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The 100

I made this story for my friend who is currently in love with the show from 'The 100' - You do not need to have seen the show for you to understand what's going on, I literally have never seen it. I just went off of what my friend told me and YouTube haha

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“No. I’m not giving you a fucking second chance Murphy!” I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and my fist curl with rage. “You can’t fuck me and her. You chose one.” Jealousy seeping through my pores as I stare at her clear skin and long silky hair. He took a step back and hung his head in what seemed like shame, but then again, you never really know what is or what’s not an act with guys like Murphy.

“I’m sorry… I’m staying”

My eyes widened in disbelief. Was he seriously going to let me go for some chick? She might have been prettier but I could tell she had a vile heart. She smirked and sarcastically pouted at me. Was she serious right now? I pushed Murphy out of the way, he was the only thing between me and this bitch. I stormed over to her on the bed holding herself up with her arm, giving me a ‘what are you going to do about it bitch?’ face. Without hesitation, I landed a punch against her cheek. For some reason, anger always seemed to make me stronger. A scream ripped through my ears and I couldn’t help but smile at the blood at the corner of her mouth and the pain I had caused her. Damn right bitch.

A pair of arms pulled me away from her stopping me from throwing another. I kicked and screamed ordering Murphy to put me down. He gently lowered me to the floor. I just stood looking between her and the girl, tears threatening to release themselves from my eyes. He… How? Why? I ran out of the room not stopping even though I was more than a safe distance from them both. The cooling air hit my skin realising now I was outside on the street, letting myself finally breathe for once.

I slumped into the nearest wall allowing the tears to flow, I felt my body side down the wall with my head in my hands. My mind trying to process all that had happened in the past ten minutes. How my life went from running smoothly to crumbling down before my very eyes. I noticed a man across the road from me looking at me, I couldn’t see much with my tears clouding my vision. I realised a lot of other people were too. I decided to take this to the one place I knew no one would go, where no one ever went. It was my safe place and with that, I got in my car and drove.

I pulled into the forest, driving as far as I could. Parking my car, I walked towards the opening, I hadn’t been here in so long. The trees opened into a clearing where a lake came into focus. The wooden deck pulling me in, I couldn’t help but think of all the memories here, the ones I spent with myself and the ones with Murphy. When I thought he was the one. When he spun me around like he had nothing else on his mind. When we swam together, splashing each other with the cool water. With that thought, I sat cross-legged at the end of the deck gazing out at the beautiful lake. The sight didn’t last long before I let my tears resume. I felt my tears sting my eyes and cheeks. I didn’t care, the pain was pathetic compared to how he made me feel. The pain he caused me. I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to let him go. I needed to do something. Before long, the tears weren’t from Murphy but from how badly I was coping with it. Wake up Cora, he doesn’t want you, deal with it.

I heard twigs snap behind me. I thought it might’ve been a murderer but with my situation, that option seemed like a paradise to me. But no, if God was real, he obviously wanted me to suffer. I turned my head as I heard footsteps tapping lightly on the wooden deck. Was that the man from earlier? No, it couldn’t be, that’s ridiculous. I could just about make out his curly dark brown hair, a few strands hung over his forehead, his structured jawline and his deep brown eyes. He was pure perfection. The thought of Murphy nearly completely out of my head. Who is he? I needed to know him. I shuffled across so he had enough room to sit next to me.

“I’m sorry.” His eyes met mine and immediately created a bond between us, “I don’t know who did this to you but I swear if I ever laid eyes-“

The corners of my lips lifted and I let out a small chuckle, his presence alone cheered me up. Despite not knowing him, I was already comfortable with him. The corners of his eyes lifted with his smile when he heard the sound of my voice. His smile stretching wide immediately making my heart flutter.

“I’m Bellamy” I looked up into his eyes as they looked deep in my soul. “Cora,” I stated. The silence that followed was an enjoyable one. The sun rested on top of the trees making them appear like silhouettes. Red and purple clouds filled the sky above us and the faint trickle of water and the occasional tweet from birds made the scene perfect. I was glad to be spending it with Bellamy. I hope that one day we become more than this and we can return here. I looked up at him with his hands stretched out behind him and his legs dangling off of the edge of the deck. I looked back towards the lake absorbing its beauty, the sun dipped below the trees which made everything even more breath-taking. Sharing it with the man next to me whom I already felt so at peace with. It was almost like he calmed my thoughts and I could be content with just being in the now, not worrying about the future or regretting the past.

