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I'm trying to write some one-shots to finely tune my writing because it's all over the place! Please any criticism would be appreciated!! I've started experimenting with supernatural erotica. My first one-shot is a werewolf one ans this is simply because I've come to the realisation that humans are plain boring.

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Libidinous Lust
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The Alpha

“Maeve, if you don’t get here right now I swea-“

I stood in the doorway wearing a tight red dress and strappy heels. My roommate, Caitlin gawked at me in the midst of stuffing her back with what seemed like essentials. Pepper spray, lipstick, paracetamol and a phone charger.

“Are you sure you really need all that?” I questioned as I strode over to her taking a peek inside the fully packed bag. I mean there is only so much you can fit in a small clutch bag, but Caitlin seemed to exceed those expectations.

She gave me the most ‘are you seriously judging me right now’ look, mouth open at all. I rolled my eyes and we got into the taxi. Her boyfriend invited her to a house party where all his friends were so he could introduce her. I wasn’t so sure about him, he always seemed like he was holding something back. If I didn’t know better, he’d totally be a Scorpio. When I told Caitlin she just said, “I hope he is a Scorpio, that means he’s good in bed” then proceeded to wink at me. I couldn’t exactly complain, before her boyfriend, Jack, she had men over every night.

“Are you excited?” she beamed at me. I just quirked an eyebrow at her. “If you want me to believe you’re not excited, wipe that smirk off of your face”.

Caitlin was… unbelievable at times. But mostly she was actually pretty great company, I honestly wouldn’t know what I would do without her. The taxi dropped us off in front of the biggest house I’d ever seen. If it wasn’t for the loud music and the number of people dancing and enjoying themselves, I would’ve sworn Caitlin got down the wrong address. He house was old and decorative, it looked like something with a lot of history behind it. The doors leading into the house were wooden and noticeably old. Through them, the music became louder and my senses became overwhelmed.

It wasn’t long before Caitlin found Jack and they both started hitting it off. Feeling a little out of my comfort zone, I joined people dancing, hoping I could just blend in and make the most of a situation. I noticed an attractive man looking over to me, taking in the sights. Promptly, he made his way over to me.

“We’re just going to get some… um, air” Caitlin shouted over to me. I nodded and smirked knowing that air wasn’t the only thing she would be getting tonight.

I averted my gaze from her to find that man that had shown some interest in me. I didn’t come here with any expectations, but if the opportunity presented itself, I would definitely take it. The stranger was nowhere to be seen. Maybe it wasn’t me he was looking at. I couldn’t help but feel a little upset. I was never lucky in love.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of warm hands trailing up my hips and to my waist before I turned around to see the stranger. Our bodies were close and slowly swayed to the music. I could barely contain my smile. He did want me after all. He seemed nice, his features were smooth and had the most mesmerising smile I’ve ever seen.

“You didn’t think I’d leave you, did you?”

His voice sent shivers up my spine. Without talking, he knew what I wanted and we started making our way to the stairs of this massive house. Although I didn’t know his name, I felt safe in his presence.

We got midway up the stairs before a rough hand held onto my wrist. Instantly, I swung my head backwards to see who was holding me back and before I knew it, I gazed into his golden eyes. The stranger looked back concerned. The man who held my wrist shot him a warning look and without hesitation, the stranger whom I already started to catch feelings for, dropped my hand, looked away and walked in the opposite direction.

I diverted my attention to the man who was still holding onto my wrist once again. Although the grip was significantly softer, it was still very firm. I couldn’t help but think inappropriately and I cursed for it under my breath.

“Come” and before I knew it, I was being pulled back down the stairs. “You’re going home” I instantly halted and the man shot me a frown, chest noticeably rising and falling.

“No, I’m staying here.” Even I was shocked at my dominance. The man flashed me a smirk and lifted me until I was on his broad shoulder like I weighed nothing. People looked but never protested. My mind thought of Caitlin, she needed to know. I began kicking and screaming, pounding fists into his muscly back. No act of self-defence fazed him, instead, he just kept walking.

I was placed into a car and my seat belt was placed over me before I had the chance to react. I was definitely panicking now. Was I getting kidnapped or worse?

“Where are you taking me?” my shaky voice betraying me.

“Home. I’ve already told you that.” He said it in such a way, it made my core clench, his voice dripping with authority and dignity. The realisation came over me like a slap in the face, was he a werewolf? I’ve heard about them, seen them. I know they weren’t anything to be afraid of most of the time, just don’t anger them. That was the general rule of thumb. I’ve never been so close to one. Then again, I was just assuming. Didn’t he have a mate? What was he even doing bothering with someone like me? A pathetic human?

His hands gripped the wheel tighter, his knuckles became louder and I had only just realised that he was staring directly at me, his emotions unreadable.

“I’m not going to ask twice” once again, my core started clenching. I was unable to speak. I was in complete awe of him; terrified yet extremely sexy.

I saw the grip tighten around the wheel and quickly said my address. The journey was quiet and uncomfortable.

“Just say it.” He looked at me, still keeping an eye on the road.

