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It was fate

There it was. The giant building stood before me. The large windows peering into my soul, the ashy brown door pushing me away. This mansion was everything but welcoming. I suppose when you’re a man with a lot of money and little to no family, welcoming isn’t really your style. I had to go in, I couldn’t wait out here forever. For all I knew, Massimo was looking directly at me through one of his many wide windows. I stood in the doorway, palms sweating, legs trembling. Come on Evie, you can do this. I raised my hand and sounded two knocks on the cold wooden door. Not a second past before the door flew open to the man who had paid me.

I wasn’t planning on becoming a sugar baby but since losing my job, I’ve struggled to pay my rent. If it wasn’t for my roommate, I would’ve definitely been homeless by now. This was my only option. Well… that and working in some fast-food chain or supermarket, I thought this might pay better. The illusive Massimo beckoned me into his cold yet modern mansion. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t question my life’s choices at that very moment. Oh well, it was too late now. Besides, it was just a dinner date to get to know each other… what could go wrong?

Room after room he showed me around. The kitchen, the bathroom, the snug. Then the thing I was most intrigued by, a library. The shelves went from the floor to the ceiling, the wooden panelling; dark and smooth. The smell of old books sent me to another place and I almost forgot what I came here to do. Massimo’s voice trailed off into another room and I knew that if I didn’t follow him, I’d for sure get lost. Still, I picked up How to Kill a Mockingbird, memories flooding in.

I decided to put the book down and attempt to find Massimo. Suddenly I knocked into a well-built man. He was young yet looked wise yet rugged I couldn’t put him in a box before he spoke, “Watch where you’re going” he looked me up and down like I was something he would ravish. A smirk pulled at the edge of his lips and a certain deviance came into his eyes. “Whore.” I froze. Did he seriously just call me that? I was a sugar baby. Not a whore! Before I had time to concoct an insult at him, he just walked right past me like he hadn’t even said anything to me. I had decided which box to put him in. Idiot.

“Uh… Where did Massimo go?” I asked knowing he was long gone now. The arsehole didn’t even properly turn around before he shrugged his shoulders and he too walked out of the room. He made my blood boil. How could someone be so…? There wasn’t even a word to describe how he made me feel.

“Ah! There you are, my love!” I turned to face Massimo entering the room he’d exited from. I didn’t know whether I should be happy I’m safe or creeped out that he was with me. At least he wouldn’t insult me. He walked towards me and ushered for me to follow him. I learnt my lesson last time, no more getting distracted by books… or boys.

We sat at a table covered with candles, flowers and cutlery. I was impressed to be completely honest. I didn’t imagine someone would put so much effort into the date, especially the person paying and not being paid. Massimo sat across from me and told me about his business ventures not leaving a single detail out. It was then when I could look at him completely, his wrinkles between his eyebrows and to the side of his thin lips. Was he once happy? I mean, he looks happy enough now but he held this sadness within his eyes… a hopelessness.

“Ah! Adrian, come sit with us!” I turned around to face the man who was ever so rude to me earlier with a book in his hand. No, it couldn’t be. How to Kill a Mockingbird. He had taste? Who knew? I giggled at the thought. Adrian glanced over at me and contemplated for a few minutes before declining Massimo’s offer. “Aw come on, we never spend any time together and I think you should meet Evie here, she’s very lovely.” He flashed a smile my way and I reciprocated politely.

His straight, structured face inhaled and by the time he had exhaled, he forced himself a grin. Reluctantly he pulled himself a chair and sat on one edge of the table. Massimo’s face had noticeably relaxed but soon tightened up when Adrian began to speak… to me. “So you really are one of fathers whores then” I tried to keep a straight face and formulate a clever answer in my head. It was no use, I just stayed quiet. Observing my sudden silence Massimo had his turn to speak.

“Don’t you dare talk to Evie that way!” His voice was deep but wary. Adrian rolled his eyes in response and averted his gaze to look at me again. His jawline could cut the steak I was in the middle of eating, his green eyes peering into mine and his full lips slightly parted as he absorbed every one of my features and committed them to memory. A smirk started to form upon his luscious lips and I knew he was about to retort some snarky comment.

“Evie, is it?” he questioned me. I politely nodded my head in response to his question, not that I needed to, he knew full well. “So why are you here Evie?” He paused and I took that as my time to answer. Again I was lost for words. His smirk was more apparent as he knew he had me in the palm of his hand. I hated feeling like this, submissive, obedient, compliant. He put an elbow on the table and rested his head on his hand. His shirt clung tightly around his biceps. “Can’t pay rent? Lost job? Or are you here because you’re thirsty for money?” If I was honest, all three but the first two were highest on my agenda.

I saw Massimo finally about to lose it, steam would be bursting out of his ears if they could, his face beyond red. It didn’t scare me as much as I thought it would. “Actually…Adam was it?” I raised an eyebrow trying to provoke him. He remained calm so I knew I had to tone it up. “Or was it Alexander?” His eyes were the first to let go. If looks could kill, I’d be six feet under right now. Something told me if I kept this up, my fate really would turn out that way. “Andrew?” I looked in the corner of my eye, pretending to ponder his name. His chest beginning to rise and fall with every sharp intake of breath. The buttons on his white shirt looking like they were about to give way any second. “Aiden?”