I felt a warm hand reach around my waist, he was so much closer to me now and I savoured every moment, our eyes connecting, binding our souls together. I rested my head on his shoulder, his heat seeping into my skin. After a while, Bellamy realised that we were only interested in the vibrant colours of the sky, it got colder and he passed me his jacket then proceeded to lie down on the deck. I found a crook between his shoulder and his chest where my head rested. His strong arm wrapped around my waist which supported me in all the right places and I snuggled up into him.

I heard a footstep. Instantly I sat up and twisted my body meeting the gaze of the asshole named Murphy. Bellamy saw my expression and stood up instantly. Without me saying anything, he knew this was who hurt me. Bellamy turned to face him, breath shortening, the rise and fall of his chest threatening Murphy.

“Cora,” Murphy called. It was quiet, almost like he was pleading me. He took a few steps towards us. Bellamy stood in front of me, I felt the energy of him. He was protecting me. He held a hand behind him for me to hold onto. I wasn’t in any danger, and if anything did happen, I would be able to sort it out myself. Still, I held onto his reassuring hand, the warmth radiating from his palm.

“Get away from her.” Bellamy practically growled at him, a warmth pooled between my legs. Murphy’s snigger created newfound hate for him and I squeezed Bellamy’s hand just a little bit tighter. He looked back at me to see if I was okay.

“Or what?” Bellamy’s hand tightened and the inhales he had were audible. He let me go and shot me a warning look before he stormed over to Murphy and threw a punch at him. Murphy dodged it and hit Bellamy’s side, the pain wasn’t as nearly noticeable than seeing his anger. “She’s mine!” Murphy screamed at Bellamy. “Not yours.” I gasped at his comment. I can’t believe he had the audacity to say something like that after what he did. Bellamy pinned him to the wooden deck. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it sent me butterflies through me.

“You’re right, she’s not mine. But I can assure you that you’re not hers either.” Rage filled Murphy’s eyes and threw Bellamy off of him. Murphy was straddling him now, slamming Bellamy onto the deck. Murphy spat at him and Bellamy threw a punch at his cheek. Blood flew out and I knew he’d have that mark for days to come, I couldn’t help but smirk. He deserved that.

Murphy narrowed his eyes at him. “You think you’re all tough… Like you’re impressing her with this act.” He circled Bellamy, challenging him.

“At least I’m not an asshole like you,” and with that comment, Bellamy took his neck between his hand. Murphy desperately tried to escape his grasp. Bellamy took him to the nearest tree in the forest and slammed Murphy’s head back.

“Leave before I kill you right here, throw you into the lake and watch the bubbles from your last breath float to the surface” Bellamy spat. Murphy shot me a dirty look before Bellamy released him and Murphy backed down slapping Bellamy’s hand away from him. He walked away, head hung low. Bellamy still stood on guard in case he decided to come back.

“You didn’t have to do that” I walked over to him examining his wounds, mild but noticeable. I reached my hand out to his cheek, my thumb grazing over a cut he had gotten from the fight, he slightly winced at the pain. Stillness, the only audible thing was his deep inhales. The darkness engulfing us, the bright red from his cut still visible. My fingers sweeping his jaw feeling the textured stubble beneath my fingertips. He took my wrist, his hand wrapped around my wrist like it was the smallest thing he held. In reality, his hands were just massive. He looked deeply into my eyes, his face only a few centimetres from mine. A shiver travelled down my spine realising how cold it was, without his jacket I swear I could’ve frozen, it had gotten relatively dark now. He looked away from me, restraining his urges.

“I don’t deserve you” he let go of my wrist letting it fall to my side and started walking back into the forest. He was going to leave me? After everything he had done for me? Not a chance in hell! I ran up to him and stood at his feet, unable to move. His chest brushed against mine with every sharp intake of breath. His urges were overwhelming almost as if he could take one look at me and he would snap, unable to hold back his deepest desires with me. He looked above me which was easy for him, he was like a foot taller for me.

“Please.” I trailed my fingers delicately down his torso, starting at his collarbone and stopping at his lower abdomen, feeling every curve of his six-pack. His eyes rolled back slightly, mouth slightly parting, no noise escaped it though, well not yet anyway. I looked up at him and bit my lip. My fingers sensually stroked his sharp jawline urging him to look at me.

