”

As he returns to kissing and licking her, his fingers and tongue take turns delving in. My groans only encourage him more. One of the hardest things to find is a lover who enjoys the taste of pussy. To Jake, it was like a triple scoop hot fudge sundae. Tommy loved eating me out, it is the one thing that takes away my edges and replaces it with erotic fire.

My girl whimpers as he moves away from her and up my body. My ass is begging for his finger, now wet from my cum. Leaving his fingers to enjoy and pleasure my pussy further, Jake kisses up my body. Stopping to suck and nibble on my right nipple, then my left. Kissing and nuzzling my neck.

“What’s next?” Jake whispers in my ears. My hip responds. “Move my fingers?” My hips respond. “One at a time?” My moan answers.

My body quivers in anticipation as Jake moves back down my body. Eyes on me the entire time, stopping to lick my pussy. I know the world has a religious view on anal sex, but until you have had the pleasure, you cannot understand the eroticism of the experience. Nothing compares. And with a cock like Jake’s, my ass is pleading for entry.

Just when I expected Jake to remove his fingers from inside my pussy and delve into my ass, he treats me with the unexpected; he licks my ass. I could have come from that delightful surprise in itself. Oh, I am not playing with an amateur here.

His tongue pleasures and teases at my ass, possessing my body’s wants. Each fiber of my nerves pulsing. Every part of me begging for every part of him. My head dizzy from want. My lips miss his kisses, my pussy his tongue, my ass his fingers, and my cunt his cock.

His tongue burrows deep into my ass and I moan. The vibration of his laughter tickles at my pelvis, triggering me to grab at his head, and push his face into me, forcing his tongue deeper. His moan of pleasure makes my girl salivate and feed his play. As much as I wanted his fingers in my ass, his tongue was pleading a great case to keep possession.

Then his fingers slip out of my pussy and he gently glides a finger into my ass. Massaging my rim, he moves his fingers in and out. As my ass softens and moistens, I acquiesce, he is able and willing to add a second. Oh, the pleasure he brings is nudging at another orgasm. Then a third finger. I am in heaven. As his fingers delve in and out of my ass, Jake moves back up to nibble my ears.

“And now my Queen, what next?”

At this point, my ass and pussy are fighting for his cock’s attention. I grab a condom from a box on my coffee table and place it over his shaft.

He gently teases both my pussy and ass with his cock, “hmmm...which shall it be?”

He is driving me wild. I will surely cum upon entry from anticipation alone. Jake flips me so that I am lying on my belly. Fully exposed to his needs. And in one swift motion, his cock enters my pussy as his thumb quickly loses itself in my ass. I cry in pleasure, he stops, “did I hurt you?”

I shake my head no, trying to muzzle my screams. I push my hips back onto his cock to show both that I am grateful for their placement. He responds with synchronizing the thrusts of his hips with the play of his thumb. Hands squeeze and grips at my ass, occasionally a swift burning pat. Jake pushes harder and deeper, delivering his entire power to me.

I relax giving into all he has to offer. Finding ecstasy with every graceful stroke. Screaming and begging for him. Increasing his depth and groove, deeper and deeper, he still manages to go. The louder my screams, the deeper he grows. Until we both collapse in orgasm.

Oh, Gods, this man is too good...

“I think I would be okay to never have sex again! How could that ever be topped?” Jake exclaims breathlessly.

“Well, usually I would take that as a challenge to take you a few more rounds and impress you further, but it is 4 a.m. and I have to be up at 6:30 a.m. for work.” I steal another round of amazing kisses and move to stand when a strong tug rolls me over onto my Adonis.

“Let me take in one last head to toe for my memory, I will surly masturbate to this for many years to come, no pun intended,” I am a proponent of female equality; with that being said, I love a man being a MAN.

The strength and power from which he pulls me back onto him almost make me take another round. The only problem being is that tomorrow is a rather busy day at work, plus I do not want to get addicted to Jake.

“I just realized that I know EVERY part of you and not your last name!” And there it is, the statement that should never have been uttered, had I just allowed him to leave sooner.

“One-night-stands don’t come with last names,” I offer with a cynical smile and walk to my door, enjoying the vision of him dressing.

Jake knew to leave that one alone. He appreciates it when a woman knew when to leave, he should do the same. I sigh as I enjoy this site, half wishing he could stay the night. I miss waking to someone, but this is not the time. It’s “me” time.

“So, I can’t see you again?”

“Bye Jake. You were amazing. I will surely enjoy the film of you later.”

A Gemini has two sides. This is my cold, protective side. I hate this side, but right now, this side is necessary. Jake is a man that I can fall for. When it comes to love, I don’t know how to do it without losing every aspect of me. I just found myself. I am not ready to lose me again too soon.

Before getting into bed I stand under a long hot shower. Catholic guilt, funny how it sits in the back of one’s mind and seeps through to the frontal lobe just when you relax. I have always needed to shower after sex, cleanse away my sins so to speak. That’s how I knew when I fell in love with Tommy, in , I slept with him through the night. Unlike all the nights before when I would get up to shower before returning to bed. Tommy never asked, but I could tell that time, he was at peace with me sleeping next to him soaked in our passions.

“Two and a half hours of sleep is better than none,” I say to myself. I have an important pitch tomorrow and I need to at least be awake. The good news is great sex helps me sleep and I have never needed much sleep.

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