He stood from the table, came over to me, gripped my chin in his hand and lifted my head until I had no choice but to look into his eyes. “It’s Adrian. But to you…” He paused for a while, contemplating whether it would be wise to say. He noticed Massimo on the other side of the table. He kept my head in the same position but he had moved his whilst his lips grazed my cheek lightly and only stopped when he was at my ear. I could hear his breath and feel the heat of it on the side of my face. “To you, its Daddy”

With those words, he stood straight and walked out as if nothing had ever happened. The wetness pooling between my legs only noticeable now. Massimo continued the date and he was much happier once Adrian had left. Once the date was over, he walked me out and I got back into my car. Despite me hating Adrian’s every being, I craved him more than I’ve craved anyone in my entire life. Well, I craved his touch. Not him.


The next morning I got a text from Massimo asking if we could go on another date and discuss my rates and boundaries. I sent him a quick reply back confirming that I was available. I got dressed in a tight golden dress that hugged my body and showcased every curve. I knocked on my roommate’s door and stepped inside to what could only be identified as a zoo. She loved animals and I didn’t so we agreed that if she wanted them, they would live in her room.

“Babe! You look stunning! Are you going to see Mr Massimo?” she said the last part with a slight accent and a quirky face. I rolled my eyes, grinning. She was… well. Her eyes roamed my body and a slight glimmer in her eye ignited, I hoped Adrian would feel the same way.

I mean Mr Massimo.

I let out a light chuckle, “Thanks Phoebe” I pulled her into a quick hug and promptly left before one of her birds could fly above me and ruin this dress. No matter how many discount codes I put in, it was way too expensive. I knew Mr Massimo would love it and as artificial as it sounds, I hoped that I could get more money off of him.


Stop panicking Evie, you’ve already met him. Calm the hell down. I shakily strode over to the wooden double doors that I had already previously examined. I sounded two loud knocks on the door. Within a couple of minutes Mr Massimo opened the door and both his eyes lit up. I didn’t know whether I should be flattered or creeped out.

My eyes wandered over his shoulder and a handsome man led against a pillar, arms crossed, leg placed in front of the other. His green eyes narrowed and fixed on me, only me. A smirk curled at the edge of his lips. Mr Massimo offered me inside and I smiled politely. I followed him into another room and before I went in, I looked over my shoulder to see Adrian staring at my ass. He noticed that I was looking at him, he raised an eyebrow in response and walked the other way. Although he was being more vulgar than Mr Massimo ever has been, I found myself not creeped out at all with Adrian. A part of me hated his guts for how he treated me when we first met.

I’m sure he could make it up to me somehow.

“So Miss Brown, tell me what you expect from this arrangement” he began whilst starting his meal. To be honest it was just money. I needed it and I was prepared to do nearly anything to get it. It wasn’t fair that my roommate had to pay my side as well and I not only needed to take back responsibility but pay her back for her generosity. Every time I brought the subject up, she said that I could pay her back by sleeping with her. I obviously knew she was joking but there was still a part of me seeing why prostitutes to the things they do.

“Uh, well I'm happy for anything.” I smiled hoping that I didn’t come off as too desperate or too poor.

“So why did you reach out? What made you want to become a sugar baby?” I paused debating whether I should be honest about my financial situation. Oh well, he seemed like a decent enough man. He might not understand how the poor life is, but he’d be sympathetic I hope.

“I…Uh…Honestly?” He nodded his head whilst shoving a piece of food into his mouth. “I lost my job and I can’t pay my rent. My roommate is being kind enough to pay my side but I can’t live like this. I need to take responsibility.” I felt tears begin to prick at the corners of my eyes but of course, I couldn’t cry in front of him. If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a charity case.

My ears heard a couple footsteps behind me and there was only one person it could be. Almost instantly my tears retreated back into my eye. “I knew it.” I rolled my eyes at the voice. Despite it doing unspeakable things to my body I knew that it belonged to someone with the most horrific personality.

“Well, Miss Brown. I’ll offer that I will pay your rent on top of three hundred pounds a month extra for one small thing.” Both Adrian and I looked intrigued at what the ‘however’ was. “This is if you agree to have dinner with me once a month.” I had to resist the urge to stop my jaw dropping to the table. Only once? Food. My mind thought there must be some sort of loophole, that I’d have to have sex with him afterwards. “You can choose where we eat as well.”

It took everything within me to stop my jaw from slamming down on the table. No loopholes. He seemed honest and genuine with what he was saying. Was this man really that lonely? I wasn’t going to turn down the offer. Who would? I heard the asshole behind me clear his throat, no doubt he was going to say something stupid.

“I’d like to throw in another offer” I turned around to face him with furrowed eyebrows. “I’ll give you an extra two hundred on top of my fathers offer” Instead of furrowed eyebrows, they lifted quite quickly when he mentioned the figure, “If…” ah, there it was. The ‘if’. “If you have the dinners here.” Nope, I was back to furrowing my eyebrows. What did he want? That couldn’t be it surely? He had to have some ulterior motive.