“Fuck… Cora” he gave in and looked into my eyes intensely, grabbed both of my wrists and made me walk back, not breaking eye-contact until I hit something hard. I let go off a breath I didn’t realise I had been holding in. He took my wrists with only one hand, pinned them above me and with the other, pulled the small of my back into him. I could feel his hardness press against my thigh, warning me of its size. “Don’t move” he moved away from me slightly, released his hand from my wrists. I just noticed how arched he made my back. He looked me up and down, it was getting hard to see him in the darkness that began to surround us. I could make out a faint tongue that appeared to lick his bottom lip. He stood right next to me now, he took his finger and lifted it until it rested under my chin raising my head slightly to see his eyes piercing mine. “You’re beautiful… Cora”

I whimpered under his touch, under the mere mention of my name. I needed so much more. I needed him to make me scream. I pressed my thighs together hoping to contain the wetness pooling at my legs.


I widened my eyes at him. I found myself not able to move, almost like I was frozen. I couldn’t help but repeat the word he said over and over in my head reminding myself of his deep and husky voice. He walked over to me slowly, his body soon pressing into mine. His lips nearly touching my ear. “Did I make myself unclear?” his voice reverberating around my ear, his breath skimming my ear. I felt my legs tremble, his presence and the position I was in gave me no justice.

He took my hand and we walked back down the deck, the moonlight was the only thing making me able to make out any features. He raised an eyebrow at me and I took off my top over my head, I looked at him to see his reaction. I followed by unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down my legs.

As I stood before him in my underwear, I saw his eyes become hungry and his clenched jaw told me that… it was only a matter of time.

He came over to me, held my face in a vice-like grip and pressed his forehead against mine. I shook my head at him. “Your turn,” I said provocatively. He took a step back narrowing his eyes at me. “P-Please” his smirk now very prominent as the main feature on his gorgeous face.

“Only I can give orders, Cora” He took a stray piece of hair and tucked it behind my ear, “But because you were so polite…” he proceeded to take a step back and peeled his V-neck t-shirt off of his body. Every curve and bump of his abdomen was highlighted by the moon above us. How could a man look so god-like? He made Murphy look like a toad. He threw his shirt to the floor and continued by flicking open his belt, his eyes not escaping mine. He threw his belt to the floor creating a pile where his shirt was. He clicked open his button and smirked. “Not yet.” I gawked at his amazing body. I didn’t even try to hide it at this point, he deserved to know that he had the most breath-taking body. It’s like every teenage girl’s celebrity crush times ten. I felt my breath becoming shakier. “Like what you see?” he spread his arms out to the side cockily. I couldn’t last any longer. I needed him now. I came up to him and he held out an hand out keeping us at arm’s length. What was he doing now? “Carry on.” I was so desperate for him that I didn’t even try to make it look sexy. I unclipped my bra and threw it to the floor and the same for my panties.

His shocked expression caught me off-guard. He wasn’t looking at me. I turned my head to see what he was looking at, I had thrown my panties into the water and my bra was hooked on the side of the deck. I averted my gaze back to him, I instantly started laughing and flopped my head on his chest. His arms wrapped around my body and he started laughing with me. Even after the laughter had faded I was still in his warm embrace, I had completely forgotten that I was naked. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. Time stood still for a moment before he placed his lips on mine. I went on my tiptoes to get more of him but he just pulled back, teasing me. Seriously? Was that really necessary right now? He looked deeply into my pleading eyes, hands still placed firmly on my hips. Although I had only just met him, I felt my every being yearn for his touch, his emotions, his love.

His lips met mine again except this time the kiss was deeper, more desperate, quicker, more passionate. He laid me down onto the wooden deck slowly. He crawled on top of me unzipping his trousers and taking them off. He began to kiss my neck, I felt his teeth press against the skin that he had sucked into his mouth. I rolled my eyes back in pleasure, wetness evident between my legs. He travelled down my body leaving hot, wet kisses along my chest. He hovered my body for a while looking into my eyes, he went over to my nipple not breaking eye-contact and sucked it whilst looking at me. I moan left my lips, my core began to pulsate. He continued to suck my nipple whilst playing with the other one between his rough fingers. A louder moan left me and I threw my head back in pleasure. How did a man manage to give me more pleasure than anyone else, even myself?

