Sexual Attraction to Mr. Mafia

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Anastasia Grace was sold to the mafia by her father for a debt he could not pay. She was beaten, assaulted, and forced against her will to work for the mafia. What happens when she meets Aria who becomes her best friend? And will her world come to an end when she becomes sexually attracted to the new mafia leader? MATURE CONTENT!!

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I haven't written in awhile hope you guys enjoy my book. I will accept any feedback as long as it is productive and not negative. Thank you.

Anastasia Pov

I could feel his breath brushing across my cheek and his hand that was once gripping my ass slowly traveling up my naked body and as it reaches my inner thigh I could feel the tension, the aching between my legs. I could feel the moisture as I slid my hands between my legs to cup my throbbing vagina. As his mouth capture mine, it felt as if I could taste the lust rolling off his tongue and without a doubt, he could taste mine. His kiss was rough and impatient as he slid his tongue into my mouth demanding that I give myself fully to him. But I wasn’t gonna make this easy on him. I flipped us over so I was straddling him and he was laying flat on his back and I began trailing kiss down his chest, over his abdomen, and stopped just below his navel. I held his dick in my hands and slowly licked from the shaft of his dick right back up to the tip before sucked the tip. As I’m about to take him in my mouth fully I heard him moan. I couldn’t tell it was from his frustration, his lust or both

“For fuck sakes, Stasia stop the fucking teasing”. I felt him take a hand full of my hair and he pulled back up and placing me on my back. He laid on top of me.

I smile looking into his eyes. “Don’t you want me to finish what I started?”


I could see how impatient he is “Have you ever heard patienc.... Fuck!!” I moan grabbing a fist full of the sheet as he slid his cock into me. He was definitely impatient alright. He picked up his pace and all you could hear was our moaning. I arched my back.

“O my go.......

I flew up from my bed and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I took a deep breath and rest my hand on my chest hoping to slow my rapidly beating heart.

“Aaarggg” I groaned as I felt my T-shirt drenched in sweat. I reached for glasses and put them on.

“SHIT!!” I scream rolling to the opposite side of the bed and landing on the ground with a thud as my head connected with the tiles on my floor.

“ANASTASIA GRACE you naughty little bitch. What were you dreaming about?"

I got up from the floor rubbing my now throbbing head. I straightened the glasses on my face so I could clearly see The asshole I refer to as my best friend.

“Aria why are you in my room..... eating freaking popcorn?” I turn to look and my clock. “At freaking 3 in the morning”.

“Well, every one a mile away could hear you moaning. You sounded like a freaking tractor with engine problems. I couldn’t resist. So.... were you dreaming about Mr. Hunky dunk again”. I'm not going to answer her stupid question.

“Get out of my room you brat”. I said pointing to my room door as I stripped out of my sweaty clothes. Not even worry that Aria was still in the room. Anything I've got she as seen.

“I knew it. You’ve got to make your move Ana. I mean who could resist an ass like yours’. she said as she smacked me on the ass as she walks towards the door. She stopped as she was about to open the door. ” I’ll meet you downstairs. I’m ready to kick your ass”. As I walk towards the shower I hear her yelling from the hall. “And change those filthy sheets too”.

“Shut up!” I yelled from the shower as I hear her laughing.

I got dressed in a grey sports bra, black leggings, and the most comfortable training shoes I have. I put in my contact lens. Whenever I leave my bedroom I always wear a contact lens. As I'm combing out my hair I look at the clock to see its almost 5 o'clock. I quickly put my hair up in a messy ponytail and head downstairs.

"What took you so long?" Aria asked as she smirks at me. "Still thinking about him?" she asked as she walks towards the gym we have in the basement.

I sit on the carpet in the gym and look at her. Her smirk falls. Aria knows how much he affects me and how much I want to deny him.

"He is not a good guy Aria and I know that so why the hell do I feel this way?" I looked down on the ground. " I mean I've never even had a proper conversation with him. It's honestly pathetic".

"It's not pathetic. Which girl wouldn't want a piece of what he is carrying" I look upon her. If looks could kill she would be dead, very dead. " Come on. You know I love you," she says as she sits next to me. She rests her hand on my shoulder "and I want the best for you. But you know we aren't exactly the good guys either. We are living a dangerous lifestyle. I mean, we aren't even sure about tomorrow or if we are coming back home today. You know I got your back and I know you've got mine. But if trouble, real trouble comes knocking at our door we can't take out a whole calvary by our self at least if you're with him you'll be safer .... and richer. Ya know". She winks. "If you really think he can make you happy then it's worth a shot".

"You're talking like we are drug dealers or some shit like that" say hitting her hand away. "But thank you Aria for always being here".

"I mean we are technically dealing with drug dealers. You know I got you. Now get your ass up so I can beat the shit out of you".

I got to my feet "In your dream..." I barely got to finish my sentence before she kicks my feet from under me and I fall on my back. I grind my teeth together as I feel the pain of my elbow hitting the floor racing up my arm. I look up to see her laughing. The nerve of this bitch.

"I'm gonna put you in the hospital," I say as I get up from the floor.

"Let's get this over with".


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