“That’s it?” I asked him wearily. Unlike Mr Massimo’s offer, I could tell he wanted this for some reason he wasn’t letting on. I looked at Mr Massimo for his input. “Should I accept?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “It’s your choice.” I went through nearly every possible scenario Adrian could have in mind and none of them made any sense. Still…


I shook Mr Massimo’s hand and as I turned to shake Adrian’s, I paused. “Are you going to shake my hand or what?” His tone was cold and sarcastic. What was he trying to pull?


Mr Massimo was true to his offer. A few days after I agreed to their deals, he sent a contract through my door. It was everything you could expect, a thick card, a wax stamp, cursive handwriting. It looked legit. A couple of days later, I received Adrian’s. This was still card but was printed out like he had drafted it on Microsoft Word. One thing that struck me was his signature. The only word to describe it would be ‘epic’. It barely stayed on the line, the loops were large and smooth. Who knew I could become so turned on by a signature?

A couple days before my first paid date, I went around the nearest dress shops near me to find something I’d look nice in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find anything so I decided to see if something in my wardrobe could make the cut. The next day the postman gave me a large box with a sparkly bow on it. As soon as I closed the door, Phoebe came out of her personal zoo and stared in shock. “Jesus Evie… Where do you even manage to find these people?” I let out a soft chuckle and opened the mini card that was attached.

‘In case you didn’t have anything else planned. X’

They didn’t leave a name but the writing looked extremely similar to Adrian’s. Huh. Maybe he could be fancy. I carefully unravelled the giant ribbon bow and slid the lid off of the box. I could tell that Phoebe had already fallen in love with it. I held out the dress in front of me. It was a sparkly crimson red dress that flared out at the bottom with two thin straps that attached to a sweetheart neckline. It looked like something I’d wear to a fancy function, not a date but if they wanted me to wear this, who was I to say no?


As I knocked on the door, Adrian was the first to open it, his eyes shamelessly roaming my body. “My father had to deal with some business matters. He said to keep you entertained until he came back.” He couldn’t help but wiggle his eyebrows at the last part. I followed him into the lounge, they probably had three or four. He offered me a seat and a drink.

“Such a gentleman”

“I try my best.” There it was, the infamous smirk. “I see you got the dress I sent you” I couldn’t help but smile. It really did make me feel like a princess. “It looks amazing on you” My smile turned into a full-on grin. Red has and always will be my favourite colour. I looked over towards his gaze. He had a hungry almost insatiable look in his eyes.

He stood up and loosened his tie before making his way over to me. He stood right in front of me now and started to bend to get closer to me, I leaned back to keep the space between us, he didn’t seem to take the hint though. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to take him right there and then but I wanted to at least make him work for it. He reached my ear and I heard a strangled growl reverberate around my ear. I wetness between my legs had already begun, I was terrified that I could leak onto my dress… or worse, the sofa. “What you do to me… Should be illegal”.

He took his hand and placed it on my cheek, slowly dragging it down my neck, my chest, my stomach and stopped when it was placed lightly on my thigh. Our foreheads were millimetres away from touching. He could’ve felt my laboured breath we were that close. His eyes flicked up to meet mine. I was seriously worried about how wet I was now. He hadn’t even properly touched me yet. His finger traced my folds on the outside of my panties, I swear I could’ve come right there. “You like that?” His eyes not leaving mine. I took my bottom lip into my mouth and bit it gently. I nodded my head in response.

Without hesitation, he plunged his hand into my panties began to circle his fingers around my clit. Apparently, he didn’t believe of building anything up. I held onto his arms for dear life and began panting. I was already so close. “Don’t come until I tell you to” I was on the edge, ready to release until he said that. Why did he have to torture me? A growl filled the air along with my heavy breathing. “Good girl”

I threw his shoulders back. He looked at me a little bemused. “On the floor now!” I shouted at him. God, I was assertive when I needed to be. He raised an eyebrow at me but followed my orders. I undid his belt and shoved his trousers down. The next three seconds had passed and his cock was now in my mouth and Adrian had only just processed what happened. After doing tongue gymnastics on his cock, he grabbed my hips and threw me over the top of his.

“Condom?” he asked me. I nodded and he stretched over to a draw on his left. I could see his muscly chest under his shirt. He slid it on and we carried on exactly how we left off, bouncing on his cock. I rubbed my clit but he took my hand away to replace it with his. I threw my head back in pleasure. I was so close and he could tell so he flipped me until I was on my back and he was thrusting into me. “Cum for me Evie”

Just like that, I let go. Wave after wave of pure bliss and pleasure engulfed my every being. My legs began to tremble and my pussy pulsated on his cock, he too had come. A couple of seconds after, he loosened his posture and after a few heavy breaths, he stood up and redressed himself.


I had tidied myself up for when Mr Massimo got here. As soon as he walked in through the front door he addressed us. “Sorry for taking so long, I hope you kept her entertained” Adrian looked over at me with his famous smirk.

“I hope so… did I do a good job at keeping you entertained Evie?”

“A very good job”

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