His fingers grazed my abdomen as he went further down. He paused as he hovered over my most sensitive part. “Don’t move.” He had never said anything so serious before in his life, “Look at me.” This one was going to be hard, I liked to throw my head back. I wonder what the punishment would be. “Don’t break eye-contact” He stroked my folds up and down and my body anticipated for his touch. He focused his attention on my clit and I screamed out as he rubbed circles on it. My eyes wanted to roll to cope with the pleasure but I was ordered to keep his alluring gaze. His smirk became evident as he saw me beginning to unfold. “You like that?” He knew the answer, he was just being a tease… I loved him for that.

“Fuck…” I breathed out, he licked his lips at me. I squeezed his hand that was resting by my hip, the only thing keeping him up. He rubbed deeper and I suppressed a moan by biting my lip, my eyebrows upturned, my eyes pleading him. He put a finger inside me and instantly got my g-spot. I cried out. I couldn’t anymore. I needed to come. I needed him inside me. It all became too much as I released a few loud moans, rolled my eyes back and arched my back. A deep laugh filled the noise around us.

“Shhhh” He bent over me. I looked up into his deep brown eyes. He was playing. He knew exactly what I needed. He told me to look at him once more as he refocussed his attention, except this time his head became between my legs. I supported myself on my arms as I watched him crawl closer to my core, feeling his breath on my skin. He remained eye-contact until he turned his head and bit my inner thigh. His eyes meeting mine again and head followed shortly after, almost as if he was in slow motion. He took his tongue and took the length of it up and down in my folds, his eyes piercing mine. He took his entire mouth, lips surrounding my clit, and sucked. I felt my body tremble. He proceeded to flick my clit with his tongue, crying out I took my hand and wrapped it in his hair pulling him closer towards me. He sat back up and laid on his back. This was it, I was going to have him inside me.

Practically jumping on him, I took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. If I said he was packing, I meant that he was packing. I looked up at him and shook his head at me ushering me to come closer to him? I raised an eyebrow at him, he rolled his eyes in disapproval, grabbed my hips and placed me on top of him, my knees were by his head and my wet core was above him. Ruthlessly, he pushed me down on him, sucking hard. I cried out. Moaning, I tried grabbing whatever I could, desperately trying to relieve myself of this pleasure that burnt me. Bits of wood curled into my nails and I slammed my fist on the decking below sending a vibration that made Bellamy hum into my core sending even more waves of electricity.

I was close. I needed him. I needed to come. Eyes rolled back, my back arched into him, his hands grabbing a fair amount of my ass. I looked down at him getting to work. He looked up at me and winked. He flicked my clit with his tongue once more. I collapsed onto the deck, stars clouded my vision and a white sheen covered my eyesight. I laid convulsing on the deck, feeling Bellamy’s gaze on me. I had never experienced this before in my life. I never knew I needed it. Now I couldn’t see how I could ever go back. Why did I ever think Murphy was good in bed? Could I ever make myself feel the same way?

After my breath caught up with me, I rolled on my back looking into the eyes of the man who had just introduced me to the meaning of heaven. I looked down to see his cock in his hand, stroking it, looking at me. My heart skipped a beat. His parted lips and his uneven breath got me riled up again and the way he looked at me… with so much love.

I crawled up to him seductively, licking my lips. It took everything in me not to laugh and make a fool of myself. Bellamy’s breath became rougher, louder as I was at his feet staring up at his eyes and cock. His eyes flicked between both of my eyes. I took his cock in my mouth, bucking his hips at the pleasure. I saw his eye twitch slightly and rollback. I must be doing something right. I continued to draw circles on the end and a salty taste became apparent on my taste buds. I continued to look at him from my position knowing exactly what it did to him. I took my tongue up the sides of his length and took it completely in my mouth again. I heard Bellamy grunt through his clenched jaw and shallow breathing.

“Mmmmm” he moaned in a state of ecstasy. “Let’s try something a bit different shall we?” Without hesitation, he took my hair and pulled it back as if he was putting it up. A hand rested behind my head and started pushing me deeper, his cock reaching the back of my mouth. I suppressed a gag but he pulled my head out and back in. The second time he did it rougher and I couldn’t help but do it. Spit began escaping the corners of my mouth and dripped down my chin whilst he as pumping me onto his cock harder, deeper, rougher.

“Good girl.”

