The Super Moon (excerpt)

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Emerson arrives at a resort with her best friend, but within seconds of her arrival her life irreversibly changes. The irony is - she has no idea. Just as in nature, life needs balance; and when it gives it takes away. When Sebastian comes into her life, what does she need to lose? The cost may be deadlier than either expect.

Erotica / Romance
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**trigger warning: this story contains scenes of sexual assault and physical assault**


By E. N. Spence

I’m approaching the open doors of the dining room when above the scents of bacon, ham and whatever else is cooking… HER. She stops me dead in my tracks and I’m no longer making progress towards Markus’ office. I take another step towards the doors so I can see her – that’s when I notice Trevor is there too. He is such a whore – there is literally no tail he won’t chase.

Except this one. No. Fucking. Way.


With college graduation in our rear-view mirror, my best friend Jaime and I hit the open road. I had nothing planned in the immediate future except pounding the pavement for job interviews, and Jaime didn’t start his internship at the law firm until next week. We met in high school and had once given a romantic relationship a try, and in spite of the sex being the best I have had – the strain it had put on our friendship had proven to be too much and we agreed mutually that good sex was easier to find than the bond we had with one another, so that’s what we stuck with. I have no regrets in the 3 years since and he is my soulmate in the sense that he knows he inside and out – cheers me when I’m sad, celebrates my highs and supports me in my lows. I like to think I’m there for him too whenever he needs me – there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this man – short of getting back into bed with him. He is in full agreement.

We have no destination in mind, no hotels booked – just Jaime’s trust fund in the bank and the open road ahead of us. He hits the cruise control; I turn up the stereo and away we go!

Jaime and I meander our way along the California coastline, going nowhere fast, meeting people along the way and partying as we go. He hooks up casually a few times, but not one for one-night stands, I continue sleeping alone. We stay in nice hotels (and I still had the misfortune of hearing him and his current conquest on more than one occasion through the wall – not my idea of a great evening!) but overall, I have the time of my life. Our friendship grows stronger and it feels like I have no worries in the world.

With only two days left in our mutual journey before he would have to head back home and to reality, we come across an overlook and decide to pull in and stretch our legs. The day is just starting to come to an end, so the hints of shades other than hot orange and yellow are beginning to appear in the sky. Jay and I walk over to the fenced edge to take in the view – below us was a large valley lined with wine orchards as far as the eye could see, but I felt my eyes drawn further up higher on the hillside to where I could just make out some faint lights from what appeared to be some sort of either large campground, or resort hidden in the trees.

“Jaime – over there. Check that out.” I pointed where I was looking and he did as well.

“Pfft – looks like Hobo Town.” He said, quickly dismissing me. Jaime is used to 5-star hotels, first class resorts and servants waiting on him hand and foot – his Dad is a billionaire several times over, working in stocks. His Mom passed away before he and I met, succumbing very quickly to cancer when he was only 3.

Reaching over, I slap my hand across his chest in reprimand. He dramatically caves his chest in as if I were stronger than I am, making a large “oomph!” sound as if to mock me – pretending to fall backwards. I roll my eyes at him, turning back towards the view. “Ass.” But I can’t stop the smile creeping onto my face. I hear him laughing as he comes back to me.

“Yep. Don’t forget the Hole. But I prefer Mr. Hole if you would.” He says, straightening a pretend tie.

“I’ll give you my foot for your hole dumbass!” I reply, turning to kick him right in the spot. Anticipating my move, as always, Jaime grabs my leg and quickly lifts me up into his arms. I squeal in protest yet laughing all the while. He’s laughing too and in short turn, puts me gently back down onto my feet.

Once standing, when I return my eyes to his, he gets all serious and says “but seriously though? – From here that place looks like Jason from Friday the 13th is fucking waiting for us. No thanks.” He turns to head back to the car, ready to head to the nearest town and find someplace to eat and then turn in for the night.

I jog to catch up to him and jump into the car beside him. For the next 10 miles I plead with him to go to the hidden resort – and I don’t even know why! From the little I could see, it didn’t look terrible or all that run down but it also wasn’t what I was quickly getting spoiled by and accustomed to on this trip. In spite of all protestations prior to leaving, Jaime insisted this trip was his graduation gift to me. Knowing I couldn’t afford it on my own, but desperately wanting to do this with me – this was the compromise we agreed upon. I also made him swear that once I finally was making money in the new job I didn’t have yet – the next trip was on me. This always made him laugh, usually out loud. My major was in History – so unless I found a job teaching at a prestigious university, odds are it was going to be a very long time before I could afford much of anything. I was orphaned very young, and flitted in and out of foster homes most of my life. I don’t know what happened to my parents or how they died – there seems to be no records about me anywhere. But I knew I didn’t want to end up like so many of the kids around me who got lost in the system, forgotten about, abused or even worst. I grew strong, fought when I had to and I studied hard. Usually there was never a computer or internet access in the homes where I was so I spent a lot of time in public libraries making the best of the resources they had. I did so well that I got a full-ride into university following graduation so I made the most of it.

Jaime is patiently listening to me prattle on and on about how we should support local businesses, not just these big franchises, and how nice it might be to better immerse ourselves in some local culture – especially since he was leaving so soon… and right there I got him. I saw the tension leave his shoulders in resignation, and I knew I was about to get my way.

A short while and a few turns later, we steer into a dark lane with only one small sign indicating where it was leading – ADALWOLF RANCH, and in smaller type just below, guest house and restaurant. We followed the winding gravel driveway silently – you couldn’t see more than a few feet further than the hood of the vehicle as the trees were so thick and pushed right up against the road. After a few more quiet minutes, a clearing opened up. There was a beautiful wooden structure straight ahead – it was massive and jaw-dropping! The kind of place I dreamed of living in myself some day – built entirely out of logs, the main central structure was a large A-frame that peaked about 30 feet above my head, the front consisted mostly of glass. Stretched along the length of the entire front was a large wooden deck leading to the main doors. On either side of the central structure were building wings that jutted out – likely hotel rooms and suites – all featuring a continuation of the wooden deck and private exterior door balcony entrances. It was a sight to take in, and truly beautiful. In the distance I could see a few private cabins but that was about all as the tree growth grew too thick. There was an assortment of vehicles parked along the driveway in the clearing area and a few people standing about.

Jaime parked the car and we both got out. Standing by the vehicle, I took a minute to look at the people while Jaime and what turned out to be a bell hop dealt with the luggage. (take that Jaime – can’t be too run down if they have a bell hop!) There was a large family near a line of trees a short distance off – Mom and Dad were talking animatedly while their (1, 2, 3…4, 5, 6 – 7!) children were having fun, chasing one another in circles and having a grand time; by us, sitting on a bench holding hands an elderly couple – still obviously completely in love with one another, just enjoying their time together; to the other side and obviously thinking they were hidden but not quite well enough, a young couple are embraced affectionately and their kisses are growing more frantic – I could see his hand slide under her waist band and into the top of her pants… I feel the heat race up my neck and into my face – not from embarrassment but from being aroused. I quickly looked down, shaking my head, thinking “Get a grip! I seriously need to get laid.” Trying to get my breathing regulated, Jaime calls my name and we head inside to get registered. Jesus.

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