“Uh… Say what?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“Something has been playing on your mind, tell me” his stern voice almost made me not want to ask but I didn’t want to upset him.

“Are…you, um…” my palms were sweating and my face would be as red as a tomato, I just knew it, “Are you a um…wolf?”

I analysed his next movements as soon as I had said it. Nothing. He didn’t flinch in the slightest. What was he pulling?

“And what if I was?” he quirked an eyebrow at me.

“Um… That’s fine I guess” as soon as I had said it, I regretted it instantly.

“Fine?” he laughed deeply and the vibrations went straight to my core. What was he doing to me? “Yes, I am” and he began to process my next movements. What was he being cautious for?

“Cool.” If I could kill myself right then, I would. What was he doing to me? Why was I wet at the mere sound of his voice? Why was he making me not me? The next few minutes of the ride felt like hours. I could feel his gaze on me when he thought I wouldn’t know he was looking. I noticed his eyes change different colours and I tried to suppress my gaze. He pulled into the services and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You might want to… clean-up” I frowned at his words. Clean up? What does that even mean? His eyes a deep golden now. “What’s your name?”

“Maeve” he repeated my name under his breath with a smoothness that made my core desperate for any touch.

“Right. You’re wet Maeve” my cheeks filled with blood. Did he really just say that? No, I had to be imagining it…Right?

“Uh… I-“ I found myself unable to formulate any plausible sentences.

“I can smell you.” The realisation came in thick. Of course, how could I have been so stupid? I got out of the car and went to the bathroom. I could tell he was restraining himself from doing something. The thought of it sent shivers down my spine, yet I wouldn’t have minded if he tried anything. If anything, I was quite disappointed. Did he not want me? If he hadn’t taken me from that stranger, moon goddess knows what I’d be doing.

I stepped back into the car and the man drove me back to my house, it wasn’t far now. “What’s your name?” I said cautiously.

“Alpha Alexander. But to you, I’m just Alpha” unsure of his reply, I nodded and dwelled on it. Hang on… Alpha? As in, alpha alpha? My core started releasing god knows what again and I hung my head in embarrassment and shame.

I heard a low, ominous growl vibrate the car which did absolutely nothing to help the problem if anything it just made it worse. He grabbed my chin and turned my face to face him. “Out. Now” his voice made me tremble. Was he just leaving me on the side of the road? Surely there have got to be laws around that. I heard the same growl from him and stepped out of the car.

The cold air brushed against my bare skin. If I had to walk home from here, I would definitely die from frostbite or something first. I heard his door open and the thought of him murdering me was the first thought. I wasn’t even going to try and deny it. I began walking into the forest by the side of the road, occasionally looking back to see if I should be running instead. From what seemed like a safe distance, he was soon within arm’s reach.

He grabbed my shoulder and forced it back so I’d have to face him. He was towering over me. The lighting gave his features no justice. The golden eyes were the only thing I could focus on.

“Fuck, Maeve.” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Did I do something wrong? His face was centimetres away from mine. I had this overwhelming sensation to kiss him but I knew I was just being stupid…until it wasn’t. His forehead pressed against mine and he pushed me against a tree, his leg in between mine. His eyes not breaking contact once. Fuck this. I smashed my lips into his and his groan urged me to go on. The kiss deepened. It became rougher, more desperate, more passionate. His body pressed against mine and the tree supported me, though it wasn’t the most comfortable.

The pooling between my legs started again. I tried to squeeze my thighs together, hoping he wouldn’t be able to smell it. That was until I realised his leg was in between mine and I was just squeezing his leg instead.

He got my two wrists and with one hand, pinned them above my head. His nose began to lightly trail down my neck and into the crook of my shoulder. With his other hand, he ran it down my lips, neck, chest and cleavage.

“Tell me what you want… Maeve” I moaned at the sound of my name, no one had ever said it in such a satisfying way before. In between shallow breaths, I moaned, “Fuck me Alpha”

Instantly his eyes brightened and specks of red began to appear. His smirk was noticeable against my skin. Without warning, he ripped off my dress. My skin adjusting to the cold, forming Goosebumps along my chest and stomach. I tried to cover my breasts but realised that they were occupied under the alpha’s touch. His fingers trailing over my nipples making them harden under his touch; eyes almost completely red. He repeated the motion on the other nipple and I let out a moan in response. Not a trace of gold remained his eyes. Something told me this was his wolf. Moon Goddess, please control him to some extent.

His hand hovered just above the most sensitive part of me and my panties soon also thrown on the ground, ripped from the seams. He groaned, “Now, where were we” I whimpered under his near touch. I tried pushing my hips towards his fingers in the hope of some touch on my clit. “Eager are we?” I wanted to cry, it was getting too much.

I wanted his touch. I needed his touch.

He released an amused laugh under his breath, and he did want you wanted, what you needed as he rubbed my clit. I would’ve legs would’ve given way by now. The only thing keeping me up was his sturdy grip on my wrists. His strokes were delicate and then proceeded to become quicker and rougher. I released a loud moan. I wasn’t holding anything back now. My panting became shallower and shorter. “F-fuck A-Alpha” he shoved a finger in me and I screamed out. Thank god no one could hear me but him.