He took his cock out of my mouth and pinned me to the cold deck. Taking his hand, he held it at my neck increasing the pressure slowly. “You deserve to relax, get on your back, I’ll do all the work tonight.” My core pulsated at the thought. He took his cock and placed it at my dripping entrance. His grip on my neck tightened as he pushed it in, my walls wrapping around his massive cock. A moan escaped my lips and he pushed my head to the side as he left hot and wet kissed down my neck. My eyes rolled back as he said, “Only a couple more inches” I wasn’t a virgin but he made me feel like one.

“Fuck… you feel so good” he moaned, I could tell it was hard for him to keep his composure. “When you’re close… scream my name.” I looked at him with widened eyes but they soon rolled back as he started thrusting in me. I bit my lip to refrain from moaning. He pinned my hands over my head and still kept one firm hand on my neck. I looked up to see him above me and his body moving in sync with mine, it sent goosebumps throughout my body. His moans and grunts came faster, more urgent. A blissful sensation started building within me. It was different from the one before, this one was deeper in me. The grip tightened once more and I knew they would have bruises on in the morning. “I’m so close…” he moaned into my ear. It was for me too, the sensation tittered on the edge and it needed just something more. The trigger was when he took my nipple into his mouth and bit it gently.

“Fuck… B-Bellamy!” I screamed out into the darkness seeing Bellamy’s smirk whipped across his face. My climax travelled through me, into every muscle. I felt my core tighten around his cock, milking him while he proceeded to thrust in me. I felt his cum pour into my core, his lips violently meeting mine to silence his no doubt loud release.

“I love you, Cora” Did he? Did he just? Nah, I had to be imagining it. There’s no way someone like him could love someone like me. Maybe it was the sex talking. There was something about the words he spoke that held some truth in them. For some reason, I could tell he was being honest. I smiled to myself think about us being together. Walking hand in hand along wide stretches of white-sanded beaches. Visiting famous landmarks with him, finding places we could sneak into to have some amazing sex.

He found a crook between my neck and shoulders nuzzling into it for a couple of minutes. I felt my breath finally returning to a normal rhythm and a smiled to myself just thinking of the past twenty, thirty, forty minutes? Now that I had come to think about it, how long had we been out here for? It felt like a decent thirty minutes but I got here at around six and it had to be like at least nine, maybe ten. I let my mind rest, cherishing the moment that was the most attractive man I’ve ever laid eyes on laying on top of me out of breath.

He finally sat up, not that I was moaning, I enjoyed his warmth. He held out a hand helping me up. He narrowed his eyes at my neck and took his fingers and lightly took them across my neck where my bruise would form, or had already started to form. “I’m so sorry, I-I couldn’t control myself” I looked up at him, smiled, stood up on my toes and kissed him lightly on the lips. He was perfect, there was no denying that.

He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his body. He kissed me desperately. He pulled away, raised an eyebrow and said, “Round two?” I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. His serious yet laid-back attitude drove me insane. I smiled at him and shook my head. I was satisfied and I knew he was too, it was late and I didn’t need to fall asleep on the drive back to my apartment. My flatmate would go mental if she knew what I had just done, she’d probably write a five thousand word story on it. I loved her though.

He placed me back on the ground and helped me get dressed again. My underwear had successfully floated away so I had to go commando. Not that Bellamy minded. My mind thought of if I’d ever see him again. I doubt he wanted to be my boyfriend but I couldn’t bear to think of this as our first and last encounter. Did he really mean that he loved me? Was that just an ‘in the moment’ sort of thing? Did those words really hold meaning to him like they did to me?

We walked over to our cars and extracted a pen from his jeans and some scrap paper from his car. He scribbled down some digits on it and handed it to me. “If you want to have a good time” he winked at me and repressed his smirk forming upon his luscious lips. “If someone ever treats you the way he did” his expression became serious and his eyes changed emotion immediately. “If you want to get coffee sometime” his smile wasn’t one of a mysterious kind, an honest, genuine smile. Was he asking me out? Was he actually interested in me? I couldn’t imagine ourselves not having sex if I was completely honest but I could imagine him having my kids. I bet he’d be a good father. I had to ask him. I needed answers.

“Bellamy?” I called out towards him. “D-Did you really mean what you said earlier?” I cursed my stutter. “T-That you love-“ he smashed his lips into mine and pulled away.

“Of course, I will always love you, Cora, I will never forget you” he kissed my lips once more for the last time before he got into his car. His wink made my legs tremble, thinking of the last time he did it between my legs. Soon enough, I saw Bellamy drive away.

I wanted to see him again.

I needed to see him again.

I would see him again.

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