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The Bodyguard

“Yes Jasper, I’ll take care of myself. It's only like what…? A couple of days until I’m safe again anyway.” I hang up and gaze out at the passing trees. Why do people always feel the need to worry? It’s like they think a girl can’t protect herself nowadays. Rolling my eyes at the thought, I gaze out to see… a man? Hang on. “Stop the car!” The car screeched to a halt and I opened my door before the chauffeur could. I was right, a man. Who was… naked? What was this? A Wattpad book?!

“Hey, are you okay?” the man stood and protected his goodies with his above average in size hands. I was wrong for thinking this. I was wrong for looking or trying to get a subtle peak. Where’s your therapist when you need them? I approach the man carefully, he looked a little shaken up. “Do you need me to take you home?” A confident nod was all I got in response. Turns out this gut not only lost his clothes but his words also. I point my head over in the direction of the car.

“Care to explain?” I raised an eyebrow at him hoping it would help prod him. He was a well-built man, he looked strong but in his defensive state, not as strong than if he wore a tight white shirt that hugged his obvious curves under a black jacket that would be just tight enough to see his biceps bulge at the tiniest of movements. His tattoos travelled up his arm and stopped just under his shoulder. I felt my eyes dancing as I soaked in every detail, every swirl every line until I met his eyes. His eyes. I couldn’t help but gulp at how incredibly fascinating they were. They were dark but if you looked as hard and as long as I was, you could see pigments of blue, green even a smidgen of fiery orange.

He smirked at my question and the fact I wasn’t slyly checking him out. “What would you like to know?” His voice! I swear I made the soft seat below me become damp just at the thought of him using that dangerously deep voice ordering me around in the bedroom. His eyes glistened at my evident arousal.

“I… Uh… “ He quirked an eyebrow at my sudden loss of words, his smirk so apparent I even caught my chauffer taking a cheeky glance herself. I rolled my eyes; but at the end of the day, who am I to judge? “Uh… How did this…” I even had to clear my throat “…happen?” There. The hardest four words to get out of in my entire life. He chuckled, faced forward once again and shook his head with his oh so mysterious smirk on that exquisite face of his.

“What can I say? A night with the boys.” I scoffed. Of course, what else was I thinking? He looks like a right player, not that I’m complaining… just so we’ve got that clear. “What?” He turned to me, “Did you think I was in danger?” He even had the audacity to turn the word ‘danger’ sarcastic with his voice accompanied by the gesture of jazz hands. Crossing my arms, I turned to face the front. No man, not even this magnificent specimen deserves any of my time if they feel they have a right to exercise their power and think they’re the superior one when in fact, they depend on people below them for their power.

“Stop the car!” The tires came to an ear-piercing screech once again. I turned to face the more than indecent man to the side of me. “Out. Now.” even he looked shocked at my choice of words. His look of disbelief gave it away. “I said now.” What was wrong with him? Was I not clear enough the first time?

“Fine! Fine.” He even had the nerve to throw both his hands in the air and roll his eyes. God, I really wanted to kill this guy. After he had gotten out, my chauffeur continued to drive off and I laughed at his inappropriate state. I wasn’t being that cruel, we were close to the city, I’m sure he could catch a taxi or something; better that than being on the side of the road nowhere near any type of civilization.

“Thank god we got rid of him, I almost started to pull my hair out in aggravation.” I saw my chauffer smirk in the rear-view mirror. At least she knew to humour my jokes.


“And she lives!” Jasper welcomes me with open arms. I give him a tender smile and a warm hug. The douche really was worried about me. “I want to introduce you to your new bodyguard so I’ll never have to stay awake for an entire night fretting about you and your safety.” It was sweet how much he cared but sometimes he just became a little too… what’s the word? Possessive? Protective? “Come on out mate.”

Tattoos check. Well-built check. Dark eyes. Wait a damn minute.

There he was, exactly the same as a couple of days ago except he was in that suit that I had imagined with him on. At least I didn’t need to imagine anymore. He carried on walking towards me. He didn’t even look perplexed that I was here. In fact, there was no emotion at all. He looked dangerous, daring, defying; and it aroused me just that little bit too much. I hope there was a bathroom nearby.

“Miss Rivera” He bowed at me, “I’m glad to be of service” Something scared me about him. His eyes pierced through mine with an emotion I couldn’t quite name. Anger, no. Pettiness, no. Regret, no. What was it?! It was driving me insane. Well whatever emotion they held, I knew exactly how it was making me feel. Let's just hope that there aren’t any thirteen-year-old children around.

I nodded my head at him and smiled politely. He held the door open for me to get into the car and as soon as he had gotten into the other passenger seat, my driver drove off. I saw her wink at me through her rearview mirror and pull up the glass between me and her. Great.

I caught his gaze in the corner of my eye and when I turned to look at him, he continued to look without shame. “Anything?” I asked him. No response, emotionless. Geez, you’d think I had kicked him out of a car in the middle of nowhere. Why exactly did I deserve this silent treatment? It was him at the end of the day who decided to wind me up to a frenzy.