After every moan that left my mouth, he would rub quicker, rougher, deeper. I had to be in heaven. I felt it building by the second. My screams became desperate. If anyone heard, they definitely would’ve called the cops by now. I felt myself coming nearer. Every movement he made, built me up. If I thought I was enjoying it, I looked up at him and slightly parted lips told me he did too.

“You’re so tight… and wet” he groaned. It just made me wetter. I felt myself tighten around him about to cum. He pulled away and I released a frustrated groan in response. What was he doing? “Did I say you can cum?” I look up to him with confusion and lust. I shook my head. “No, you didn’t. Do you want to cum… Maeve?” I nodded so hard, I could’ve given myself a concussion from the tree behind me. He slammed his body into mine causing me to moan into his ear. “Beg for it.”

This was new, but I had no room to protest. I’d do anything at this point for him to give me what I most desired. “P-Please Alpha” he shot me a ‘try harder’ look and I had to humour him. “I-I need to c-cum Alpha… P-Please let me cum” the last part I practically screamed. At least he knew I was desperate.

He smirked at me and let off a low growl in my ear. “That’s right slut” In any other situation I would’ve objected and given him a piece of my mind. I have a name you know! Thank god I didn’t say it, I feared he would stop. Nothing would be worse other than for him to stop. Besides, slut wasn’t too bad. I could get used to it.

Without warning, he shoved two fingers in me. I trembled under his touch. I was so near. He let his hand release my wrists and I slid down the tree, unable to support myself with my legs. A strong arm wrapped around my waist and a large hand was placed on my back pulling me into him. Although he still had a shirt on, I felt his muscly torso. He thrust his fingers in me harder. I let out a scream as I rested my head on his broad shoulder and held onto his biceps for dear life. His arms were so big, my hands couldn’t even properly reach around them. He flicked my clit with his thumb and the next few moments were filled with bliss. Stars clouded my vision and my nails dug into his arms. How did he not even flinch? He slowly let go of me, letting me gradually reach the cold ground.

I reached over for my dress and tried to cover as much of me as I could which was nearly impossible with the ripped seams and the fact the dress was already too short. An arm snaked around my waist and under my thighs. He was carrying me. This night had been too weird. I just needed to go home and sleep, yet I didn’t want this night to end. More like, I didn’t want Alpha Alexander to leave.

I was placed in the passenger seat once again and I attempted to find the best way for me to cover myself with the minuscule section of fabric I had. As Alpha Alexander got in the car, I saw him grinning. Confused, I raised an eyebrow at him. He proceeded to sigh and stripped off his black t-shirt. Of course, I had to repay him somehow. He’d probably want me to give him head or something. Automatically, I bent down by his cock and started undoing his jeans.

“What are you doing?” A deep husky voice questioned me.

“Giving you head, duh” I couldn’t help but say it in a matter of fact way.

“No.” I shot up. No? What? Did he expect me to ride him instead? “Put this on.” He handed me his shirt and I continued to put it on. His shirt alone covered more of me than my dress ever did, even in pristine condition. The lack of shirt meant I could soak in the candy that was his eight pack. His shirt smelt strongly of him; not that I was arguing. He turned to face the road again. Did he not want anything else?

“What it is now?” a deep voice resonated. This was starting to get weird. Could he like read my thoughts too?

“Do you um… not want me to suck you off or ride you or something?” I said wearily, I didn’t want to anger him. An amused huff proceeded.

“Well I mean if you’re offering” He had a different tone. Almost like he was joking.

“Well I mean I kind of owe you. Pullover.” He shot me a deadly look. What have I done now?

“You don’t owe anyone.” He growled at me, eyes completely red. I froze, unable to move, just knowing I was in complete fear. The air seemed to still around us. He tightly shut his eyes and opened them again displaying his regular but still beautiful golden eyes. He took a deep breath and continued. “What I mean is… No matter what anyone does for you, you never owe them.” My heart fluttered… Was he being nice? A gentleman even? I found a new realm of safety with him.

“Well next time… If there even is a next time… I mean there probably won’t be a next time” What am I trying to get at? Oh, moon goddess please help me. He looked down at me with expectant eyes. “Anyway… My name is Maeve not slut” I was shocked at my confidence. Was he going to get mad? Was this the end?

“I know, that was just my wolf… he gets overly… dominant at times.” His deep chuckle sends me into a frenzy. I already felt the warmth between my legs building. He parked up outside my apartment. It was silent, not an uncomfortable silence, but it was noticeable. Until he broke it, “There will be a next time”. If six words could make me submit to anyone, it was those.

I looked at the door to my apartment and back to Alpha Alexander. “Come in,” I said unsure of his answer. He shook his head.

“I-I wouldn’t be able to control myself” I could tell he was restraining.

“Fine then.” I unclipped my seatbelt and swung my leg over his. It was tricky with his large thighs but I made it over and soon enough I was straddling him. It felt nice to be the dominant one for once.

“Again?” He asked.

“Again,” I replied.

His eyes flashed red, this was going to be fun.

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