Saved By The CEO

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8 What the fuck is she doing?

Chapter 8 What the fuck is she doing? Luke pov

I gently push Angelica away and grab her chin and look at her bruises. She is shaking like a leaf and whimpers when I turn her head slightly to look at the swelling just below her left eye.

“Who did this to you?” I ask her
“Can she leave?”

Angelica whispers while tears stream down her cheeks and nod towards Iza who is looking intently at Angelica with her arms crossed over her chest. Our eyes meet and she snorts but leaves the room. Angelica starts sobbing again and I hug her.

“Angelica you need to talk to me, then I will take you to the police.”

“It was a woman, I never saw her face because she had some kind of mask on but her hair was blond, very light. I know because I saw a strand sticking out from under the mask. She told me to stay away from you or she will be back and then she said that she will kill me.”

She manages to sob out and I stroke her back and narrow my eyes in confusion, why would a woman hurt Angelica because of me? But more importantly, who is this woman?

“Please Luke don’t let her hurt me again. I’m begging you please help me, I’m so scared”

“It’s okay, I will help you. Do you need a doctor?”

“Okay then I will take you to the police now and then I drive you to your parents so that you can stay there. I will see if I can find out anything.”

I say and lead her to the car, she is staring out the passenger window without saying a word the whole way to the police. They take her statement, but there isn’t much they can do because there are no witnesses and Angelica didn’t even see her face.

After talking to Angelica’s parents and made sure that she is okay I go home. Completely lost in thoughts I step inside my house and walk into the living room to grab a whiskey, but I stop halfway inside the room and see Iza lying on the couch sleeping. For once Miss Satan looks sweet and innocent but best of all she is quiet.

I walk closer and watch her chest rise and fall calmly. She is wearing a white silk top and a black tight skirt that has traveled up the smooth sun-kissed skin on her thighs. I let my gaze sweep over the contours of her legs and up to her breast. She stirs in her sleep and scrunches up her beautiful face like she was in pain

“Joseph, no.”

She whispers in her sleep and I snort, then I walk to the bar a poor myself a whiskey not bothering to be quiet at all no instead I make sure to make as loud noises as I can. I hear her groan behind my back and I have to hold back my smile. I turn around and give her a harsh look

“What makes you think that you can lay there and drool on my couch. You have a bed use it, the rest of the house is off-limits.”

She narrows her eyes at me and raises her chin

“If you want to keep me in there you better tie me up because I will not be sitting in there like your prisoner.”

She tells me and stands up, then she looks around the room. Her dark hair is a tangled mess from her little power nap and she blinks several times and yawns.

“So where Is your girlfriend?”

She asks and her blue eyes find mine. I snort at her and take a few steps in her direction.

“Angelica is none of your concern.”

She says and starts walking out of the living room

“Logan hasn’t called me.”

She turns back to me and purses her lips before she snaps at me

“You said that he was going to call me.”

“He said that he would and I can’t do more than that.” She tells me and I glare at her
“I don’t think that you called him at all, I think that you are stalling”

“And why would I be stalling?” She asks irritated and I give her a smirk and walk closer to her stopping just a few feet away

“Because you want me.”

She starts laughing and shakes her head

“You have an ego bigger than Mount Everest, the only thing I want to do kill you.”
“Is it me or yourself that you are trying to convince here?” I tease her and she narrows her eyes at me

“I don’t want you, Luke, you are not man enough for me.”

I give her a sly smile and take one step towards her and yank her closer to me. She sucks in a deep breath and her eyes widen but she doesn’t fight me. Her body is taut and a tremble runs through her when I lean closer to her and when our lips almost touch I let my nose brush over her cheek and down to her ear.

I see goos bumps ripple her skin and I feel her nipples stiffen against my chest. I smile and blow cold air against her neck and I hear how she swallows. I can’t hold back the chuckle when she places a small hand on my forearm almost like she needs to keep herself steady.

“Liar! And the next time you lie to me, I will punish you for it.”
“W… what?”

She stutters and I let my tongue trace the outlines of her ear. Her breast gets pressed hard against my chest when she takes a deep hasty breath.

“I will fuck that dirty mouth of yours until you gag, fill it with my cum, and then hopefully I have managed to wash away all the dirty lies.”

I feel the muscles in her upper body tense even more and she tightens her grip on my arm.

“If you ever come near me with your dick I will bite it off.”

She tells me and I nip at the skin on her neck, which causes her to let out a small whimper

“Lie number two.”

I say and reach down and open my pants. She stiffens even more and I have to fight hard to hold back the smile. When I have my suit pants open I take her hand and place it on my already hard cock.

I squeeze her hand around me and make a humming sound. She pulls her head back and looks at me with confusion, she parts her lips to say something but apparently, Miss Satan has lost her tongue. I let her go and give her a bored expression

“But now when I think about it, I don’t want to catch the Plague”
“Fuck you, Luke.”

She hisses at me and stomps out of the room. I can’t help myself around her, there is something about her that makes me want to make her mad.

It’s probably the defiance she puts up, its nice for a change to see that and that was also the reason I wanted Maya. I still want to fuck her and especially when she is giving me shit because I know that she would be begging and pleading when I took out my frustration on her pussy.