For a split second, a stupid idea came to mind. Of course, I wasn’t going to go through with it. What kind of psycho would do that? But the more he continued to ignore me, the more he pretended like he had no feelings. I had to. It was the only choice I had. Let's see if he could act emotionless at this one…

I brushed my fingertips along his chin to get him to look towards me. Step one, complete. Undo a couple of buttons on my shirt so slowly it would be painful for any guy watching. Step two, complete. Push my breasts together to form a rather juicy little cleavage for him to feast his eyes on. Step three, complete. Bite my lip, puppy dog eyes. Step four, complete. Release a subtle moan, the kind where you say ‘m’ with you mouth closed. Step five, complete.

His breath hitched in his chest and he turned to face the front again. Although his face was still expressionless, his eyes told a whole different story. A story of passion. A story of fire. A story where I wouldn’t be able to walk in the morning. I bent over towards him and his eyes looked fearful of my next moves. I look a finger and drew it up from his knee, thigh to his rather apparent goodies.

I rubbed his cock softly at first and slowly began to pick up the pace and pressure. His jaw tight, his chest full and his eyes fixed on one spot, only one spot. I tried to get him to look at me once again but he did what I didn’t expect and practically growled at me. That was new. I didn’t know the ultimate bad boy would growl; oh well, it wasn’t like I was protesting. Not even a Karen could complain at that voice.

I began to undo his button on his jeans. He grabbed my hand in one fixed movement, held it behind me and said in his utmost deepest voice, “Stop!” I laughed. He should know I don’t take orders from men. Although both my hands were pinned behind my back, it didn’t stop me from biting the zip of his trousers and pulling it down. It didn’t take much, they were on the tight side like I had hoped. He growled once again. I could tell that growl wasn’t necessarily telling me to stop but that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. Self-control wasn’t one for this guy it seems.

After a couple of very skilful, might I add, tongue and lip movements his cock finally sprung out. It was so quick it nearly hit my face! His breathing was even more evident if it was possible; and just like that, I got to work. Teasing him with the tip of my tongue, I knew it was working when the salty taste of precum hit my taste buds. “Mmmmm… You taste so good” and just like that, another round of salt passed straight into my mouth. His cock looked like it was about to explode if I persisted to tease him any longer.

Just as I was about to take his cock whole, he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him. “You think it’s all fun and games don’t you?” I giggled looking at how pissed he was at me. I knew he was going to be anything but all fun and games with me. Ruthless would be probably a better word. He positioned me above his cock and reached under my skirt to rip my panties off and throw them to the other side of the car. He began to rub my clit in small circles and I buckled under his touch. I held onto his shoulders for dear life.

I felt something hard rub against my entrance and I took in a sharp intake of breath before he lowered me down on him. His groans were obvious once again. I needed more, I needed movement. Without hesitation I began bouncing on him, feeling his large shaft move in and out of me. Heaven was the only feeling it could be described too. He lifted me and began thrusting himself within me. My finger dug into his shoulders and forehead found a comfortable place between his neck and shoulder to rest it.

His fingers found my clit again and I whimpered at the mere touch. When his fingers picked up speed, I could help but moan. His cock began thrusting faster and deeper and his fingers began to work my clit so quickly I began to see stars. After a lengthy, deep groan, he let my thigh go to redirect it to my neck. I couldn’t support my legs and his thrusts began to slow down but his fingers went so much more quickly if it was possible. At this point, I couldn’t think straight. I could feel it coming and so could he. My pussy began to pulsate around his cock and I felt his do the same. I let out a scream, I didn’t care who heard me at this point. He was too good to keep quiet. He growled in my ear signalling that he too had come.

My driver lowered the glass. “You know it’s not soundproof guys” she lifted the glass once again and laughed loudly. You could indeed hear her through the glass. “We’re here! Get decent guys.” It was one thing having one person know what we just did, I just didn’t want anyone else to find out. I scrambled over to the other side of the car only to find my panties ripped. I hid it under the seat as best I could but they were bright pink and the entire car was a sleek black.

I heard another groan. What the- I turned to face him again and he was looking directly at my pussy. “You uh… might want to clean that up…” I took my finger to try and calm my suspicions but it was true. His cum was dripping out of me and I had no panties. Fabulous. Someone started walking over to my door to open it. I readjusted my skirt and just had to go along with it.

I got out of the car and walked over to the private jet which is where I was going next. I felt a dampness drip out and I needed to find a bathroom pronto. Jasper just had to call me over, didn’t he? “Do you like your new bodyguard? I tried to find you one for a while and there just wasn’t anyone who matched your specifications until this one came recently. He began walking over and I felt more drip out. My skirt wasn’t long but it wasn’t short short. If I had to stand around any longer they would see, I knew it.

“Yeah, he’s fantastic. Now if you don’t mind, it has been a long day, I’d love nothing more to get this journey over and done with.” I began walking towards the jet and hoping the footsteps behind me was the reason for this mess. I took a couple of steps up to the jet before I heard…

“I thought I told you to clean yourself up” I exhaled in anger. How does someone even have the audacity to say that to someone?! “Just keep walking, I’ll cover you.” At least he had my back… kind of.

“Uh… Miss Rivera” I heard someone shout. It sounded like Jasper. “Are these yours?” I froze, my panties? Did they find them? For god's sake! Could my day get any worse?

“Keep going to the bathroom. I’ll sort this out.” The man who created this very problem seemed intent on fixing it. I guess he wasn’t such a douche after all. I saw him poke his head out of the jet. “Oh… Those… Yeah, they’re mine.”

“I’m sorry?” I heard Jasper respond.

“Yes those pink panties are in fact mine”

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