IZA pov

I storm out from the living room and upstairs to my room and lock the door. I can’t believe that man! He is awful and disgusting and just so ugh that… damn! Why is he so hot? One look from those sinful eyes and I need fucking suspenders for my panties. But I will never, ever let him fuck me.

No, because he is rude, mean, and did I mention disgusting? And now it is a big no after finding out who his brother is. Why did Logan send me here? I thought that we had a deal that he would keep me safe or give me a safe place to stay. I jump startled when my phone starts ringing on the bed and pick it up and push the green call button.


I say not using my name since it is an unknown number

“This is Max.”

Chills run up my spine and I glance out the window. I am on the second floor, but everyone knows that if the mafia wants you then you won’t be safe even if you traveled to the moon.”

“W.. What can I do for you, Mr. Ciccone?” I ask, feeling my mouth go dry with every word
“Why are you here?”

I lick my dry lips and glance out the window again shifting from foot to foot

“Logan sent me here.”

He asks his voice laced with anger and I feel myself shrinking. Don’t let him scare you Iza, you haven’t done anything wrong.

“You know Logan, he didn’t want me in New Orleans.”
“Let me give you one small advice Miss Romano, don’t play with fire when you can’t even handle the matches.”

“I am not playing at anything.”

“For your own sake, I hope that you are telling me the truth because we both know that I won’t be happy if you are trying to fuck with me.”

“I would never do that,” I whisper into the phone feeling my eyes tear up
“I will be watching you.”

He tells me and disconnects the call. I sink down on the floor and take a deep, shaky breath. I need to stay calm, I have nothing to worry about at least I hope so. Falling in love with the wrong guy can really fuck up your life big time…Luke might be rich and powerful but against the Mafia, he is just one guy.

LUKE next day

“Maya get your ass in here!”

I growl through the open door and all my employees glance at me. I am in a terrible mood and it just got worse.

“What the fuck is this?!”

I yell at her when she enters my office and closes the door. She gives me a questioning look, then she looks down at the package in my hand.

“Umm, it looks like a package…”
“But what about this?”

I growl and pull out the sexy lingerie from the package. She stares confused at the lace fabric in my hands, then her eyes meet mine again.

“This package was sent to you! From Max! And it even happens to be in your exact size.”

Her eyes widen and she stares at the lingerie that costs more than she earns in a month and her cheeks turn bright red.

“I… I don’t know why he would send that to me. Wait, how do you know what size I have?!”

“I know because you have lived in my house, I have undressed you and fucked you so that is why I know the question is how does HE know?”

“Luke… honestly, I don’t know.”

I narrow my eyes at her and she looks down at the floor. I saw how smitten she was by his charm, but would she really sleep with him? Would she really cheat on Alex? Would she do that knowing that the fucking man is my brother?! I walk up to her and grab her chin, forcing her to look at me

“Maya if you are fucking him, then tell me now, right fucking now.”

She pulls away and glares at me

“I am not sleeping with him, I would never do that to Alex. You are a fucking prick for yelling at me for something that your brother has done.”

The door to my office opens and Angelica steps inside looking from me to Maya than to the lingerie in my hand. Great just freaking great.

“I’m sorry for disturbing… I can come back.” She says and glance at Maya again
“What do you want Angelica?”

I snap at her and she flinches.

“That woman called me…”
“Get out Maya and take your gift with you.”

I say and throw the package in her hands. Angelica looks down at the floor and when Maya leaves slamming the door shut I let out a sigh more frustrated than I have ever been before. All these women in my life is a fucking mess, except for one, Miss Red.

“Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess what she said to you?”

Angelica squirms on the spot and glances up at me with tears in her eyes, damn it. I rub my neck and walk up to her.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you.”
“It’s okay.”

I gently stroke her cheek and she gives me a small sad smile

“She said that she knew that I had been at your house. I think that she is following me..”

I nod and look out through the panoramic windows. This is more than a fucking mess, it was a mistake bringing Angelica into this, but I couldn’t know that some crazy bitch would start running after her.

“I’m scared Luke and the police just told me to block the number. I don’t even dare to go home, my parents drove me here and walked me to the elevators.”

A small sob escapes her and I wrap my arms around her

“It’s okay, I will arrange security for you until I figure this out. They will follow you where ever you go.”
“Okay, thank you.”

She tells me and after talking to both her and my security team then they take her home. I see Maya leave the office and I follow her feeling that I need to apologize to her, but I stop when I hear the conversation she is having on her phone.

“Of course he doesn’t know about it”

My thoughts immediately go to Max and I want to demand to know what the fuck she is doing but instead, I clench my hands into fists and keep listening, wishing that I could hear the other person talk.

“No, and I need to be extra careful now because he is suspicious.”
“Mhmm I know”
“Okay, I see you later, I love you.”

She says and ends the call. Love? She said I love you? To Max? No, they just met.. or? Max seems to know a lot about both me and Alex, sure he is the leader of the Cosa Nostra and can easily get information but he knows things that only Maya, Alex, and I know about.

I hurry down the stairs since the elevator is already on its way down and I make it out on the street just in time to see Maya step inside a dark SUV. That is not Alex’s car and Maya don’t own a car, who the fuck is that?

I walk closer, trying to see who is driving, but the windows on the car are black and just when I reach the back door the car takes off. I pick up my phone and dial Maya but it goes straight to voicemail

What the fuck is she up to?

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